Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Aaliya threatens Disha infront of Purab

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The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pallavi that he wants Abhi’s signature. Pallavi goes to bring his signature. Abhi and Vikram come out of the cupboard. Purab thinks he is suffocating in his marriage. He turns and sees Disha. He says sorry. Disha says we are not meant to be together and asks him not to look at her tears which flows out unknowingly. She says she is upset with herself for loving him. Aaliya calls Purab. Purab tries to go and tells that Aaliya is unwell. Disha says I am not your extra marital affair which you want to hide. Aaliya comes there. Abhi and Vikram argue while keeping the jewellery back in cupboard. Vikram keeps the jewellery back while Abhi keeps the bedsheet. He says it was your idea. Vikram says you will get me divorced. Pallavi comes there and sees them. Aaliya says it is good that you came with CM, else and threatens her. She asks him not to come in her talks. Disha says she has moved on. Aaliya says she came to our party intentionally, knowing CM will come here and asks what she is doing in our room. She asks her to be in party and not to enter inside the house. She asks her not to forget that her limitation is outside. Disha says it is good that today is your anniversary else I would have given you a fitting reply. Aaliya says Purab is mine always and says if I see you with him again then I will not leave you. She says you had said that your sindoor, mangalsutra and rounds make him yours, and says same thing implies to me, it is all mine now..you will lose infront of them. Disha goes. Aaliya tells that she don’t want to handle the situation like this and says I was scared and had to do something. I was scared to lose you.

Pallavi tells Abhi that she was searching him and says thief is inside. Vikram says thief wants to meet him. Pallavi asks thief to take Abhi’s autograph. Vikram opens the cupboard and says thief is not here. Abhi opens the cupboard and takes out the blanket with jewellery. Pallavi says thief was good to leave her jewellery and wishes to take selfie with him. Vikram says you didn’t take pic with me. He says you said that your husband is miser. Abhi asks them to continue argument and leaves. Prachi finds Disha shattered and runs to her. Disha says she is fine and asks her not to trust anyone.

Purab asks Disha to listen to him. Disha says Aaliya told me about my limitations. Purab says sorry for whatever Aaliya had said. Disha says she is not affected by her words. Purab says I can see. She says your betrayal was bad. Purab says when did I betray you? She asks him to look at himself in the mirror and says my Purab ji was not selfish. Purab says it was not my mistake. Disha asks him to say what was not her mistake. She goes. Hritik comes and collides with Purab. He tells her that CM wants Disha at her side and tells that they are business partners. Purab says I thought? He says boyfriend and girl friend? He asks him not to say that infront of her and says she gets upset hearing this and tells that he can’t be committed and marry anyone.

Prachi tells Shahana that she met Maasi. Shahana asks whom? Prachi says who had come to meet Maa at our house and says she was crying badly. She says she will call Maa. Pragya and Sarita behen play ludo. Pragya says she loses with the family members happily. Sarita behen says family members sometime make us lose in life too. Prachi calls from Shahana’s phone. Pragya says Sarita ji is better. Prachi says she met Disha Maasi and she was crying badly, looking worried.

Precap: Ranbir starts feeling for Prachi. Purab tells Abhi that he has seen hatred in Disha’s eyes. Abhi says Disha can never hate you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Is the production team making Aliyah physically uglier every episode on purpose? Is she being set up for another crime, so they are conditioning the viewers to hate this demented and very ugly character, easier to hate? She is swearword ugly in every sense of the word.

  2. can some1 any1 just slap or put aaliya in her place and god this season is so depressing….all this separation and love triangles my goodness this might be the most depressing season ever and god poor disha and purab is just becoming disappointing at this rate…

