Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi takes Pragya to hospital

Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi tells the driver to rush to the hospital, King is surprised with his so much concern for Pragya. Abhi tells Purab to come in another car.

Dassi is not well as she is tensed about Pragya, she says i want to go to see her. Aaliya and Tanu rejoice that their plan has worked, they see that a waiter has overheard them and are shocked. Aaliya walks to him.

Abhi’s car stop due to some problem on the road, the road is blocked, Kinda steps out and request them to go as patient is not well, the cop says a politician car will pass by, he cannot let them go, Abhi tells Pragya, we have fought many problems, please stay awake, she falls unconscious, abhi gets out of car and starts unblocking the road, cops hold him, he tells the cop what if your family member was injured, people around says that a person’s life is more important that your rally, cops agree and lets Abhi’s car go.

Aaliya asks the waiter why is he here, he says i have come to see Aaliya mam as Dasi wanted me to give her the gift for disha, aaliya asks the waiter if he has seen anything, he says yes, tanu yells at him for keeping a check on them, the waiter says i am going to Abhi Sir and will tell him, what i have seen, he says i know you wanted to kill Pragya Mam and you had planned all of this, Aaliya says you will not do this, you will lose job and money, the waiter says i don’t want to work for people like you who are murderer.

Aaliya tells him to cool down while Tanu throws money at him, tanus says you won’t get money for saying truth but if you remain silent, you can start a new life, the waiter picks up money and says, see, anyone can be bought with money.

Abhi and King reach hospital, Abhi requests the nurse to make sure Pragya is well soon, King says nothing will happen to her, we got her time, Abhi is tensed and says i am responsible for what happened, King says its not your fault,you saved her just in time, doctor will take care of her, Abhi checks with the nurses and loses his cool as he finds out doctor is not available, doctor comes and says, stop creating scene, we will attend patient, king notices Abhi being too tensed.

Doctors treat Pragya, King says i am sorry Pragya, i didn’t save you, please get well soon, i will not let anything happen to you, abhi and purab are tensed too as doctor is treating pragya.

Tanu and Aaliya think to check on Pragya at the hospital, the waiter stops the, Tanu says you don’t have to thank for money, take this money and start a new life. The guy says, you need this money, you can keep it, you are big people, you will need this money, he says i have not seen so much entire life, what will i do, he says for me my respect matters, i don’t want to be a person like you, he says i will go and tell Abhi all the truth. Tanu warns him not to leave the house. The guy pushes her away and runs out of the house.

Abhi checks about Pragya with the nurse, she says we can’t say anything now. Nurse asks Abhi who is the husband, he is ready to sign them, Purab stops him, he recollects Pragya’s word, that King is her husband now, King comes ahead to sign the papers.

Abhi blames himself for Pragya being in danger, Purab tells him it was an accident and he should not blame himself. Abhi sees Pragya in the OT room and is tensed for her. He enters the room, doctor tells him to get out, abhi pleads doctor to please save pragya. Abhi prays to God.

Dasi and others come to hospital, they ask about Pragya, Dadi says i had told you to forgive Pragya and he should have got her home, Dasi asks if there is anything to worry, Purab says doctors are undergoing operation, Dasi says you can do things right you should tells the other person, how important they are to you, tells Abhi to trust in God and Pragya will get well soon. King sees everyone’s concern for Pragya. Disha sees King and is tensed.

Disha offers to give her blood to Pragya, Abhi and King thank Disha at the same time.

  1. Wow this crap is still on??? Amazing lol.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Wow all dat and d chandelier didnt really fall on her

  3. Akituster…where are you? I’m missing your comments….I hope that you are ok….

    1. Ekta had her goons kidnap her…or she is trapped in a burning kitchen/haystack/kitchen maybe she got lost in the jungle,..Shot Stabbed poisoned had the brakes on her car tampered with? the possibilities are endless….or she ran away with a have crazed stalker boyfriend. 🙂

  4. Where I’d akistrer same like others said I m also waiting for your comment actually I dint have thought to come to this update but I am comming time telly update only for your comment plz comemt anything

  5. Here I am! Just didn’t have the update available as normal… 12 hours later. I hope that H. Hasan who has being doing such fine updates is well and away on a holiday! ? Thank-you for your tireless work that pleases all of us and offers us ‘dynamic” conversation here on the site, Mr./Ms. H. Hasan!

    Thank-you so much to Ani and Jodi for your kind comments! Validation. I accept with grace. And a joyful smile. I am so fortunate, being born, with access to a few more layers of information, so easily. Qualities that all humans posses. There is much more to say. I just need to be patient.

    Cathy, you are too funny! (burning kitchen…not necessarily out of my reality) My wonderful adventure filled life looks like it might be returning. Health, you know. But today I am very proud that I finally made rajma dahl that actually smells and tastes like real rajma dahl. I’m not so great at regular home type of stuff. I didn’t burn any pots or parts of the kitchen. This is a real huge (sad to say) accomplishment for me! I am not Pragya!

