Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi slaps Rhea with a piece of advice

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prachi asking Shahana if she is again seeing Ranbir’s dreams. Shahana says she is happy to do something. Prachi asks what? Shahana says you didn’t teach any lesson to Rhea and I understood that you will ask me to end the matter. She says but the matter will not end so I give a good reply to Rhea. Prachi asks what did you do and says I thought to talk to Maa. She asks her to tell fast what she did. Rhea says Prachi messed with a wrong girl. Prachi scolds her and asks her to take off the stickers from Rhea’s car. Shahana says it is tit for tat. Prachi says we are not like that. Shahana says why we shall bear everyone’s taunts and why can’t we answer. She says we can’t lose our self respect for studying in this college. Prachi hugs her. Shahana asks her to listen to

her and let her do what she wants else something will happen to her. Prachi asks her to calm down. A guy Rithvik proposes Shaina. Rhea gets an idea and tells Rithvik that Shaina will agree if he does her work. Shaina says I have a boyfriend. Rhea says your boyfriend is after me and I can make him leave you. Shaina gets tensed. Rhea asks her to go and stand there. She asks Rithvik to give a test for Shaina and go and kiss Prachi. Rithvik agrees. Rhea asks him to go and kiss her, and says we will record it.

She asks everyone to record in their phones and make the video viral so that Principal kicks her out. They all take out their mobiles. Rithvik goes to Prachi and asks if she is from Hoshiarpur. Prachi says yes. Rithvik tries to kiss her, but Prachi pushes him and slaps him hard. Rithvik tells that Rhea asked him to kiss her so that he can get Shaina. Prachi angrily goes to Rhea. Rhea asks how dare you to put stickers on my car and is about to slap her. Prachi holds her hand and slaps her hard. Rhea and her friend are shocked. Prachi says this is the answer to your poster incident, and says I think you understand this language. She says she slapped like her elder sister and will get rusticated her next time. Rhea asks do you know who I am? Prachi says you are arrogant girl and says you need to learn few lessons in life. She says you didn’t leave even your friend Shaina and says she has a boyfriend. She says you have played with Shaina, Rithvik and her boyfriend’s emotions. She says you will not forget this slap as it will remind you of my advice. Rhea holds her face.

Pragya is in the auto and reminds herself of her promise. She thinks she could have seen him once, and then thinks no. She thinks to thank the guy helping Prachi.

Abhi and Dadi come home. Dadi tells him that she met Pragya and asks him to believe. Mitali asks if they saw her. Abhi says she was not there and says Dadi is having a misunderstanding. Dadi tells that Pragya turned towards her when she was praying and she hugged her. She says I told him that she is wearing pink saree. Abhi says I searched her, but she was not there. He tells about Dadi’s mannat to everyone. Meera asks him to relax. Abhi asks Dadi to accept that Pragya is gone from their life and asks her to agree. He says she is not good as you think, and she will not ask about our well being. Dadi says she is very good and asked about Rhea. Abhi says I can’t make you understand much and goes to room. Dadi tells Mitali and Tai ji that Pragya met her, and asked about Rhea. They take her to room.

Abhi goes to room angrily. Meera gives him water to drink and asks him to calm down his mind. She reminds him of Dadi’s health and asks him to talk to her politely. She asks him to try to understand. Abhi says why nobody wants me to understand and says Dasi shall think of my pain, then why she took Pragya’s name infront of me and told that she wants her to be back in my life. Meera says we know how you moved on, and says you have become a businessman from rockstar and says you are a successful man, and is with everyone, but there is nobody with you, with whom you spend quality time and share your feelings. Abhi asks her to go and says he wants to be alone. Meera goes.

Pragya returns home and thinks of Abhi saying I will bring water, when kumkum fell on her face. She thinks of her meeting with Dadi and thinks if he was there and saw me…She thinks I don’t want him to see my face. Abhi thinks I don’t want to see her face. Pragya says I don’t want to meet him, and thinks she shall meet her daughter once. Abhi thinks he kept Rhea away from Pragya’s memories and thinks how to forget her. She thinks she don’t want any pain related to his name, and thinks she won’t let him meet Prachi and will take her from there. He thinks someone or other remind me of you, and then I run behind your reflection. He looks at her pic and asks her to go away and stay away from me, my heart and mind.

Precap: Rhea plans to take revenge from Prachi. Pragya asks Prachi to tell the truth to Chachi. Prachi says we went there as waitress.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I just hope pragya that lord gives u strength to ignore that person coz always u melt seeing his luv and beggings???which i don’t understand @all. But I ???shahana and prachi’s bonding they both r like besties cuz real sister keeps.on fighting like rhea and prachi.

    Firstly abhi was saying that pragya left rhea when she needed her the most then he is talking to her pic saying that stay away from me. Clear one thing Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra?????that what made u hate pragya soooooooooooo much????coz we know why pragya hates u…. R u angry with pragya for leaving u or leaving Rhea or snatching away kiara and dadi or taking away prachi….. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????decide and then let us know blo*dy PERVERT????

