Kumkum Bhagya 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Prachi warns Ranbir and Rhea

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The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Pallavi that if he had known what is going on in Prachi’s mind, then he would have…Pallavi asks him to stop it and asks until when you will hurt Rhea’s heart. She says until when you will be move like pendulum and asks him to leave what is in her heart, but see what is in her mind. Ranbir says I saw how she had done misbehaved talk with you, and how she threatened you. He says she didn’t come to love me, but to take revenge on us. She says he came to make our life difficult, but I am not getting much angry on her, as I am getting on Rhea. He asks what was the need to do forged signatures? Rhea says I shouldn’t have done that, and did what I feel right, I didn’t plan it. He says even Prachi haven’t planned, and says if she had planned then you would be behind bars, and my photo would have come in the newspaper with the headlines that Ranbir Kohli has upgraded in his personal life as well, that he has two wives. He says didn’t you think once, that if you get caught and if Police had verified then you would get caught. He says did you think about family reputation, you and me. Rhea shouts Ranbir. Ranbir says this all happened due to you and you can’t give any explanation for this. He is about to go. Rhea asks where is he going? He says he is going to room to get his laptop and complete his pending work. He goes.

Pallavi asks Dida if she got happiness, by supporting Prachi. Dida asks what did I do, I had told truth that Ranbir and Prachi got married in the temple. She says Prachi doesn’t need any support and she is changed now. She says Rhea, whom you both are supporting couldn’t prove her lie also. She says if your circus is over, we shall sleep. Rhea asks what do you mean that Prachi is changed. Dida says whoever gets to know the truth, they become either sadhu or shaitaan. Rhea gets upset.

Prachi looks at the flower on the bed, and recalls his words. She picks Ranbir’s photo frame and says what was my mistake, that I loved you more than myself. She says you have betrayed me and says in our marriage, planning and plotting was there. She says when Sid told that you want to get rid of me, I couldn’t believe it. She says when I saw you filing Rhea’s maang with sindoor, I couldn’t bear it. Dida goes to room and thinks she can’t bear this happiness. She takes out Prachi and her photo frame and says I waited for you much, God heard my prayer. She says I knew that Sid and you can’t do anything wrong. She says I knew that Ranbir will not remarry and thinks now happiness will come. Prachi says I came to snatch your happiness, and asks why did you act to love me, you wanted to stay with Rhea and took your Mummy’s name. She says you brought me here with the promise, but you lowered me in everyone’s sight. She says I am angry on you and Rhea. She says I will not be at peace, until I snatch your peace and happiness. She says I will never tell you, that I have your baby in my tummy as I don’t know what to call it, our love child or…She says you have made fun of my love and now you have to pay the price for it.

Ranbir comes there. Prachi asks what is he doing here? Ranbir says I came to keep your bag. Prachi says I can bear my own burden myself. He says you can do so much, I saw that and thanks her for not sending Rhea to jail. Prachi says else your newspaper would have been published in the newspaper, that you have two wives, one real and one fake. He says you have assumed before I could say. Prachi says you have assumed too. He says I have seen with my eyes. He says I haven’t come for old things. Prachi says I have already heard enough, nothing is left. Ranbir says there was so much left in my heart for you, but it is all gone. Prachi asks didn’t you like this Prachi. He says you are not the Prachi, whom I know. Prachi says you have snatched my Ranbir from me, I have snatched your Prachi from you, now calculations are settled. Ranbir says you have become so sure about calculation. Prachi says I came to settle the scores and came to give answer for playing with my life. She says I will get peace seeing tension on your face. He says you have changed so much. She says I have changed to take revenge for what you and your Rhea have done with me. Ranbir asks and what about you have done with you. Prachi says I got hatred inexchange of love and says you will bow as you sow and asks him to get out of her room. He says your room. Prachi says it is my room, I came here after marriage. Ranbir says even I had come here with you. Prachi says you have changed the relations, don’t think of throwing me out from here. Ranbir says you went from here yourself. Prachi says you didn’t stop me. I thought you will bring me back. He says I thought you will come back. Prachi taunts him for marrying Rhea and asks how did he feel giving her Kumkum to Rhea. Ranbir says I felt the same, like you have felt giving my love to someone else. Prachi is shocked and looks at him. They look at each other. Song plays…ya rabba.