    1. Purab has always been a slave to Aliyah and Abhi. they should put Aliyah and Sherlyn from KDB into a romantic relationship and let them go live in lesbian bliss. Guaranteed all the husbands of the viewers will start to watch, possibly secretly. The happy couple can keep their slaves (Purab, Abhi and Prithvi) in a cage so the slaves are available even more readily than they are now. Mini- Aliyah can get all the drugs needed to keep aliyah and Sherlyn in a ‘happy’ state. Hopefully, mini-Aliyah will be invited into Aliyah’s and Sherlyn’s home. The three monsters then can entertain Ekta and leave general society, the viewers, to find programming which is not created by psychopaths for their own nefarious needs and bank accounts. I guess mini-Aliyah will also have to purchase s*x toys to go along with the drugs. She looks like she will have fun doing that. I’m sure aliyah and Sherlyn will be working out ways to utilize that big and loud mouth of mini-aliyah. (Her botox is settling, so her lips have stopped flailing all over the place) After all, there exists a cage with slaves in it and the slaves have to be ‘cared’ for or serviced. Yes, these are the attitudes that are being badly hidden by the ‘love triangles’. And as characters go, Shahana and Aryan actually do have chemistry and as actors could do a believable love story. That won’t happen because the production house continues to celebrate gutter evil through mediocrity. Abuse porn, dressed up fashionably, so it can pass for a television show.

    2. Relaly Dr the worst Bhai and behen will be abhi and Alia relaly don’t know how come everyone is supporting abhi and blamming pragyabas if he was right in everything relaly fel pity for pragya from the day she entered thus mansion her life was made hell out of it by his two Kings taliya but eventhough knowing he hasnt done anything to her but claiming as if he elobed her .

  3. I think… Purab is a wuss!! Aliya owns the pair of balls…no contest here!
    Pragya and Abhi still haven’t met, it isn’t funny anymore, hell, it isn’t even interesting! Their reunion is looking even more boring now, who cares anymore. You would think that at least there would be even a hint of curiosity between the two, as to who’s Prachi’s mother /Mr Mehra as the case may be… Pragya has time to play Ludo, take down a criminal with an umbrella and tie his hands with ropes and take his ass by cab to the police station but she isn’t interested in meeting the man who her daughter is obviously besotted with!! Is this real? In Abhi’s case, he went a zillion times to Prachi’s house to meet her mother and couldn’t see her much less meet her, even though she was in the same room with a candle flickering across her sad face!! As per director’s orders, they should just swirl around each other, not meeting till the end… Maybe when Kiara comes back, they’ll meet…
    As for Aliya, what a despicable specimen of a female! I’ll not elaborate… As things stand, Purab may eventually fall in love with Aliya, doesn’t seem like he’ll ever unite with Disha unless Aliya commits suicide… With so much acrimony amongst the 3 in this party of unhappy people, one have to die, to put an end to this sad love story… Purab should be the one to bite the dust…as Disha obviously does not having much feelings for Purab anymore, it’d be great for him to die, Disha gets a deserving man and Aliya goes to the mental hospital…

    1. Naz, I thought Disha had VAST emotion invested still into her old marriage. Even if that emotion is anger/frustration/betrayal… She is intelligent. As long as Aliyah is alive, there is no hope of any serious….. anything… with anyone associated with that Amazon freak from hell. The freak doesn’t allow anyone to tamper with her possessions Abhi and Purab. She likes to keep a few useful whores around her for convenience, Tuna fish and mini-Aliyah. Let’s face it, if anyone female goes near her slaves then Aliyah uses her whores to help destroy that female’s and her family’s lives. The real trouble with the Mehra family is that Dadi didn’t have the brains and courage to have Aliyah killed after she killed …at least after Abhi’s car accident. They knew at that time that Aliyah/Nikhil/Tuna fish had designed the murder/accident. Aliyah would appear to be channeling Ekta Kapoors personality. A desperate, lonely, homely sociopath who has too much money and spends her time trying to look normal. that is acknowledging that most often the lonely people are the ones surrounded by many others. And you are correct, the producer has played the viewers perfectly. The one’s who cared about abhigya are gone because abhigya is gone. Instead of real actors they have given viewers mini-Aliyah and that Ranbeer boy, Meera. I’m sure Pallavi and Vikram are decent actors with a lousy script. And Sriti Jha… who made KumKum bhagya popular has been destroyed. Instead of moving to the big screen she’s reading poetry and having days out.
      You can do anything you want with other people’s lives when you have money. That’s another resoundingly repetitive message from this show…. straight out of the horse’s mouth. The horse being Ekta Kapoor. You can sure tell if Ekta Kapoor hates you. She forces you to wear cheap clothing while every other actor wears, what is being sold as couture.

