Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Ranbir buys flowers to propose Prachi

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The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that he felt something during rain. Prachi asks what? She asks if he is ending the call. Ranbir says yes and says if I don’t end the call then might tell everything. He ends the call. Prachi closes the window. Ranbir thinks about her…and smiles. Song plays…..yeh koshishein…Dimpy and Shaina come to the college and say there is no single guy standing. Dimpy says last years, guys stood in line to give flowers to Rhea. Rhea comes there. The guys run to her and gives her flowers, but she throws the flowers and asks them to try next year. Shaina says you should have kept their heart. Rhea says see their faces, they want to impress me. Shaina asks if she is thinking about Ranbir. Rhea asks them to bring someone better than him. She goes. Dimpy and Shaina talk about Ranbir.

Abhi tells Vikram that he is neglecting hotel business. Vikram says when I heard you singing then I thought to enter music industry. Abhi says you wanted to earn profits. He asks what is going on. He asks the employees. Vikram says there is something fishy. Juhi says nothing and asks Abhi to sign. Abhi opens the file and sees flower. Juhi says it is not for you, but given to me by my boyfriend. Vikram says Pallavi tried to tell me about this day. Abhi asks Vikram to take expensive gift for Pallavi. Vikram asks if he used to cheer her with gifts. Abhi says gifts never matter to her, she used to get happy if I give her my time. He says happy valentine’s day. Vikram thinks if such love exists.

Aryan asks Ranbir to wish happy valentine’s day to Prachi. Ranbir says she doesn’t know my feelings and tells that if I go to her and thank her, then tell about my feelings, then it will not look good. Aryan says she must be waiting for your confession. Ranbir says this can’t happen like that, I don’t think valentine’s day is my type and wants to do something grand and different for her, which nobody has done before.

Shahana tells Prachi that today is good and asks why she is upset. Prachi says why Sarita behen got angry as if she hates love. Shahana says Sarita behen is not against love, but she is against time pass. She says her thinking is modern and she wants you to express your feelings to Ranbir, then you will get go ahead from Sarita behen and you can romance with him openly. She says if you don’t propose Ranbir then I will propose him on your behalf. Prachi says they are just friends. Shahana thinks when Sarita behen saw you both together then there must be something between you both. She asks prachi if she has rose? Prachi says no and tells that she don’t want to propose anyone. She asks what type of proposal she likes? Prachi says if a guy gives her pink rose or all the roses then she will agree. Ranbir hears her and notes it down. Aryan thinks I know what you are thinking. He asks do you want to propose her? Ranbir says he wants to propose her in Desi way. Aryan goes to his class. Ranbir comes to the flower shop and asks the florist if there is different significance of a flower. Florist explains to him and tells that red is for love. Ranbir tells that he will keep all the flowers, white, yellow, pink and red. He thanks the florist.

A girl comes to Ranbir and gives him flower. Ranbir thanks her and tells that he can’t take it as he is of someone else. Aryan asks Shahana about Prachi. Shahana asks if he wants to give flower to Prachi. Aryan says no and asks if she can keep the secret. He tells that Ranbir bought flowers for Prachi. Shahana gets happy and hugs her. Aryan says sorry for the hug. Shahana gets upset. She says you have flower shop outside the college. Aryan asks her how many flowers are there in her hand. Shahana says nothing. Aryan says even I have nobody who gives me red rose. Shahana says we shall give roses to each other. Aryan says so that nobody shall know that nobody likes us.

Ranbir calls Prachi and tells that he is in library. He asks her to look for him. Prachi says the guy is not you. Ranbir asks how do you know? Prachi says from your style. Ranbir appreciates her and asks where is she? She says she is in romance section. Ranbir says I will be coming there. He collides with Dimpy and she sees flower in his hand. She calls Rhea and informs her that Ranbir is waiting for her in the library to propose her. Ranbir comes running to Prachi and tells that he read book on marathon. Prachi tells that she shall return the book. Ranbir asks her to keep the romance book with herself. Prachi asks what is going on in his mind? Ranbir thinks which flower to give her first and thinks to give her flowers one by one. She sees a couple romancing there and says disgusting. Ranbir says it is valentine’s day. Prachi says they get close first, then realize that they are not compatible and do break up. Ranbir says yes, you are right. He asks her to lets go and collides with her. Prachi’s book falls down. He sits down on his knees to pick the book. Rhea comes there and sees him on his knees.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hurray the MOLESTATION CRAP ???which was stretched starting from Lohri that is 13 jan ended by 13 feb???, without any proper disclosure of the evil manipulators!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    Now KKB makers have got the next chewing gum material “VALENTINE’S DAY PROPOSAL DRAMA” ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️which will stretch from 14 Feb to next 14 march.???
    The makers are just showing scenes in this serial with no meaning, no strings attached to each other and NO PLOT AT ALL!!!???
    Wow superb KKB!!!???

