Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suresh asks Pragya, why you are here. And you didn’t tell me that they are marrying. Pragya asks Suresh to come with her and asks Rachna and Akash to continue marrying. Suresh says Akash will spoil Rachna’s life again. Pragya says she is doing what he was supposed to do. Suresh says everything has happened right infront of you. First he acted to love her, made her pregnant and then left her. Pragya says you just know that you had happened in the past, but don’t know what will happen in the future. Suresh says Rachna can’t be happy in that house. Pragya says she is very happy in that house. Suresh says he knows well. Pragya says everyone thinking is different. She asks can’t you see your sister’s happiness. Suresh is shocked.

Pragya says why you are stopping marriage of two people in love. Suresh asks you are saying this. Pragya says you are not same like before. You are getting jealous and behaving like her enemy. Suresh gets angry and raise his hand to slap her, but stops. Pragya says Bulbul’s rejection has made you like this. You didn’t get happiness in love, and that’s why you can’t see other happy. You want to see others suffer exactly like you. Suresh says I don’t understand why you are saying this. I really don’t believe. He gets teary eyed and says he didn’t feel bad hearing Bulbul’s rejection, but feeling bad hearing her perception about him. Akash and Rachna come to them upon completion of their marriage. Suresh is shocked to see Rachna and Akash holding each other hands.

Pragya tells Suresh to bless them to be happy and proved her wrong. She will be happy. Suresh comes near them. Rachna says she is helpless and don’t want to see him sad. She asks him to bless them and bids adieu. Suresh accepts and hugs them. Pragya is happy and cries. Suresh tells Rachna not to cry as she didn’t do anything wrong. Pragya apologizes to Suresh and says she said everything intentionally. She says I knew that you are really a good hearted person. She says Rachna have to fight for her right and you have to support her. Suresh says you set everything fine and thanks her. Disa and Dadi wait for Akash. Mitali thinks Akash will not come so there will be no marriage here. Taiji tells that Akash called and said that he will be coming soon. Dadi asks Pandit ji to start the preparations.

Akash comes to the marriage venue with Rachna, wearing garlands. Dadi turns and is shocked to see them married. Tai ji asks what is this joke? Akash says I really married Rachna. She slaps him. Everyone is shocked. Akash says he tried to correct his mistake. Abhi comes downstairs. Dadi says let me talk. She says you ruined everything in a min and cries. Tai ji says she will punish them and refuses to accept Rachna as her bahu. She asks Akash to throw her out else……Akash protects Rachna and says she will stay with him as she is his wife now. Tai ji asks them to leave from her house. Pragya comes there. Everyone is shocked to see her. Pragya says Akash and Rachna didn’t do anything wrong. She says she got them married.

She says Akash is a son of this house. When he corrected his mistake then there is no place for him here. She asks Dadi about her decision. Dadi says she was never against Rachna. Pragya supports Rachna and says you would have talked to her before taking decision about Akash. You thought Akash would be alone, if not married. She tells that Rachna is pregnant since 8 and a half months, but no one bothers about her. She didn’t share her feelings with anyone. There was no one with her. She just heard taunts from people. She says pregnancy is a big happiness to have happen to a woman, but it was a curse for Rachna. She asks Tai ji, if Akash is not her blood. Taiji says you are always wrong. Rachna cries. Abhi looks on.

Pragya tells Dadi that your blood has turned white as you are differentiating among your children.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. BORING!
    Writing boring is not so boring than the serial right now

  2. When something good interesting track is supposed to come ektaji will take that to a different track and makes the serial very boring..

    But in coming episodes we will see that abhi tells tanu that he is loving pragya and there is no space for her in his life…???

    1. YES……….That’s what we “all” have been waiting for!!!!

  3. worst episode…idiotic track is going on…yaar please change to abhi and pragya..

  4. Omg …rachana 8 and half month pregnant ah still…i think writters weak in maths…lol…dragging tooo much…cant see…im reading the written update only….tmrw episode i think dadi slap pragya…abhi gives water to pragya but she get angry with him gng to another room pragya cries hug dadi photo hurting her bitter words.thn abhi turns to detective find out tanu pregnancy…omg how long …..

    1. loolz but when a day lasts one week in this show… it’snormal that Rachnaa is 8 months pregnant
      logical lol
      look, for the kidanapping track, they ‘ve been kidnapp for 1 week or 2 weeks…but the track lasted for more than 1 month and a half…

  5. Come on abhi xpose the tanu truth infront of everyone….but pls pragya dnt hurt dadi too much..

  6. would Pragya stop with her preaching…it’s like she is mother Teresa. Please stop fighting for everyone’s happiness and starting looking out for your own, seriously!!!

    1. Pragya is a Saint walking the Earth… Because what woman is going to give up her marriage to help her husband’s MISTRESS!!! She MUST be a SAINT!!

  7. It’s an boring episode there is no seen for abhi & pragya together sooooo booooring

    1. Halla bol kumkum

  8. too boring

  9. floop worst epsoid of entire tym

  10. When will abhor know about tanu’s pregnancy?

  11. hey guys aaj mera results aaya 87 %.

    1. Congrats rithu

    2. Congrats rithushree

  12. Boring.. Too much dragging.. One thing that surprises me is pragya didn’t mind when abhi-tanu had affair.. But feels sad when she knows tanu is pregnant..wat a foolish person she is?? But still confused if tanu is really pregnant wit abi’s child or not.

    1. Right…so WHY is it a Big Deal now that she is pregnant. She knew they were having s*x… Saint Pragya….PLEASE

      1. Ya Chrissy.. Pragya really behaves odd and dumb

  13. It is high time Akash mother accept the woman who is carrying her grandchild.She knows it is her blood because they did a test to verify it .She does not want Rachna because she comes from a low class family.I have never seen such foolishness in this modern era.They prefer him to marry someone who is not about loving Akash but about Abhi the rock star.Akash take your wife from there and go and find your own place and build a life with the woman who makes you happy and your child.

  14. Is there any tamilians over here??

      1. So glad 2 see tamilians

    1. hey…….i m too here 4 ur company……….TAMILIAN

  15. missing rabul scenes much dudes;-(

    1. Me too yaar.. Kumkum bagya’s first thirty episodes had d best of rabul scenes

  16. Common pragya!!!!!!!
    Common Abhi!!!!!!

  17. I give up….no sense

  18. ??????????????? ?

  19. ? watching kkb is like apne pair pe khud kulhadi marna..

  20. Pragya plz practice what you preach…you are busy in the affairs of others what about yourself?!! i agree with you Lois she’s a saint indeed should have been a nun shouldn’t have gotten married

  21. Im bored to death…. change of track pls!

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