Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya confronts Abhi being hurt of Tanu’s words

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The Episode starts with Pragya crying in room. Abhi comes there and says I don’t listen to you as I don’t need your suggestion. He asks what happened? Pragya cries and says I am mad and don’t understand world and the worldly things. She says you made me go far me and punished me big. She says 7 years have passed and I am still standing on the same place. Abhi asks what did I do? Pragya says I didn’t come here to steal you from your wife. Abhi asks who told you? Pragya asks him to let her talk. She says you spoke your feelings to me, and asks if love is one sided in pain. Abhi asks her to say and says I will listen. Pragya says I can’t punish you big like you punished me. I can forgive you for separating me from you, but why did you give my kumkum to Tanu. She recalls Tanu’s words and

says you made me second woman, for that I will never forgive you. Abhi is sad. Dadi tells Dadi that she will bring her food. Dasi says she will bring, but Dadi insists and is about to fall. Dasi holds her and asks Pragya to take care of her until she brings food for her.

Pragya asks her not to eat caterer’s food and says she will make dalya for her. Tanu thinks to burn her in the kitchen, and says Tanu’s evilness will win over Pragya’s goodness. She says Pragya have to die today. Dadi asks Pragya not to go. Dasi brings food. Pragya says I would have made food for Dadi. Dasi says it is for me. Pragya says she will bring Dadi’s food. Tanu comes to the kitchen and pours kerosene oil in the clothes in inside room of kitchen. She thinks to light the place on fire and blame kids. Pragya is coming there and recalls Tanu’s cheap words for her. Abhi thinks to tell Pragya about his marriage truth and will ask who is in more pain. Tanu locks the door and then sprays room freshener so that nobody gets kerosene oil. She sees Pragya coming and hides inside the kitchen.

Pragya comes inside kitchen. Tanu goes out. She thinks she will kill Pragya today and nobody will save her. Abhi comes and asks Dasi where is Pragya? Dasi says she went to kitchen to make Dalya. Abhi goes towards kitchen. Tanu comes to the room near the kitchen where she poured kerosene oil and thinks next year will be with Abhi and me. She burns the clothes and smiles. She then leaves from the window. She then burns the curtains infront of kitchen. She thinks if Pragya comes out of kitchen then, and decides to lock the kitchen.

Abhi comes inside kitchen. Pragya says I will go. Abhi says we will not go and locks the kitchen. Tanu locks from outside thinking Pragya locked it as her time is bad. Abhi asks Pragya to listen. Pragya throws water on him accidently. Abhi asks if she wants to hit him with belan. She says no. He asks her to take revenge from him. He tells that we both are standing on the same way where they left. He says you had said that I gave your kumkum to someone else and says right is given and bounded by love. He says if I don’t have any right on you then I wouldn’t have broken your fast. Pragya says I wanted to make you hear the broken sound of my heart. Abhi asks who told you second woman. He says you are my first love, my first inspiration, reason for all the goodness in my life. He asks how can you call yourself as second woman. Pragya says if there was love between us then you would have wait for me and searched me. Abhi says I searched you, but you was in London. Pragya says leave it. If we had love then we would have been…Abhi says husband and wife. He asks her to marry him again. He says love will happen and asks her to trust him and says we will make our new world. Pragya gets emotional and looks at him. Song plays…kyun laute nahi…..Tanu thinks why no voice came till now. Kiara searches for Disha. Tanu smirks seeing her. She calls her towards her. Kiara is scared.

Tanu asks her to come and tells that Disha is in the kitchen. Kiara thanks her. Tanu says we didn’t meet nicely until now and says hopefully everything will be fine. She hugs her and thinks she will die with her mum, and says good bye Kiara. She asks her to go to kitchen and thinks to push her into the kitchen. She says if she dies then I will celebrate Diwali every year. Just then a friend comes near Tanu and wishes her happy Diwali. Abhi tells Pragya that there might be some reason and that’s why they met again. He says you complete my weakness. He tells that I am incomplete without you and perfect with you. He asks her to understand and says I will talk to King and Chachi. I will talk to our families, and will face the entire world. He says we will make our own family.