    1. Pervert? I don’t know. Perhaps in real life, possibly with all the rumours floating around. (I’ve actually heard my mind asking if there exists an affair between him, his wife and his producer. Threesome. Perfectly fine, I guess, between consenting adults) But most certainly the man Abhi (sorry about the vulgarity) is one complete useless DUMB*SS. Can you call him a man when he is a puppet for sl*ts (the Tuna-fish) and sister? To the point that he allowed and helped the sl*t and sister destroy a wonderful and perfect, intelligent and honestly loving wife? Abhi, the character is a useless boy and a handy ATM even if he can romance Pragya on occasion very well…. if he has permission from Aliyah. That makes him sick, pathetic and PUERILE.

  2. Hi everyone..I hate Abhi’s behaviour.wat did pragya do for him.he only did every thing.he don’t deserve pragya.why did he snatch from king sing.he believes aliya very bad of him.i hate kumkum bhagya now days.pls stop it or change the topic.if you continue this trp will come down.

  3. There is No love, No charm, No family values and no trust. Husband keeps doubting a wife he claims he loves and disregard her like she is garbage. How would Abhi feel if his daughters are being treated the way he treats Pragya? Like rotten Garbage! No respect for women. Abhi has a Disgusting male lead role!

  4. Oh yes, mini-Pragya shows herself to be as good as a lecturer as her mother. Mini-aliayh has been sprayed with so much makeup that she looks like a 40 year old trying to recapture her youth. I will say that Aliyah does better at being a useless b*tch. Aliyah does that perfectly, without making any effort. The mini-aliyah looks like she’s trying hard and failng miserably, which is likely a good thing because thus far her acting does not project dangerous. Her clothing choices and attitude project the image of cheap wannabe sl*t. Oh! that’s like the TF! We get a short flash of Pragya thinking. Whenever they want Pragya to look like ‘less’ they use less shading and less highlighter on her nose and make sure that she’s wearing glasses. Whenever they want Pragya to look fabulous, it’s more highlighter on the nose length and more shading on the nostrils. O.K. that didn’t move the story further, but they have to keep popping her in, here and there so they can justify the KKB name. Sad. It’s an Ekta Kapoor production, so the subterfuge will work. Like any drug-dealer Ekta Kapoor knows how to set up addictive behaviour and build a strong customer base. The drug of course is ‘love’ and she promotes a romance addiction in her viewers. Abhi is given more (than Pagya, thus far) screen time and a chance to act. We are informed that he is a hard worker and very successful. Really?
    Oh and Pragya’s back, gazing at herself in a mirror and stressing over the sindoor which is in her mange. At that last glance she definitely looks like she is in her early 20’s. Next is Abhi who ends with thinking, demanding that Pragya should stay away from his mind and his heart, as he carefully places her photo back into his night table drawer. Oh yeah, Abhi is really over Pragya. Luckily, her photo is easily accessible and hey, every time he’s been in the bedroom we have seen him clutching that photograph. I simply cannot believe that such a succesful business person, always being rewarded, can be so dumb, cruel and easily manipulated. Now who does that sound like? In real life. You know, the brat that has used Daddy’s money to create her own fiefdom and employs her friends and lovers and then punishes them (Purab) when they don’t obey.
    Makes you wonder why Pragya (Sriti Jha ) is being punished in real life. Did somebody not get what they wanted from Sriti? After all, according to rumours they travel in the same s*xual playgrounds.

  5. abhi is not deserve pragya like wife what she do she do never betryal abhi lekin abhi ne pragya ke sath hamesha dokha kiya pragya ki life mai jitni bhi problem ayi abhi ki bhen aliya or uski gf tanu ke karan or usne keval pragya ko hi galat mana. I hate abhi very much he is not a good father, not good husband or not good bhai also

  6. I want abhi ki kiara, prachi, rhea, pragya hamesha abhi se nafrat kare i hate abhi very much usne pragya ko hamesha galat samja ek ma ki feels ki kabhi kadar nhi ki usne pragya se king ko china uski bhen bulbul ko Phir disha ko sabhi ko to usne chin liya kiara ko rhea ko Phir bhi apni galti nhi manta

  7. Only checking update once in a week to know
    1. If Rhea and Prachi started having that sister bond?
    2. Kiara’s entry.
    3. Anything new in the story. Which is not possible ?. Same crap repeats
    Abhi Pragya alag ho jaate h phir time leap ke Baad milte milte mil hi jaate h, phir ek dusre se pyaar ka izhaar ek harzarvi Baar karke vapas saath ho jaate h, phir Tanu , Alia ya koi aur aata plots karta h Voh plot Kam se Kam ek mahina khechta h, phir finally kuch esa hota h ki dono phir alag ho jate h.

