Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi tries to enquire about Kiara

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The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to remember everything whatever he said. He says you have always hurt me so much, and I was thinking why you hurts me whom I love the most. He says today I came to know that I had told you about my weakness and let you play with my heart, and gave you a chance to betray me.. he says you will get only last chance to tell the truth, and says you was lying. Pragya thinks I want to tell you, but I can’t tell. Abhi asks her not to tell and says you will be responsible for the happenings, and asks her to enjoy today and says tomorrow your challenge will start, you have to tell thousands of lies to hide one truth, it won’t be diffucult for you to say lies, but I won’t let it be easy for you. Kiara tells Sunny that she called King and asked him, and he said

that he is my real father. Sunny says I will call Mamma and asks her by keeping phone on loudspeaker. Kiara says ok. Sunny calls her, but the number is busy. Sunny says she will call back. Kiara says she is not feeling good. Sunny says we will find your real father. Kiara says who would be my real father. Abhi comes to get a drink. King tells him that he wants to talk to her about Aaliya. Abhi says even I want to talk to you and says don’t you think that we shall know each other. He says you know about me and my family, but I don’t know anything about you and Pragya. How you met and get married. King asks do you want to know about Pragya? Abhi says I want to know about Kiara. King says you took Kiara’s name. Abhi says she is a lovely girl and I love her a lot. He says I didn’t know that Kiara is Pragya’s daughter. Abhi asks King how old is she? And asks about her date of birth. Pragya hears them talking and asks King to come, says Kiara gets upset if you drink. She takes him forcibly.

Mitali tells Tai ji that King’s guests are wearing so much gold and is just showing off. Tai ji asks her to stop it. Chachi hears her and gets angry. Mitali says this family is fukri etc. Chachi taunts her and says they have a kothi in Punjab and can buy 10 houses as this. Mitali says if you sell ten kothis, then also can’t buy this kind of house. Chachi says this is Abhi’s house and you are in his house. Mitali says you are also residing in King’s house. King and Pragya hears them. King asks Tarun to ask DJ to play nonstop music and asks Chachi what is she doing? Chachi says you didn’t hear what she told. Tanu thinks of Pragya questioning about her marriage and thinks abhi told her about our marriage truth then. She then thinks of King’s words threatening her and thinks Abhi’s love is a betrayal for me, but King’s love for Pragya is a chance for me. She thinks it is good that King loves Pragya and he will keep her away from Abhi and never free her. She thinks Kiara is Abhi and Pragya’s daughter, but until Pragya is in King’s life, she can’t return in Abhi’s life. She says now I understood, why Pragya didn’t tell Abhi about Kiara as she knows King will not go away from her life and will not let her go. Mitali laughs and says you speak so much, did you listen what you said.

Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her if she was worried about her husband drinking or worrying about Kiara’s truth. He says it was all drama so that I don’t know anything about Kiara. Pragya says why you are involving him. Abhi says you brought him between us, you made him fake dad. He says whatever you have to done is wrong, and says I will prove that Kiara is my daughter and I will take her home. Pragya holds her hand and says this might be challenge for you, but it is life for me, I won’t let you play with my life and will not give you Kiara, never.

Tanu tells Mitali to leave her alone and asks her to go. Mitali says I am feeling sympathy on you and thought to sympathize with you, but it seems you don’t need it. She suggests her to talk to King and tell him everything. She says then you don’t need to do anything, as King will keep Pragya away from Abhi. She asks her to make King insecure about Pragya and asks her to tell her everything. She asks her to change his doubt into belief. Tanu gets thinking and thinks to tell King. Pragya thinks where is Abhi? King asks Chachi not to get angry and give some respect to Mitali. Chachi says you are forgetting that I am your Chachi and says you have respect and love for everyone except me. She says you will understand when Pragya and Kiara, both leave you.

