Kumkum Bhagya 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi heroically saves Disha from smugglers

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The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking everyone to come forward for havan. Beeji says havan time didn’t start yet. Negi says one shall have devotion. Dadi says she is elder than you, asks him to behave. Aaliya asks Purab about Disha. She says she is asking as Dadi asked everyone to come for havan. Disha tells Dadi that she will go. Dadi asks her to stay for sometime. Purab thinks it is good that Aaliya didn’t notice his conversation with Disha. Aaliya thinks Purab doesn’t know that I have heard. Negi asks Pandit ji to start the havan fast. Sahil is about to light the havan fire with lighter, but they stop him. Mitali gives match stick to Pandit ji. Pandit ji lights the havan fire. Sunaina calls Meera. Meera gains consciousness and frees herself. She frees Sunaina’s hand and tells that she will go to her room and call police. She asks Sunaina to be there. She comes to her room and calls Abhi, but Abhi doesn’t pick the call as he lost in thoughts and driving the car. Meera calls police, but call is not attended. Prachi comes out of washroom. Meera tells her about smugglers threat and plan. Prachi says we won’t let anything happen to them. Pandit ji is about to put the powder in the havan, when Meera comes there and asks Pandit ji to stop. Negi puts the powder in havan to make them unconscious. Meera alerts everyone and tells that they all are smugglers. She asks Prachi to put water in the havan. Prachi puts water in the fire. Goon holds her, but Ranbir pulls her towards him and saves her.

Sahil holds Rhea on knife point and threatens to kill her. He says nobody shall make any sound or move. Rhea says they are not smugglers, but have come to kill me. Negi says you talk stupid things and threatens to cut her neck. Aaliya takes the pot from the decoration and throws on Sahil. Sahil falls. Rhea gets saved. Everyone runs. Pallavi and Shahana beat up a goon and get happy. Aaliya beats the goons too. Dadi hits the smuggler/goon when the goon is about to hit her, but beeji comes and diverts him with her dance. They beat him up. Ranbir says statue to Sahil. Prachi asks why? Sahil says let me beat him. Prachi says we are not in same team. Ranbir beats Sahil and his goon. He asks Prachi to beat him, but Prachi says we are not in the same team. Negi holds Disha at gun point. Purab asks him to leave Disha. Negi says if anyone tries to act smart then I will kill her. Purab asks him to leave her. Negi says I can kill you also in her plan. Ranbir asks him to calm down.

Negi shouts at Purab and Ranbir, but they move and the bullets hit the temple area. Negi asks them to keep their mobiles here and go to room. He says we will do our work and leave. Sahil comes there. Purab says I never thought that you will do this. Sahil asks Negi to shoot Disha. Abhi comes there and sees Negi keeping gun on Disha’s forehead. He snatches gun and keeps in his mouth. He hits him and asks Disha to hold the gun. Police comes there and arrest them. Abhi says Ganapati Bappa Morya…while everyone says the same.

Sarita behen tells Pragya that Rishi had stolen 100 rs note in childhood and tells that he used to like only notes color. Shahana and Prachi come there. Pragya introduces them and says they kept their stuff in the guest room. Shahana why, he is a guest, not us. He says sorry. Pragya says Shahana is very possessive about her. Rishi tells that he got a job in Mr. Mehra’s company and offers to drop her to her office on bike. She says we will meet him in office and goes.

Disha is in her room, thinks Purab still cares for her. She opens the door when door bell rings and calls him, but he is Hritik. She asks what are you doing here? Hritik says you shall not ask this when your friend needs you. She asks what happened? Hritik says he has a break up with Veronica. Disha asks she is intelligent and asks why your girlfriends dump you. He asks her to give something to eat. Disha asks why your break up happened and tells that she has her number and will ask her. Hritik says I did breakup with her as she betrayed me and told that she wants to marry me, but before that she had said that she is not interested in marriage. Disha says she must have felt that she shall marry you. Hritik says Veronica then slapped him on his face with her sandal and pushed door on me. He says carpenters are fixing it. He says he will stay here for tonight. Disha takes him out and asks him to go to hotel room. Hritik says his wallet is in Veronica’s purse. Disha goes back inside.

