Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi asks Ranbir to support her

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The Episode starts with Prachi telling Rhea that her mangalsutra is not just her mangalsutra, but the right of being Ranbir’s wife and the responsibility to fulfill this relation. She asks her not to keep her bad sight on it, and says until she is wearing it, nobody can take it off. She says mangalsutra respects my suhaag and it is my duty to protect it. She asks her not to keep her evil ey on it. She says you called Police citing danger to your life. She asks her to think what she will do, as her mangalsultra is in danger. She asks her to go and search her mangalsutra. She asks Pallavi to teach her responsibility and then make her bahu. Aaliya asks Prachi has stolen it, who can stole it. She says robbery doesn’t happen without any reason, and says you had stolen it, as Pallavi had said that you have no right on it. She says you felt bad, as Pallavi told you and not Rhea, so you has stolen her mangalsutra. She says who else will want Ranbir’s name mangalsutra on Rhea’s neck. Prachi says I know well that you want to insult and humiliate it for your entertainment, keep your entertaining but I will not be part of this conversation. She is about to go. Pallavi holds her hand and stops her. She says this conversation will end, when Rhea’s mangalsutra is found. She asks her to return Rhea’s mangalsutra. Prachi says if you had asked Rhea, then she would have run and bring the mangalsutra from where she has hidden. Pallavi says if you think that Rhea has lost it, then bring it, Rhea will apologize to you. Prachi says Rhea will never apologize, might agree or not, whatever it will be interesting. Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words.

Rhea tells Pallavi that Prachi needs a chance to insult her. Aaliya says Prachi will bring mangalsutra from her drawer, but will say that she has brought from Rhea’s room. Shahana says Prachi doesn’t lie and tells that she only says when needed. Rhea says you are namesake sister. Shahana says that’s why my name is on Prachi’s name always and not of chudail sister like you. Pallavi shouts Shahana and asks her to out. Ranbir says enough and says you always fight and says the door is open. Aaliya asks do you want your mom to leave. Ranbir says I will leave. Pallavi asks if he don’t want to stay with them happily. He says it is good to stay alone. Rhea blames Prachi and says mangalsutra is black beads thread which connected me with you. She says it is my identity and says it doesn’t come to any suhaagan mistakenly. Everyone looks at her, as she says Prachi’s words. She says Prachi has hidden her mangalsutra intentionally, knowing what it means to her. Ranbir says I will go and see what Prachi is doing. Shahana tells Rhea that you have said Prachi’s lines, would have said something original. You have stolen it like stealing Ranbir. Rhea says Prachi will bring my mangalsutra from her room, and not from my room. Shahana says you want to blame her in both ways, if she finds or not.

Prachi tells Dida that Rhea lost her mangalsutra and blamed her. She says Mummy said that she will make her apologize to me if I find the mangalsutra. She says I wanted to teach her, she will say sorry. Shahana asks Pallavi, you said that you will make Rhea apologize. Pallavi says I had said, but Prachi will bring it from her room and will say that she got it from Rhea’s room. She says let her come, I will make her confess that she has stolen it. Prachi says I have to search that mangalsutra to prove everyone wrong. Ranbir comes there and walks behind Prachi. He follows her to Rhea’s room, recalling Prachi’s words. He asks did you really mean what you said outside, you said that it is your identity etc. Prachi sys I have to search Rhea’s mangalsutra. Ranbir says you had said that mangalsutra connects husband and wife, what it is doing in your neck, when we have no relation. He asks her to answer. Ali Maula plays…..Prachi says I want to search Rhea’s mangalsutra as everyone wants it. Ranbir asks didn’t you care for the one whose name mangalsutra you are wearing. He says you have no right on me, then what about the rights you was talking outside. Prachi says my Maa had taught me all this. She says I didn’t say that mangalsutra is the sign of love, where there is no love, there is no relation. She says I respect it, it needs to be wear always and not to throw it. She says I wear it, not because we have relation, but I wear it as you are there, until you are alive, I will wear it even if we don’t have any relation. Ranbir gets teary eyes and looks at her. Prachi gets teary eyes too and turns her face. Ranbir turns and looks at the towel on the floor. He sees mangalsutra in it and tells Prachi. Prachi takes it and thanks him. She turns and finds him gone.