Tanu comes to King and if I tell him then he will take Pragya away from Abhi. She tells that it is enough, everything happening infront of everyone. King thinks Abhi was fed up of Tanu and came to me, she might be feeling that he shouldn’t have come to my house. King says I can’t talk to you right now, and says first I will talk to him and then will talk to you. Tanu says how it matters? King says I will talk to both of you. Tanu says Abhi is not understanding my point of view and says he might understand you. She asks him to sort out everything else two marriages will break together. King says whose marriage will break, it seems she is talking about my marriage. Pragya searches for Abhi and says she needs to talk to him.

Abhi tells King that Pragya has hidden truth from him. King asks what? He asks if you will tell him or shall I say?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Same old story

  2. We’ve known all along that Tuna fish and Alia are drama queens and always have been but to watch Abhi… perfect the skill as well… again… well… it’s all so troublesome and rather pathetic. “Enjoy the party” is meant to be a lethal knife to the heart.
    The tuna fish looks like a barbie doll that accidentally went through the washing machine and now obviously looks wrecked. As she sits and rocks she declares the quality of her acting skills. Let’s face it , the earrings are not helping her image.
    Abhi walks over to Pragya like he is mafia don. One has to wonder if this power couple, Tuna fish and Abhi escaped from an American cartoon show and found their way to the kumkum bhagya set. Any man that married the tuna-fish should be considered dumb and dangerous and financially finished before his time. It takes a lot of money, booze, gold, designers and diamonds to keep the tuna fish running. Notice that the only human required to keep the madwoman alive is a designer. The dark lipstick, the flash of insight (thank-you, mr. director ) don’t do much to correct the image of the little wretch. And the couple who are the stable adults in the room, well the female half Pragya is looking flustered and very very tired of the whole thing. Was that Pragya? Or was that Sriti?

  3. So now once again pain and accusations and Pragya will be battered by one and all hope king has some trust in Pragya and sides with her and supports her against that so called self ego headed man Mr Abhishek Prem Mehra who cannot think indepantanly and is controlled by his sister and Tanu . Fail to understand why he is shown as a rock stars. blo*dy hell Pragya enough of the frown and the creases on your forehead has it for the past 4 years now it’s payback time and time to teach the Mehra’s a lesson for life which they will never forget. The Mehra’s are getting irrating day by day today mithali was a limit. Anyway can’t be expecting much form Ekta. She is a man trapped in a woman’s body and Hence I guess she is against all women and show them as meek individuals who can be battered use and throw kind is stuff. . Shriti I know it’s Balaji banner and u can’t annoy Ekta in telllyworld but that does not mean that You accept any shit and do such roles that are insulting woman at all levels. I don’t think Ekta cares much for you ever since KKB went on air more screen space is given to Tanu and aliya when u are more classy actor Why are you taking this please quit the serial you are better off without it. I know the money is good by that does but mean you take such roles. And now honestly speaking abhiya have lost their charm and the chemistry that was between them since for the past 4 years Tanu aliaya and mithali have kept you away and now this stupid abhintanu marriage and kiara issue and fight over kiara Abhi has become a villain and his acting is now more negative and at least me would not want to see you together the serial and so called Bhagya has been totally messed up beyond repair

    1. I also can’t think you know due to audince rebiewe only that two newly married husband wife couple are not even sharing the room and missing each other ronscreem due to audince giving negative reviews on that days or otherwise this Dumbo rockstar might have been seriously doing s*x with her a dcouod have a child that kihc they shown on those days happy couple he himself said I am happy with that b*t*h and he used vulgar words for his wife pragya who made him like this ah my only angry and sadness is no one isnmehra house is thinking about pragya and what she isdid in 7 yrs rather than they are thinking to take revenge on her even her husband who used to say I love you I love you the wastes evrrale lead for me is she is not talking and stajdip up for herself when she is being accused and oh my God can’t bear this she is the femlae lead and she is not opening her mouth even to King who was with her these yrs I don’t care about abhi any more he idndead for me really I don’t like him hereaft.do you know ekta liked everything other man and women in kkb set that sritibi think so only she is doing this much partiality and allegation to her alone

