Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that she acted with Dadi and has no effect looking at her tears. Pragya says whatever she has done is right and doesn’t care for anyone. Abhi recalls seeing Pragya crying holding Dadi’s photo and apologizing. He asks her to apologize. Pragya says she won’t. Abhi thinks she is definitely hiding something and thinks to find out about Pragya’s changed behavior for Dadi. Sarla makes Bulbul eat food with her hands. Biji says she wants to feed her food. Bulbul asks them to feed one by one. Sarla asks her to drink turmeric milk. Bulbul refuses. Sarla emotionally blackmails her taking Purab’s name. Bulbul agrees.

Pragya asks Robin to give food and medicines to Dadi. She asks him not to inform Dadi that she made the cook and tells her that she is sleeping. Abhi hears her. The servant comes to Dadi and asks her to eat. Dadi asks who cooked this food. Robin says I made it. Dadi says she didn’t want to eat and asks him to go. Abhi stops Robin and takes the food plate to Dadi’s room. Dadi looks at Abhi and says she is not hungry. Abhi asks her to eat as she has to take medicine. Dadi says she tried to forget Pragya’s words, but it is not going from her mind. She says Pragya doubted on my intentions. I loved her like my own daughter and she blamed me for differentiating between the kids.

Abhi thinks to tell her about Pragya’s acting and then stops himself thinking he have to find the proofs first. Dadi says did I ever differentiate between you and Akash. Abhi says we never thought like this ever. You are my inspiration and whatever I am today is because of you. Dadi says why did Pragya say that. Abhi says he will punish the guilty and asks her not to punish herself. He asks her to eat food for his sake. Daasi sees Abhi and asks did you talk to Pragya. Abhi says no, and says he will take her class now. He asks her to give medicine to Dadi.

Akash tells Rachna that he will take her to shopping as the clothes will not fit her. Rachna says she have old clothes. Akash says they will not wear old clothes and not remember old things. He says we will make new memories and new happiness. He feels the baby and says he is dad. He says I have surprises for you and asks baby to come soon. Rachna smiles happily.

Abhi thinks he has to do something and trap Pragya in his words to know the truth. Pragya comes to the room. Abhi argues with her and says you can’t sleep. Pragya says why? Abhi says I will torture you as you hurt my Dadi. I will punish you. Pragya says I didn’t do anything wrong then why will I get punishment. She sleeps on the couch. Abhi makes animal faces and teases her. Pragya covers her face with blanket. Abhi thinks he has to think something else. He pulls her blanket. Pragya falls down. Abhi pretends to sleep. Pragya takes her blanket back. Abhi throws pillow on her to disturb her.

Sarla checks report and asks where is her report. Beeji comes and asks her to open eyes before saying anything. She shows report on the floor. Sarla asks her to get ready and worries about Bulbul.

Abhi tells Purab that night was strange. I was waiting for her excitedly and nervously, but she didn’t come. I was waiting for her sitting on sofa. Purab asks him to tell him after Pragya entered the room. Abhi says I saw her coming, but she didn’t see me. Purab asks then what happened. Abhi says suddenly rain started and the weather was romantic, I went far from her. She didn’t see me even then. Purab says you didn’t want to tell me. Pragya comes. Purab asks her. Pragya says she has some important work so she has to leave. Abhi thinks she might be leaving for some reason and decides to follow her.

Pragya is going in the taxi. Abhi is following her and thinks may be someone is blackmailing her and is pressurizing her. She might in some problem. Pragya thinks she has to talk to Bulbul and make some excuse. Pragya comes to Sarla’s house and hugs Beeji. She thinks she has heart her loved ones and hugs her Dadi to lighten her heart. She hugs her again. Beeji asks are you tensed? Pragya says no, she came to meet Bulbul. Beeji says Sarla took her to hospital. Pragya says she will also go. Abhi comes there. Beeji says Pragya came and left. Abhi says he was going from there and came. He asks is everything fine? Beeji says yes, everything is fine as Corporator is in jail. Abhi thinks what is making Pragya helpless.

Abhi hears Tanu speaking to Pragya and says she will tell Abhi once they get married. Abhi looks cluelessly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. What is your prize for being 1st???

  1. Thanks for updates 🙂

  2. Finally abhi know about the truth …..kumkum Bhagya is currently showcasing the tussle between Pragya (Sriti Jha) and Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) over their feelings for each other. Pragya loves Abhi, but rejects his proposal ‘coz she believes that Tanu (Leena Jumani) is pregnant with his child.

    Abhi knows that Pragya loves him but has no way of proving it. Her recent behaviour in the house is upsetting everyone, except the one person she really wants to irk. Every time Pragya pulls a stunt, Abhi silently watches her but doesn’t tell her anything in spite of suffering silently.

    In the upcoming episode, Abhi will get drunk and tell her to break his heart. Actually he will be referring to a show piece in his room. When Pragya refuses, Abhi purposely takes her in his arms and tries to convince her. The couple keep having such romantic moments throughout the night making Pragya blush and get extremely conscious.

