Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rhea emotionally blackmails Saloni

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The episode starts with Rhea coming to Ranbir and telling that she heard that he brought flowers for someone. Ranbir says no and asks who told you. Prachi is about to leave and her hand touches Rhea by mistake. Rhea stops her and argues with her. She says you will get famous if you fight with me. Ranbir asks what are you saying? Rhea says shut up. Prachi asks if I don’t have work. Rhea sees Saloni seeing her and gets tensed. She asks Prachi not to collide with her next time .

Abhi looks at the flowers and buys for Pragya. He thinks where are you Pragya? I know you are upset with me and not picking my call. He says atleast hear me why I didn’t come to café. He says you have become stubborn and thought not to meet me. He says I am stubborn too and will meet you. Ranbir asks Prachi not to feel bad of Rhea’s words. Prachi says don’t get trapped between us. He says he is stuck between them. Prachi says our relation is not good or bad and tells that my mum said that Rhea is like my younger sister, says we look as of same age. Ranbir asks about her age. Prachi says it is bad manners to ask about girl’s age. Ranbir asks her to ask him about his salary. Rhea searches for saloni. Dimpy asks if Ranbir gave her flowers. Rhea asks her to shut up. Saloni sees Rhea again and calls Prachi. She says I came to know about that girl’s name who came to give her money and asks her to meet her at the backside of the college.

Vikram comes to Pragya’s house and says I need your forgiveness as Pallavi misbehaved with you. Pragya says even I was very rude. Sarita behen says don’t you think that Pallavi should have come here. Vikram tells that Meera was not well so he came. He says he has a hotel business too which is not going well and tells that Pallavi suggested that he shall open a cafeteria and asks Pragya to handle it. Pragya says cafeteria. Sarita behen says it is yes from my side. Pragya says she needs time to think. Sarita behen says she will be head. Vikram says I will leave. Pragya asks him to have coffee. He says I will be your first customer in the cafeteria. He leaves. Sarita behen asks Pragya to bring her masalas from the mehrouli house. Pragya says ok. Abhi comes to the mehrouli house and thinks she brought me here when I was drunk. He thinks he will love her even if she is upset with him. He walks towards the house holding the bouquets and asks a lady if she knows about the people staying here. The lady says they had come for a few days. Pragya comes there in auto, while Abhi talks to her. He sits outside the house on a bench. Dhadak song plays…..He leaves the flowers and goes in his car. Pragya sees the flowers and kissed it. Abhi is driving the car and gets teary eyes.

Prachi and Ranbir come to the backyard of the college. Ranbir asks where she did go after calling her. They collide and prachi is about to fall. He holds her. Prachi asks him to search that way. Ranbir thinks what is happening to him on this valentine day. Prachi comes back to him and says she is not there. Ranbir tells that he searched her. He splashes rose petals on Prachi. Prachi gets happy. Ranbir says you likes rain, so I thought to make rose petals shower on you. Prachi calls Saloni. Rhea sees them. Ranbir also calls Saloni and tells that she must have gone from here. Rhea thinks she was waiting for you, but I came before you. A fb is shown, Rhea comes to Saloni. Saloni thinks to take revenge from Maya. Rhea says hi. Saloni asks her to take selfie with her smile and tells that you want to image his spoil, but you have proved that he is innocent by giving me money. She says you will be exposed now and tells that she will tell Ranbir. Rhea asks how did you feel when your Rahul left you? She says I can understand your feelings as I am feeling the same. She says Ranbir is in my life like you had Rahul. She says when I can understand your feelings then why can’t you. She says Prachi wants to snatch Ranbir from me and tells that he had confessed that he loves me, but Prachi snatched him away from her. She says she saw him going away from her, so she hired Maya to get him, but Prachi is not leaving him.

