Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Vikram are in trouble

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The Episode starts with Pallavi asking Vikram what did he bring for her. Vikram says not anything right now. Pallavi says then why you talked to the ladies. Abhi tells that he brought a special gift ring for her. She asks where is the ring? Vikram asks Abhi to say where is the ring else he will get jealous. Pallavi says she is not jealous wife. Abhi says Vikram forgot the ring in his room. Pallavi gets Beeji’s call and goes. Disha gets Hritik’s message and tells CM that she will be back. Vikram thanks Abhi for saving him and says she would have become ring master. Abhi acts. He asks him to call jeweller and get the ring. Vikram says a glass of water proved costly. Vikram asks about his wife and asks if she used to get jealous also. Abhi says no and she was very dangerous. He tells that she used to ask me not to drink, but I used to drink. She used to drink too and then my drowsiness out and hers in. He asks him to call jeweller. Vikram says yes. Hritik comes to the party. Disha is about to go to him, but seeing a lady unwell, she runs to her. Hritik identifies Purab and comes near him. He asks if he saw Disha. He sees disha and goes to her. Purab gets teary eyes.

Abhi thinks of Pragya seeing her pic and thinks he is still waiting for her and asks her to come back. He wishes that day wouldn’t have come else she would have been with him. Vikram comes to him and makes a sound scaring him. Abhi drops his phone. Vikram asks are you doing something with Pallavi. Abhi says that’s why pallavi talks to you like this. Vikram gives his phone and says I came to take your help. Abhi says I can’t help you. Vikram says please and says jeweller is not ready to do the delivery of ring in such a short time. Abhi says you have a way and asks him to take a ring from Pallavi’s jewellery and gives to her, she will not identify. Vikram asks him to help him. Abhi refuses. Vikram says if she gives me divorce then I will sleep in your room. Abhi asks him to come.

Ranbir is talking on mobile and sees Prachi. He tells Prachi that he would have died as she stared her. Prachi says she wants to make him invisible and calls him flirt. Ranbir says some great man had said that healthy flirt can save unhealthy marriage. Prachi asks who was that great man? Ranbir says how to praise myself. She says you are not husband or human material and says no girl will marry you. Ranbir gets angry and thinks of Rhea’s words. Prachi asks him to say. Ranbir says I was wrong. Prachi says I am happy for you. She asks how can you say I love you when you collide Rishika. Ranbir says I thought you will collide with me and that’s why told I love you to calm your anger. Disha takes Hritik to CM and says he is her colleague, she handles field work and he handles desk work. He says he will check her sprain and make her foot fine. He sets her bone and she shouts.

Disha asks did you do this before. He says no. CM asks Disha to call Abhi there. Abhi and Vikram come to the latter’s room. He takes the ring and asks Abhi if it is looking new? Abhi says yes. Vikram recalls and tells that he gave the ring and complete set to her on anniversary. He takes out her jewellery and asks Abhi to select the ring. Hearing Pallavi come there, Abhi wraps the jewellery in bedsheet and hides in the cupboard with Vikram. Pallavi thinks something is wrong.

Shahana asks Prachi if she will give her dress and bangles to her which Pragya gave her. Prachi asks her to tell what the matter is and asks if she wants to impress some guy. Shahana says no and goes. Prachi hopes the guy she likes is good. She thinks why her bed is messy and the cupboard open. She thinks if someone stole in the room and calls Vikram. Vikram puts the phone on silent mode. She checks and finds her jewellery missing. Vikram asks why did you take all the jewellery here and says she will call Police. Abhi says I will tell her. Vikram stops him. Pallavi hears Abhi’s phone vibrating and thinks thief is inside the cupboard. She calls brother to thief and asks him to return all her jewellery as her husband is a miser and don’t give her jewellery. She then says she is very dangerous and will call Police. Vikram and Abhi gets tensed.

Precap: Prachi calls Pragya and tells her that Disha was crying in the party as she came with the CM to give award. Pragya says she will talk to Disha. Sarita behen asks her to go and meet Disha and take award from CM.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Its been almost 2 months since I have even read the updates. I can only say….Bwahahahaha……yes, Abhi wishes Pragya was there so he could tell her to her face she is a murderer and a horrible person. GOOD GRIEF. Where I live, they stopped showing this serial way back when Pragya came back pretending to be a cold, domineering woman. She dressed great and showed a lot of confidence in front of Abhi and his family. Now I see why they stopped showing this serial. It has not only stalled but gone stale.
    Its as refreshing as a glass of lukewarm water on a hot day. Only good to spit out and move on.

    1. A lot of bull shit I miss my tuna lol

    2. Really her character has been degraded to the core thsi man do called worr f for her but when he see her again he will blame and degraded her telling yourby desrrvvale for me that it .rely wanted this series to end for God sake

    3. Where you live and form when did they stp this series

    4. I live in Canada and it has to be at least 3 years since they stopped showing it. I was before Abhi got amnesia ( sorry, can’t remember which amnesia time it was because it has happened a few times) and I believe Pragya was pretending to be his secretary??? I think it was when he found out that Tanu was not carrying his child and he was going to meet Pragya and met up with an accident. They kept telling Pragya not to try to make him remember his past or it would kill him.

  2. This is the only serial where the hero and heroine will never meet,,,all other serials the two will meet at some point of time but here the writer is just dragging with so many subplots purab-disha-aliya, ranbir-riya-Prachi and so on and so forth, i think the writer likes the logic of one man caught between two women??????and the abhi-pragya are never meeting each other,,,,,seriously it is going to be abi-meera-pragya,,,,wat the hell is wrong with the makers,,,,why can’t the two protagonists just unite, its been nearly five months i guess since the new generation has been introduced and till now the two have not united!!!! wat bullshit???????
    And this ranbir-prachi-riya story is the same which happened with abhi-pragya, aliya manipulated abhi to marry pragya and they fell in love later??,,,same way Riya is manipulating Ranbir to woo Prachi which will result in their love story???‍♀️
    The love story which i eally liked in between all is that Aaryan-Sahana, both are really cute and lovely??,,,,in the same way love Purab-Bulbul love story when it was Arjit-Mrunal pair, both were really adorable couple??✌,,,but did not appreciate the fact that both were replaced the two actors and changed to Purab-Disha
    Anyways i just hope that this abhi-pragya should meet somehow,,,better than this is yrkkh where they have the long last separation of Kaira atleast now

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