Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi buys the Mehra Mansion disguised as Mr Saluja

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Abhi exclaims he loves the change in her attitude but he doesnot like the angry which she is depicting, before when she used to be angry it was in fun which is why he named her Paughi, Pragya replies that she is no longer his Pragya and has changed, Abhi mentions Dadi used to say that trees tend to change with the seasons but they actually remain the same, Pragya replies that the thinking of people can change, Abhi recalls that Tanu mentioned him she has just come to take revenge from him and has just one aim of destroying him.

Pragya replies that people tend to change because when she would not live without him before now she doesnot have any feeling other then anger when he is around her, Abhi replies that he feels he should have been drunk so he could have thought of it as a bad dream, Pragya replies she has seen the life destroying in broad daylight, she starts recalling the past moments, she turns Abhi asks why is she suppressing the emotions which are trying to come out, Pragya replies that he must leave the house as he has seen it, Abhi replies when the bank was snatching this house form him, he had no problem leaving because she was neither present nor was Dadi but now seeing her, it is really difficult for him to leave, he requests her to stop the auction, Pragya replies that she knows each and every memory which they have of the house has his beautiful side but the bad memories are all related to her, she explains she would make sure any memory which is related to him is removed from her life, she would sale the house and make him pay for the actions because of which she suffered.

Abhi recalls that he said the brakes of her car are failed, he would only see her dead body, he exclaims she has come to seek revenge, Pragya replies he can think she had the same idea, she thought when she would come back he would be a really big business man, having the control over the entire music industry but it is not the case as he is living the life as a common man, she planned to pull him down from the height of his empire which people would think is not possible as she would only feel nice then but it cannot happen as he has already stopped so low so how can she ruin him, Abhi replies she is asking him to see clearly but she cannot see it, he is standing on the floor but it doesnot mean he cannot do it once again, he is the Abhishek Prem Mehra and has enough strength to rise to any height, he mentions his strength is his family but if anyone causes them pain then he will not let anyone forget, Abhi explains he doesnot want the house to be auctioned off because it is the memories which he has, he began from the Chawl, so his roots are strong.

Abhi replies that she has just gained the position to destroy him but he on the other hand achieved it to gain the heights, he vows to make her pay, he would ruin her aims as he has the ability to destroy her at any given point in time, Sushma jee coming asks him to have the ability and buy the property from them if he thinks too, she after seeing him feels that he doesnot have the ability to even earn anything, he must leave the house, Abhi replies that he used to own the house so knows the routes of the house, he leaves.

Sushma jee asks why she called him here and what was the need to argue, Pragya replies that there was need as before when she entered the house, she did not want to sell it but now after having a meeting with him, she is sure to sell the house, she would make sure the house is auctioned off.

Abhi is walking when the secretary is following him, she replies she has been ordered to show him the way out of the house, he asks why she is following him because he knows every corner of the house, she replies she has been asked to confirm, he leaves the house, he asks if she is married, she responds she is not, he says this is why she doesnot know what the problem is because she has not suffered the problems in the relationships. Abhi exclaims why does Sushma have to interfere in the matters relating to a husband and wife, he however assures he would leave the house.

Pragya asks her if Abhi has left she assures that he went out of the house, she is sitting beside Sushma jee says that he has left the house, Abhi enters the auction disguised as Mr Saluja, he recalls when he was with the secretary, Mr Saluja came questioning about the bathroom, he followed him to the room, so wearing his clothes he has now entered the auction.

The auctioneer after presenting the schematics of the house, requests the start of the bidding, the auction reaches the amount of one hundred and ninety corers, starting from the base price of one hundred crores.

Tanu is scolding the taxi driver questioning why he is not able to fix it, the driver replies it is because of the monsoon season, the problems do not come after announcing, Tanu asks Aliya to come with her as they will hire another taxi, the driver at first demands his money, Aliya agrees to give him the money but they both after hiding enter another auto leaving the driver, Tanu exclaims no one can mess with them when they are together.

Abhi disguised as Mr Saluja is constantly bidding, Sushma jee mentions she feels he really likes the house or might know the real worth of the Mansion, he is finally able to outbid the other competitor, he is able to take the ownership of the Mansion at the price of two hundred and fifty crores, everyone who was participating starts congratulating him, Abhi thinks what sort of idiots are they as they are congratulating him when he has once again bought his own house, Pragya also says they should congratulate him so starts walking towards him not knowing he is actually Abhi.