Aaliya says Prachi has stolen Rhea’s mangalsutra. Ranbir comes out and hears them. Dida says I can’t understand. Pallavi says bahus change and are not like before. Dida asks have you changed? Aaliya says Pallavi is talking about new generation bahus, she is talking about Prachi. Dida asks if Rhea is not of new generation. Prachi comes out and brings Rhea’s mangalsutra. She handovers it in her hand. Rhea says I knew it and says she has brought it from where she has hidden it. Prachi turns to Ranbir. Ranbir asks do you want me to say. Prachi says you don’t stay when needed. He says I am leaving, I didn’t like your atitude. Prachi asks him stop and says if I say anything then nobody will believe me, but if you tell then they will believe you and asks him to tell them everything. Ranbir says until you say please, I will not help you. Prachi says please Ranbir tell everything. Ranbir tells Rhea that Prachi haven’t stolen her mangalsutra, it was in the towel fallen near the sofa. Prachi says it was the same towel which Rhea had used last night. Dida and Shahana says we had said. Prachi says she didn’t learn to take care of mangalsutra and says you thought to buy it again, and says if mangalsutra gets lost, then it is inauspicious. She says Rhea will not learn and reminds Pallavi of her words that Rhea will apologize to her.

Precap: Rhea says I wanted her to be sad and wanted her to be in pain. She says she wants to insult her a lot, so that she couldn’t get up in her own sight. Vikram tells Dida that Ranbir has left home. Everyone is shocked. Prachi tells Shahana that whatever she told about her mangalsutra was true, it is her everything. Some goons attack Prachi and asks her to give her mangalsutra to them. Prachi drops the aarti plate on the road being scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. according 2 the promo ranbir has prachi’s mangalsultra so how will prachi get her mangalsultra back as pallavi aaliya and rhea will definitely target her 4 that so how will she get the mangalsulta back on her neck…

    1. Either Ranbir put it back on her or she leaves Kohli house because she said she will only stay there as long as her mangalasuthra is on her neck.

  2. guess ranbir hope she would say there was still a relation between them but lol prachi proved him wrong again it’s heartbreaking how much they ruined his character even Krishna is irritated with his character and kkb script nowadays it looks like rr is the lead as they’re showing more of them all over social media all u c is fans anger on this bigamy and even more on ranbir bashing which is reasonable but rly tho wat r they trying 2 prove with rr more hatred 4 ranbir and more drop in rating

  3. Wat’s the point r ppl rly falling 4 this we all know how this will end prachi insulted rr moments and rhea wins in the end as usual and pranbir more distance and misunderstanding it’s all misleading no point r ppl rly gonna fall 4 this..

  4. On some youtube video they were mentioning that pallavi would say to prachi that since you have come in Ranbir’s life some or otherthing keeps on happening,you are bad omen for him.so she will distanced herself and this will lead to mis understanding and Rhea will get the benefit of this.The reason given for this is that as now again the TRP has increased so makers will continue with this.

    Actually I have a doubt that why would they repeat same track again and again???? That too when they know how upset is Fandom??

    1. Sanam, almost for 7 months same track is shown again and again and again.
      Trp is given by kumkum bhagya fans so how they will end this crap.
      Again and again amd again same rhea crap is going to continue.
      Trp decreased at the time of 2021 after February, so they changed the story after 6 months they united pranbir as a married couple and separated abhigya. So when trp decreases only the story changes in kumkum bhagya. This is the record of kumkum bhagya.

    2. When kiara was there , in the starting stage trp was good but after some days trp went below 1.5 so they introduced pranbir.

    3. But that time viewers had hope that as Pooja is pregnant,she will have to leave and that time makers will expose Rhea so audience showed patience,then they introduced new Rhea so initially audience kept quite because the story deviated from KZK2 so they were curious but makers made a huge mistake by showing RR on same bed and since then audience losses interst and on all social media they are basing makers and makers came up with most awaited kidnaping track and concluded the track in the most horrible way,
      Kidnaping promo was trending in top 10 till 3 days but this time though having a superb promo, everybody believes that it is misleading, no body is trusting makers this time.