Rhea is in another room and tells Saina that this is all what I get. She says Prachi took my Suhaagraat wala room, and what I get, this guest room. Saina says where Ranbir will stay. Rhea says here. Saina says Ranbir is Prachi’s husband, as their marriage is proved. Rhea scolds her and says he is my husband. She asks about her clothes. Saina says it is in Ranbir’s room. Rhea goes.

Ranbir takes his laptop and is about to go, when Rhea comes there. She asks what are you doing here? Ranbir says I came for my work. Rhea asks personal or office work. She asks why did you take so much time to take laptop. Prachi says he saw me before laptop and we had talked. Rhea asks what they were talking. Prachi says it was between husband and wife. Rhea says I can go anywhere, and asks him to say. Prachi asks Ranbir to say that Rhea can’t come to her room. Ranbir goes. Rhea says I came to get my jewellery and night dress. Prachi says whatever you need, take it and leave fast. She says I am suffocating. Rhea says this is my room. Prachi says this will be my room only, your elder sister. Rhea says I don’t regard you as my elder sister. Prachi says atleast you regard me as this house bahu. Rhea says I am Ranbir’s wife. Prachi says crow doesn’t become peacock with peacock feather, it remains crow and not peacock. She asks her to become her sautan and don’t expect more than this. Rhea says I have convinced Ranbir to marry me and asks what you can do, when we are ready. Prachi asks didn’t you see that your marriage is cancelled. Rhea says my marriage is done. Prachi asks on what basis, and asks if she got her marriage certificate done. Rhea says my marriage haven’t happened in the temple, but infront of everyone with all the rituals, I don’t need marriage certificate. Prachi says forget all the rituals, as everything will change and there is a stay on your marriage, as the real bahu returned here in this house. She asks her to see the dreams with closed eyes, and don’t see with open eyes else you will see me. Rhea asks what should I do, shall I get afraid of you. Prachi says you shall be afraid after doing so much crimes, and are afraid with punishment. Rhea asks what did I do? Prachi says you have married my husband? Rhea says Ranbir has married me and asks her to call him, her husband, but if he will regard you as his wife. Prachi says I don’t care and says I haven’t come here to play ghar ghar, but to punish Ranbir and you.

Precap: Prachi asks Rhea to send a glass of water for her and says she is feeling thirsty after speaking to her. Rhea asks shall I press your neck. Prachi says I will make you massage my legs and will make you do all the work which you haven’t thought about. She asks her to send Ranbir to her room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Until and unless Rheas real truth in the hotel comes out this story will be spinning top in mud and going in circles with hatred,misunderstankng and insults.
    Ranbir is such an idiot.Where is is brain if ehea can lie aboutthe fake divorce,causing prachi’s accident couldnt she behibd sid and prachi drama?
    after all what Rgea did Ranbir still thanking prachi for not sending Criminal Rhea to jail or even thininking to kick her out of the house?
    Who Ranbir truly and deeply live RHea or Prachi?
    Ranbir character is beyind repaired n redemotion.An idiot has mire sense than him.

  2. glad that prachi is not going tell ranbir about the baby , this is best decision by prachi

  3. why did ranbir thank prachi for not sending rhea to jail this will just increse her misunderstanding

  4. I think Rhea will only be exposed before the actress leaves in like a month or so. Till then, Prachi will rule and keep showing attitude and trying to expose Rhea too. Loved the episode today, Ranbir was fed up with the sisters fight and was like ‘i cba with this crap’ 😂 By the way, the previous precap scene where Prachi told Rhea to call Ranbir to her room didn’t air in this episode so it means after Prachi kicked him out of their room he will come back as Prachi calls him. She may hate him at the moment but she will never let him sleep in Rhea’s room.