Abhi kisses Pragya’s forehead and says if you don’t feel for me then why your heart belt increased. He says I will feel myself what you wants.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. A fire…..AGAIN…..please spare me. The fire brigade needs to be on stand by for this house at all times. What is this the 10th or 11th time. Lets see, what have they already done about 10x over….kidnapping, attempted murder by… kidnaping, fire, falling chandeliers, hitting by car, hitman….., Next is starting fires and locking people up in the room where the fire is. oh wait, I mentioned fires already. WOW, that is a very short list. Not very creative and extremely lazy. Too bad.

    1. hahah, that is so funny but so true. I haven’t watched this show for almost 3 months and Abhi still hasn’t found out about his daughter….how long is it now 6 months. Can’t believe how you can avoid knowing someone has a child for so long, even though you they see each other practically everyday, been in the same house, school, parking lot, bank…did I miss anywhere

    2. you forgot stand by man Nikhil, who comes with a brand new face every six months on madame Tanu’s command… Oh and they did snakes once and electricity in water supply. Pragya should write a book: ‘surviving attempted murders 101’. That book would be the greatest comedy of soapland and make her richer than Abhi and King combined. Bonus point: Tanu will leave abhi after that and run after Pragya because guess who will have the fattest bank balance? Sadly Tanu can’t apply kumkum on Pragya and we all know Pragya believes in only one thing in life: kumkum bhagya. for the next seven years Tanu will have only one goal: achieve pragya. And pragya and Abhi will get in more troubles because she has to publish the next book: ‘If you like nonsense once, i will shove it down your throat the second time too’. Meanwhile Kiara, who is around fourteen now, suddenly looses weight, gains a new face, gains a new name, and becomes marriageable age, because no need to count and the show needs parties and functions to survive. and so the story continues.
      Oh, there is also a fifty year old Aliya in the background who still thinks how to separate Disha from Purab while sunny tells her ‘aunty stop eyeing my father, even Tanu has found a new target by now. sheesh’
      p.s. i bet this makes more sense than what kkb actually shows

  2. Akituster

    That’s my thought too, Tango! Same scene, new dress and the actress still has not managed to develop any new expressions! Good Job Writers! Reproducing old scenes for the Princess of Vampires, the star of this show! Honestly, she looks like one of those s*x-bots that are currently being marketed in the world. Her ‘evil’ just looks dumb! After yesterday’s scene where she was screeching at Pragya her fattened lips actually looked like the rim of a used c*nd*m, fit to be flushed down a toilet. Come On! This actress is proving that she has only one talent. She was born with a pretty face. And that was because of her parents. No effort on her part. Shouldn’t she be doing other types of work? Porn? After all, her version of evil is not evil. She is simply irritating, boring and dumb. Who is your audience? 12 year old boys? And then Abhi actually has the gall to ask Pragya what he has done wrong? What? Didn’t he notice that Aliyah has put a slave-ring in his nose and continues to lead him around with her leash? Didn’t he notice that a brain dead, whore, leech with a pretty face is still latched onto his wallet and private parts? And as Abhi asks for Pragya to ‘come back, my love’ the whore is making a murder attempt right under his nose (as usual). The princess vampire would do well starring in porn films. Not much acting needed there, we can imagine. And the title of this show should be changed to “How low can you go”. Thank-you to Miss Ekta and her crew of writers for the education in human depravity. You have normalised depravity and made it boring! May your karma find you all, very quickly!

  3. This series cannot be getting good ratings anymore….I don’t even read the comments often let alone watch it. It’s been 2 yrs since I’ve watched a full episode.