      I have a strong feeling that they will not upset Fandom by repeating same track.
      Thus accident track will start may be from Tuesday and may continue till end of May so by that time IPL will get over so if makers are waiting for IPL to over then we may expect some positivity

    4. The sureshot way to ensure a drastic change in storyline – one that will ensure Pranbir reunion – is to just stop watching the show on tv or the Zee5 app for a few weeks. Else writers will not learn – they will continue serving the same BS if they see engagement on these two platforms. Here’s the thing – the makers don’t really care about the bashing from fans as long as it doesn’t lead to people boycotting the show. Because if history is any indication, fans have been expressing their displeasure with the storyline for over 6 months now and have been bashing and flooding the writers and producers accounts with hate mail, but TRP has continued to be solid in this 6 months – which means fans are hooked to the story despite not liking it and despite being made a fool of several times with misleading promos.

      So the only way we’ll get to see some real change is if the viewership decreases both on TV as well as on their Zee5 app.

    5. So , Prachi , wishing to distance from Ranbir , still won’t leave the house ??

    6. If next day shoot starts most probably we will know what happened in Mangalsutra drama
      Prachi leaves or not.

  5. Now some fans are still watching kumkum bhagya in TV with some hope(Everything will be ohk) but look what we are getting. Only rhea cringe

  6. I know it has been same 2 wife track for so long, but if this hospital track also ended with Rhea taking care of Ranbir and misunderstanding between Pranbir then it become almost the same as kidnapping track. Would they have two such similar tracks this close to each other? So I am inclined to think it would be different either more negative (not sure what else they can do other than make Ranbir fall for Rhea to make it more negative) or positive to some extend.

    1. Ranbir starting to hate Prachi is one thing, but to make him actually fall for Rhea would be too much even for these negativity loving makers. I don’t think they will go for it since it will be like unraveling the very fabric of the story

  7. What is left to be shown???
    They are living in same room,then went for honeymoon also,during last track he admitted that Rhea took care of him, so what negative they can show????
    I have a feeling that this will lead to some positive outcome

  8. Suppose they show some positivity or if we are lucky enough then pranbir reunion,still I don’t understand what was the purpose of kidnapping track???? Because I’d they wanted to get pranbir united then they could have done after kidnaping track also even without exposing Rhea.Means what is the need of creating mis understanding, and if we believe that you tube video claming that Pallavi will base Prachi and she will maintain distance, so in this kidnaping track also Pallavi cursed Prachi still she didn’t distance rather makers create misunderstanding.

    My point here is why makers dragged track then again within a week they are coming up with similar track the reason could be makers are waiting for IPL because anyhow during IPL TRP of evert show gets affected so now I don’t think makers will repeat the track.but
    I am expecting some positivity.

    1. Sanam , do you really think that these people have some ‘ point ‘ in their mind that they want to prove and that’s why they are dragging this track ??

      Okay , I’ll even agree that , at the time of hotel incident PRANBIR separation was to be introduced , which was a new thing , and for that the hotel twist was brought. But this track ?? This two wives / PRANBIR misunderstandings / RR cringe scenes / Prachi humiliation Rhea glorification track has been going nonstop since 6+ months , yet these people do not seem to want to change it , even at the expense of decreasing trp so what could be the reason , what could be the point ??

      Point is , these are sick , twisted minded people who thrive and take happiness from negativity , grief and suffering of good people. If they were professional who really wanted to run the show then they wouldn’t have given undue importance to some specific character , and definitely not to a villain.

      But I don’t think they really care about KKB’s trp and what profit they are gaining from it. For profit they have other shows that they have carefully moderated , taking into consideration what the audience wants to see , and serving , not only that , definitely , but at least limited negativity.

      But looks like KKB they have turned into their personal playground , an arena where they don’t have to pretend , where they let go / express / give shape to their actual mentality and their desires / pleasures like how one sister is bloodthirsty after the life of another , how is she dying to sleep with her brother in law (I’d used……much more vulgar vocabulary but then realized this is not the place) , how the male lead is turned into completely spineless person who doesn’t care about living with two wives , sleeping in the same room with the one woman whom he does NOT consider her wife etc

      That’s the point.

  9. kidnapping track, falling chandelier track, memory loss track, bribing doctors, police track, leap track, etc etc. They are all used because of a lack of creativity with Etka’s serials. Bhagya Lakshmi just played the NGO black mark on the other woman track. But of course, this is going to lead to the innocent, real wife of the two timing husband, to be punished by the evil family….sound familiar….LOL. Time to move on from all of these negative serials

    1. I know Malishka is the villain im BL, but I don’t get it. Isn’t she similar to Rhea when Naina was playing her. In that case she can be bad but not a villain. Rhea is a villain as her life goal is to destroy Prachi’s life but isn’t Malishka doing everything out of jealousy for her boyfriend’s wife? Rishi still says he loves Malishka so kind of make sense why Malishka wants Lakshmi to stay away from Rishi. I don’t watch BL, just this is what I thought happening during holi crossover. In that case I don’t feel like Malishka derserves her face to be blackened like Rhea did.