  4. Leisa s morris

    Abhi said dat pragya keeps hurtin him over and over, was I watching an alternative reality on dis show cause to me it was d other way around. From day one wen he married her and went to tuna on his wedding night he started hurting her. Den it was d suresh act where he tried to marry her to him and d insults, d denials ,d killings , the kidnappings, and each time pragya beared d brunt of it all. Im sick and tired of these writers only writing nonsense and ecpecting usto accept it. Abhi is d main cause of all pragyas heartache but he turned round and put all d blame on pragya. He threw her away hod dammit yet talkin bout love smh

  5. Ekta just doesn’t quit. I just dipped in to KDB. Alongside the Prithvi clown nonsense, Miss Kapoor had the other lead the sycophantic Preeta and Karan do a 2 minute car commercial! In the west this is a economy car. She had a fully scripted…more details than an actual commercial… stuck into the script! Instead of one of her crap stories which are already creativity free… she had the gall to make a detailed commercial into script.
    Does this clear “Any confusions?” (as Pragya would have said) as to the main intentions of Ekta Kapoor. How absolutely tacky. And this woman (?) (according to Alka likely a failed man and I want to know as well!) thinks that she is the cream of the crop? Her business attitude exposes her as the cheap huckster that she is. Scam artist proffering her wares onto innocents. No wonder she makes Tuna fish look like a member of the circus… clearly Miss Ekta feels right at home with scam artists that follow circuses. I wonder if she is doing commercials on a daily basis instead of the promised show. But I won’t waste any time confirming. My mind is pretty much made up, regarding the type of human that Miss Ekta is masquerading as, currently.

  6. What sob story is Abhi throwing at Pragya? he threw her out the house Remember?
    no pity for him. Respect your wife Abhi. Stop using women even Tanu.

  7. D direction in which dis story is goin is very stupid,if u ar nt creative enough luk 4 anoda skil,nt dis movie dat notging gud happens,same old story,no fun,no hapiness,no surprises,no light,everytin here is eviln darkest.goin 4rm bad 2 worst

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    It’s nice to know that King has so much trust in Pragya and that he never doubts on her no matter the situation … sad tho that she has hidden so much from him and took so long to even bear the thought to tell him … I am sure he will be devastated when he finds out, but I hope that she is the one to tell him … as for the rockstar, I’m sorry that he missed so much of Kiara’s life but Pragya is correct to not tell him about his daughter because she knows what the vultures in that house can do to get their own way … Abhi doesn’t have a say, he’s like a robot in that house.. yes, no, yes, no… smh… grow up Abhi 😐

  9. The comments here are way logical than the script (OK, nonscript) itself. But how much ever we try, we cannot put sense into that dumb woman’s mind. She continues showing us crap in the name of a show. I wonder how the actors bear all that shit and act it. The most pitied being in there is Shabbir. Being dumb is OK, but acting like that is horrible…. Coz you know you can do better and yet u can’t.
    Anyways, I wouldn’t want king to know the truth from abhi… Not this way. Pragya must be the one to tell him, not abhi. I hope this dumb ass abhi keeps his blo*dy mouth shut.

  10. SMH… Pragya, when will she realize that she deserves better? Only recently when Chachi confronted King and offloaded about another man in Pragya’s bedroom while Pragya was standing there, is another moment when she stood there mutely and whined and whimpered listening to King bash the poor lady for speaking the truth and didn’t have the strength to speak up… She’s been treated with the utmost respect by King for 7 years, it should have been easy to relate to his serenity and use her sense of persuasion to come clean that night and not see another woman get such a tongue lashing, but if she can’t defend herself, she certainly is ineffective doing it for someone else! So, in all fairness, Pragya is a failure as a woman, she’s no role model, sometimes I wonder if I hate her just like I hate the processed wife of Abhishek Prem Mehra..