    1. exactly , so she calls him back telling rhea that send my ranbir to my room

    2. Prachi said to Rhea intentionally to send Ranbir. I guess she thinks that Rhea will try to prevent Ranbir to go to Prachi’s room that will make Ranbir angry and not to follow Rhea’s orders he will go to the room

  5. At first I thought Ranbir is the best male character I’ve ever seen but that’s not the truth he is the worst one I have ever seen

  6. i really liked prachi dailouge ” jab rista bachega hi nahi to badlega kya ” exactly to mirror to ranbir kohli , like he said at hotel “jab rista bachega hi nahi to baat kya karenge ” , good going prachi , in this track only ranbir will get all his punishment & i want also , because i dont think redemption of ranbir will ever come

  7. Can Ranbir even be redeemed anymore at first he was amazing and now I’m just so disgusted and annoyed it’s not even funny how dumb and blind can he get and more importantly y did he thank Prachi 4 not sending Rhea 2 jail the makers have destroyed his character 2 the extreme tho I gotta admit the argument between them was amazing Prachi showing him the mirror and Ranbir was completely wrong but 1 thing I’m glad is that at least he can talk back now but still redemption seems like a dream now especially with Ranbir his character is too far gone and now sadly Prachi will never leave or divorce him as she wants him 2 suffer and punish him but u know IK it’s not possible but I wish she would leave and not forgive him after the truth comes out but sadly that’s not the case cuz she won’t do that we all know how this show will go she will not leave him sooner or later her love 4 him will awaken and based on the spoilers and news from the show she’s already slowly melting…

    1. I think they will rush this whole revenge track because Pooja is leaving soon.. likely in a month time or so and her exit may be that her truth finally comes out and Pranbir reunite then after. I think that will happen but instead of them reuniting after Rhea is exposed I think Prachi will then leave the mansion and then the track of Ranbir’s redemption and him begging for forgiveness will happen. Ranbir will chase Prachi but she won’t forgive him easily. This will most likely happen because no couple reunites easily after a villain is exposed.

    2. I hope wat ur saying is right and after Rhea is exposed Prachi leaves the mansion and doesn’t forgive Ranbir especially after all this like plz don’t do it cuz Ranbir and his behavior is irritating beyond belief but will she rly leave the mansion tho is my ?

  8. Pragya has been fighting with Aliya and Tanu for 7 years of showing this show, and it is known where Pragya is now, is in a coma and when she will come out of it is not known. And where Aliya is walking free, as if nothing had happened, where Tanu is we don’t know yet, maybe she’s also walking, and not sitting for life for all the crimes she committed. You think that Rhea will be exposed so easily and quickly, most likely not, but she will definitely do something to make Prachi look unfavorable again. Rhea does not even understand that she is doing something wrong, well, at least today she admitted that she does not consider Prachi her sister, and this is already a victory, for Prachi, it will be easier to fight with her, not as a sister, but as an enemy. But, I’m not sure that Prachi will beat Rhea. Most likely, Rhea and Alia will eventually frame Pallavi and blame all the blame on her, it seems like she was the instigator of everything, and they are just performers. If I were Prachi, I would sue Rhea for all her crimes from the very beginning, which Rhea committed against her, even if Rhea proved that she had nothing to do with it at all. If I were Pracha and Sid, I would also file a lawsuit against the entire Kohli family, and I would bring Rhea as a witness, let her prove that they are not to blame for everything. Rhea told a story, the court should check these facts to confirm or deny. I don’t understand why all this is stretching this wedding drama lasts 3 weeks, could fit in 3 episodes. Ranbir is certainly a good fellow, first he tells Prachi that if you admit to the mistake you made, we will start all over again, he can really start all over again, knowing that Prachi could be with someone else. Then, he says that you gave my love to another, but at the same time he does not push Rhea away, well, he yelled at her today, well, and went on about his business, as it should be. Why didn’t he tell Rhea that he didn’t recognize this marriage, on the contrary, he said that now he has 2 wives. Ranbir’s character is now in ruins, he is no longer the Ranbir we knew, he is just a little donkey who will run after his carrot. As his character will be rehabilitated, it is best that he stays with Rhea and gets behind Prachi, there will no longer be such sincere love and such trust between them, and Prachi should move on, no matter what, but without Ranbir.