  10. Well , if she does want to play and replay the same old tracks then at least she should play them with positive twists ??

    We will watch it , we do like to see good triumphing over evil , be it same good winning over the same evil in every show

  11. They can bring a story like this. Pranbir in same room, their cute funny fights , some love romantic moments this everything for 75% screen space and that devil for 25%.
    But what we get 99% that devil is flying inside the km and mainly behind her sister’s husband with one black rope in the neck. 1% of pranbir scene that also pranbir fight.
    I miss their funny fights how funny It will be to watch but always that devil is occupying the full screen space with her scary eyes and moving her neck like psycho

  12. Hi everyone!
    May I ask all commentators not to post any comments about Kohli Mad Mansion? Let’s forget everything about this crap. That’ll be the strongest punishment for the producer.

    1. For a week at least

    2. I am pretty sure producers don’t see our comments here.

    3. They can see it on Twitter

    4. Certainly the producer doesn’t read it, but to stop commenting brings decrease in the number of the audiences. That is the thing the producer interested in only. Because that number determines what pecent of the commertials she will recieve.
      Here we are promoting her show, I don’t know wheather you are aware of it.

    5. STRYwrt , aren’t we bashing her show more than promoting it ??

      If it’s publicity at all then it’s negative publicity

    6. #Colin, to praise or to satirize makes no difference both keeps it on people’s agenda

  13. Look guys I can’t believe I am too saying this but I feel something positive will come out of this! As we already know TRP decreased by 0.3 last week and now is their chance to keep the show back on top by showing us what we want and some positivity. That’s why I think they won’t repeat the same crap they did when Ranbir came out of hospital last time. They won’t show that witch taking care of him, them sharing a room etc. All this and more was the reason for Trp decreasing anyway. That’s why maybe they will show some good scenes between Pranbir and get Prachi to take care of him. I feel she is going to trust him even more now. She will support him. Maybe the pregnancy revelation isn’t coming out but she may consider as this is the second time he got hurt for her. He saved her and the baby’s life twice. Maybe a reunion is on the way (a short one) until their next seperation which may happen before she gives birth. So the reunion could be a short one until another misunderstanding happens. Don’t they normally show couples like that? When they seperate especially if a woman is pregnant, they have a small reunion until another misunderstanding occurs then the mom leaves, gives birth, moves away and starts a new life. Similar to when Pragya had Kiara.

    1. Maybe they will start showing good moments now, a reunion until they seperate again. Then a leap may happen (I hope not). The makers can’t afford to lose the show, why whilst the trp has decreased will they show crap again? That’s why I’m saying maybe they did all this hospital drama to show good things. I do believe that when Trp is back to the top they will start their nonsense again but that’s normal we are used to that. At least for now we can hope for the best.

    2. Hopefully Rhea won’t be able to manipulate Prachi again saying Ranbir got hurt trying to save my mangalasuthra not yours.

  14. Tina was shooting at the mansion today does that mean hospital drama has ended? Ranbir is back home?

    1. Yes I think, so everybody came to km with ranbir. If ranbir is not discharged I am sure everybody will be in hospital by creating scene and fighting with prachi. If they are shooting in km may be ranbir is discharged.

    2. Shreya and Fateh, is Prachi there in KM after Ranbir gets discharged and they return home??

    3. There’s only one bts photo by Tina it only shows her in same clothes she wore when Vikrum was saying Ranbir left home in Monday precap. If Ranbir’s condition was serious shouldn’t doctors at least keep him overnight.

    4. Tina was wearing the same clothes as in the presap 7 days ago, judging by Instagram and yesterday she was in the same clothes, so whether they are shooting this track or have already finished it is difficult to say. But if a person dies, then he is unlikely to be discharged from the hospital on the same day, although who knows, maybe in India they know the secret of how to bring a dying person back to life. But if Ranbir is discharged from the hospital on the same day, it turns out that his injury was not as serious as shown in the promo. Ranbir is unlikely to have completely recovered from the previous injury and was injured again, won’t it have serious consequences or they will present it as if Ranbir has an ordinary scratch.

