Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi saves Pragya from Aaliya and Tanu’s Chandelier attack

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The Episode starts with Abhi thinking he will see if her marriage is a mistake or not. Aaliya looks at the chandelier and thinks of Bulbul’s death. Disha explains to Pragya about the game and says some will genuinely tell you where your husband are standing and some will distract you, but you have to follow your heart and choose the one whom your heart selects. Abhi senses something bad is going to happen and thinks it is his jealousy, how he will react if Pragya chose King. John thinks why did Aaliya scold me and thinks if there is something wrong. He then thinks to do his work.

Mitali ties blind fold to Pragya and asks if she can see. Pragya nods no. Mitali says it is ok, if you can see. Pragya thinks whom to choose and thinks she is not married to King, but everyone think him as my husband. She thinks Abhi is her husband but. Mitali asks her to search her husband using Dandiya. Disha says you will touch your husband and identify him. Aaliya is cutting the rope. John gets doubtful and thinks what she is doing here. Tanu thinks to go there. King says you can do it Pragya. Taya ji says it is cheating. He asks Abhi to say. Abhi says Pragya….Pragya turns to him.

Aaliya is cutting the rope. John comes and looks there, but just then knife falls down and Aaliya sits to pick it. He couldn’t see her. Tanu comes to Aaliya and says Pragya would be coming under the chandelier, and asks her to cut rope fast. Aaliya asks her to cut fast. Tanu tries and says she can’t cut and gives knife to Aaliya. John thinks he will ask Robin to make him permanent in the house, and thinks family is good. Tanu looks down and thinks disha and Purab are sending Pragya to Abhi. She thinks their love story will end today. Pragya goes past King and comes near Abhi. Abhi thinks if she is coming towards me by herself or if her destiny is bringing her towards me. Pragya comes to Abhi. Dasi thinks Pragya is listening to her heart and that’s why going to Abhi. Pragya goes to king then and thinks of Disha’s words. Purab and Disha get upset. Pragya thinks whose side to go. She again comes to Abhi. King changes his place and stands infront of abhi.

Tanu asks her to cut it fast and says it is now or never. She says we have not much time. Abhi sees Chandelier falling and pushes King and saves Pragya in the nick of time. Aaliya and Tanu smiles. John sees them cutting the rope and is shocked. Abhi asks Pragya to open her eyes. Purab says they shall take Pragya to hospital. Abhi takes her to car. King comes and sits in the car. He surprisingly looks at Abhi’s concern for Pragya.

Aaliya and Tanu are happy that Pragya is hurt and nobody knew anything. They see John standing and get tensed. Abhi tries to make Pragya gain consciousness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. OMG today was so good, I forgot to breathe during some parts. Let hope this is the beginning and they move the story along.

    1. Leisa s morris

      D beginnin no sorry its only a repeat..a repeat is somethin dats been done already. Which aliyah and tanu did to bulbul so im afraid we’re still goin round in circles. Now another repeat is goin to happen where dey threaten or bribe john to keep silent. In all dis I hope everyone remembers d lst time someting like dat happened who did it and y dey wasnt around with everyone wen it happened . I hope purab have d gd sense to check to chandelier and realize dat it wash cut and didnt fall on its own

    2. yes its repeated version and even they know that criminal at home still they live happily. Even this serials not resembles anybody’s life but they make sure all criminals not get any punishment even they killed someone.

  2. The usual. One week to build-up to the attempted murder, then a whole episode to build up to the same advertised moment plus a few seconds . Is the producer playing with you for her own purposes or actually telling a story. This is why I can think that Ekta is the ultimate tease. Not in a good way. This is not a storyteller building tension in the audience. From the previous weeks comments the tension was built up a long time ago. This type of teasing can be very effective in one’s s*x life. But if you are stupid and dishonourable enough to do it too often then your lover/partner will see that you are manipulative and will end the relationship. You are not about loving… you are all about playing games and wanting to feel powerful. There are names for those kind of people… I can’t write them as they are too vulgar. Hey this is me…willing to say what people are too polite or frightened to say. Ekta as a producer is one of those people. I hope everyone is getting this. And she’s making a lot of money by ‘playing’ you. So, those of us who recognise the sickness …what else should one comment on? I like watching how effectively she succeeds.
    We can see that Tanu during this set is definitely trying to behave more like a grown-up. I found it interesting that there were 3 publicity videos on the gossip/serial news/updates about Ekta’s personal life. Each video seemed to attempt to rebutt 3 comments I made last Friday. Hmmm. Ironic? I learned more about the attitude of elites from those videos. Yes. I have something to say, but it will wait. We need to know that Ekta is a sweet little girl who still obeys her father and wears sari’s on command. None of those rumours about her personal life are true. Oh no! LOL All humans have sweetness and poison in them. It is the proportions that matter. Those proportions are visible from one’s own actions. Actions speak louder than words. I have kept quiet about Pragya’s role thus far. I’m waiting to see how Ekta handles one particular issue. And after today’s episode I am wondering how quickly the two b*tches will murder John, Robin’s brother…. or Ekta might actually use this to get rid of the two b*tches. That would end the show. Was the show ever about Abhigya? Or was that Ekta simply teasing, teasing, teasing….. omigawd …that woman is a *%*&-*[email protected]$*.