Precap: Pragya congratulates Mr. Saluja and shakes hands. Abhi hides his face. She doubts that it’s Abhi. He kisses her hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. How did he buy the house when he has no money and ofc as usual villains win in this show now Mehra’s will live in this mansion can’t the makers give pragya a win 4 crying out loud ugh and if the story starts abt their daughters then we’re gonna c Abhi’s true colors but srsly tho where did he get the money

    1. Pathetic. They need to show pragya winning. Nothing has changed. Same old story just pragya looks good as a business women. She is still shown weak and pathetic. NO CHANGE WHATS SOEVER. PATHETIC.

  2. Any1 know where Aryan and Shanana disappeared 2 also is Purab appearing again or and is Rhea doing a double role cuz wats with her 2 different personalities tbh Pranbir story is rly boring now it was way better during the leap now in all honesty I hope the makers make it a lil more interesting come on

  3. Mahabubul Alam

    Today’s episode is absolutely vogus.it was interesting at first but then the makers just ruined.how could abhi participate in this auction as Mr salhuja.it really did not make any sense

  4. Mahabubul Alam

    Today’s episode is absolutely vogus.it was interesting at first but then the makers just ruined.

  5. Abhi is rich he bought the house at the auction coward in disguise.🤦‍♂️
    complete crap, he got money within 24 hours???? where does the money come from?
    I mean really he couldn’t pay the jail bail and now he can buy a house???? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    and the funny part is after 2 years he gets the idea “he wants his house back”. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. I feel is purab money

    2. I think he got it from purab its the only plausible answer here since he has no money. Once again it is proven thst pragya is auspicious for abhi,as soon as she returned he got his house back. Now those two witches are gonna once again live confortably what a waste of a new leap.

    3. @Leisa Morris,@Abs
      No, after the 2nd time watching it is clear Purab is not involved, it’s a stupid idea from Abhi.
      Abhi tries to stop the auction by acting as Mr. Saluja, who is in the bathroom. He makes offers and wins at the end, a logical thinking person knows now after auction end, the auction was not stopped the house was sold and Mr. Saluja is the new owner.
      But the producer of the series is called EK so nothing with logic

  6. Which is to be expected from these scribblers. I’ve never seen more nonsense anywhere. This whole buying-and-selling thing doesn’t make any sense anymore. Now the whole Mehra family will live in the mansion, no longer caring about anything. On the one hand, Pragya did the right thing to get rid of this house, where she suffered all these humiliations, but on the other hand, she will again be a hated character for everyone. She just needs to get out of their lives and never come back, let these people do what they want. She has to move on. This revenge drama will go on for more than one year.

  7. I accept all kinds of nonsense as long as they avoid Tanu and Aliya :))) We saved today by losing 1 min. I wish to be ZERO :)))

  8. Abhi didn’t buy the house just stopped the house to be sold. Maybe he’ll face fraud complaint

  9. Seeee i told y’all other day, Purab will buy this place.

  10. Same crap with the spoilt big man like Abhi, the granny and aunty always treating him like a child, like seriously?
    Why is Mitali living like that with then? She have a husband and children,where are they? Pammy have a husband also, where is he?
    Abhi is just one mixed up character who can only blame others but himself and can never do anything worthwhile.
    How did this show stay on air so many years?

    1. This serial was on air for so long and is still running successfully proved one thing. Even if there is no logic, message or something good but have some cheap romance, that is enough.

  11. Abhi is a Coward. Abhi is still insulting her doesnt even realize his own mistakes and faults. Always blaming pragya. Pathetic. Nothing changed after the leap, she is still shown as weak and pathetic. We need to see strong and winning pragya. Thats worth watch not the same old crap running for last 7 years.

  12. The writers apparently forgot that it was Pradeep that spoke in Abhi’s voice about messing with Pragya’s car not Abhi himself. Why then did Abhi remembered that and concluding that Pragya is out for revenge?

    Secondly, Abhi bidding in that man’s name makes no difference for him. It simply means the house belongs to that man not him. Also, he has only succeeded in landing himself in trouble except Purab bails him out by buying the Mehra Mansion for them.