  11. Sigh… I really feel sorry for Sriti jha.. Forget her role as Pragya.. I feel sorry for her as an actress, she deserves better. It’s like when you are in an abusive relationship and starts looking older than you really are because of all that is happening in your life and if you find the strength to walk away from the mess you are in and try doing something that you truly deserve to do, you gradually start to feel and look better because you know that you deserved better, well that is what Sriti should have done a long time ago. She thinks she can’t do better, maybe it’s low self esteem or because she thinks the Balaji banner is like her husband, draining her of her identity as a woman, just like how some women are recognized only as her husband’s property and not as an individual…so Sriti stays on as Balaji’s property thinking that it’s best to be with them not realising that the grass could actually be greener on the other side, she just needs to divorce herself from the entity and see where life takes her. Sriti has good potential and I’m sure she’ll be successful in another avatar where she is appreciated and given to role to truly express herself as an actress partner excellence!…

  12. Read somewhere in the spoilers that Abhi is going to make life miserable for Pragya . Fail to understand what Pragya has to be miserable all the time. Right from the time she hot married to this so called rock star Abhi she is miserable first becos of his so called love for Tanu which made the trio feel that they can harass Pragya as per their free will ,and the he falls in love so now Tanu and aliya try to separate them by using all means like kidnapping , murder setting Pragya on fire and what not and in all this Pragya loses her sister bulbul and then her mother is nearly paralysed but still Abhi takes no action even when aliya proudly and boldly claims that she is responsible for bulbul death. Abhi’s claims that dadi died becos of Pragya becos simonika killed her but did he ever try to find how simonika came in their life, it was becos of aliya and tanu who had hired simonika husband to kill Pragya And now with one more murder attempt on Pragya in his house he cannot conclude that only aliya and Tanu can do such things in Mehra mansion. Guess in one of the episodes he promised kiara That he will
    Find the guy who knocked her down with the car but once again only talks no action and now he wants kiara what kind of a man he is or is he really a man could not keep his words to his wife and now to his daughter. Both are in danger of Abhi is around them. Anyways not Seen Abhi doing a rock show for long and now he looks old and does not have the charm left so now the only think he can do is sit and blo*dy week f**k his wife Tanu and get bullied by his sister aliya to make appearances in some funerals to earn money. Pragya tell king the truth , get aliya And tanu behind the bars and kick Abhi where it hurts the most and get married to king in front of his eyes and go back to London.

    1. That court case you mentioned yesterday should really happen, that’s the only way Pragya would be forced to open her trap and bring the piranhas true faces out..otherwise she’s doomed to be the biggest donkey in soapland..

  13. I hope Sriti is sensible enough to understand that the piranhas are the leads of this serial and not her. How easily writers made the antagonists switch places with the protoganists…what a master stroke in this game of chess!! Master manipulator that Ekta Kapoor is!! How unfortunate Sriti is to not realize that she’s been relegated to villain..

    1. The only reason that she can be called a ‘master’ manipulator is because she has the power, the money. She has not earned her mastership through intelligence or skill. There is nothing to this producer excepting arrogance and good old fashioned thuggish brute force. Regressive. That would be her word. She is so limited in her thinking that she believes that the only way to keep the money flowing into her pockets is to keep India in a regressive state. No. Not really. She needs her sense of self-importance fed. How pathetic. A kind of person who can only feel strong and powerful because of their ability to keep other people down. What’s her next career? Politics?

  14. I have been watching the episodes where pragya was supposed to have been murdered and drowned by assassins hired by Tanu and Ahlia and Ahbi regained his memory and drove them out of his house. How come he wants to bring his daughter back to the same house or how can he not understand pragya’s motives. This makes me angry with the script writers taking us viewers for granted. The actors are great but the writers are very Shallow. I watch hoping they will one day give me value for the time I have wasted watching this series.

  15. I really pity pragya, she has been flustered on this show badly. poor her

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