    1. This story line is getting so stupid. The two b*t*hess always gets away with their murder. Is this really possible? Plots after plots, murder after murder? Why each time with so many people around and yet no one sees anything or put their blo*dy brains to work on how is it possible second time around chandelier falls down. Why is Abhi so blo*dy stupid? How stupid is he to marry blo*dy Tanu after all what she has done, but can be man enough to kick Pragya out of the out.

  3. Good john sees them n I think pragya will slip n say king id not her husband

  4. Well, I think I know the rest. Aaliya and Tanu now threaten John, who wants a permanent job, that he will l have to keep quiet about what he saw and have a job or be blamed for the “accident” and sent to jail with no job. Guess I don’t have to watch it for a few weeks or months. ……..SO RIDICULOUS. I stopped watching the show on tv and only come to the updates. Now the updates are so predictable and frustrating, that I am going to stop reading them also. Shame. I like the actors and some of the story lines.

    1. I totally agree with you. I stopped watching this drama over a year ago, but have been reading the updates sometimes. I guess it is time for me to take a break from reading the updates too.

    2. Yes me too. I stop watching serial on TV. I come to comment to once a month..

  5. I like the comments! Just read a news story about MBS and the latest craziness he is making. I would love to see if Ekta’s manipulative skills could outsmart this man. Someone should put them in a room together, and tell them they must marry. Now, that would be a show! No actors or pretend nonsense even necessary. Ekta keeps mixing up the word marriage with murder. MBS seems to think a lot about murder too.

  6. Just like we know and Tango said the two witches will threaten or bribe John to keep silent

  7. Does the actress who’s Mithali look at the episode afterwards and see how utterly ridiculous she looks when she biting her nails or sticking her neck up and down like a turkey? If no one’s ever watched a single episode of KKB but read updates only, they would form an entirely different opinion of the character as opposed to if they actually have seen her in action. This is a grown woman with two adult children I should add, so why does she behave like 10 yrs and under??

    1. I thought her role was simply for comedic content and they turned that into murderess, thief etc for the convenience of the ‘plot’ and now she’s back to providing comedy. And let’s face it, Tanu, Aliyah and Abhi were behaving like children right from day one. dangerous venomous children. but children none-the-less. The only other role I saw as being childish was ‘Sarla’. just too much emotional blackmail there with a giddy and sweet sugar-coating or a nasty rage if she wasn’t going to get her way.

  8. So the next dead body in the mehra mansion is John, the servant. Wonderful. Or may be we must wait to see whether he is also gng to become like mitali who knows every plotting of tanu nd aaliya yet keeps her mouth shut fr her own advantage. Either way these two b*t*hes will get away with this also.

    And @akituster I love all your comments. U r such a seer u know? Whether I read the full update or not, I look fr ur cmnt in the first place. Everything u say is juz true… true to the word. nd yeah, ur description of sarla is so crct there can’t be any better way to describe her. Kudos.

  9. So true Ani, I feel the same way…”same old shit on a different day”…this program really needs to grow up…and yes i also agree with you, I love reading the comments from Akituster…she/he (pardon me)makes a good writer, the description of all the characters is just on point….

  10. Please, post next episode written update

  11. I hope ekta doesn’t plan a memory loss track for pragya cause that would be so repetitive and cliche! At this rate it’ll be 2020 before pragya and abhi get together again ??poor king would be strung along while those two desperate witches aliyah and tanu would still rule from their ugly throne??

  12. Ooops the play today was www ..i cldnt belive what was to happen in the last part.

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