Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi confronts Pragya for hiding Kiara’s truth

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The Episode starts with Dadi coming to Abhi and asks if this is sangeet or school function. Abhi says I am getting angry and says why they are playing games. Dasi comes there and says we shall dance. Dadi also says the same. Abhi asks Purab to ask DJ to play some good song and says Dadis wants to dance. DJ plays the song main khawabon ki shahzadi….Dadi and Dasi dance with Purab. Abhi thinks how to talk to Pragya. Tanu thinks Abhi stares pragya always, I can atleast scold Pragya, but if I tell him anything then he will scold me. Abhi thinks to collide with waiter to make juice fall on Pragya so that she go to clean her dress. He collides with waiter and the glass falls on Pragya’s foot. He asks her if she is fine? Pragya says I am fine. King asks shall I take you to room. Pragya says no and asks

everyone to enjoy the sangeet. She says she will clean her dress. Abhi says sorry. Pragya says it is ok. Abhi thinks I hurt her to talk to her and feels her pain. He comes to room and sees Pragya sitting. Pragya closes the first aid box and walks with difficulty. She is about to go, but he holds her hand. He makes her sit on the sofa.

Pragya asks what are you doing? Abhi keeps her foot on his leg and applies the ointment. He asks if she is feeling burning sensation and says it hurts a lot when loved ones gives the pain. Song plays le jaa mujhe saath tere…..Pragya thanks him and is about to go. Abhi asks if she remembers their marriage.Pragya turns to him and says ji. Abhi asks do you remember our marriage day? Pragya says yes, I remember. Abhi asks do you remember the day when we have taken vows, confesses our feelings to each other, the day when we used to take risk for each other, and asks her if she remembers the day when he loved her even after losing his memory. Pragya says I remember everything. Abhi asks then how did you forget the dream which we had seen together. Pragya looks on. Abhi asks if she was angry with him as he forgot her love because of Dadi’s love. He asks why didn’t you tell me for seven years. Pragya asks what? Abhi says that Kiara is my daughter. He gets angry and asks if she was taking revenge on him. He says I kicked you out of house, and my life, so you did this with me. He says Kiara is not alone your daughter, she is mine too. He asks her why she hides from him. He says it was Abhigya made from both of our names, and says it was not only yours. She says you loved me or not? Pragya nods. I always loved you a lot and says I made you as the eight rhythm of music.

He tells that he accepts 7 death in her love, but not betrayal. Pragya tries to speak to him. Abhi says you know that I hate betrayal, then also you betrayed me. He says you kept me away from my daughter, I was unaware of her and Kiara was also unaware of me as his daughter.

Aaliya sees King and waves him hi. King comes to her and says I was missing you. Aaliya says excuse me. King says I thought that I didn’t meet the important member of the family. Aaliya says you would have seen your face and says I try to talk to you nicely, but you argue with me. Aaliya remembers what he said last and asks him to be down to earth. She asks didn’t you tell Pragya about her past? King says I don’t think it is needed. Aaliya holds his hand and asks him to come with her. King says I am someone’s husband and not your boyfriend. Aaliya leaves his hand and says you will cry when I will tell about her past.

Abhi asks what do you think I would have done if known about kiara. He says I would have loved her like her, and says you didn’t think for once to let me know, how can you hide from Kiara about her real father. He says I got chances many times to know the truth, but if my destiny would have been good then you wouldn’t have taken her away from me.

He says I am very unlucky father of this world who can’t regard his daughter as his own. He says when I saw her for the first time, it was like someone completed my dream. I used to think that I have a daughter like Kiara and used to tell the same to Purab. He says I used to ask her to call me fake dad and says I thought to talk to Kiara’s mum to adopt her. Pragya is shocked. He says he was ready to beg her and asks what did you do with me. Pragya looks on.

Kiara calls King and asks him if he is her real father or not. King is shocked. Pragya tells abhi that she is his daughter. Abhi says she is my daughter too, I will not let her away from me even from a moment. Pragya says you can’t take her away from me and tells that Kiara is King’s daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Well we know for a fact dat d writers read our comments but instead of using it and making pragya stand up to abhi and let him know dat everyting dat happened was because of him dey are using it for abhi to make pragya feel as if she was in d wrong and should have cone to him wen she found out she was pregnant and not use d excuse dat he pushed her away smh. Really writers so she was supposed to forget d pain and humiliation and just rush back to him wen he abandoned her in d most hurtfull way possible so hurtful dat she tried to kill herself. Imagine if she had succeeded would there have been a kiara for abhi to b arguing about now? Because of his actions she coulda ended her life and dat of her unborn child. Y r d writers making pragya so pathetic I woulda blown into his tail bout everyting and and let him know wst an ass he was and rest d blame solely where it belongs….at his feet.