    5. But after Prachi’s accident she was also discharged on the samr day. At least everyone were wearing same clothes.

  15. Marker enjoy same track please end show Ekta Kapoor it’s very boring show

  16. I saw instagram post that shows all the times Prachi told Ranbir about their baby and Ranbir feels the baby. First when they both got drunk. Ranvir heard Prachi but didn’t remember. Second when Ranbir was in medicine induced sleep after getting shot. Ranbir didn’t even hear Prachi. Third is gong to be when he is again in a coma after getting stabbed. So what do you guys think, since it’s the third time, can third time be the charm and Ranbir both hear and remember?

    1. This was a misleading promo ofc. I don’t think pregnancy will be revealed now in this state. This was ranbir’s biggest dream so it will not be revealed in this way. I am sure it will not be revealed. But I think next track will be the mangalsutra track , how mangalsutra will return to her will be the next track most probably. Whether devils throw her out or not. That will be the next track.

    2. If the makers think pregnancy should not be revealed then for sure next misunderstanding will come between pranbir. May be ranbir may misunderstand because till now Prachi was misunderstanding him . So again same drama like they won’t allow prachi to see ranbir like before. Anyway everything is going to continue nothing new in kumkum bhagya

  17. But my fear is prachi will be weak when ranbir injured so now she will be prachi 1.0
    Everybody will hurt her , she will cry cry and only cry.
    What that 3 idiots will do to prachi was my fear. They will try their best to oust prach.

    1. Again that will be repetition 100 times over , so how will that help trp ??

  18. I know the whole storyline is bogus. But am I the only one who felt Thursday’s episode was totally bizarre? Usually when Rhea loses, she has a huge meltdown and plans and plots with buji to harm Prachi….when she saw Ranbir hold Prachi’s hand, she went all psycho and demanded and manipulated Pallavi to call the police. But after she saw Ranbir himself proved Prachi’s innocence and took off the handcuffs, I was expecting some major drama by the villians, but the scene felt incomplete and abruptly cut…and then more bizarre scenes between Rhea and Aliya. The whole episode just didn’t make any sense.

    And as for repitition in Ekta’s show, yes, all these tracked are recycled again and again in each of her shows. But what if frustrating is tht in other shows, the lead female is shown as a strong character. Preeta, with her sister, always investigates and searches for the truth…and Preesha just unravelled the whole crimes of the villian!! But in Kkb, the leads characters instead of growing, just keeps on declining. When she came back to KM, she was strong, she was fierce and on fire! N the ratings increased and Kkb was able to grab the slot leader…but now, she’s lost tht fire..she knows her life has been targeted multiple times, but she’s doing nothing to find out the truth. And Ranbir, he was hellbent on finding Prachi’s attacker, and now? All fizzled? Nick is still on the loose, Ranbir knows Prachi was the target. But he’s doing nothing to find the truth either. Why would makers sabotage a show like this? Kkb has the potential to be top 5 show, it has a wonderful talented cast…its just sad to see all this

  19. But if Prachi tells Ranbir about her pregnancy, even if he doesn’t remember anything later and Prachi isn’t going to repeat it to him, Ranbir will be able to come to his senses, won’t Pallavi’s heart soften when she finds out about it, and maybe she won’t find out that it was Prachi who saved her son, it’s unlikely she will then accuse her. But, at the same time, Rhea can tell Prachi that you stole my mangalsutra, that’s why all this happened to Ranbir. One more point, this is of course a matter for the police, and I think that the police will be obliged to investigate this case, another question is how all this will be reported to them. They will say that Prachi was molested and tried to remove the mangalsutra from her, and Ranbir stood up for her, but it will be too obvious, but then Aliya, Pallavi and Rhea will be suspected, or they will say that Ranbir was attacked by hooligans who are unlikely to be caught and they will not say who hired them. But maybe after all, Prachi will tell Ranbir about his pregnancy when he wakes up and hears clearly, but it’s stupid that Prachi has already told him about her pregnancy three times, and none of these three times Ranbir did not remember or did not hear about it. The creators are delaying this disclosure of pregnancy when they are going to do it, when their child is going to get married, if at all they are going to bring it into the life of Pranbir. And most likely, they do not shoot the next track or delay the previous one, with the aim that they are waiting for the results of the trp, how it will manifest itself, increase or decrease.