    1. Not everyond like drama and pathetic storyline of villians.
      We have had enuff of tanu alliya and rhea schemes and evil criminal minds.
      The only solace and calmness in this show ois Ranbir and Prachi.
      Without them it is the same crap of deceit and running after 1 man.
      Prachi and ranbir have their own problems with the Witch pallavi.

    2. the writers forgot nothing- it was Pragya’s memory and not Abhi’s.
      Abhi’s memory is only of Tanu and what she said. That’s why he knows Pragya wants revenge, because Tanu said it to him.

  13. I think Purab provided him with money
    Also , don’t Mehra and Kohli houses share the grand entry hall ?? Aren’t these two houses , literally connected ?? I expected Kohlis to be there at auction tbh to see who is buying MM

    1. This is the first mehra house where abhi and pragya were first married,when his grandma was alive. Which is why it holds such importance to him and pragya.

  14. So Purab is still married to Alyia. Why is she living in poverty?? She can at least live in her own home with her family and witch sister Tanu even if Purab won’t live with her. Why would Purab let Abhi and his family live in the conditions they is living in?? The writers present one stupid situation after another. No forethought in the storylines.

  15. Il a acheté la maison juste par des gestes mais pas au transaction financiere , il a juste arrêté les enchères c’est tout mais la maison est toujours à pragya

  16. I just read that Sid is going to be involved in a drug case. Apparently, the love story of Rhea and Sid will begin with this. That is why we were shown Rhea as a drug addiction.

    1. @YY
      Except that I don’t believe Rhea’s feelings for Sid will be genuine

    2. How many fricking time tey will show rape and drug cases.
      Ektaa love her drugs.

  17. Sid will be Rhea’s one-sided lover. Rhea uses him to her advantage to get Ranbir back, not even so much to get him back, but to punish him and Prachi for what happened. I can even assume that she will marry him. Since Ranbir is exiled from the family, and Prachi is an unrecognized daughter-in-law, Rhea will want to become an order of magnitude higher than them. To have power, to have the respect and love of a mother-in-law. I think then Pallavi will be able to see the difference between Rhea and Prachi.

    1. The usual stuff where the male protagonist gets married more than once and then the world understands who was right and who is the soulmate. Crap!!

  18. This show is total bull shit now

  19. Watched again. I remain curious to see how well Sriti Jha can carry ‘fierce’. I was unpleasantly surprised watching the scene with Pragya and Abhi. Both looked tired and bored. You could see the tell-tale signs of moments where their attention was more focused somewhere else other than their role. It was shocking to see this from Sriti Jha! Mind you, I haven’t really been watching for two years now and I did notice a change in her love of the role about 2 years ago. I found the new camera ‘device’ used by the director (spinning camera) to be effective maybe the first one or two times. It became annoying very quickly as it is a distraction from the quality of the script/plot and the acting. Kinda’ cheesy. Rather cheesy, really. Likely a good device for a comedy or children’s programming. The first director, was far better. Talented direction was employed instead of boring camera tricks. Trickery like this, is used to cover-up weak production. Yet another implausible plot twist with Mr. Saluja continues the possibility of KKB being some form of slapstick humour. Except it never makes it to ‘funny’, anymore. (That ended within the first years.) Likely because of the constant hate. I agree with STRYwrt, Abhi “…just stopped the house to be sold.” If he had money he would not have allowed his Dadi to go without her needed medicine and health care. Abhi is a stupid man. The first question that should have come to his mind (if he had a mind) when he realized that Pragya was back, was/is “Oh no. What did aliyah/tuna-fish do, now?”. But he didn’t. And he likely didn’t ask when Pragya had originally disappeared. So, I will assume that the same nonsense of Pragya and Abhi both being too stupid to ever learn anything from their experiences will continue. I wonder if Ekta will appoint a new set of producer/director to take this production down another notch to match the ever smaller circular writing of the script/plot. If you can call it a plot.

    1. No plot in this serial. It seems as if the writers are making up things on the spot. Nothing new. Same old nonsense. Unanswered questions and repetition. Sid will be the male version of Tuna Fish and Rhea the twinning witch of Alyia trying to break up Prachi and Ranbir. How creative…..NOT….
      So glad I haven’t watched this serial for years but I appreciate the comments. Like yours.