    1. So right, why do they ignore the injustice pragya has suffered??? Why can’t they just let her be happy. She has every right to stay away from Abhi. He is a danger to her and kiara because of his evil sister and maniac fake wife.

  2. Leisa s morris

    So pragya has no voice she cant speak up for herself and put abhi to shame instead stand there like a fool and take insults from him. Love my ass! Wat kinda love has a woman having to prove her self and he love over and over? Wat kinda luv makes u abandoned d person u claim to luv at a time dey need u d most? Wat kinda luv allows u to let another woman whom u know is a threat to ur marriage and wifes life stay in ur home? Wat kinda luv makes ur wife handle everyting alone cause she doent trust uto believe her and instead always need proofs? Love her for seven births my ass he couldnt even love her right in dis birth how d hell hes gonna manage 6 more?

    1. perfect Leisa! perfect!

      1. Leisa s morris

        Akituster I trip off dey uno cause no woman in real life will allow such conversation to take place without blowing him outta d water. D writers just blow their chance of making pragya defend herself in a most righteous manner and instead made her abhis lapdog again. Look lemmi rest it cause my BP just goin up

    2. that is why tuna is doing what she does best , Insult pragya. .

  3. Abhi is a jerk,i love the fact that pragya told him is kings daughter,but anyway kiara is asking questions now,so it maybe on the right track for him to know how wrong he did to pragya.and he can’t take her away,cus she loves her mom and can’t stay without her.Your Comment

  4. What a delight to see a smiling Indu Dasi! And the show continues, with Tuna and her sick relationship with Abhi always finding away to hurt Pragya. Tuna refuses to look at herself (just like Abhi and Aliyah). Because she can’t punish Abhi, she punishes Pragya instead. The three cowards manage their lives by punishing Pragya because those three are cowards, criminal cowards.
    Abhi asks all kinds of questions about their past. He ignores all of the abuse inflicted on Pragya. Pragya seems to also have selective memory loss. How silly. Make your opinion based on 20% of the information. Abhi doesn’t mention that Pragya married three people, the three criminals Abhi, Alia and Tuna Fish. Abhi forgets, so conveniently. Abusers always forget. “You don’t do this to your enemy” he demands, forgetting everything that he did to Pragya. Everything that Alia/Tuna did to Pragya. He forgets that these three destroyed Bulbul, Punit and Purvi and Sarla Ma. Like the torture they inflicted on Pragya alone, wasn’t enough. All he does is threaten Pragya. Nothing has changed for Abhi, he remains a relentless coward and bully. Pragya is an idiot for even listening to his claptrap. Run! Pragya, Run! The Mehra’s are going to finish destroying you! Not one of the Mehra’s is worth it. They are criminals or dumb accessories to the criminals.
    Please remember that very likely Sriti Jha’s defense of Leena Jumani is purposed to keep the conversation going. After all, there’s not much to the show… Srit’s Jha’s protest would generate some interest back towards the show. That whole drama is beginning to have the smell of a set piece. You know, ‘women stand together’ and all that jazz. Right. For the ultimate purpose of degrading real women, through their show.

    1. I’ve lost all respect for Sriti as an artist. She continues to choose this dead end retarded role

  5. Just watched the first three minutes of KDB, then turned it off. Another lead actor portrayed as a truly dumb, super idiotic, sycophantic female. Pragya’s sister, no less. Are all of Ekta’s female leads portrayed as having emotional IQ’s of less than 70? How do they manage graduating from university and becoming doctors/professors? Do all women have to be dumb…. dumber than Ekta, so that she can feel superior? Is this level of dumbness meant to be comedy? It’s not. It is an insult to every female human ever born. Could Ekta actually, really be female herself? All of Sarla’s daughters should be sterilized in order to protect women, the world over. When will Kiara’s dumbness kick in. Both of her parents are dumb idiots, especially the slave-clown Abhi. Does Indian Marriage turn women into dumb idiots?
    Once again, thank-you Ekta, for insuring that Westerners continue to look down on India and it’s trashy and dirty ‘culture’.

    1. yes that is true . we indian don’t have a voice as Ekta shows.