    1. Exactly I was like dude u rly said u have 2 wives now wow and he only cares abt his business and reputation how nice I’m so disgusted wth his character his character is so damaged 2 the point that can it even be redeemed no way and Pranbir has no sincere love between them anymore and I wish Prachi would just leave Ranbir and move on with her life let him ruin his life with Rhea but sadly we all know that’s not gonna happen the man is now married 2 sisters wow just wow Ranbir u r the worst character now hatred will be spread 2 a new degree now disgusting ugh sadly Prachi will always go back 2 Ranbir and never leave him but his character is as good as dead hate him

    2. @YY
      If Pragya didn’t leave Abhi after his sooooooooooooo many false accusations , Prachi won’t leave Ranbir after his one and only.

  9. Alia is also present in the Kohli party so clearly her and Rhea are upto something. I think they will do something with Prachi or something like that. Prachi’s one plan might flop. There’s no way in itv shows will they show a protagonist winning each and every time. Prachi is in the lead at the moment but that doesn’t mean every plan she makes against Rhea or the Kohlis will succeed. I think the evil duo will try to do something and at first Prachi will fail but will do something to overcome them. Luckily Shahana is there too. But if I’m being honest, Prachi is doing well alone at the moment. She doesn’t need any support. Shahana will just probably answer back to some of them but Prachi is already doing a good job of that.

  10. I feel like Prachi will leave Ranbir and the house again once Rhea is exposed cuz her dialogues and actions r making me think that like she won’t tell
    Him she’s pregnant and as long as I’m in this house I’m getting a string hunch if she does I’ll be so proud of her 👏👍🙌

  11. Wait a Min didn’t this exact track happen with Abhigaya and now Pragya ahs turned into Prachi is it just me or wat??

  12. Is mugda pregnant in real life too? She’s married in real life so it could be true . Her onscreen charachter prachi is not too far in her pregnancy to have a baby bump, and If you look closely in the scene where Prachi’s talking to ranbir (side angles) it looks like she has a baby bump.
    Or is it just me who saw that ? 🤔

    1. I don’t think she’s pregnant. There are saris that make people look chubbier than they are especially if you’re wearing a tight blouse. Because Prachi’s previous looks, she looks normal and her stomach isn’t bloated. Sometimes it’s the angle in how they’re standing which makes it look like she is. Plus this rumour of her being pregnant was spread by a stupid Abhigya fan who is always criticising the actress and her role. You know what that fandom is like so I don’t have to explain it. And if you think about it, the actress has been running a lot and she’s doing a dance sequence upcoming? Would a pregnant woman really be able to do all that? Like Pooja, who is pregnant she hasn’t been doing this and has been wearing full covered clothings and has a body double too. If Mugdha was pregnant the same would happen with her. Don’t believe these rumours especially if the actress hasn’t confirmed anything herself.

    2. She could be pregnant but honestly the rumour was spread by an Abhigya fan. I don’t understand what is their problem. It’s not nice to spread these kind of stuff when it’s the actress personal life and she hasn’t even said anything yet about it. If it turns out she isn’t it’s a huge shame for those who started this rumour. And yeah, I know majority of Abhigya fans don’t like the actress nor her character so it’s not surprising that they used this opportunity to spread this news around. And yeah like #Nisha mentioned, it could be the angles or the position in how she’s standing. Because her other side angles it looks normal. If she is pregnant, would they really give her these outfits that show her belly and make her do all these kind of scenes which a pregnant woman shouldn’t be doing. In this new bts today, she was dancing.