    2. Hey… we can call Sid, Sid-silver fish. You know like those pesky bugs that lurk in the dark pipes. LOL

    3. Thanks Sleepy! After writing, I began to wonder if Ekta was providing some mind-killing drugs to her writers because I simply cannot imagine anyone being able to take themselves seriously producing this kind of stuff. The funny thing is…. that ekta likely didn’t have to take drugs to make her so able… to produce such a low grade vehicle to sell her hate. She’s bent on bringing the world down to her own emotive/spiritual level or lower because it is so profitable for her.

    4. Silver-fish! LOL. I like nicknames!

  20. the writers will never make praghia win never abhi broke but bu mansion how f**king stupid praghia u have 2 daughters go look for them

  21. Akituster I havent watched in yrs either i just read updates here so i only go by whats written. I refuse to allow myself to get wrapped up in the crap they continue to display. Pragya always on the losing end while the evil ones alwsys ends up on top. Abhi is really amazing i must say that,forget the brakes failing part, whst sbout him telling her he never wants to see her again and that tanu would be a better mother to rhea thsn her? Seems like he doesnt remember those hurtful words now hes honna be parading tanu as his eife to cause pragya pain in sure of it. Pragya needs to stop allowing these crap and either deal eith them viciously or leave them slone altogether no middle ground.

    1. So agreed Leisa! I have now watched about 4/5 episodes just to see what Sriti Jha is up to. You know she has been my favourite, because of her skill. And yes, I questioned the fact that Abhi also didn’t remember telling pragya that the tuna-fish would be a better mother. that’s enough, i would think to not bother talk to him but to fight fire with fire. Hire a better assassin than the nimbrain Mehra family employed. Kill them all. None of the honestly helped Pragya. they only used her. Including the Dadi’s. let’s face it, these losers may have ended up with a lot of money but their quality of experience and upbringing truly shows. Jumped up street criminals. that’s all they are and their thinking shows it. No insult to real street people who are hard on their luck and honestly changing their circumstances to survive. I’m talking about criminal types who should be put back in the sh*thole that they came from. All their money and jewellry does not hide the fact of their criminal background. the one child they ‘nurtured’ turned into another criminal type, regardless of her dad’s money. Upbringing matters, not so much how much extra money you have. And gee, it was Pragya as Mogambo who really set the business end up properly and expanded the business. Aliya is not a business woman. She is a criminal opportunist. that’s all. The tuna-fish who came from money because her mother was a gold-digger, is simply that! A gold-digger or more honestly described, a pr*stitute. She’ll do it for money/favours and doesn’t have the courage to call herself a s*x-worker by choice. (Forced s*x-workers aren’t really that, at all. they are victims who require rescuing.) those like the tuna-fish should be sent to where ever ‘comfort women’ are ‘needed’. Can you tell that I dislike women who are like the character of tuna-fish? the absolute worst is how the compassionate, intelligent and truly motivated Pragya has been turned into one dumb large cup of …. medical waste. (Gee, that’s weird. but that’s what popped into my head). Of course the writers believe that is just fine, because they dressed up the medical waste in pretty clothes and made sure that she has a stylist. Pathetic. but then who are we kidding? Who are the fools to expect any form of quality/substance from Ekta Kapoor.

  22. Abhi is just as scheming, conniving, devious, deceitful evil as Tanu and Aaliya hence they always appealed to his darker nature, hence the reason he never trusted Pragya. He married Pragya thinking that she was Purab’s lover. He realised that he made a huge mistake when he said that he married the wrong sister. He always humiliated Pragya to get even for his darling sister and mistress. So this act of desperation on his part could land him in deep trouble and Purab will have to save him. Aaliya deserves to be living in poverty because of her evil ways. She wanted to control Abhi, Tanu and Purab. She set up Purab and destroyed his marriage. He never loved her but tolerated her for Abhi. Now the house dog has broken his leash and gotten away from his handler. Now we will wait and see what happens when he has to produce the money for the house. Aaliya and Tanu robbed him of his money and he is living like a homeless person.Purab, Prachi , Ranbir and Pragya will eventually meet and will have to sort through what took place. Then the truth of Aaliya and Tanu plan to kill Pragya will come to light. Pragya will have to harden her heart and mind to fight these shameless persons.

    1. Wonderful synopsis, Susan. I truly don’t think that sriti Jha is up to the task of acting hard-hearted or revengeful or nasty. I don’t see that as a part of her personality or experience so she would have nothing to draw that energy out. Original Aliyah on the other hand had no problem pulling out vicious, malevolent cruelty out of her experience. Sort of like Ekta Kapoor.