    Today gave us an excellent episode. King was held back, unfortunately in order to accomodate Abhi’s story. Too bad. I want King to be important. The one overwhelming thought I had for the episode was about Ekta, the producer. Here it is, the opportunity…which she is giving herself to turn this malicious little propaganda project into an actual creative story. If she gets rid of the two b*tches, by Friday or Monday at the latest perhaps we can consider that Ekta might actually be hiding some creative maturity in her being. With the pace that they have set up today, Ekta has a chance to redeem her obviously manipulative money-making project into some redemptive form of art. A real live story. Does Ekta have it in her? Does Ekta even care? Somebody’s listening on the production end. Right now, I wish i had twitter and all those other things. And I would want to challenge this elite woman to take us, the viewers …the undignified and stupid masses who watch her “stupid little show” and show us that she is capable of ‘more’ than the tawdry, barbaric, level that she seems to believe WE live within.

    I have no sympathy for that Mehra family who did nothing for Pragya …but now want her back….regardless of what she might want…. and seem to think it’s ok to have the two b*tches continue. Omigawd.. what is wrong with this F*&$ing family. Pragya visits. Another murder attempt…and these people think everything is going to be allright???? Oh sure, except for Pragya. Nobody is this insane! Well, maybe Pragya, is. She might relent. “Yes, I’ll be happy to come back, because you all love me so much …. but ..oh! no! Oh No What’s happening… I’m being raped! I’m being electrocuted! (check Cathy’s LIst )… but, but I love Abhi….and he needs me, the family needs me… MY god! my god! I am not human unless I obey!!!! That’s what my darling bi-polar mother, Sarla taught me!!! And it’s ok. if Abhi and his family of psychopaths murder more of my life and even me….’cos they need me!!!” Pragya betrays womanhood. Pragya betrays her own humanity. She doesn’t know any better.

    But Ekta knows the difference, RIGHT??

    That’s what Ekta is currently selling.
    Let’s see.
    Ekta’s only exposing her true personality through this project of hers. Aliyah, Tanu and Pragya are all reflections of Miss Ekta. So let’s see what kind of producer is she? We’ll know by Friday or Monday.

    Aliyah and Tanu need to be removed immediately. 100 Lashes for every murder attempt. A tattoo of ‘hostile/danger/liar” on both of their foreheads. Abhi must be forced to administer the lashes. Yeah, that’s right. I can think like a Hard*ss, just like Aliyah/Ekta, when it’s necessary. Or like pure Ekta. Who are you Ekta? Show us.

    1. I forgot. “Sl*t” on Tanu’s forehead, as well.

  6. Naz and Ishu…haven’t disappeared! Thank-you!! Update didn’t show up on my end at normal time. You can tell…It’s hard for me NOT to say something!! Please comment on what you think and feel, too! I love to read everyone’s thoughts and feelings. I learn from everyone.

    1. Akituster…as I mentioned before, I was an avid viewer of KKB since its inception but I dropped off making comments more than a year ago, my my how time flies, it could even be longer than that but I did drop off when the story screwed up itself and I made a plea for the viewers to refrain from posting a single comment for a little while as sign of protest but no one did that, they continued to make their contributions and Ekta continued to write her shitty story because she knew we liked it so. Needless to say, it’s still continuing but now I’ve come to the conclusion that this serial brings out the sarcasm and wit in us that we didn’t realize we had and I’m actually enjoying the bashing and when I feel like slaying Ekta, I know I can do so here because we all feel the frustration of seeing Ekta through the performance of Pragya, Tanu and Aliya, bring womanhood down to the gutter. These characters personify Ekta Kapoor to the max. A gutter mind reflects gutter thoughts and a constructive mind would always teach, build and empower women through their work. My daughter happened to look at the episode while she was winding down for the evening and she laughed her head off till tears came to her beautiful eyes when she saw Tanu’s get up, I didn’t need to draw her attention at all, she asked me what the hell is she wearing and what the heck is that wannabe necklace all about? She’s Egyptian? She wants to be Nefertiti! And what’s with the burger bun on her head? You see, it’s an observation from an untainted mind and that’s why it’s so on point… Enough of Ekta minions… I really like King, not many men in the world who would love another man’s child with so much genuineness and I don’t understand why he’s isn’t suspicious of Abhi’s concern for Pragya, a blind man could sense that there’s too much concern coming from Abhi….writers deliberately leaving this detail out, they want King to look as stupid as Abhi. I must say that Abhi looks dashing in his dark suit, reminds me of the men in the Mills and Boon books I used to fall in love with ages ago…however, he doesn’t show a myriad of emotions, his expressions are just like how it was since the beginning, and since he hasn’t worked on that as yet, it’s going to be so till the end. Another thing, I think that the hair stylist should take off the antennas off Kiara’s head, they make her look like a little Martian but she so cute and adorable, a softer hairstyle would make her even more cute… I almost forgot to say that since a while now when I came back up on this forum, I became interested in your views and stayed on because you make me LMAO with your comments… Keep it up, and if we don’t laugh here, we’d surely go mad instead…

  7. Hello H.Hasan! I’ve followed Mishal Raheja over to this show after IKRS,and its good to see your name again.?

  8. Like seriously watched this crap 2 years ago before leaving my house for studies and even now this shit is continuing….???

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