Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya lose Kiara

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The Episode starts with King and Pragya are in the car. King says I will not leave him and asks from where Nikhil came? Pragya says because of Tanu. King says that means because of Abhi. Pragya gets manipulated by him. Kiara calls Pragya and Abhi. Nikhil’s car gets stopped near the lake. Nikhil thinks one side is Police and other side is Abhi. Abhi reaches there. Nikhil thinks to go near bridge and thinks nobody can catch me there. He gets down from his car and takes Kiara with him. Abhi and Police reach there. Nikhil lifts Kiara and start running and climbing the mountain. Kiara shouts daddy. Abhi asks Nikhil to leave Kiara and says there is a lake there. Nikhil keeps knife on Kiara’s neck. Abhi asks him to move the knife from her neck. Pragya and King also reach there. pragya tells King that

Police is climbing the cliff, we shall go there, Kiara must be there. Abhi asks Nikhil to let her go and says your enmity is with me. Nikhil says real men don’t talk and says now it is action time. Kiara says she is getting afraid. Abhi says you are a brave girl. He reminisces his moments with Kiara. Kiara also reminisces moments with him. Police reaches there. Nikhil says you wanted to trap me by Police.

Abhi says I didn’t ruin you, and will give you money and everything. Nikhil says I will ruin you. Abhi pleads infront of him and asks him to leave his daughter. Nikhil acts like him and says if drama is happening here. Abhi says I will give you home, office and everything. Nikhil says you have snatched my life, my Tanu and says you have snatched her from me, she don’t love me. He says I will get money, but I can’t get her love. King and Pragya reach there. Pragya shouts seeing Kiara. Ashish and other Police reach there. Nikhil says you are rich, but don’t want to give any money for your daughter. Pragya apologizes to him and asks him to leave Kiara. Nikhil threatens to throw Kiara in water. Inspector threatens to shoot Nikhil. Nikhil says you don’t have strength.

Abhi takes gun from Inspector shocking Pragya. Abhi says I have much strength and will shoot her. Ashish asks Abhi to give the gun and says I will handle the situation. Pragya asks Abhi to leave the gun and tries to snatch it. Nikhil loses balance and falls from the cliff in the valley with Kiara. Pragya and Abhi shout Kiara. Kiara shouts Daddy. Pragya faints. Abhi shouts standing there. Aaliya, Disha and Purab reach there. Divers come and tell that they got Kiara’s shoes. Disha says this is Kiara’s shoe. Aaliya cries holding her shoe. Abhi takes the shoe and cries. Purab asks Aaliya to take Pragya from there. Aaliya and Disha take Pragya from there in the car. Aaliya asks Doctor to check her. Doctor checks Pragya in the car and says she is fine, but she needs rest. Aaliya tells Abhi that Pragya is fine, but Doctor said that she needs rest so she is taking her home. Disha tells Abhi that she needs to tell him something important.

Pragya gains consciousness in the house and shouts Kiara. Dasi and Dadi ask her to handle herself and say it is God’s wish. Pragya says God gave me Kiara, but my husband snatched her. Abhi talks to someone on phone and says he needs just his daughter. Aaliya and Taya ji try to pacify Abhi. He looks at her chain and recalls her telling that she will give her chain to her little sister. Pragya comes to hall. Abhi hugs her and cries. He says our daughter left us. Pragya says you are responsible for this. King comes there. Abhi asks what are you saying. Pragya says I lost my daughter, she was just your ego for yourself. Abhi says I tried to save her, and asks her not to tell his love as ego. Pragya says everyone saw and says you don’t need Kiara, but your ego. She says you think about yourself. She says Nikhil threatened to kill Kiara, then also you were moving to front. She says you wanted to satisfy your ego and holds him responsible for her death. Abhi says she was my daughter.

Pragya says I gave her birth and says you don’t know the pain of losing a daughter. She regrets to come to India and returning to his house. She says I should have agreed to destiny and knew that you are not a good father. She says I believed you, but destiny don’t want her to stay with you as you are not a good father. Abhi says Kiara is not with us, because of you. He says I accept that my decision not to give money was wrong, but you are responsible. Pragya is angry. Abhi says you made Kiara far from me, not by you, but by you. He holds her responsible again. King, Aaliya, Disha and others look shocked.