    3. wow ok i did not know pooja is pregnant. (just looked it up). i did wonder though that her wedding outfit made it look like she had tummy but i just thought it was the design. But now it makes more sense
      I’ve literally started watching the episodes after prachi returned to kholi mansion (I had stopped watching it sinds the leap; i was only reading it time to time if there was something interesting) so she’s been in the same wedding dress sinds i started watching.
      i did not see or read about the rumor you mentioned i just wondered based on that angle that made it look mugda had a tummy. and i thought maybe she’s pregnant in real life so the makers made her pregnant in reel life to cover it up. cuz in most cases leaps after separation show that lead went away and has a child and that child becomes the reason for leads to reconcile. and so on.. but that’s not the case this time. ( i do like this storyline better though)
      An as for the dancing and running part, I’ve seen pregnant women (7 – 8 months) run and win a marathon. so that’s not really a big deal. (though they were trained runners still a pregnant woman is capable of a lot) it really depends on what the women prefer.

    4. i meant i stoped watching it sinds the 2 years leap ( i keep forgeting the amount of leaps there has been)😂

    5. @Sylvia
      I don’t know tbh but one thing I know is that when an actress is pregnant the production team has to give them proper safety precautions and they have to keep them safe and well. Pooja is only like 6 months pregnant but since months she’s been having a body double to do difficult scenes or scenes and even other normal standing scenes without showing the face. I don’t understand why if Mugdha is pregnant why would she risk doing this she could have a body double but she doesn’t. Plus she wears heels whilst Pooja has been wearing flats. And her new look you can see her waist properly as her previous sari looks her waist was hidden. In fact I think all her new looks nowadays will show her waist for example there’s a purple on she will wear soon. If she really was pregnant they could give her full covered clothing to hide it like they have been doing with Pooja. But at the end of the day who are we to decide? I just can’t stand those people who’s spread it around and now half the viewers because of that think the same. It’s an insult for the actress because for all we know she may even not be. If she is, we will get to know from her only.

    6. Actually I stopped watching it by then too haha but now I’m really just watching for Prachi’s character development now she’s rocking it I’ve always wanted to see this side to her and she was once the weakest character here who used to let people walk all over her but now she’s giving full on attitude vibes 🔥

    7. Immediately after the wedding, Ria began to wear more closed, wide outfits, and it seems to me even then that it was connected with the actress’s pregnancy, although at that moment there was no need to hide her belly yet. Moreover, I assume that the creators originally planned something different, and adjusted the script for its position. At least immediately after the jump, Riya appeared 2 times in the form of a drug addict, and later in a completely normal form. As it seems to me, then the actress could find out about her pregnancy and the creators left the image that was originally conceived. From here the conclusion is that if I am right in this case, then in cases of Mudhi’s pregnancy it would be the same, and in the case of Pracha it is not even necessary to change the image

  13. Some people write that the image of Ranbir was spoiled. And it seemed to me there was nothing to spoil – he was always cowardly, stupid and irresponsible. He was only good for Pracha, but that never made him an attractive character to me personally. And now he has become bad for Pracha too

  14. Unfortunately, Ranbir has a childish and irresponsible personality that suits Riya’s personality. As for Prachi, she can be with sid, as he is a responsible person.

    1. Opposite characters makes cute couple😍😍.it’s my opinion don’t take wrong.

  15. Have you ever lit a fire cracker that starts with all kind of sparks and crackles and then it just fizzles out without a bang? That’s going to be Prachi’s revenge plan. It seems like all sparks and cracks now, like she has the upper hand, but will soon fizzle out to nothing. As long as Rhea and Alyia are still around, it will amount to nothing in the end.

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