  8. Hey Naz, Ishu, Kalika and friends, Looks like they are working hard for viewers to hate Abhi so that there will be no outcry when he is killed or leaves the show fully. First they killed abhigya, next will be at least one of the couple. I’m still here to see what they will regarding the Kiara situation but truly, I shudder with disgust as the next level or generation of ABUSE PORN is prepared.
    Naz, just had physical therapy this am so am feeling more alive and nope, don’t have the contact info today. I didn’t make the call yet with becoming unplugged from my own body. Yes, I will try harder. Chat next Fridat, if not sooner? Hope so. Missing you Ishu, but I do feel your ‘shaking your head’ attitude and truly understand.

    1. I hope you feel much much better very soon Aki.. Do whatever you have to do, we’ll chat when you are ready… Lovely weekend to you my friend…

    2. It’s confirmed that shbair has started his web series on other side don’t know whether he will leave ot will be doing kkb ,but sriti as Kiara unimaginnable seriously what even choice re now that so called kanchi friend appointed as meera so that she will be around abhi and consoling him no wonder if he married at hlast dony kne about het anything till now but she had already worked project with him in side role but here she came to on-screen with him again .if it’s ekta idea to appoint her since I don’t know may be jobless or really some peiples mind voice that due to tisha someone wifr is insecured so that her close friend has been appointed who knows .it’s irriatted to see her alwz roaming around him touching him and so caleld exactly like live in reel but what she hasn’t hugged him till now but I don’t think that it woyn be that much longer to see since this man can be taken in advantage by any women around him except pragya

      1. Hey, Ishu. It looks like our opinions match very closely. I read somewhere that Ekta Aunty claims to know what the viewers want. I would disagree. She is taking advantage of mostly rural viewers who remain living a more medieval type of lifestyle and attitude because the government has not as yet established education and security for all people. This is a government which allowed people to die of starvation while stockpiles of grain rotted in storage. I suggest that Ekta Kapoor is very much a part of the elites who want to keep life exactly in a medieval attitude so that people like her can continue to make their money easily without actually having to be creative. Why change what is working to fill her bank account. She knows what the viewers want? She’s a charlatan, a con-man, a virtual ‘snake-oil’ salesman insuring that medieval attitudes remain intact. She is not a friend of the Indian people. She is a friend to the others who join her in her debasement of India and Indians. Ekta and her friends laugh as they continue to debase India. I do not understand why educated viewers do not see this. But her little corner of India should be westernized.
        Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  9. Naz girl you see why I stop watching these serials. I just cannot take the Crap any more you want to tell me all this shit goes on in todays world how on earth in all these serials people killing and it is like no big thing for them they just get off scotch free they are not being arrested and brought to Trial for their Crimes there is No form of Punishment whatsoever and life just goes on as usual now tell me what Century are we living in LOL even in kundali bhagya the amount of people Nikil and Tanu killed and it is like riding a bike coolo breezo no punishment these serials are so unrealistic and nonsensical kids are killed off too and wickedness being done to them and the grown ups/parents could not be bothered to find out who is the culprit, so many times kiara was abused by tanu and alliya even knocked down by nikil and it was just swept under the rug now is this right no it is very frustrating to be watching these serial that makes no sense even in appke ajane se sahils mother was poisoned by Bimla his aunt and nothing was done about that although they knew she did it my gosh come on there is a limit to every thing i just cannot stand this nonsense anymore now all of a sudden Disha and Sunny is out of the serial and Alliya who Purab hated end up being his so called wife with not so much as the courtesy of letting we the viewers know what became of disha and sunny and when this hell hole of a marriage took place, girl enjoy your Easter and make sure and attend Church.

  10. A word of advice to you writers of the ZTV Serials please do something about improving your writing concerning your serials they need a lot of work on them they are not realistic and makes no sense in this century either stop producing them or get writers who know how to write good scripts you definitely need to get rid of these Amateus and get some experienced writers who know what they are doing, it seems like these writers dont know their head from their foot lol.

  11. I made two comments earlier where are my comments everyone is entitled to freedom of speech

  12. Hi Sapphire i totally agree with your comments. I too only stopped watching when the leap started. i only read once week. story line is piece of shit now, no logic at all. it is educating people how to treat other innocent people badly or garbage. 7the 7 yr leap and this 20 yr leap no difference at all so old shit story line. thats why india is sooooo corrupted ín minds and and behavior. they should show good stuff so people can learn..

  13. I,m not Indian but I love to see KKB because I want to see Sriti and Abhi. The first 1000 episodes was very interesting and up until Pragya have twin.
    Pragya has been satisfying a lots for Abhi – Kiara’s death is his fault why he is blaming on Pragya. Now that stupid Rhea is a duplication of Aliya. Then where is Disha and Sunny . Why Purab married Aliya, the person he hated the most.
    All I want to see is Pragya and Abhi


    ranbeer and prachi are looking good couple hope to see new romance flavour in the show

  15. Guys don’t you think this Meera will be the next Tanu! She may want Abhi for herself eventually?‍♀️ and demand reward for all the years of work. She’s already playing mum to Rhea, and showing understanding for Abhi’s feelings.

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