    2. Really aki the one who made kkb suces had gone deep drowned I don’t know why she isn’t moving further really isn’t she belive that she is good and talented and got fmae in this which she can develop by moving on relaly eveyone hated her charcater and starting supprting abhi charcater .I know ekta is there for him if this finsihed but sriit she should develop herself if she beloved .Eve untalented Leena even had moved on doing some other series don’t know about that feel not ity for sriti alone .even mrunal had some good self repsect and moved on she is now hitting in big screens relaly nice .

    3. Exactly Naz, i commented even yesterday that this is the only serial where the hero and heroine will never meet,,,all other serials the two will meet at some point of time but here the writer is just dragging with so many subplots purab-disha-aliya, ranbir-riya-Prachi and so on and so forth, i think the writer likes the logic of one man caught between two women??????, so they have introduced three different love triangles as abhi-pragya are never going to meet each other,,,,,and it is going to be abi-meera-pragya love triangle,,,,wat the hell is wrong with the makers,,,,why can’t the two protagonists just unite, its been nearly five months i guess since the new generation has been introduced and till now the two have not united!!!! wat bullshit???????
      And this ranbir-prachi-riya story is the same which happened with abhi-pragya, aliya manipulated abhi to marry pragya and they fell in love later??,,,same way Riya is manipulating Ranbir to woo Prachi which will result in their love story???‍♀️
      The love story which i really liked in between all is that Aaryan-Sahana, both are really cute and lovely??,,,,in the same wayi used to love Purab-Bulbul love story in the beginning when it was Arjit-Mrunal pair, both were really adorable couple??✌,,,and they were really sincere in their relationship compared to the other pairs in this plot, later i did not appreciate the fact that both were replaced by two different actors ,where even Bulbul’s character just ended abruptly and the love story changed to Purab-Disha,,,i completely disliked the storyline of Disha and Purab and now it has just gone worse with this love triangle of Aliya-Purab-Disha
      Anyways i just don’t understand when this abhi-pragya will meet,,,better than this is yrkkh where they have the long last separation of Kaira atleast now and the two are face to face which only took around two months time after the generation leap
      i guess even the viewers have stopped hoping for their reunion????

  4. Hi Akituster… Read your comment the other day, couldn’t find the time to respond… Comment above is chit chat with you… Sorry for the late acknowledgement..

  5. Shabnum A. Dewji

    Aliya needs to go….who is doing her costumes? For Pete’s sake, get her some decent clothes. She’s heavy on the stomach and butt and trying to make her look modern is not working. Ugly is a very kind word for Aliya

    1. Shabhnam giving your opinion on the character Aaliyah Khanna is completely fine in fact we all do it but there’s a difference between a fictional character and a real life person.. so pls don’t insult or get into someone’s personal business its a humble request ? especially being critical on the body parts like the butt and the tummy???? is a shameful act and you should be ashamed? being a woman how can u say such awful things.. have you ever thought? being the real Shikha Singh (Aaliyah) how will she feel if she reads ur disgusting comments.. think before taking action is better for u and your surroundings..

  6. On twitter it has been said that Ztv has blocked off all or most of the old KKB episodes. Likely too many fans of abhigya looking for the old ACTING skills/chemistry. Ekta Kapoor wouldn’t want viewers to be reminded of how the current mess that they are calling KKB is a completely different,
    a very real jump downwards, type of production. The current director is most certainly the Queen of Banal. Lovely contrast with the Princess of Sleaze, mini aliyah.

  7. My apologies for my insensitive remark on suicide in my above comment… I hope it wasn’t offensive to anyone but understood in the spirit it was said pertaining to the assessment of the character of Aliya…not to be misunderstood as to the actress portraying the role…. As a viewer of Indian serials, I was honored to have connected with a pure young soul on KKB by the name of Sia about 3 years ago …to cut a long story short, I didn’t see the tragedy coming….and Sia committed suicide by hanging at the age of 21 while now embarking on her career as an attorney…all because she was forced to marry a man chosen by her parents, whisked away to London from USA and abused in her short life as a married woman of 4 months. It must be noted that she was the daughter of parents from India…. Her cousin found our exchanges on the KKB forum and poured the whole sad story out.. Suicide is a extremely sad and horrific way to die, that’s the reason for my apologies… I hadn’t met Sia in person but I knew her in humanity… My apologies once more..

