Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Police comes to Mehra Mansion after a tip off from Rhea

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The Episode starts with Rhea calling Inspector and telling about the drugs which a guest is distributing in the party. She says someone came to the rich class party and giving drugs to rich kids to spoil them. Sarita behen asks Pragya to wear something good. Pragya asks if some guest is coming. Sarita behen says I called a guest and says if he will come then what will he say that Prachi’s mum stays like this in house. Pragya says there is a party in his house today, you shouldn’t have called him. Sarita behen says i called him to make you feel better. Pragya says what will I talk to him and how will he understand my feelings. She says I did a mistake by telling you. Sarita behen says she told to only Mr. Mehra. Pragya asks who is he and tells that she had a fight with him once. Sarita behen says he is so good and cares for Prachi like her father. Pragya asks her to call him and tell that I slept. She then says sorry and says I know you are worried for me. She says i am fine and will talk to you all to make my heart light. She says he might be on the way, send him back home. Sarita behen says ok. Sarita behen pretends to talk to Abhi and asks him not to come there as Prachi’s mum slept and thinks Pragya will get happy talking to him. Abhi sees her missed call.

Ranbir takes juice from Shahana for Prachi. Shahana thinks what she is seeing. He gives juice to Prachi. Prachi asks him not to become good boy and says it is fake, it is written on your face. She asks did you take drugs. Ranbir thinks he has to work hard on him. She gives juice to someone else and asks Ranbir not to act as his truth is shown on his face and asks him to back off. Ranbir says how to impress her. Aryan hears him and says you are trying to woo her. Ranbir says what nonsense. Mitali gets to know that police came. She thinks Police came to neighbors’ house and gets happy. Pragya gets Rhea’s message asking her to come there. She calls her, but her number is not reachable. She thinks to go there and see. Abhi calls Sarita behen and asks if he is fine. She says I called just like that. He asks what is going on? She says she didn’t call him, don’t know what happened to phone. She asks him to come there soon. Abhi thinks why Sarita behen is excited. He thinks even he is excited to meet Prachi’s mum. Prachi helps Dadi. Rhea thinks soon she will be bad in everyone’s view and will be kicked out.

Inspector asks the guests to tell about their stuff and not to tell later that it doesn’t belong to them. Nishant and Rhea look at each other. A fb is shown, Nishant asks Dimpy and Shaina if they don’t know which is Prachi’s bag. They find her bag and keeps the drugs. Nishant says he has managed CCTV.

Precap: Inspector asks Abhi to let him arrest Prachi, but Abhi refuses. Inspector tells him that he has to arrest him if he interferes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Now we know, mini-Aliyah has two expressions. Gloating and pouting, when she can control her upper lip. Has Aliyah fell on a sharp object as yet? She’s not racing in, to ‘manage’ events like she normally would at a Mehra party when the police show up. I hear that the tuna fish has destroyed Kiara and taught her to hate her parents. Aliyah has obviously destroyed the child-tattoo girl and now Pragya’s third daughter will again have an attempt on her life being destroyed. Pragya sure is a useful cow. After the Mehra family finished with her sister Bulbul, Purvi, Punit, Sarla, Suresh etc. now the game is to destroy her children. When I call Pragya a cow it is because she has been the provider, the mother, who is used, to produce victims. This attitude, ‘created’ by Ekta Kapoor sure does mirror the attitudes of the elite and the Indian gov’t. towards majority India. This production continues to sell and teach this attitude as being ‘normal’, acceptable and ‘right’ to majority viewers. Too many episodes continue to define the wealthy Mehra’s as being a different species than anyone else who has less money. That helps Ekta. Indian citizens would appear like they have bought this b*llsh*t to be truth and will never end the ‘career’ of Ekta Kapoor, the Queen of Manipulative Malice.