    1. Akituster

      I’m glad that you comment. I enjoy reading yours and everyone’s comments. But like any corporation that puts out fraudulent products, consumer complaints will appear. The worse the product, the worse become the complaints. I love Naz adding her more gentle perspectives. They are good reminders. And of course what I originally felt was a comedy/love drama has simply gone too far. The producer likely thinks that being open-minded allows for vapid dehumanisation and bullying to be listed as a skill set rather than a sickness of the mind and heart. I think that my rhetoric reflects the fact that there is no comedy, only degradation. What to do? MIRROR IT BACK, until it is heard? You would hope that someone within the creation/production/crew of KKB would pull the plug. Who knows what/how the credibility ratings are reached for a successful social engineering project. The product we are seeing reeks of desperation.

  4. same old shit…kitchen fire, fire again just the little girl is new. woo. woo. shit shit. tuna I cannot not stand this I just have to read this once every three months and that the same line.

  5. You see Akituster, just what I said few days ago… Abhi didn’t need to marry Tanu after Pragya left, he married the wretch in anger and now ruing the day he did.. Couldn’t he remain single, what was the need for a wife when he didn’t feel motivated enough to bang on her? I just don’t understand how he ended up marrying that vamp.. Aliya is to blame for this but her man child brother Abhi allowed himself to be emotionally manipulated by the horse face sister who would die a shriveled virgin because no man wants her, if Abhi wasn’t such a weak man he would have been able to resist his sister’s cajoling but no he didn’t and now that he has a legal whore for a wife…i tell you Tanu gave some new meaning to a wife’s status…and wants Pragya once again because he now sees the difference between the two women… Akituster, I haven’t seen Abhi this subtly horny ever…i imagine that age has given him s*xual appeal and he wants Pragya in a whole new way…. Anyways, Tanu is a domestic abuser, I wonder if she sleeps with all the plots swirling around her head in the night, I imagine she has lots of time to do so because Abhi doesn’t sleep with her…

    1. Akituster

      LOL Naz! First I have never found Abhi to be attractive not so much because of his appearance but because he obeys every word that Aliyah utters, he constantly lied to Dadi, he obeys and fills all of Tuna’s needs, demands and desires and he verbally and otherwise beats on Pragya relentlessly. Remember that fake marriage to Suresh? He did not need to do his drama in order to find the culprits. Anyone with a brain on sleep mode would have figured out who the culprits were. Abhi did reveal his desire around the time period that he impregnated Pragya. I think that the big secret about why he married Tuna fish is that she did something shameful and then begged him to ‘save’ her reputation, with of course Aliyah’s insistence. It is such a pleasure to not see Aliyah much on screen! I wonder if they’ll drop or finish the plot with her working to hurt Disha and Purab. I recognise that new s*x appeal that you are seeing in Abhi. I believe that is more about him becoming more settled, secure and clear in his personal life, in the real world. More mature, like you said. Yes, that confidence is always appealing to women! And Tuna fish at night? You know the …. female (oops nearly had a nasty label pop out) is an expert at sneaking out at night. We know she cannot get pregnant. Her desperate personality simply could not do without worshipping of some kind. And we also know that with Tuna and Aliyah first they do it and then they blame Pragya for doing whatever evil nonsense they have just committed. So we know darn well that the fish is out at night becoming ‘friends’ with whomever. She called Pragya, a pr*stitute, really, what she already is and has been since day one. I dislike the word pr*stitute as a pejorative because these days there are a very few women who have chosen the s*x-trade as their profession. However the majority of s*x-trade workers are victims and are forced into that position. I wish there was a different word for women like the character of Tuna. Sl*t would likely fill the bill. All her white costumes, lately…. just like a sl*t trying to convince herself that she is pure or virginal. Even in the West where s*xual mores are quite different Tuna absolutely qualifies as a cheap, sl*t, homewrecker type of personality. She honestly will do anything for money. But now that the production crew has insured that viewers hate Tuna, what will they do next? Does Balaji produce porn or horror films?

  6. Cathy

    Another Kitchen fire. *sigh*

  7. I enjoyed all comments today…. Good contributions…

  8. Can any one tell me the song is of which movie kuon laute nahi???

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