    1. Funny thing is Ranbir remember the first time Prachi told him but he thinks it was one of his dreams.

    2. Because prachi has catagorically denied that they are pregnant and he is under the impression that she can not hide such a big news. But still he said he was searching for that paper.

  20. I am sure about few things
    1. Pregnancy is not going to be revealed
    2. No body will leave KM, ( the reason is simple makers are not interested in investing money, they are shooting in this 3-4 rooms of KM only. They are not going for even outdoor shoot,
    3.Their cycle revolves around, jail, hospital, some function at home, aging jail, hospital and some event or function that it.
    so if prachi leaves, sahana also leaves so where will they live???? They are showing Alia and Sahana with KM, the reason is that only, they are not ready to spend on different sets.

    previously they were showing college, office, prachi’s house, Mehra mention but now there shooting is limited upto KM only.

    still I am expecting some positive change in show.
    Prachi said as MS saves my husband it is my responsibility to save MS. so here MS is symbolized as a husband. so if Pallavi alleges her that it is because of you only Ranbir is in this condition, she should not listen and this time she should take the charge of Ranbir.
    If Rhea manipulates Prachi and if she believes then makers should not try to unite PRanbir because in future also there is no gurantee that if Rhea manipulates prachi won’t get manipulate.

    Ranbir did not believe prachi only once so now it is prachi’s call whether she trusts Ranbir or not it should not be on/off.

    1. Sanam, Rhea is roaming as a wife with ranbir with his mangalsutra and kumkum. He is also treating her as his wife . Then how you think prachi can trust him. I dont want her to trust him so easily and reveal her pregnancy, if the baby comes and ask to prachi what she will say your father is a bigamist and your father married your maasi. What she will say who is your father?.
      Whenever the rr marriage talk comes this spineless man stands like a stone. He is just romancing with two women’s and enjoy his life. So he is not saying anything infront of family members then how you want prachi to trust her spineless husband. Prachi was right in not trusting him. But lonely one mistake prachi was doing that was not leaving km and her spineless pati

    2. I think any issue can be resolved by honest communication. Prachi should clearly convey her feeling to Ranbir. in recent episode prachi said that there is a difference between your action and your words. He was trying to explain but she refused to listen.
      so I think now prachi should clearly ask Ranbir that I don’t like the way you care and treat Rhea. if you really want to be with me oust Rhea from your room, and don’t treat her like your wife. Make it clear in front of your family that you want to be with me.

      But all these can happen if makers really want to end this two wife track.

  21. Rhea is going to blame prachi for this incidence. Pallavi blamed prachi in the hospital that it is because of you only Ranbir is in the hospital. Rhea says she was saying me irresponsible for mis palcing MS, but when her MS got stolen she called Ranbir, she even did not bother about his life. Pachi said I had not called him, before Renbir arrives I was also fighting with goons, then Ranbir came. Everything was sorted and we were returning back to home and suddenly goons attack, it looked like someone has instructed them. Rhea said yes, yes, so now you blame me that I have instructed them to do so.
    Krishna said yes MS drama is going on. Goons were trying to snatch MS. I tried to make understand to prachi that its just a MS, give them, they have knief and we don’ have anything, we can’t fight but she was not ready to give it, so goons snatch it, then I realised how important MS is for PRachi so I fought with Goons,
    Looking at the track record of Alia and Rhea it should be one of them or may be both, it will be disclosed later on.
    Reporter said even prachi may doubt Rhea and once Ranbir gets senses he may also find out that Rhea and Alia were behind it.

    1. Here the key word can, but they are unlikely to doubt, the creators do not have such a task, to sow doubts in the minds of Prachi or Ranbir, who is behind all this.