Saloni says if Ranbir don’t want to come to you. Rhea says we know since childhood and says atleast I can try to bring him on track. She tells that I never shared my feelings with anybody and says I hope that you can understand as we both are sailing in the same boat. She says I hope that you will not let Ranbir snatched away from me. She says I can just request you not to come between us. She says I don’t want to insult you by giving money to you like Maya, says I know you are very much hurt and lonely, asks if she wants her to become such. She says I can sponsor holiday for you and says may be you can get someone or Rahul there, as he is not dating anybody. Saloni says I will help you as same thing happened with you too. Rhea thanks and hugs her. Rhea smirks. Saloni asks when you will get the tickets done. Rhea says by tomorrow and asks her not to tell anyone. Saloni says ok and goes home. Fb ends. Rhea thinks you are trying to steal Ranbir from me and stealing is bad, which Saloni also understood. She says if you had gone away from his life then I would have made him get clean chit, but you…Prachi is making my life difficult. She says when I save him then he will realize that I am important for him. She thinks to get date for court hearing and thinks she will break pragya’s dream of a good son in law, as Ranbir will be just hers.

Precap: Sarita behen asks Pragya to say who gave the flowers? Pragya says he gave. Sarita behen asks if Prachi’s father’s gave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh god!!! What is happening in this SHOW????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ f**king bushit!!!???
    The scenes have no meaning and no PLOT at all!!!???
    Ranbeer won’t PROPOSE TANJORE PUPPET in this 21st century!!! It will happen in the 22nd century!!???
    Tanjore Puppet will realise her LOVE in the 23rd century!!!!???
    Abhigya’s hits and misses will never END till the 24th century!!!???
    Coz the PSYCOPATH MAKERS are just taking the same repetition OF EVENTS which happened in Abhigya, Pulbul, Tanu and Alia lives?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    with Pranbir and Riya!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    Please someone GIVE A TIN OF ALMONDS to Ekta!!!???
    Atleast then she will GET SOME BRAINS and change this blo*dy repeating PLOTLINE!!!???

    1. lol! almonds? I hope that would work. Personally I think that a brain and heart transplant might work better. the only frightening part about that is that you would have to wonder whose child they kidnapped for body parts. I can’t bear to watch anymore. Every time that stinky sleazy sl*t comes on I feel like I’m going to be sick. Yes, I know that the producers have tried to change her look and style but she was chosen for that desperate look in her eyes and her obviously sleazy tattoo attitude. She is a worse version of Aliyah. ….because they combined aliyah’s looks with a little desperate girl who has the attitude of the tuna-fish. It’s too awful to know that there are two horrible aliyah’s to look at. Abhigya have been used ONLY to promote a sh*t-show. I hope that Shabir and Sriti (and the actors for shahana/aryan) get out of their contracts with Balaji and move on to new projects before their talent is forgotten. and Who will be happy? Shabir’s wife, Evil Kapoor of course, that Meera actress…. Abhigya/Tisha ruined because of a jealous wife. How very Indian, one would think and one must ask. And these type of women claim and cry that they have no power. Yet seem to hold all the reins of power. With money provided by their fathers or husbands. That’s the sign of a good manipulator not a creator.

    2. MaddieDaddie9966

      Yes! She needs almonds!! After all, she is launching a new show ‘PAVITRA BHAGYA’ too…So, Ekta maam definitely needs some almonds as she has to take care of PAVITRA BHAGYA’s plotline too ??

  2. wasted my time was nothing except same dragging track with no Aryan and Shahana who are the cutest couple

  3. Now why did they bring saloni n that molestation crap all over again. Plz stop this n show something good. Valentine’s was the best time to unite pranbir but they missed it. At least unite arhana then. I wanna see something real and romantic ❤️❤️
    BTW happy Valentine’s to everyone (all the readers)??

    1. Unless prachi starts developing feelings for ranbir I don’t think valentine’s was the moment to unite pranbir at all. Arhana have finally started showing feelings for each other again which writers stopped showing when they brought in rishi. Glad they’ve restarted arhana again too. Rhea has simply asked saloni to back out of the case hence saloni won’t be used against prachi by rhea because she knows saloni hates maya so she’d rather have saloni out of this case than rather using her.

    2. @Sam
      Exactly ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, Weren’t Arhana supposed to have feelings especially Sahana which was shown during the episodes of Ranbeer’s b’day and Poorab and Alia’s wedding anniversary!!!???
      But then all of a sudden they were completely ignored when Rishi came in??? and it was shown as if Sahana is goin to be paired with Rishi!!!???
      Actually along with Ekta even the writers need a BIG BOX OF ALMONDS ???coz they seem to show something at one point, change it completely and reintroduce it later from nowhere!!!???

