Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi hires Prachi as Vikram’s secretary

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with pragya asking Rhea to bring handkerchief or napkin. Rhea goes. Abhi walks towards Abhi holding the water bowl in her hand. Ram Ram Jai Sita Ram plays…Pragya is about to keep hand on his shoulder, when Meera comes and calls him. Rhea says prachi’s mum taking care of dad. Meera takes the bowl from hand. Rhea thanks Pragya. Pragya comes out and thinks why did she feel some connection with him. Meera takes care of Abhi. Vikram comes there and asks how come she is here? She says she went to camp and the worker there told her that they went to farm house. She says she will stay in the room. Rhea says even she will stay here. Abhi wakes up and sees meera. He thinks it seems she didn’t know what Rhea did. Pragya also wakes up and cover Prachi and Shahana with bedsheet. She comes to the window. Her saree Pallu flies and reach Abhi’s window. Abhi holds her Pallu and tries to peep to the other window. Rhea calls him and he goes. Pragya and Abhi miss each other.

Pragya, Prachi and Shahana come home. Sarita behen hugs her. Shahana says nobody loves me. Pragya says I love you. Prachi says even I love you sometimes. Sarita behen asks her to do her work like Prachi. Shahana says I will get indigestion with your love. Sarita behen asks Prachi to check the letter which she received. Prachi checks and says she got a job as a teacher. She says she has to go for interview. She says she will go. Ranbir is driving Vikram’s car and tells Aryan that he emotionally blackmailed his dad and got his car. Aryan thinks he is smart. Ranbir is driving the car and the muddy water falls on Prachi’s face. They stop the car. Ranbir says she is looking as Prachi. Prachi asks him to stop. Ranbir drives off the car thinking she will scold him. Prachi thinks how I will go for interview now and turns, just then the car comes and puts the sudden brakes. Meera thinks of Rhea’s possessiveness for Abhi while making her sleep. Pallavi comes there and smiles looking at them.

Abhi and Vikram are in that car and gets down from the car. He asks why she is running on the road and says she might get hit by the car. He asks are you mad? He says she is habitual to run on road. Prachi says that man made the muddy water fall on him and left. She says she had job interview today and says Shahana and Maa would get some help from it and tells that nobody will understand, now she lost the job. She tells that rich people like you says that day is bad, but we say that our life is bad. Vikram asks her to calm down. Abhi says do you know that your life is more important than the job. Prachi looks at him. Vikram says multitasking don’t work everywhere. Abhi asks her to stop crying and offers secretary job to Prachi. He gives her file. Vikram says you have secretary. Abhi says your secretary. Prachi is surprised. Abhi asks her to read the file and asks her to handle the event of 5 years of their success. He asks her to keep rickshaw away from mud. He says you are welcome. Prachi says thank you sir. Vikram says see you tomorrow. They leave from there. Prachi smiles.

Pallavi shows her saree to Meera. Meera says it is nice. Pallavi asks why is she sad? Meera says no. Pallavi asks her to tell. Meera says Rhea’s anger is increased and I can’t handle her. I am feeling very responsible for this and had raised my hand on her. She says Rhea likes prachi’s mum a lot and I can’t bear to see her liking for her. She says Rhea is very comfortable with her and tells that how to make her understand and what to say that don’t talk to Prachi’s mum. Pallavi says Rhea thinks of you as her mother as you have brought her up and says when her anger calm down, she will come back to you. She asks her to understand her and tells that they shall send Rhea to Abhi’s office. Shahana opens the door and looks at Prachi, says she don’t have change. Prachi says its me. Pragya asks what is this? Prachi says someone made dirty water splash on me. Shahana asks about the interview. Prachi says she got the job, but not the teacher’s job. She tells that she collided with Abhi’s car and was worried for losing the job so he offered her job. Pragya says this is for you. Prachi tells her about the company event tomorrow.

Precap: Special Episode Promo is shown. Goon aims gun at Pragya. Prachi and Rhea shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Meera will soon turn evil like aaliya and will start filling ears against pragya to Rhea once she’ll return back home with abhi just like juhi(bade ache lgte Hain). Yeh Kya minister ko beech mein ghussa dia hai…family drama mein political drama Kya KR RHA hai


  2. This is getting unbearable….im gonna stop my subscription

  3. Has the creator of this show ever had a healthy heteros*xual relationship? Or ever seen one? (Her parents?) I wouldn’t think so. Her version of what a relationship encompasses seems to be truly ‘off’. Thus we are left with a story which seems to originate from a zombie mind. That is mindless. This also accounts for all those news video’s that try to make Ekta Kapoor seem normal, as in humane. Why do they have to try so hard? Who is Ekta Aunty trying to convince that she’s a normal human being? Someone forgot to put on Meera’s makeup fully. It exposed what this actress really looks like. Scary. They have wanted us to believe that the character Meera is somehow beautiful. Well, the truth came out today, very clearly.

  4. Aghellia

    I saw the Precap and had doubt. Maybe dance romance will be the imagination not real. I got feeling meera start feeling jelous to pragya, and maybe create distance beetwen pragya with her daughter and husband accidentally. Sad watching KKB like this. Hope meera not negative role like King first Positive then turn to Negative

  5. Leisa s morris

    Ooh great there it is I was wondering when goon and shooting was gonna take place smh. Meera never had anyone make an impression on rhea before so she never felt threatened until now especially with her developing feelings for abhi. She said dat pragya was very nice yet she wants to keep rhea away cause of her selfishness. I wonder how she will react when she learns dat pragya is indeed rheas mom.

  6. You know the couple which seems to be the most interesting in this show for me is Aryan-Sahana, they are cute and funny, the other two ladies rhea/prachi both seem to be too old for their pair up ranbir and abhi-prabhya are never going to each other again i guess……??????.

    1. Kenapa sinopsis KKB 15 June 2019 tidak ada? Penasaran dengan apa yang dibicarakan oleh Abhigya saat flashback kemarin. Tidak lebih, cuma itu saja.

    2. Leisa s morris

      Yes I love d aryan/sahaana hook uo

  7. hey.. watz dis.. i guess abhi’s age by now it shd b atleast 48 or 50.. enna koduma sir idhu??? i jus dnt understand why the makers are degrading the serial by themselves…

  8. 15-06-2019, Three hours of episode, it’s not a joke. It should have some sense and seriousness included, but what happened – it was the most and the worst episode i ever acrossed. Juniors are always appearing with a fighting and arguing attitude. We don’t need to talk about the elders and rest of the characters. This story is already at its high level of stupidity. Now there is no chance which we can express from our hearts that, it’s gonna be better… Sheer waste of time and money.

  9. This story line telling just The one and only, the Great Ekta Kapoor got back from lunatic hospital and enjoying her freedom of direction… Comedy isn’t it.

  10. Kenapa sinopsis KKB 15 June 2019 tidak ada? Penasaran dengan apa yang dibicarakan oleh Abhigya saat flashback kemarin. Tidak lebih, cuma itu saja.

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