    But what she doesn’t know is that Abhi is not really drunk. He is actually testing Pragya to see how she reacts, whether she really loses her cool and self control. Looks like Abhi’s trick is definitely working wonders on Pragya, will she blurt out her feelings or will she stay mum and enjoy her last few days with Abhi? Stay tuned to find out…

    1. Romba nandri kowsi.. I mean thx 4 d updates

      1. Neetu vanakam.

      2. I understand ….nandri

      3. Wow tamil ah… I am watching itu malargal and so read all updates of kumkum bhagya

    2. Where do kousi gets tis…???

      1. Telly gossip and serial gossip.

      2. No need to stay stuned as i know already wat will happen…heee heee..

        Pragya thinks dat he is actually drunknd tells him to aaccept tanu as she loves himmm….nd guys do u know d scene was so funny.. pragya falls over him on d bed… abhi tries to get intimate wit her

      3. Kowsi plz do comment

  3. @kowsi sounds so interesting yaar! Can’t wait!

  4. Kowsi had left something to say.
    Abhi will slap tanu for her lie and denied that, he is not responsible for her pregnancy.

  5. In our busy life schedule, I have made it a point to laugh whole-heartedly at least once a day. And when I have to do that I just watch Kum Kum Bhagya….

  6. Today’s episode is better than before… Sounds little interesting..

  7. Ooooooh my god there is romantic seen between abhi and pragya am waiting

  8. Neetu u r thamilan?

  9. mee 2 atleast something will happen

  10. Kowsi i had seen d scene…u see my comment below urs

    1. Sss im also seen in utube…im watched both r fall in bed tats it…intimating scenes im not watch …abhi shout tanu in front of pragya…i watched tat scene in dnn news yaar…

      1. wht did u type in youtube search to see th episode of ( abhi shout tanu infront of pragya ) pleasee reply to me……

    2. Its really funny scene ..did u see tat heart shape toy..first im really confused y they r show the heart shape toy….and then realised yaar…abhi will cute in this scene na wat about ur suggestion..

  11. Wow kowsi… Wish pragya accepts her feelings in front of abhi

  12. All i want is to see Bulbul get married.Praggya and Abhi to be back together again and Tanu to be exposed and get to hell out of Abhi’s wife.By the way what happened to the would be wife thry found for Akash.Where is she.

  13. this would have been a good serial if only the writers would write better scripts and good storyline it has way toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much stupid nonsensical scripts in this serial to many jumping around and childish behavior and puppy love games we need to get more serious about this serial it is prolonging way tooooooooooooooooooooo long and so it has become monotonous and boring up to now we cannot see a nice love scene with pragya and abhi and as for bul bul and purab the same also come on writers do your dog give us some action and as for aliah and tanu let both of them wake up and smell the coffee and stop pursuing men that are taken and do not love them or want them that’s it

    1. Why the f**k……. You ain’t right the mother cunt SCRIPTS……. The actors acting… Making they blasted money and u always have some SHIT to comment….

      1. ??????? Sounds like someone has issues!!!!

  14. is tanu relly pregnant 4 abhi or someone els

  15. Why are some of these commenters are so vulgar.They use such filthy language to comment on another person’s comment.Can they not sanctioned them for doing that.My goodness.

    1. It is called IGNORANCE…..

    2. Hush ur mother Cunt an……. Is just ah f**kin show

  16. The Comments on this is better than the show..lmfao????

  17. Thanks for update ?

  18. Thanks for update i?this serial ?

  19. My mom scolds me for watching dis serial. Coz im so mad abt it n watch wenever dey telecast in addition I ll c in utub. In a month I emptied bsnl broadband ,aircel 399 pack n 997 pack. N getting scolds frm my fam. But seeing dese comments I think fault is not with me its with d crew of kkb. Most of us like kkb. I think the tamil ppl love dis more. As we r fans of Ramanichandran novel.n wat v imagined by reading is coming alive in dis serial. U r making it so interesting. Gud work guys. All d best.

    1. Me too a novel readerrrr

  20. Its nice – but I didn’t get what it means by last few days… I dont want them to get separated…

  21. I started to watching this serial on few days ago. Before I wont like to watch serials but after watching KumKum Bhagya(Iru Malargal – tamil) I would like to watch this. Every week I am waiting for sunday espically to go home and watch KumKum Bhagya full week episode. Then I got information from my friend he says the serial emotions are writtenly updates in this site. Wheneven I have free time i browse my net to read serial updates on begin itself.

    Thanks to update…

  22. abhi i like very much 4 ur current epii

  23. abhi i like very much 4 ur current epi

  24. Really nice….. Waiting for abhi and pragya to join. Saturday and Sunday no serial ?

    1. But innaiku iruku lla

  25. Romba nalla iruku serial I love to watch…..

  26. Neenga sonna video enna name la iruku youtube la

  27. Waiting for Monday’s episode

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