  4. amanda sookdeo

    Yes same crap all over again Alia is the star of this show

  5. Leisa s morris

    Prachi doesnt e en know bout her own feelings much less ranbir’s or rhea’s but ms rhea saying prachi is trying to steal ranbir. Anyways it was expected as mini aliyah will never be caught for wat she has done and continues to do

  6. MaddieDaddie9966

    Writers of KKB, You are including and repeating the same crappy plotline, which is a TOTAL RUBBISH
    I have no idea when Ranbir will propose Prachi this year..Why don’t u guys try extending Ranbir’s love confession even after the time they die? I guess it will be wonderful if he proposed Prachi when they both become ghosts…It would be something really very INNOVATIVE…???
    Include Mini Aliyah as a ghost too between them, let she scream like hell when Pranbir gets close in ghost life…I swear, I won’t be disappointed with mini Aliyah’s reaction when she screams, coz then her reactions would definitely be satisfying as she would be a ghost then….LOL ?
    Sometimes when I come across the kidnappings, molestation cases and all crime drama of KKB, I feel like I am watching another version of CRIME PATROL series ???
    How long will this crap continue….Only God knows…?
    Anyone here after watching the promo of Ekta’s new serial, coming on Colors ‘PAVITRA BHAGYA’???
    What the heck is the title mann?? PAVITRA BHAGYA???!! SERIOUSLY??????
    If PAVITRA RISHTA had a child with KUMKUM BHAGYA, it would be called as ‘PAVITRA BHAGYA’!!!???
    Oh God, another crap of EKTA PRODUCTION coming soon on Colors: ‘PAVITRA BHAGYA’?
    Can’t stop laughing on hearing the title???
    I can assure u one thing: The female lead’s name would definitely start with ‘Pr’ and the male lead’s name might most probably start with ‘R’…AND NOT ONLY THAT, THE SHOW WOULD BE OF TOP NOTCH QUALITY, FILLED WITH EMOTIONAL DRAMA MIXED WITH SOME CRIME DRAMA SERIES…MOST PROBABLY IT WOULD BE A LEGACY OF KKB??
    Anyone here, gonna watch PAVITRA BHAGYA?? Just want to know u ppl’s take on the upcoming show…
    (I am a bit too early in making opinions and I think we will have to wait and watch for the real show to premiere….Its just my opinion and I am not bashing the opinions of others…I have no grudges against EKTA maam and feel free to oppose to my comments too )

    1. @Maddie
      Well said Maddie!!!???
      For me, I already had enough while giving a try to YHC of Ekta?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ which they spoilt within weeks!!!
      So I’m really not in a mood to try another show of Ekta!!!???

    2. I’m smiling and teasing… You should get a job with the Pavitra Bhagya PR team! Your last paragraph was written like a wonderful endorsement! I trust that you will enjoy watching!
      Remember the memorization tasks in early schooling? How repetition of the facts, the poems, the whatever… because of repetition just stayed in your mind and the information became a part of you? In the same way the constant hate, corruption, lying… it ends up being a part of the viewer, whether they realize it or not. A trap is set, with propagandized media. Lots of shiny pretty things and good music and pretty sets makes the programming of a mind even simpler to do. it sets the mind and heart to accept the beliefs being ‘downloaded’ into your own heart and mind, It makes bad behaviour subtly more acceptable. this is not a good thing for young minds or the minds of the innocent (uneducated). It even affects the behaviour and attitudes of educated, healthy minds.

    3. MaddieDaddie9966

      Your comment seems a bit bizarre…What is that u want to convey through ur comment??

    4. MaddieDaddie9966

      Don’t get me wrong, but are you trying to say that I am trying to promote Pavitra Bhagya to the audience in a much wider way?? If that is so, then you are completely MISTAKEN, my friend?