    1. Naz, I understand your sadness for Sia and her surrendered life. Forced surrender. Truly, you did not break anyone’s dignity by your comment. the whole production is geared to create deep reactions. In a playground where murder, lies, blackmail, humiliation, torture and theft are regular features of the drama… a place where soft porn has found a home, you are only speaking in the language that this production offers. The whole crew wants publicity and attention all the time and that is why the actors do their best to be affiliated with their character in real life. The drama and our reactions, is their business!! I think it is wonderful to have a place to express what the show ‘brings out’ or triggers for any of us. Whether that be romantic dreams, a fashion show or a comedic but cynical rant. No apologies needed for your real feelings even if they are momentary and about a fictional character. This does not diminish Sia. In fact, if anything it shows support in trying to understand and stop a system which is built to destroy, especially, women. Because it’s their karma and this is the kaliyug, we’re told. and you only have value if you are obedient. Even if it means being obedient to perfectly destructive idiots. These attitudes are often worse in the diaspora. India moves forward a bit, but the diaspora, trying to hold onto ancestral values continues to be stuck in the time that they left India. Sia was destroyed by her family’s cultural values. In a way, she honoured herself by not allowing her husband another opportunity to commit the inevitable murder…or any more abuse. In a way, she took control of her life and decided that finally no one else would now be able to control her, hurt her, ever again. I am very sad that she was unable to access the support that she truly needed. Don’t feel guilt. Often, when Aliyah comes onto the screen the question, “Why hasn’t someone shot her in the head as yet!” just pops into my head. Me, the pacifist who honours all life… even the life of Ekta Kapoor who is serving a purpose. an ugly one, no doubt, but still a purpose.
      Naz, I’m not advocating for suicide, not at all. I do remember when you wrote about Sia the first time. And even then, I honoured her clarity, her courage and the strength it required to accept her desperate situation with a choice to say “No More.” I truly wish that she and the many others like her had other choices. They no longer believed that they did.

  8. Never seen any Bhai behen relationship in any series like this series relaly how come abhi end up making Alia marry his friend who is chancha of him purab deserve this life for being friend of do called abhi charcater relaly abhi doesn’t know what to do in his life rather than speaking to get photo and so called saying he is missing her and waitinh for her to returb for what I don’t know .may be to again spoil her life and relationship what even .he don’t know what did k for his life and other life from starting he is slave of his behen and his love .what to say more for abhi noting just stopped it in addition this vickram and pallafi involving irriatted and pathetic seried may be whther the actors themselves are waiting for this seired to end .it’s like abigya are not even interested meeting each other pragya life full if hell no happiness after marrying since due to their domination evebtike she has to be. Single sole and protect her husband who was such a — and then again he sends her out what kind of love is that never trust her but wants her to protect him alone and his family .Neve seen male lead like this and pragya I don’t wnat to say about her if she isn’t interested in this story she can relaly move on since she is good and talented y should see stick in this show thinking abigya pair is loved don’t know the reason ekta spoilt everything but she is claimh and getting awards for being most best business women and profuer shit .what even .the worst male and female lead Evey seen not a word for Alia because known about her behaviour since first episode .now Rhea is replacement of tanu that it I can see. But how come abhi made his did to marry purab

  9. Dear Ishu, we have to keep remembering that Abhi’s intelligence keeps changing . His character was written to be DUMB to begin with. and he sure does keep getting dumber. And Aliyah? Let’s face it, she wants to be Abhi’s wife and she can’t have him. Not because she loves him but because she wants to own him. She’s the success story here, she has everything, just the way she wants it. and everyone else has suffered losses. Aliyah is a representation of ekta Kapoor, I’m sure!