Precap: Abhi tells King that he came to know that you are more cheap than Nikhil and took revenge from us. Pragya asks King if he betrayed Kiara. King agrees. Pragya slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi begs Nikhil to let go of Kiara. Abhi actually comments that he not Nikhil’s enemy. Nikhil is forced to pretend that he is three years old, rather than a man who has kidnapped a child. As usual, Abhi’s ego runs the show, never his brains. But we must remember that his brains have been so bashed by TF and Aliyah that it is impossible to detect where they may be hidden. Abhi and Pragya fight. As usual, Abhi is too immature to recognize that his ego is his personality. There is nothing more. That is why he happily pays for his family to worship him and call him a hero. The family has understood Abhi’s ego all these years. Perhaps Pragya, who had always hoped that Abhi was capable of growing up, will finally understand that ‘men’ like Abhi do not ever grow up. And they will always have fawning people around them. Like Disha, TF and Aliyah, some hoping to control him (Disha) and then those who do control every move he makes (TF and Aliyah). Even though Ekta aunty purposefully never completes a plot, she is magnificent at shoving egotistical abuse down the throats of viewers. She is a huge part of keeping abuse institutionalized. Abuse is a disease of unfettered and very ill, ego. As usual, TF, who caused the whole scenario is safely resting somewhere else, dressed like Mrs. India, and enjoying her meal. No punishment, ever. No time, you see. Her manicurist and the guy who pumps up her lips are patiently waiting for her.

  2. So the blame game start to commence the umpteenth separation and subsequent 20 year leap, and Abhi as per usual blame his wife, who just ‘delivered’ twins but had to take action to save her daughter’s life because rockstar hubby didn’t want to pay $$ etc etc. Why didn’t he haul his ex gf to save Kiara….has he ever truly shut Tanu out of his life as he does his own wife? Ugh rhetorical question.

  3. Fault? Laying Blame? Where is the TF?
    Why did Pragya return to the murder mansion, knowing that the TF still controlled Abhi? She was alive. As long as the TF is alive, Abhi is controlled. He never was and never will be an adult male.
    Sriti Jha’s brilliant acting and the chemistry of Abhygia has been used to forward the careers of non-deserving others and the bank account of Ekta Aunty.

  4. I’m confused. People are saying that in the leap series, Kiara is alive. So I am assuming that if this is true, you cannot find Tanu because she is busy finding Nikil and Kiara so she can bring up her as her own daughter…that’s why Kiara is no longer the sweet innocent girl she once was… And the old blame game has been brought forth AGAIN so that Abhi and Pragya won’t be together AGAIN…. .just my guess.

  5. Leisa s morris

    Abhi had every intention of giving d money until he came to realize dat d kidnapper was never goin to give him kiara and dat was even before he even knew it was nikhil. Yes he is very egotistical but he was right here, nikhil had no intention of ever giving them kiara,he would’ve taken d money and either killed or taken kiara far away and noone can deny dat. As for d blame game it isnt one sided is it both of them r blaming each other for wat has happened which is actually someting dat happens in real life between ppl. As for king he is also to blame cause he also let his ego dictate his action somewhere in his mind he told himself dat he would b d hero and pragya would run lovingly into his arms. He was taking kiara because he expected pragya to follow him after telling her he had kiara. So pragya was to just b so grateful dat she would either abandon her other two daughters or go through a custody battle with abhi and live happily ever after with king? Really ? Smh. King didnt think his action through he just saw abhi and pragya with their kids and decided he should have dat and so wat if he uses kiara’s kidnapping to achieve dat? King had pragya for 7 yrs and it was only when he came to india and was in jail dat he started realizing dat he felt more for her than friendship but did he tell her? No! Y? Cause from d very beginning it was understood dat pragya wanted to b just friends. Still maybe if he had just come out and tell her how he felt who knows but he didnt he made d choice not to say anyting and accept her wish to b with abhi. Maybe if he had realise how he felt long time and spent his energy wooing her then we could say well he tried but he never did at any time. As for kiara i dont believe she is dead probably a memory loss for d 20 yrs leap until she is found by pragya or abhi or someone from d family di sure hope to god she isnt raised by tanu or nikhil. Yes cause we know evil never dies in these serials so i expect nikhil to b alive too

    1. You are right Leisa. They each have varying levels of immaturity and ego. None of them speaks up when they had opportunity to do so. And all of them ignore obvious warning signs which threaten their happiness. For Pragya that is the TF being within one mile of her. Same with Abhi. With King, it was not listening to ChaChi. With Disha, it’s trying to take Aliyah’s place, in Abhi’s heart. Nikhil would appear to be the only honest one. He has finally realized that he will never get the TF but unfortunately he is so lost in his anger that he has gone a little crazy. Because Kiara is 7-8 yrs old she will retain some of her original emotional imprinting (first 3.5 years of life) even if she becomes physically and mentally abused. The serials are simply never-ending stories about victims and their abusers, without ever a way out. I do not even think that ‘evil never dying’ is the big issue. For me the problem is about hiding the reality that it is possible to become mature, a whole individual and stop participating with the nonsense. These serials …. KKB… at least as my experience is limited… keeps one busy with the victim/tyrant game, insuring that there are no alternatives to a hell on earth. And as long as all that simmering creativity in viewers is kept busy and lost in working through the daily wrenching, of a serial, the viewer is not moving into alternatives where more mature peace, ‘wholeness’ can be found…joy. Instead, all that power, creativity and intelligence from viewers, is channelled into creating fantasy lives for the few, who created and own the current system. (A bunch of very sick addicts who think they’ve created paradise when in reality they have stolen it from others through deceit) I do not like it that serials are used to suppress individual humanity rather than grow individual humanity. Serials could be just as exciting, if they actually supported viewers versus keeping them lost in what I call, ‘spinning’ or running around in circles. I’m waiting for the first 1-3 episodes of the leap. That will speak a lot about Ekta Aunty”s mind and heart.

