Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Aryan overhears Rhea lying to her friends


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Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Meera coming to the storeroom and hearing Sahil threatening Pandit ji blackmailing him about his daughter’s life. Pandit ji asks them to leave his daughter and says I will steal Ganapati Bappa’s gold and will give to you. Sahil says it is my gold, I brought the gold in the city, but couldn’t get it. Pandit ji says I will do. Meera hears and is about to run out when Sahil’s goons come, hold her and take her inside. Sahil asks the goon Negi why did he come here? Negi shows a packet of white powder. Aaliya tells Purab that she was afraid and that’s why message. Purab says Di asked me to be with him and says he is not thinking otherwise. Pallavi comes to Purab and tells that CM is coming, so they shall go and welcome her. Purab sees CM coming there with Disha. Purab

looks at Disha. Aaliya gets upset. Purab and Pallavi greet CM. CM says I would have come before if I had known about the darshan. Pallavi asks her to do darshan. Disha and CM do Ganapati Darshan. CM says now we will leave, have to go to two more places. Disha asks CM, can I stay for sometime here. CM says ok. Disha looks at Purab, but he turns and goes away. Disha walks towards him.

Sarita behen tries to make her grand son have food. He says he can’t have more. Pragya comes and says you shall rest. Rishi says you will send me to hospital with overeating of food. Pragya asks her to have medicine and asks do you feel good to get scolded by me infront of your grandson. Rishi says he is seeing for the first time that someone is scolding his nani and calls her female hitler infront of female gabbar. Pragya says you think I am gabbar. He says intelligent too. Sarita says only I need importance in this house. Rishi says yes. Pragya asks about his job. He says he got a job in the company and tells about Abhi and Vikram’s company name. Pragya says Prachi works there. Rishi asks where is Shahana and Prachi and tell that Nani told about it. The other smuggler Negi tells Sahil that he came to help him and asks Pandit ji to put the powder in the havan so that everyone faint and they can do their work. One of the goons hit Meera and she faints. Disha comes to Purab and tells that she has his thing with her. He thinks my heart is with you. She says she thought to give it to him, but forgetting at times.

Rhea asks Dimpy and Shaina to tell why are they silent? Dimpy asks her if she is in love with Ranbir. Rhea asks did Prachi tell you? Dimpy says we heard and heard you. Rhea tells that it was a prank and tells that she praised Ranbir infront of Prachi to tease her. Aryan hears her. Dimpy asks Rhea if she falls in love with Ranbir. Rhea tells that she will break his heart and thinks Ranbir really loves him and she is using him against Prachi. Aryan gets upset hearing this. The smugglers smell something and tell that they will not get unconscious with the smoke now. Ranbir talks to a girl and asks did you see my brother Aryan. The girl flirts with him. Prachi sees them and gets upset, thinks to make his video with the girl and show to Rhea. Shahana sees Prachi looking at Ranbir and thinks she is hiding things from her. Prachi is about to go behind Ranbir. Shahana asks where are you going? Prachi says to get proofs. Ranbir sees Prachi and pretends to flirt with a girl on the phone. He goes to room and hides behind the door. Prachi comes there and thinks she just need one proof to expose him, thinks to show proof to Rhea and goes inside the room, but falls down. Ranbir laughs and asks her to give her hand. He says same thing will happen with you, it is karma and says I saw you coming behind me. Prachi says you will come in my hand very soon. Ranbir asks her to ask for his hand. Prach says I want to expose you infront of Rhea.

Dasi tells Beeji that Pragya and Abhi stopped chandelier from falling on Ganapati ji. She says Pragya saw someone was compromising with the rope. Beeji jokes. Ranbir comes there and asks what are they talking? Dadi says she is talking about serious thing and she is joking. Ranbir says Beeji is cool and talks to them.

Aaliya sees Disha returning ring to Purab and recalls his words. Disha gives the ring and asks why did you write your name as my husband on the hospital form. Purab tells that when he was taking Aaliya to hospital, he hit her car and then he took them to hospital and wrote husband and friend on her and Aaliya’s form mistakenly. Aaliya thinks to do something to make her go from their lives.

Precap: Sahil holds Rhea on knife point and asks Pandit ji to hurry up and give the jewellery.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Amal

    LMAOOO @ I just need 1 proof 😭😭😭 WTF is wrong with Prachi ? So childish

  2. Why can’t people after learning any truth walk away quietly….they always end up getting kidnapped..or beaten…or murdered. Now this drama will go on for weeks🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡like mother like son😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 kidnapping again blame game…stretched for 1 month 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🙄😡😡😡😡it’s horrible than Annabelle, IT and any movie which u guys consider as a horror film👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

    1. No my dear you are disrespecting thoses Horror Movies, this show is like the bad remake of Chucky.
      No story or Imagination, the only people that have brain is the criminal, everyone else is like the zombies from the walking Dead. Even the never ending story better than this show.
      cleaning the bathroom is more exciting than this crap fest.