  10. Dear Ishu… sorry, didn’t see your 2nd message. I agree with you. I am curious about Sriti Jha. I truly believe that she is a graceful powerhouse of passionate talent. And I see it as sinful, to have talented individuals suppressed… usually by a jealous/threatened individual or the culture itself. In this case my suspicion would be that ekta Kapoor has something to do with Sriti Jha being disappeared. Mind you, it could be to set her up for a big splash of coming back as Kiara. I doubt it.

    1. Thank you Aki if I had distrubed you with my comments I am sorry .how are u and how is ur health now .if she comes as Kiara that is biggest shame for the series because she is the female lead of the shwo so I think they won’t do like that instead atleast unite with hm it make her character the end .

    2. Dearest Ishu, how can you possibly be disturbing me!? We are both here to chat! And I enjoy your comments. I enjoy everyone’s comments even when I do not agree with the opinion. Because all comments open the mind and heart, if you allow that. I welcome it even if it is troublesome to me personally. that’s learning, being human and connection with other humans! When something disturbs us, it is a signal to look deeper within ourselves and search for an old hurt or pain which requires some healing. That’s a goos thing… as long as you know how to proceed with the healing. Thankfully, I do!! And regarding Pragya…. yes, a slow torture and murder of the character. Becoming Kiara could be distasteful… I think so. Somewhere out there, I see kanchi kaul and Ekta Kapoor having champagne celebrating the demise of the ridiculously obedient ‘Pragya’.

    3. Akikuster is that ur real name? Lol anyway if Ekta Kapoor removes Pragya to create Kiara that will be most cheap act.. I think Sriti is 30 and she shouldn’t be given this role as her hair is dyed brown and she started looking old now with the devoloping wrinkles? I guess taking up KKM was a big mistake for Sriti as she gave up 5yrs for this and also her young age? Most of the problems these KKm so-called writers which forced Sriti to frown as her role Pragya, hardly gave her happy moments.. so hope they bring a new actress for Kiara.. and she has to look 8yrs older than Rhea and Prachi? OMG! Then I don’t know what great grandmother they will bring to play Kiara.. they should have brought more younger and smaller actresses to play Rhea and Prachi.. but now its messed up..

    4. Hey Preeshabh, First it is a nickname. A-ki-tu is actually a phrase from a dead language. And ‘ster’ is a suffix like roadSTER . An associate had called me that years ago and I loved it! And about Kiara… I agree if Sriti Jha was chosen to play her. But the other cheap trick that I have observed is that on one hand anyone going into the public eye, especially on tv or the big screen makes a tremendous effort to be seen and watched. Reel or real life. Their appearance is key. Why would there be such an effort? They want to be watched and looked at. Even their clothing, the botox are all meant to keep our eyes on them. Tv and stardom are visual games. Worse still, I see that Ekta, doesn’t necessarily hire by acting ability. Miss kapoor looks for an actor that already has some of the personality and visual traits of her written character. When you give space for viewers to comment and you work hard to get the attention… well then, celebrities, entertainers and public figures ask for reactions and responses. And they get them If Shika Singh hasn’t figured out on her own why she was hired to appear next to little s*x-kitten dolls like Tuna-fish then the sadness is her own. She has been ‘used’ maliciously by Ekta Kapoor. I believe that the actress is intelligent and has understood how she has been used. Most important, receiving comments, bad and good comes with the territory. Ekta Kapoor very personally likes to create drama, negative, disruptive and creepy drama. She likes to see mayhem. The viewers and their opinions or their very purposefully triggered reactions are all a part of the ‘playing field’ of the story. Remember the significant role of the ‘story’ in human history. I think it is natural and healthy for us to share our reactions and responses. We’ve been given the space. And anyone who is a ‘target’ has very consciously put themselves into the situation. they wanted and accepted the acting job. Most jobs come with a downside. It appears as if actors want publicity. they want to be talked about. They want to be remembered. That makes them available … for us to comment. Negative or positive reactions, are born, because of what we are ‘seeing’. I think it is a bit unfair for us to close our eyes… sometimes… because we don’t want to hurt their feelings. What are they doing in a job where they are helping to create gut reactions from the viewers? And just like I have heard the manipulative words… “Just don’t watch the show” in previous comments, I think it is unfair to hold back feelings when the whole show is designed to instigate those feelings. I trust that you understand that I am offering a different perspective, not negating yours.

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