Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: King gets upset with Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking if Abhi was signing at something with his words and thinks he might know something surely which Disha and Purab don’t want me to know and thinks if King have told them anything. King asks Servant about Pragya and Kiara. Servant says they didn’t return from school yet. Pragya thinks why King will tell anyone. King calls Pragya and asks where is she? He says he got worried as they didn’t come home. Pragya tells him about Kiara’s accident and a fb is shown. King asks what? He says Kiara met with an accident and you didn’t tell me. He says today you made me realized that I am not her real father. Pragya says it is not like that. King says I am not real father, but my love for her is real and tells that his priorities are her. Pragya thinks she has done wrong with King and don’t think of anyone when she is with Abhi and questions herself why she loves him so much. Abhi comes to pragya and says sorry. He says I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Pragya thinks if Purab, Disha are planning something.

King comes to the hospital and his car collides with Tanu’s car. King says sorry to Tanu and tells about Kiara’s accident. King says sorry to Tanu and tells about Kiara’s accident. Tanu says its ok and thinks why Pragya didn’t tell him. Purab and Disha are outside the ward. Purab says Abhi should be here. Disha says jiju shall not be here as if he comes here then Pragya will come behind him and DNA test can’t be done then. Purab says you have become intelligent. Doctor comes out and tells that Kiara is out of danger. Disha calls Dr. Anjali. Dr. Anjali comes there and says she has talked to the technical staff. She tells that CCTV camera is everywhere in the hospital and asks her to take Kiara’s saliva, hair and nail. She asks her to take the sample and go to lab. Disha says ok. Abhi thinks how Disha convinced Doctor and smiles. Pragya says something has happened to you and asks why is he behaving weirdly. Abhi says what happened? Pragya says you are smiling. Abhi says I am smiling as kiara is out of danger, He says if she likes his angry look then he will become angry. Pragya goes. Purab and Disha come to Kiara’s room. Purab says your Mama is proud of you. Disha says she is a fighter and says she is a perfect combo of di and jiju. She thinks I am doing this without your knowledge and thinks everything will be fine when she gets up. Purab talks to the nurse and signs Disha. Disha takes saliva and hair sample secretly and signs purab. Purab tells that they shall go out. Disha says lets inform Jiju that the work is done.

Abbi calls Pragya and stops her. He thinks now he understood why kids play hide and seek, it is fun. Pragya thinks he is not here. King comes and holds Pragya’s hand, asks her to take him to Kiara. Pragya asks if he is upset until now. King says I am disappointed and upset. Tanu comes to Abhi and tells that she came to know about kiara’s accident. Abhi asks her to do her work and not to walk around him. King asks pragya if he was careless for Kiara and says he can’t bear that he is not her real father. Pragya says you are a good father and says she forgot to inform him. King says if you forget me again and again then he will think that she don’t think him as her father. Pragya says sorry. King says my relation with Kiara is stronger and I am possessive about her. He says I should have been here in the hospital. Pragya says I just didn’t…it slipped from my mind. King asks her not to forget that he is Kiara’s father. Pragya says Kiara is your daughter. King says I will be with you always.

King sees Abhi walking towards him and thinks of Chachi’s words. He asks do you want to say something. Abhi asks him to leave her. King looks at him surprisingly and then at Pragya. Pragya looks tensed.

Tanu comes inside the hospital and sees Disha and Purab. Abhi tells King that he had come before him. King asks him to go as he has come. Abhi says it is not necessarily that I shall go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is the witch tanu doing in the hospital. Of course she’s going to change the DNA result. Ooh god when will the lead one going to have success

  2. The writers showcase Disha and Purab, Pragya and Abhi and King and Tuna, the new, two outsiders Tuna and King. Then Disha commits a criminal assault on a sleeping child. Disha and Purab seem not at all worried about Sunny having disappeared. And only after the crime is completed will they inform Pragya and JiJu that Kiara may receive visitors. King admonishes Pragya for not including him, disrespecting his ‘father’ relationship with Kiara. and finally the criminal brute Abhi first dismisses Tuna fish and then demands that King stop touching Pragya. Today’s episode was well paced but definately more dragging. The Mehra family was shown as being all criminals. Pragya was confused and Abhi’s deal wife, his real, accepted wife is about to do something nasty sometime in a future episode. Nothing changes. I wonder if Sunny was kidnapped? I wonder if I could call this a drag show. So what will produce more conflict? Tuna disrupting the DNA test or having a test which proves the biology? I hope Tuna succeeds. Abhi should not be allowed near Pragya and Kiara. Abhi remains a criminal brute who lives with a family of criminal brutes.

  3. Lols, this serial is always full of craps, can someone reminds me how tanu lands up in the hospital,they planted her there so that she can change the DNA result,. Nonsense.

  4. Too hard for the writers to come up with something clever and new……so ridiculous.

  5. They need to get to the point and make the story interesting sometimes. They drag all the serials to the extreme and instead of an of enjoyment to look at a serial it’s mostly tiring looking at the same thing dragging on and on and on and on……………..

  6. Here comes the worst drama series i ever seen……..
    Really these Kundali and kumkum are so irraiting……………..
    And kundali bhagya it was from 10 episode no one get to know about sherlin – prithivi planning
    Really Ekta mam do you think viewers are really dumb……………yeah some of them are so it getting trp.
    Everything is possible……………
    Ekta mam i suggest you to wrap these two shows and bring some exciting like friendship zone like dill mill gaye or miley hum tum that type of genre or Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2


  7. If King or World ask question to Pragya what is relation his and Abhi now Pragya couldn’it have answer as per new promo wao what Abhi have made is love lady.

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