Purab comes to his room and tells Aaliya that Abhi slept. Aaliya says I know that you want to say about risking your life for Disha and says I can understand. She asks him to sleep and lie down on the bed. Purab looks on.

Precap: Rhea tells that Ranbir will fall in love with her. Ranbir tells Prachi that he likes her and wants to make her feel something. Prachi gets surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The stupid Meera, escapes in order to call the police. No. she tries to call Abhi instead! And then starts asking, “What should I do? What should I do?” It has been irrevocably proven. Meera is another idiot. It was hard to watch her. The jewellry, all that red and this is not a beautiful woman we are talking about. It looked like she was having a fight with a red cloud of microbial distastefulness with that dress. Too much copra! Too much cloth. Except on her br*asts and waist. The icing on the cupcake? Watching mini-Pragya and that Meera extra/unnecessary body having a conversation. If you cut that scene and compare it to the real KKB….. the two have nothing in common. These two actresses and their roles detract from the ‘real’ stars of KKB. The stupid Meera, escapes in order to call the police. No. she tries to call Abhi instead! And then starts asking, “What should I do? What should I do?” If the rumours are true then this actress should be ashamed. She did not get this job because of beauty or skill. That’s pretty clear. She got the job because her best friend wanted her to have it and that friend has influence over the producer. The woman should quit in shame.
    And the producer is very efficiently removing Pragya and Abhi. A goon carnival is happening without Pragya/Abhi. Aliyah looks like a perfect idiot when standing and heaving her chest. aliyah scared. Right. What a fantasy. We all know Aliyah. She has no feelings. She’s a psychopath, who will act emotional for moments to serve a purpose. Heaving her chest, like a woman. What!? Did she meet the sycophantic Preeta? Preeta shames real women everywhere with her little gasps of weakness. that’s not feminine, that’s stupid. Or is Aliyah’s acting coach giving her new lessons on how to act like a real woman? Or is she trying to match her face (which is continuing to get softer looking.. from all the plastic surgery…. watch some older KKB… you can see when she gets more surgery on her jaw-line) to some softer, more feminine movements. Aliyah of KKB is a monster and will always be a monster. Who has forgotten her truth? Trying to make the wretch sympathetic …. is just so Indian!! Embrace, honour and give wealth to the criminals!! And goons never hit wealthy women, oh no, they let the wealthy women slap them around …. because wealthy women are soooo powerful.
    I thought this was a comedy-drama, not a fantasy show for tweens. And we end with the Amazon and her big man hands trying to look soft and feminine. It’s not working. We know the personality of the character. I have to wonder if the actress figured out that she was hired specifically to be mocked and laughed at by viewers and ever since has been trying to pull herself out of that image.
    You have to feel sorry for the actress but I don’t as the actress didn’t quit her job alongisde the whore character. Perhaps she thinks that she will outwit Ekta. And I’m sure she can. Ekta’s not that smart. But Ekta has power. that means she will always win and always gets what she wants. Regardless of how immature and perfectly silly and outright embarrassing (to people who actually think beyond a 5 year old capacity) Ekta may be. One of India’s finest. Right?

    1. EPIC!!! Your contribution today left me with a heaving chest too, not like Aliya’s!! LMAO…

    2. thx Naz… that triggered an impossible image. You and Aliyah standing side by side, both of you with ‘heaving br*asts moving in perfect rhythmaf…one set up and the other set down and back and forth…. as if she putting out evil from her heart and you are right there saving us all by putting out heavenly love and cancelling out Aliyah’s evil. so when are you leaving for Bollywood? ; )

    3. ????….you are too much!! Maybe I should audition, anything and anyone can make it in Bollywood! All one needs to do is wear pieces of cloth like Rhea, sneer, pout and chamkay, no talent required…but if I were to go to South India, I’d have to have talent before beauty, there isn’t a movie in my narrow range so far from South India, that wasn’t good…Bollywood should take notice but then again, that industry in north, is very superficial and good scripts come by once in a blue moon!!!…

