Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Tanu have an argument over Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suwarni Dadi telling everyone that Pragya is going to come home soon, as she met her in Abhi’s press conference. Mitali says she also saw her. Everyone get happy. Suwarni Dadi tells that Pragya will return and was looking very beautiful, met and hug me in the conference. Tanu gets angry. She hears Mitali and Tai ji talking. She asks Robin if he saw Aaliya. Robin says yes and says she is very angry. Aaliya is angry. Tanu tries to talk to her, but Aaliya asks her to leave. Aaliya thinks that guy ruined my hardwork and thinks I can’t lose my brother professionally. Tanu shouts asking her not to take her help. Tai ji asks Mitali if she really saw Pragya? Mitali says I really saw her with my eyes. Tai ji asks really? Mitali says I told this thing to make Tanu jealous. Suwarni Dadi does hifive with him.

Tanu thinks about Pragya and drinks wine, thinks you can’t return in my life and can’t snatch Abhi from me. Pragya comes to King and asks how can he think of leaving the contract. King says he can’t share the stage with such guy. Pragya says I would have known that you would fight. King says it was that organiser’s mistakes who sponsors his events and made his albums. Pragya asks who is he? King says everything is in name and says I can leave the deal, but not hatred.

Pragya says we have come here for your dream, it is Kiara and my dream too. King says ok and agrees not to leave contract, but he will not let her involve in the contract. He says he wants to prove that it all happened because of his self respect. Pragya says you are becoming stubborn. King says I will not leave the contract, but will settle down scores between us. Pragya asks Tarun to go with King and asks him to call her. She thinks who is he? Abhi thinks King said right as Aaliya did wrong. He thinks why do I feel angry and hatred for her. Suwarni Dadi asks him where is Pragya?

Abhi asks Did Pragya come? Suwarni says you are romancing with her secretly, and says she saw her in the conference. Disha and Dasi take her inside. Abhi takes Pragya’s name and is emotional. Tanu thinks of Pragya’s words that she doesn’t know if she (Tanu) has kumkum in her destiny or not, thinks of Suwarni Dadi’s words. Abhi is emotional and a song plays…..He comes to room. Tanu tells Abhi that you are imagining her as Dadi saw her. abhi says I can do anything, but will not do as such. Tanu says I am your wife, but she is in your heart. She says that you still thinks of low status woman. She says I am your wife and is far away, but she is near although far. Abhi says you are just name sake wife, and not my real wife.

Suwarni Dadi asks Taya ji to tell why did Pragya haven’t come? Mitali comes there. Dadi asks her. mitali says Pragya…Everyone ask Mitali to go. Suwarni Dadi asks them to tell about Pragya and says Mitali wanted to tell me everything, but you stopped her. She asks Disha to tell, asks dasi to say and says you have failed and couldn’t handle home. Nobody tells her.

Suwarni Dadi tells that she will ask Abhi and goes out. Abhi tells Tanu that she got husband’s property and name. Tanu says we are married and world knows about it. Abhai asks what is the proof and says Pragya used to have kumkum and mangalsutra, she had the right to walk with me. Tanu says she was outdated and gave you that thinking. She emotionally blackmails him and says Dadi must be heard as you are taking Pragya’s name who was responsible for her death. She tells that she wants him not to take Pragya’s name when he is with her. Abhi says when he was with her. Tanu thinks atleast world knows that I am having Mehra surname and determines not to let Pragya come inbetween them.

Precap: Kiara sees Abhi on TV and asks Pragya to see. Pragya picks her fallen mobile from floor and looks at TV screen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi is the biggest villain in the story, why did he mary tanu if it is only in paper. He could have found someone else than tanu who is not disliked by his beloved dadi. The more i see king the more i like him way better than useless, spineless, dumb, joker, coward abhi. If only pragya was married to king she could have a good life but as it is ekta show the heroine will go back to the man who abuse her, because despite all his mental torture, insults, humiliation he has so called love for her ?

  2. leisa s morris

    Imagine abhi blamed pragya for everyting that went wrong since dey got married yet she lives happily with king although dey r not married and king in fact credits all his success and happiness to her and often thinks how he will manage without her. I guess its because he doesnt have any crazy delusional sister who tries to kill her over and over bringin bad ppl into their lifes like dushyant and a schemin ex girlfriend who keeps trying to break dem up and plots with d crazy delusional sister to get rid of her. Everyting dat went down was because of these two dey never let pragya live a happy life and for most of it abhi was kept in d dark(theres so much he doesnt kno like munni for instance) while she fought his battles for him. And even with wat he knows which is plenty we get to c wat a despicable spineless wimp he really is. Imagine tanu got pragnant wit another man’s child and tried to pass it off as urs and u consider her a better match than d one who has stood by u throug it all smh. Can anyone b so dumb in real life? Really can dey?

  3. Very very disappointed show… Hey producers and directors why are you wasting money and time for investing on such a bad show… already the original track is gone and now u brought Kasam story into this show. IF YOU DONT HAVE THE WRITERS PLEASE STOP THE SHOW. showing alll the evils only win….

  4. Abhi ne property dene ke liye b*t*h tanu se shadi ki thi kya ? Agar tanu theek se rahti toh naa abhi ko aur naa family ko pragya ki yaad aati..woh toh tanu ne khud hi room share nahin kiya hoga warna abhi ko uske saath rahne mein koi problem nahin thi….

  5. Zainab Rasool

    Not i cant believe all this things how can Abhi be like that I’m not even watching it anymore I’m only reading it on internet

  6. Zainab Rasool

    Joh I can’t believe Pragya and Abhi not 2gther anymore datz very very painful ?

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