      1. Even the criminals aren’t smart. Aliyah is not smart. She is just willing to kill your family if you don’t do what she wants. Even Pragya (as Mogambo) pointed out that Aliyah was not smart. I see the problem as all the cast are portrayed like they are all VERY allergic to common sense and/or rational thinking. Perhaps, when you enter Bollywood you have to give up half of your brains and eighty percent of your creativity. Ekta sure did. One of the KKB messages remains. Brute force, lies and childish temper tantrums gets you what you want.

  3. Seriously, I’m bored!! ..and Prachi?? Grrrrrrrr…..what a freaking bore…. I just 😭😭👹👹👺👺her goody pathetic suck up sorry ass mannerisms….as bad as Rhea is, I’d tolerate her, Prachi just sends me up a wall, everything about her is irritable to me ….every freaking line coming outta her mouth…. Love Shahana lots….spunky and not perfect, she’s a real logical character in my opinion…

    1. annoying goody two shoes with a blanket of makeup on her face trying to convince us that she is twenty when we we know she is well over thirty and we can hear it as well as see it. If she was meant to replace Pragya, then she has failed. Pragya attracts viewers, while this one … well I shudder, too often while she jabbers away.

  4. Arkituster girl you make me laugh with the way you express yourself, girl this serial just driving me up a wall; I find if these writers dont know what to write again just take the damn serial off air my gosh it is one stupid storyline one after the other and the serial suppose to be based on abhi and pragya yet they focus on everything else except bringing them together; the storyline with king was going well to an extent then that just went down the tubes after they killed off Kiara so then they tried a thing by separating disha and purab and marrying him off to aliya the Dragon Lady and like that aint working so they decide now to bring back disha to cause a rift between them but I keep reiterating the main characters in this serial suppose to be abhi and pragya yet they keep straying and I am still trying to figure out why they brought in this old woman; my gosh these serials are so unrealistic in these modern times….tell me where on earth you just meet a stranger and all of a sudden you and you daughter and friend just move in and become a family whey this is Crap….. now what I cannot comprehend is why every time pragya and abhi come in close proximity they could never meet each other it is a big Joke either a car or someone passes and block the way so that they cannot see each other this is sooooo obvious as for pragyas daughter Rhea I dont know what to say about her again she is evil incarnate the more abhi tries to straighten her out the more evil she gets …. she really believes she is sooooo beautiful she looks like a Circus Horse ready for the Clubs not a College Student at all and she looks too Old to be attending College …… whoever writing these Scripts need to go get some Professional Help because this serial in particular has exhausted its Time Limit and surely need to come to an end.

    1. Thank-you for the uproarious laugh! And I will add to your comment about the ‘evil’ that forces them to look cartoonish, thus non-threatening and somehow acceptable. You must admit Mini-Aliyah has made some efforts…. to change her visual presentation. Maybe she’s getting advice from aliyah. the old woman may be connected to the Meera character. They are on standby to be used as needed. Or maybe Sunny is the old woman’s grandchild. Wild guesses. They are not writing because they want to write a story. they are being fluid and trying to respond to the immediate ‘needs’ of the moment. And be able to pop in an advertisement (poor actors!!! shameful! Just So Low-brow!) The story is so ungrounded that it is scary. But that’s a reflection of the creator and her crew has to fall in. Of course we can see the different levels of skill and talent. Now that the new crew is settled in, I believe that on Friday we will be served another large ‘crumb’ of Abhigya and things will flow in their usual constipated manner. The producer likes to do things on the full Moon period…3 days before and after Full Moon. The old woman serves as the grandma type as I don’t think (I hope not!) they will have a episode to bring KDB and KKB together because only KKB did the 20 year leap. As well the old woman was brought in to counteract the stiffness/formality of the new Swurni Dadi/Dasi. I almost wondered if they wanted her to gain the attention that the Indu Dasi character offered. She’s useful to help paint Pragya into a vision of lower middle class (?) with a decrepit future. You know… the poor have broken families. The rich have perfect vibrant families. A complete lie but well-serving to the nefarious needs of social structuring.

      1. Oh yeah… and the old woman is bent over just like Swurni Dasi. They like giving us new but similar images. The ‘sameness’ brings the right kind of ‘safety’ so that the ‘messages’ or instructions in the show are more easily accepted by our body, heart and mind.

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