    5. The story of Pavitra Bhagya seems weird. And as for the characters, Ekta likes 4 letters, ‘R’, ‘I’, ‘P’, and, ‘A’, so she will select any of this. And as Lisa said, even I tried with YHC, and it didn’t even take 50 episodes for the makers to completely ruin it. Even I make early opinions (You are not alone). But isn’t it obvious?? Seeing a series of good shows being ruined and dragged and going directionless, a wrong impression is created. And looking at the promo, it is clear that the two grown up leads had a relationship, the result of which is their daughter, whom her mother had to leave because of society as the father possibly abandoned?? The casting is kinda good, both actors are perfect in their jobs. But, I personally feel this show won’t be that good. Dunno if it’s just me, but, I’m not getting that vibe from it. And by the vibe mean, I’m not feeling if I should give a try to this show.

  7. Verma4

    Rhea may slit Saloni’s throat or kidnapped and the name will go to the grave with. Sarita behen is class. Can some one get Rhea a good makeup artist blue eye liners and a new wardrobe. sl*t. Missed Aaliya again, no screen time.

  8. Dear MaddieDaddie this is why I began my comment with “I am smiling and teasing….” That was meant to indicate that I was writing as a sympathetic friend who thought you did a wonderful job of describing Pavithra bhagya. I had hoped to show you that there were smiles WITH you versus at you. I am sorry I failed so miserably, to indicate my position. And of course I added what I see these programs doing to viewers. Nothing new about that. ; ) …if you have read any of my previous comments. I was still smiling and feeling light hearted as I wrote. Now, I feel just a little sad that I wasn’t able to communicate very effectively. I hope that you re-read, understanding my benevolent intention. Yes, absolutely, I point out as many faults as I can find with the production. With other commentators, I feel secure that my history here shows that I enjoy discussions even when/if our opinions differ.

    1. MaddieDaddie, just in case you missed the point. I could have added that Evil Kapoor’s bhagya productions are propaganda tools and likely the next bhagya production will be another propaganda tool. It might make more sense if you read my reply to Lisa, way at the top… where, MY MISTAKE… I made the ASSUMPTION… that you likely had already, read it. Look at that! I am picking up on Lisa’s habit of capitalizing! ; )

    2. MaddieDaddie9966

      Wanted to ask you…In your above comment as a reply to Lisa, you mentioned that ‘Abhigya/Tisha ruined because of a jealous wife’….What did that actually mean?? Did you mean about Shabbir’s wife?? If that is so, what was wrong with Shabbir’s wife and KKB??
      Just want to clarify my doubt…?

    3. MaddieDaddie9966

      Don’t get me wrong, I had no intentions to pick up a fight over here…Its actually my mistake, I should have read your reply once more to get to know the meaning…This sort of misunderstanding had occurred between me and Lisa too..Me and Lisa used to be one of the often commentators on YJHJK, a fantasy show…At the initial time, when I read her comments, I often thought that she was comparing the show to Nazar, another fantasy show, rather enjoying YJHJK in its true sense…But then, as time passed, I realized she wasn’t actually poking negatives on YJHJK, but then she was enjoying it too, just like how I did and was voicing out her opinions..I had a previous experience where some viewers took my opinion on a show as defaming the show and ppl criticized me saying that my opinions were senseless and I had to better shut up myself…It hurt me a bit at that time and that’s also the main reason I had included a paragraph in brackets at the end of my comment written over here…Don’t know why, but I suddenly took your comment to be actually criticizing mine and I even went to think back about that previous experience which I mentioned above…But I am glad to know that it was only a misunderstanding, which was actually MY mistake..
      I don’t read everyone’s comments over here, only very few and its the first time you are replying for my comment..So the thing is that there WAS an initial misunderstanding between us…But NOW, those misunderstandings are CLEARED…
      Had a great time in being with a discussion with you…I feel a bond with you just like the one I had with Lisa..?

    4. Dear MaddieDaddie9966, Well… thank-you for having the patience to ‘talk’! Half the world’s problems would disappear, if people would just make sure they actually understood the whole communication! And I’m the type that delights in ‘meeting’ others. I have taken my leave of watching KDB and will likely be leaving here for a couple of months… by the end of this week. I doubt if I’ll watch the Pavitra show. Pavitra means innocence, purity… correct? Evil Kapoor having anything to do with Pavitra anything sounds like it is a joke. But once I get back I will look for you and everyone else (some old commentators who I don’t see anymore)… and check up on whether Evil Kapoor has decided to make stories or more nonsense. Thank-you for making the effort to reply and give us both a chance to know one another. Best wishes and happy watching!

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