  22. I just don’t understand why they shoot all this nonsense, and then apparently they sit and think why the trp is so low, everyone should like this nonsense, but the audience is not happy and they start to get out and do something that the trp can raise. Is it really impossible to do something good for the first time? They spend a lot of time and money shooting all this nonsense, and then wonder why they have a budget shortage, you do it once, but it’s fine, then you will have a budget, get your sponsors who will want to carry and invest money in your series and push the boundaries not shooting in the same place, only from different angles. None of the promotions were completed to the end. Except for the one where Prachi won a bet with Pallavi and Rhea, everything else is complete nonsense, Ranbir promised to find the criminal and apparently he will search until his old age, Rhea should have been exposed and this did not happen, Aliya should have gone to prison and this did not happen and this promo action also does not inspire confidence, they they don’t show at all what they show in the promo, it’s good that they no longer make their characters dream, misleading everyone. In fact, when people comment on all this, I don’t know, maybe the creators don’t pay attention to what the viewers write, but they pay attention to the fact that once they comment, it means they are interested in it, so they have some kind of discussion. I agree with the above-written commentator that while people are watching and commenting, it shows that viewers are interested in this series. In fact, it would be better if at the end of the series you could vote for the series you liked, why on the Zee TV website, as in YouTube or on any other platforms where you can not only leave a review, but also like and dislike, it seems to me that it was much better and it would be immediately visible, whether you liked the series or not, it will certainly be problematic on TV, only if you do not make a barcode vote, we practice this in some programs.

  23. krishna said after little while Ranbir will know that either Rhea or Alia is behind it, now I don’t know whether Ranbir will forgive them or not let’s see.
    Rhea has totally brain washed pallavi. Pallavi said to Prachi that it was your plan to kill Ranbir therfore you bring him here what do you think we will not know????
    Parchi said everything was fine , we were returning back to home, but suddenly goons came, it looked like someone call them.
    Rhea said ok so now you blame me, that you just say it that I wanted to snatch your MS.

  24. Is there any brain remaining in Pallavi’s head to be washed??

    So now Pallavi straightaway said that Prachi wants to KILL Prachi, like, intentionally kill him, rather than her being a reason he always gets into this condition

    1. Pallavi is so insane. She has literally gone mad with hate. Why would Prachi want to kill Ranbir. If she wants she can send entire Kohli family including Ranbir to prison for bigamy.

  25. Reporter says Ranbir already has a doubt and she also said Rhea to prove her right during argument she has inserted a doubt in Prachi’s mind. Krishna said looking at the track record Rhea or Alia or may be both are behind this, Ranbir will come to know later on

    1. Who inserted doubt in Prachi’s mind? Rhea?

    2. Yes the reporter said this that to prove herself right during arguments Rhea has inserted doubt in prachi’s mind. I don’t know how reliable this should be. But Krishna did say that Ranbir will know who is behind this Rhea or ALia or both will be reveled in coming episodes.

  26. how Ranbir came to rescue prachi???
    My theory may be he must have seen her and I have a doubt that when he was coming out of car must have listen something because why he came running to PRachi?????

    1. I think he sensed something wrong for prachi and stopped the car.
      My observation after watching the above video

    2. I think first he may have spotted prachi while she is going to temple and then when he decides to follow her, he might have listen goons talking something related to prachi and Ranbir must have followed him. As they were on bike, they must have reached to prachi first and by following them Ranbir came there later on.
      How sweetly Ranbir was trying to convince prachi that just give this MS to them. This characteristic of Ranbir I liked the most. He never man handles prachi. and I have also noticed he will say I am not going to forgive and bla bla but when it comes to prachi, Ranbir is like ” Aur Main Pighal gaya”

    3. If something positive happens after this accident then that will be good. Soon Rhea crap should end and new male villain should arrive.

  27. Reporter said ranbir also have a doubt that Rhea and aliya are behind this.
    But when did ranbir had a doubt , he came to help prachi they both had love moments for 30 sec or 10 sec only makers know that, then again another attack , in this situation when ranbir doubts rhea and aliya . He is fully busy in helping prachi.

    1. Surely Krishna means after he came to his senses he get suspicious of Rhea and Alia.

    2. If he is speaking about future then I not sure about suspection in ranbir’s mind. Because markers can change the positive story to negative in one sec.

    3. No memory loss then most probably #pranbirkishaadi.
      I badly want this another mangalsutra should be in Prachi’s neck and we missed there wedding night decorations we will get that.
      I want another wedding in a grant manner.
      I don’t know should I dream big.

  28. One thing is sure there is no memory loss

    1. At least one positive thing.

  29. The only thing that will be worth watching and is much needed in the show right now is Prachi’s accident and memory loss! Instead of giving repeated accidents for Ranbir why don’t they give one to Prachi for once? So she can lose her memory, forget those toxic people in her life, finally leaves that hell and moves on to another city!

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