    2. Interesting narrative Leisa, well thought out and accurately said. You couldn’t have done it any better.

    3. p.s. Leisa, it’s always great chatting with you! Thanks for the ‘think’!

  6. …and so it has come to pass! The inevitable has happened, now it doesn’t matter how the sequence of events occurred, the end result is that Kiara will be considered as being dead, I think that she isn’t, unless a body is found, no shoe is concrete evidence that she’s gone. When Pragya told her that her siblings names starts with the letters “P and R”…i knew that she’d surface one day in the leap, that’s the only thing she knows that could indicate the twins will be her siblings. I’m guessing she’ll have memory loss, hazy recollections and deja vu at times… I can’t guess what type of life she’ll be living, whether poor or rich or whether she’ll become a woman none of us appreciates, whether we’ll love her or not…nothing seems certain right now other than the fact Kiara Mehra is gone. I’m going to miss this adorable little girl, she did a wonderful performance as Kiara and her acting was appreciated by all of us I’m sure..

  7. Today’s episode brought out a lot of emotions from me..frustration, shock, disbelief, sadness and anger …all of which is negative. While watching Pragya emote, I went back to the times when Kiara was the apple of her eyes. Although we’ve never seen Kiara as an infant, mother and daughter were immensely close to each other, so I’m positive Pragya spent all of those missing years being everything to her daughter. I remember Kiara being very protective of her mother and vice versa, so the pain of having her daughter wrenched from her in this violent situation, is enough to make Pragya say the things she did… Her daughter fell away into the deep distance right before her eyes, that’s enough to shock her into a mental state…she persevered and let everything out, shocking everyone around her. I wonder if she would have said all those things if King hadn’t done the little manipulation thing.. So, the blame game began and it’s the catalyst for separation part 2…how else would the serial continue right?? Anyways, I hope to not see Disha and Purab in 20 years time…full stop!! Soon we’ll see all those who were retained or discarded… I’m assuming that the older actors would have crossed over to the other side… Sunny would be a grown up young man, no mention of his casting anywhere, and I’m hoping Tanu is in the mental asylum, she was reaching to that level already…or maybe she will just die die die…

  8. Sapphire 14th Mar 2019 – 9:36 pm
    Naz you know what this writer should have done; seeing that it is crystal clear that the writers do not want any happiness for pragya and abhi or for them to unite why then bring them back to each other and then to separate them again well it is best they had left pragya with king and allow them to both move on; no king was a good person now they put the evil blood in him where he could even kill if he had to to get pragya not my words but his I quote so tell me what is really going on with this serial will it ever end; what amazes me is that in ALL and i mean ALL the serials people are being kidnapped abused and killed and no one ever finds out who the CULPRIT is or are they ever found or punished they kill and get off scotch free so tell me what is the LOGIC behind these Serials; these writers need to stop and really think of what they are putting into the storylines because they just aint making any sense whatsoever; this is not the true life is if even you get off once after killing someone ok but not all the time and why on earth the writers always portray EVIL to take PRESIDENT over GOOD no way this should not be; then the Serials just wont be making any sense at all and I know you will agree with me Naz 100 per cent LOL

    1. You see, these writers believe that if they don’t let negativity take precedent over positivity, the serials would not have a long rein, so it’s all about sensationalism and bingo, they get a winner! King was a man without blemish as far as we know, now look at what they have reduced him to, a subtle manipulation and he’s in the bad books of becoming jealous enough of Abhi and Pragya having Kiara to themselves that he’s in a way also instrumental in what has transpired today that Kiara has presumably lost her life.. There’s also shades of selfishness in the mix too whereas he was a selfless man before, so you see, these writers can’t keep characters which matter, above the murkiness in their minds…mind you, even I was wishing to see a badass King because I didn’t like how he was kept in the dark about Pragya and Abhi, but then I hadn’t quite figured out how he should proceed with the change..anyways, what’s done, is done and the unfortunate thing is an innocent child paid the ultimate price of being the prized possession of a couple who was envied by the few who just hated them and wanted to get even! Let’s see what happens today..

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