  6. This the most slow, excruciatingly painful, waste of time serial. Even reading the updates is a waste of time.

    1. Does that mean we won’t see you anymore? Hope not.

  7. However, some of the comments are extremely entertaining. Thank you

  8. Cathy

    Akituster!! Hello dear, sorry i haven’t been around lately, you know stuff happens and life insists on being lived etc etc!! I’m sorry you didn’t love Bashir as much as Lakshmi and a few others did, we had a little fan group going on another forum, i don’t know if you watched Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey it was suppose to be a modern telling of the Beauty and Beast fairy tale that fell flat on it’s face, it had enraged me so badly i couldn’t even type out the name of the show without fearing i would stroke out. LOL, The show was just about a “pu**y whipped”*excuse the vulgarity* male lead that was written just as a abusive husband, it got so bad that know one could see him as a romantic lead…during this time i had seen Bashir Momin on Omni tv…and this was also a modern retelling of Beauty and the Best or as Bashir said (and i para phrase )”this will be the first romance borne out of the pits of hell” Anyway we all just loved it….By the way i’m watching a new Pakistani show on Omni..Shayad, this one is a romance where the female is older then the love interest..and it’s beautifully shot and the English translation is readable (sometimes i think they use google translate and half the time it doesn’t make sense) i’m not sure the channel number for your end of the province but it starts at 6 pm our time..it’s only 2 episodes in so you haven’t missed much, just the character development. Lakshmi and Naz if your looking for a new Pakistani drama..Shayad is shaping up to be an intriguing story. No i haven’t been watching KKB for awhile, quite frankly i’ve lost interest and as Tango said above even the Updates are a waste of time!! no offense to H Hasan, i admire your fortitude in translating that drivel for us. lol, It will no doubt be another year or 2 before this story line even tries for the finish line…i’m getting old just thinking about it.

    1. Hey Cathy, good to ‘see’ you! I just missed todays episode , but have set up the thingy to record the series. PVR. right. the PVR. One of the craziest things I have noticed in the last year are the number of acronyms. And some acronyms are exactly the same for different items or processes in different fields of industry. Aaargh! So I have dev’l a new word habit, “the thing/thingy/the, you know…i don’t”
      No one offers classes or tutoring for my situation so… I am learning how to be friends with YouTube. Not really the answer, but of a little help. I do so prefer reading. less time, you know.
      Another “aaargh”. My trips to Edmonton will be regular for a few months. Do you ever get near that city? Perhaps we can arrange a meeting in a public place/restaurant/mall? That would be so neat!

  9. Nice to touch base with you Cathy, it’s been quite awhile but I understand the situation with work and life in general. I too am here but it’s takes a lot of effort to comment on the crap happening here.. Sometimes I don’t sometimes I do..depends on my mood!! I’ll check out the Pakistani serial you mentioned, if it comes with subtitles then I’m lucky but if it doesn’t, we’ll, you know me by now to know that I have to read translation to get the best of what I watch… How are you doing dear Cathy? I don’t envy you and Akituster these days, I know the weather is definitely a b*t*h up north…I’m so far down south and the nights are cold by our standards, much less what it’s like in Canada.. Since you are so scarse on the forums, wishing you a happy holiday, best Christmas ever and the best for the upcoming New Year… Lots and lots of hugs to you…thank you for being my friend… 😗💐🍸🍸…BTW, I haven’t seen Lakshmi on any of the forums in quite some time, knowing her, she’s probably busy with her court cases and personal issues too…so, until I see you up here again, bye for now.

  10. Leisa, this is why I cuss Pragya at times, she’s so frigging frustrating, just seeing her pathetic stance against Tanu the sickening sl*t is enough to bring out the beast in all of us. Just imagine…this frigging woman created a daughter with Abhi, isn’t that enough clout to put the wretch in her goddamned place!! She has Abhi’s love, isn’t that enough reason to fight for? Why oh for goodness sake, why does she whimper and stutter and frown when she’s face to face with Tanu? Why can’t she tell Tanu to get lost? BTW, those frowns were cultivated while in this serial, Sriti Jha had a flawless face when she started off but now with this toxic shit happening, she’s looking older right before our eyes, her boyfriend probably blind! Everytime Tanu opens her mouth, I feel like pushing both my feet inside, just to straighten those dentures… You know what tickles me, seeing her running around in those designer gowns..when she went to the morgue recently to identify if it’s was her man child- like husband, she went in with her pink gown, when she’s committing a crime she’s in designer gowns, what’s it with these people who does her wardrobe? So..everyone has a breaking point, let’s see when Pragya’s one surfaces…

  11. Abhi is a fricking hard back man and he’s trying to find a way to get to talk with Pragya? Why not just go talk to her? Such a wuss!! Akituster, I see your point on waiting to see when Kiara transforms into a pathetic woman like her mother..as the say, the fruits don’t fall far from the tree… It’s just a matter of time!!

  12. Quite a few episodes back I mentioned something about Abhi getting his daughters DNA tested and then one or both of the dragons, bribing an nurse or doctor (because in this series money is everything) to fake the DNA results. I also mentioned that he will take Kiara away from Pragya because of hiding it from him, again, because money is everything in this series.

  13. Serah

    Plz don’t blame sriti jha she’s just an actress those pathetic fools WHO call them selves writers are to be blamed they are starting to make people hate abhigya I wonder if it hurts them to let abhigya reunite at least once let pragya be happy actually I think they should be sued they don’t deserve to be called writers and now poor pragya has to fight her own love for her daughter like seriously can they just let abhigya be happy with their cute little daughter and so for tuna and her”friend”(more like a puppet)even jail seems paradise for them they deserved punishment should be insanity or yeah DEATH

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