  2. I wish they give more scenes for Aryan and Shahana rather than Ranbir and Prachi

    1. @Sumeira Shah
      Me too Sumeira??? as I always prefered Arhana over Pranbir,???
      I dunno if only I’m feeling this?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, but Pranbir is not giving that beautiful vibes??? which a romantic couple gives like Abhigya and Pulbul ???used to give us earlier.
      The Pranbir scenes are so mundane filled with their BAD ACTING??? and BLAMING ATTITUDE OF Prachi’s character???!!!
      Their fights are too ANNOYING coz they fight like they are REAL LIFE ENEMIES?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️!!!
      Even Abhigya, Pulbul and Arhana fight??? but those FIGHTS are completely different, infact they are cute moments??? of this serial
      That is y their scenes together don’t give any EXCITEMENT AT ALL!!!???
      I really don’t know how their CHEMISTRY is goin to work!!!???

  3. Where is Abhigya? Please send aliyah and replicate aliyah for a trip to America. There, replicate aliyah can be mistaken for a drag queen (those lips and outfits) and real aliyah will want to join with all the fun that replicate aliyah is having. A spin-off, you know. It is sickening that these two remain the stars of this program. The kumkum bhagya was supposed to be about abhigya? Right?

    1. Hi.Yeah but it changes when abhigyas kids grow up! Showing more of their love scenes which are cute like pranbir and arhana!

  4. Except for the Arhana scene today, the rest of the episode was crap as usual. I’m really liking it the way they are slowly progressing with Arhana’s love story and not rushing like Pranbir, whose seems like they introduced this love angle just for Valentine’s Day. The character development of Arhana seems more realistic and acceptable. Ranbir’s realization, his level of love for Prachi and everything of this Pranbir seems too abrupt and in a hurry. Maybe them as a couple are not compatible, or they have moved with their love too fast or both. But Arhana hug and the awkwardness afterwards was the cutest scene according to me. Makers should have given some more time to Pranbir.
    Prachi hasn’t realized her love yet, so most possibly she will reject him, and then this molestation drama continues. Now I’m really missing the rest of the cast, seems like Abhi’s whole family, even Purab has vanished somewhere and it’s just Abhi, Aliyah, Rhea living with Ranbir and his family. Even Disha and Hritik were way better than this trash.

    1. Hi. I wanted to talk about pranbir. You seem that is too rushed but the truth is that it took so long because their fights ended 1000 episodes. Now, it’s almost time for their love to blossom.

    2. Have you ever seen anyone in real life fall in love with someone who is as wound up and tight and completely contrarian as Prachi the puk-puk-puk Princess? Their ‘love’ story is extremely unconvincing. People who are that tightly wound up usually do not find partners. I am glad that you are able to find some enjoyment from it. I find Aryan and Shahana better actors and offering a more convincing love story. We must remember that all that botox or makeup or who knows what plastered onto both of the twin daughters likely affects their ability to act. However, really what I wish for is for Abhigya’s story to come to fruition. That’s the story that I was watching and it has been ripped away before being completed.

    3. @Serial Hater
      I agree with Anam???, Smriti, the Pranbir’s story was so PROLONGED for more than 1000 episodes??? with only thier FIGHTS ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️and NOW the makers ARE GIVING THEM enough time for their LOVE STORY?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️.
      Because even the Abhigya scenes are cut off???, while Arhana scenes are shown only once a week for max 2-3minutes, the REST ENTIRE TIME is dedicated to Pranbir only!!!???
      I think this Pranbir scenes are NOT WORTHY TO WATCH only coz of their BAD ACTING, BAD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND BAD CHEMISTRY???,
      And tats not’s going to change even if they give more time to Pranbir!!!!???

    4. @Lisa @Anam I agree with you both, but what I feel is that they should have been given some more time as friends. Even Arhana used to fight a lot, but now they are friends and then they will eventually turn into lovers, but Pranbir case was like, they hate each other to core and suddenly because of some stupid confusion erasing fog he realized he loves Prachi, at least the realization should have been logical, as this couple is completely incompatible. This is the main reason I feel they rushed with Pranbir. On second thought maybe because they don’t go along well and due to the abrupt realization I felt it was rushed.

  5. Verma4

    Come on Rhea someone get the frog out of her throat . And yes a bit me of Aryan and Shahana screen time will not go amiss. I missed the b*t*h Aaliya today . Don’t know whether she had a role today because I skipped most of it.

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