  2. Here’s some fun. Lets take a count of how many times certain themes have been repeated in this serial starting with goons attacking, goons kidnapping, attempted murders, amnesia, kitchen fires, hit and runs, chandeliers falling, innocent people put in jail & hurt physically and emtionally, dream sequences, pregnacy lies, just missing seeing someone who is a foot away from the other person, cell phones going dead when it’s important, DNA falsifications, bribing : doctors, nurses, goons…..LOL…. Wow, I’m going to stop. Can you see the pattern of negative and depressing themes. YIKES!!

    1. We need Naz in Bollywood to ‘heave’ those people back into positivity and reality!! Heave Ho! Naz
      : ) Get that good light out there!

  3. I have a question for anyone. I know that Indians are being sold the info about how happy they should be about Kashmir but I am wondering besides Modi who is getting rich when Kashmir is sold off to the foreign investors? Are Sadhguru and Ekta included in the deal? The investors from outside are already sizing up the land. I’m wondering if Ekta will start shooting shows there? Before the face of Kashmir is destroyed.

  4. Some People don’t have phone… accepted…but they don’t know police helpline no. Who the hell calls family….call police they r more trustworthy and especially till the time alia like people r their in houses one should not inform anything to family. Same same same…I just scroll down this pg…. otherwise nothing is so cool about this show. Same repetitive shows and same repetitive things…how shows these days run at a long stretch…movies r cut short of two hrs then why shows have to run for twenty yrs…???????????????????

    1. In the comments I think that a bunch of us like chatting… and we get the chat rolling by this tacky little show which tries to demoralize women and all sane humans. So we laugh at the show and laugh derisively because that’s the tone and attitude that the show gives us… it treats viewers like they must be intellectually insufficient. Personally, I think that’s all this Ekta woman is capable of creating. Hope you go to bed laughing and smiling RV!

    2. Now Prachi ;reha; ranbeer love triangle Mein rishi Ki bhi new entry Ho gayi

  5. Hi Arkituster ….girl you never cease to amaze me I soooo love your comments; girl you have me rolling with non stop laughter sometime my daughter ask me …what have you laughing so; i just shake my head and reply this is a forum thing LOL. You remind me of the good old days when I now started commenting you bring back so many memories…to tell the truth you gave me the incentive to start commenting again; after reading your comments you have a knack for expressing yourself when coming to word you surely know how to slam it lol anyway dont know what the heck is going on with aliya she knows damn well that purab dont love her yet she is making a Fool of herself to disha …. I love
    how disha put her in her place tonight everyone knows you cannot force someone to love you yet she is not giving up at all; I wonder if she and purab consumated their marriage because I know aryan is not their son; Arki could you imagine purab laying aliya oh my gosh what a thought I am ashamed of myself for even thinking that; aliya looks like someone who has no emotions whatsoever and hence I cannot see her romancing purab definitely no fire sparks there at all but on the other hand disha and purab are naturals they are made for each other you ever see when they look into each other eyes man it make chills run up your spine by the I heard Shah Rukh was here two days ago is that true I always love to see him act especially with Kajol sorry I missed him had I known I would have find my way in the Oval just to call out his name and get my shirt autographed lol.

    1. Shah Rukh Khan huh? Is your husband aware of who you think of! ; ) Well, if not this time, I do hope you get that shirt signed! Heck, make him wear it for an hour… even better! ; )
      That’s SRK… not your husband! I will look for a photo of this man.

    2. Dear Sapphire, your comments are hilarious too, have always been! BTW, I was surprised that SRK stayed for the three games, just like you, saw him danced with joy with those wins… TKR rules!! Let’s hope it’s a hattrick!!