  23. Shitty shitty storey

  24. I pray pragya find out that is abhi and snachi that peper from him i don’t want abhi to go back with tanu and aliya

  25. I really do prefer Shikha Singh to this new Aliyah. She just rubs me in the wrong way, what with having to watch her face as Mohini on Zee World and having her as Alia Mehra too, it’s too much for me. I can’t bear to see two evils at the same time.

  26. It’s only just dawned on me. Didn’t the Mehra family and the Pragya family originally live in Mumbai? What does dadi, the wedding and everything else have to do with it? Writers have a strange logic. It seems that Abhi remembers moments from the past when they lived in Mumbai with dadi and where he married Pragya. Prigya recalls the moments when she was kicked out of her house, which is located in Delhi. Does this make sense? What kind of house are they selling anyway? If the house is in Delhi, then why is the Kohli family and everyone else not aware of this. The writers themselves got confused and decided to confuse us.

    1. I do not remember of them ever being in Mumbai
      But yes, I wasn’t watching from the start and I can’t watch it till the end.
      Not to mention, the writers are always off-track

    2. These Mehra’s were filthy rich or what? First they had a big mansion, which Abhi built with his own income. Abhigya’s wedding took place during this time. Then dadi died and Pragya was thrown out. When she returned with Kiara 7 years later, Abhi was already in a new house. Then Kiara’s death and Pragya leaves the house with Prachi. 20 years later she returns to find Abhi has got a new home with the Kohli’s.
      I was surprised when she returned 2 years later, she was expecting to find Abhi in Mehra mansion. 😂

      And if you remember, that brief time when kkb was shooting in Goa. Ranbir said to Aryan that they(Mehra’s and Kohli’s) used to stay in that home till the family got so big that they had to buy a new home..

  27. These Mehra’s were filthy rich or what? First they had a big mansion, which Abhi built with his own income. Abhigya’s wedding took place during this time. Then dadi died and Pragya was thrown out. When she returned with Kiara 7 years later, Abhi was already in a new house. Then Kiara’s death and Pragya leaves the house with Prachi. 20 years later she returns to find Abhi has got a new home with the Kohli’s.
    I was surprised when she returned 2 years later, she was expecting to find Abhi in Mehra mansion. 😂

    And if you remember, that brief time when kkb was shooting in Goa. Ranbir said to Aryan that they(Mehra’s and Kohli’s) used to stay in that home till the family got so big that they had to buy a new home..

    1. @Ria Initially, everyone lived in Mumbai, the Pragya family even had its own wedding salon, it seems that it was called Kumkum Bhagya. And the Mehra family lived in exactly the same house, which is now shown.Then Abhi kicked Pragya out and after 7 years she returned with Kiara to Delhi, Abhi also moved to Delhi with his family and began to live in the same house, as in Mumbai. Apparently the creators did not bother with this and made an identical layout. It turns out that this is their first home in Delhi. And in this house Abhi spent his last wedding with Pragya before her exile. And then he moved with his family to a house where the Kohli became his neighbors. Then the question is different, what does Dadi have to do with it, if she has been dead for a long time and what kind of dadi is it about? She did not live in the house that is being mentioned now, she lived in Mumbai. And then who owns the house in which Mehra has lived for the last 20 years. It’s all strange and nothing is clear.

  28. Hi there why can’t Abhi move out look for house for himself and follow his heart for the first time instead of other people controlling him its very embarasing.

  29. Why are these writer of burned brain not listening to me ??!! How many times I told them to add a little IQ to Abhi
    1. By the return of Pragya, Abhi seems as returned to life. If that is the thing the writer wants to say, they shoul make Abhi think about what he told to Pragya and how the car accident happenned and and where Pragya was for 2 years. And then he should fight to make Pragya forgive him again.

  30. 2.Abhi always says that ‘my family is over everything for me’. But it makes me laugh, it is nothing but a joke. His family is Pragya and daughters and he always sacrifieced their happiness to the wishes of Aliya. The writer has to clarify and define the nature of Abhi and Aliya’s relation. Abhi seems as angry to Aliya but still he is acting according to her wishs
    If Abhi values his family as he said he have should been searching for Reha, Prachi and Pragya by leaving all foreigners (now shown as his family but for me, all of them are foreigners) in his house and he should find a way of earning money.

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