    1. Leisa s morris

      The only how dat would wrk is if kiara lost her memory cause she knew how much she was loved by her parents and she also knew how dezpicable tanu was. So writers haffi really bring her back amnesic in order to sell such a storyline,starting from how t a nu end up with her in d first place. Only way I see is if ahil and tanu both raised her. But what am I saying these writers never botherwith logic

    2. Leisa, I agree about the lack of logic. They have managed to remain on air for five years with that lack of logic. The writers likely are paid enough to imagine themselves as part of or on the edge of elitism. Or just like Aliyah/tuna fish ( characters which I think are based on Ekta Kapoor) the writers have no ‘choice’ but to keep the crap coming or they will never work again in the industry. Or perhaps Ekta drugs them. I would like to believe that they are forced to write stupidly because it is hard to imagine humans being actually this dumb. Who knows? They hired ‘Rhea’ who does not appear to be an actress but rather a cheap publicity hound. Maybe she serviced Ekta Kapoor to get hired? Who knows? In the weeks and days before a plot change the media puts out a lot of ‘maybe this will happen’. I would suspect that Ekta’s staff watches the results/comments of the ‘teasers’ and then picks their next step carefully. The aim is to keep viewers emotionally involved. The cheapest way to do that is to keep up the level of ridiculous and keep painting yourself (i.e. Ekta) as much as a saint as possible, in public. That’s why she bought a baby. For her image. Either her daddy or her astrologer likely advised her to start looking ‘straight’. I find it laughable that this supposed defender of LGBT doesn’t have the courage to announce who she really is. Maybe she’s put on more weight. Recently I’ve noticed that there are only very old pictures of her being put out. As usual, she is hiding her truth, this Queen of Cheap Lies.

    3. Ha! if they went that route they wouldn’t even bother to give the background story of how the tuna-fish (remember that silver bag dress? the material was too heavy for the dress to ‘flow’ or hang well) managed to get a hold of Kiara. It is a likely story possibility as Nikhil was holding Kiara, the last time we saw her. Remember the tuna fish did proclaim that she wanted to get rid of Pragya and that she would make Kiara her own child.

    4. if they can pull off a story like…”kick out disha , have purab and crazy Aliah married with a son…” it wont take much for these horrible writers to present kiara with amnesia believing tanufish is her mom… there is no limit to the writers bull crap creativity…. LOL

  2. What stupid episode is this. Rubbish

  3. Hai dr sorry to.distyrb you ofte with comments ,have u seen mudha acting i don’t know whose mistake is either shabir or this mughda that their expression each other looks like they are lovers she is 23 yr in this industry including kkb .sriti u don’t want to say no use if her hereafter that it her role has been finished bo hopes for so called abigya.because het expressions or his expressions seems like one wants to huh each other like tha its. Curse to father and daughter relationship .It has been huge flop this dusri pidhi now all the cast and crew are supporting for this pidhi that story has to move in so call the leads shabir .Side kick sriti has said that happy with the story progress .Tip now nothing has been progressed except prachi being jIled alwz and pfagya searching for her in cal taxi like a beggr.have u ever seen caretaker falling fro owner and dressing such naked costumes and roaming in that mm without amy decency shit

    1. I think that you are talking to me. So, I see a lot of what you see. and mini-Pragya? I do not like the role. It is a little too sycophantic, cutesy coy or too sweet. As the actress is settling in to the role she is playing it better. They are getting better here and there with her makeup. But of course, alongside all the other new people, I see no chemistry that can match Pragya, BulBul, Abhi and a few others. I’m sure people well get used to the new characters. I’m not feeling any magic whatsoever with the current drama.

  4. So very true Alpha! We’ve seen it happen before! I would beleive that the writers have educations and degrees but I’ve often wondered if they are hired because they have mental/emotional issues. I doubt it. I think the creative work is done by Ekta Kapoor. And I am truly trying to understand the symbiotic relationship that Ekta Kapoor has with the viewers. Remember that Hit Song, ‘Masters and Servants’ by Depeche Mode from the mid to late 80’s? Super wonderful dance/club music, for the time, especially if, well, you were ‘partying’. It has simple lyrics (dance music) but it sure reminds me of Ekta Kapoor attitudes. She normalizes abuse.

  5. This is a copy story of bade acchae lagthate were Meera to consern abhi, abhi n pragya separate hence thy wouldn’t meet each yek
    Hence both siblings were fighting n miss understood is not really working
    Feeling of siblings after separate would one ❤️, but here they give new explaination?


    Baby baby baby Rhea you never learn do you? Next ep your daddy will save Prachi I find it actually funny how these writers don’t get fed up of doing the same bullshit! Prachi was already arrested at the start but Poor Rhea will soon be in the records of getting slapped! Ha ha I love how Abhi, Pragya, Mera, Aliya, Shahana and Prachi etc have all slapped here Rhea sudaro before you daddy throws you out of Mehra Mansion all the way to Tuna fish tanu

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