  6. Hi Arki I meant to ask you; are you India or Trinidad

    1. Canada. Cold Cold Canada. Brrrrrr. And thank-you. I love it when others join me for a glimpse at the way I see the world. Since age 8 I’ve been called a cynic but my clients, yeas later, would tell me that even though they sometimes disliked the truths that I brought out into the open, that the advice/comments were accurate. So, I am glad that I see things from a particular perspective. Aliyah? I don’t think that she actually cares if Purab loves her. What matters is that Purab is under her control. Although they have tried to give the actress a little more emotional range, they forgot that psychopaths don’t love or hate. they control. And role of Purab? Omigawd, I truly feel sorry for Vin Rana. Reduced to being an imbecile wimp…. just as bad as Pragya. Ekta likes to see anyone good destroyed. this is to nail into your heart that you should not expect much from your life… just keep working and contributing and try to ignore the brutes in your life because they own you. Your stuck. What an abysmal message! That’s the place Ekta Kapoor and her charming ‘friends’ want for majority India. I hope a cow defecates on their shoes. A big full cow. Yeah, that sad act is about my idea or level of violence… I’m not a violent type. Yet here I am, thinking of ways to distress fake characters … smh. As I’m not a big tv watcher I really don’t have ‘favourites’. I truly admire Sriti’s Jha’s talent. And I would love to have a chance to dance with Hritik Roshan (?). I wouldn’t have minded spending a day with Indu Dasi or even Mithali. they seem like they could be very neat fun people. And I’ll be just fine, never meeting any of them.

  7. Leisa s morris

    Oooh Ranbir ur gonna fall so hard for prachi dat ur not even gonna see Rhea even if she is standing right in front of u. And of course Rhea is gonna blame prachi for stealing Ranbir completely forgetting dat she was d one who pushed Ranbir head first into prachis arms. As for dis dinner date planned by pragya to meet Rhea’s father its not gonna happen anytime soon as Ranbir/prachi/Rhea love triangle needs to b in full swing before they find out they are siblings. Disha u rock girl I truly love how she has evolve. I can say one thing bout abhi no matter how many times he’s chased pragya out of his life he’s never and I mean never shared a room with anyone else including tunafish. Whereas purab is sharing a room with Aliyah ewwwwe but then again I know he wants to give d impression of a happy marriage for Aryans sake so maybe days y. Although kids r very smart and as already shown by Aryan he knows his dad? Isn’t into his mom. I so do hope aryan is purb and dishas son cause day alone will make me happy. I can’t see him being aliyas son not with d way she treats him. She has much more affection for her niece than her supposed love child with d man she committed murder for. I think dey r leaving Sunny’s re-entry to coincide with Kiara’s re-entry just a thought.

    1. Agreed Leisa and I really like your point of the Ranbir/mini- Pragya-Aliyah triangle… being in full swing , before Abhigya meet. I prefer not to use the elderly twins names in deference to the people on twitter. I tend to side with their sentiments. Since I don’t twitter, it’s my little way of refusing to recognize them as viable characters. Casting could have done a better job.

    2. Leisa, even I shudder thinking that Purab slept with that amazon thing! You are correct, I didn’t notice before but Abhi never slept with even with the whore Tanu, who spread her legs far and wide for him…Purab must have been starving!! I also admire Disha for her strength these days, if only she was like this before!!

    3. Leisa s morris

      Hahaha Amazon thing… U crack me up Naz. Yes abhi is a complete senseless a*sh*le but he’s a faithful one to pragya. Since he fell for her no matter how many times he Chase’s her thinks he hated her he has never been unfaithful to her. Imagine going 20 yrs without intimacy? For a man dats really hard and I’m not even checking d 7 yrs before he met Kiara. No wonder he gets pragya pregnant so fast lmao. As for alyah it must be pure torture to lie besides d man u love and not have him even touch u. Oh wasn’t she supposed to get rid of purab when he almost slapped her? Her turn changed fast on dishas return. I can’t imagine holding on to a man dat not only doesn’t love u but who u know is completely in love with another and not just another. His ex wife whom u plot to get rid off. Must b sooo painfully to know she got d man but not D MAN.

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