Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kiara and Sunny Win the competation

Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanu sees Kiara and Pragya hugging, she gets speechless, Tanu thinks of what will happen now that she is the witness of the murder, Pragya says that she went to the doctor and now will go home, Kiara says that she will also go with her, she does not listen to even a word that Pragya says she says that she doesn’t want the trophy as nothing is better then her mother, Kiara says that she will also go with her.

The principal makes her husband meet both of them saying that he likes both of them, she says that he was very adamant to meet them, they ask who she likes more, King makes her fall in his trap and then they start to have fun,the judge call Principal and she leaves,they both think that they will hand the trophy to Kaira from the other one.
Tanu calls Aaliya and says that

Kiara is the daughter of Pragya, Aaliya gets angry asking what she is saying
Tanu says that she knows it exactly and they both are mother and daughter, Aaliya gets emotional
and steps out of the car, everyone starts to honk and she get in ordering tanu to make Abh come home.
Tanu says that she doesn’t know what to do and will not be able to do it, Aaliya says that she must do it, Tanu says that
Disha also challenged her that she will make both of them come closer and she is scared, Aaliya calms her saying
that they have very little time and she must hurry.

Pragya asks the teacher for directions and comes seeing both Abhi and King sharing a smile, she gets worried and Abhi sees this she looks at King, he then looks at Pragya asking what happened because Pragya looks alright, Abhi asks for a moment when the principal comes
he does not even listen to King .

Abhi stops her, questioning about her worries but she doesn’t tell him saying that he will not understand as he didn’t understood her before.she says something from her mind when he forces her after that eh leaves, Pragya meets the teacher asking permission for taking her home, the teacher says that Kiara has won so she must stay as she will be called on the stage, Pragya fears what will happen now that she will face Abhi and what will she say to him.

Disha sees her from a distance and comes to ask her about her worries, Pragya gets emotional and hugs but doesn’t say anything regarding Kiara, she hurriedly leaves, Disha thinks that if she didn’t tell her about Kiara the will also not tell this to Abhi so she must do it herself.

Disha comes and asks Abhi to come when she calls her and does not tell him the reason then leaves, Disha follows Pragya thinking that she must tell the truth to Abhi as he really needs to know about it,
Pragya moves on and Kiara comes asking if she got permission to go home but that she will ask this herself, Pragya stops her saying all that is in her heart.
Kiara asks from whom she was running but then say that she is just like Abhi as she cannot understand some things that she says,Dish calls Abhi and feels sorry for Pragya.

Kiara asks how she is feeling, Pragya says that she is okay now, Kiara says that they should go to Dada but Pragya says that she will go and call him as he wants to meet her alone, Kiara promise her to not go anywhere
Pragya leaves, Disha comes back but is not able to find Abhi, Pragya calls King who says that he wants to meet Kiara but is not able to find her, Pragya says that she will meet him outside
and now he must meet both of them.

Precap: Abhi say to Disha that he will meet Kiara’s parents on the stage

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It’s strange that sunny hasn’t recognized pragya from the pic in abhi’s wallet!

    1. They miss a lot of details like that. It’s like they assume that every single viewer is only focused on ‘Abhigya’ and there doesn’t need to be anything else in the production’s plot (non-plot). Maybe they believe that every viewer is as dumb as the characters they write.

    2. every one have memory laps. lol

  2. Hey Zo, if you read yesterday’s replies, well congratulations! You’ve started a trend! I’m crossing my fingers that you know the western fish joke. And Naz, too much! The conversation here continues to spring laughter. The production continues to take a baby step forward in some episodes. Tuna knows, about Kiara.
    Tuna gets dizzy. Is that excitement that now, she has a goal?! A new reason to live or well, kill. A new murder on the horizon! Aliyahs is being called. Murder with several extra jolts of malice.
    And more of Aliyah’s outfit is visible today. That little flounce was lovely around her slim waist, but which kind of designer carries it down over her already ample hips. Why would you want the hips to look even bulkier? Well, obviously she’s joined that emotionally deranged Kim Kardashian cult.
    Disha remains naive… thinking that love may arise from Abhi/Pragya. Forgetting about the murder part of the equation. Until the two criminal leeches are good and dead, Pragya and anyone that she loves are all ‘dead men walking’!

    I have caught about 6-7 Kaleerien episodes. There is a young male actor that knows how to do ‘evil”. Real well. Other actors trying to do ‘evil’ should catch his performance, watching how he first played a normal person and later exposed his evil nature. Evil just pours from his eyes. At least in the episodes that I watched. No goofy costumes needed, no outsized 3 year old tantrums and no screwed up faces (remember original Nikhil, Aliyah and Tanu). Just a look and the evil is alive for the viewer. Le’s hope that he doesn’t start doing goofy evil faces. Oh yes, I know. Ekta helps young starlets become stars. I really wonder how she picks her favourites. We know they aren’t always talented. LOL. Why does she have favourites? The most desperately demanding people are always the easiest to control. What is she really doing with her ‘favourites’?
    So, another day, another dollar for the production crew anyway. And the viewers, we are all like balloons in the wind, dancing around in the air, going nowhere because we are all held tightly… by our string… in Ekta’s little hand. Ick. Horrible image. although true.

    1. Sorry I don’t read everyday, just because this is an insult to my Indian Culture. And for the western part. these actors have a phone in their hands and the cloths which Tanu wear, Is what western, correct? Tany life style is western. She sleep around , get pregnant blame the other man. and still live there free. That is live the welfare in New York system. (you cannot get rid of any one who is living in your house that easy. ). Which I call a sl*T. o,k, Tanu know about the kid long time ago, when Kiara was asking for her doll, When pragya call her while kiara was on the phone with Tanu. and yes another day another dollar. I am just disgusted, I can sit and just know what will happen in the show , Both Abhi and Pragya is happy in 1 % of the time. and unhappy 90 %. and Dreaming about each other the rest. Tany and Aliah is try to get the man and money and ready to kill for it 100%. and will never get caught and no jail time. ok What happen to bull bull . she jumb off the clif and went bye bye. The same accident happen to Pragya and the two brain less men did not recall bull bull accident and ABhi was mad at the police.

      lets see. Abhi sister and Tanu. All the show is about these two women love these guys and working to kill the spouse. And the two man dont love them , Which I love about the men. Kidnaping and steeling the house from abhi. How many times the same old shit just a different day. But you have to remember, Abhi love Tuna, he insulted Pragya a lot of times and even for DADI. He kicked her out within a heart beat. Never look for her and why he and Tuna gee is marryed? and why before Tuna had to live in the same house and be nasty and wicked to Pragya.

      The only family Pragya have is her daughter. Abhi is still living with his devils. correct? wasn’t he leaving the house with his friend. and why is purab is living there just for Alia to ???????.

      I watch the pass show also. and It is the same shit just different day. and until then. the writer love to see us upset. The main people in the show is not together.

  3. Cathy

    Nas! I don’t know why i watch this drivel but i do BUT i don’t give it much importance, simply a morbid fascinating look into how NOT to make a show, the lava like pace of the storylines are epic, remember Abhi’s Wedding day to Tuna that single day took a month to play out…I do take extended breaks from it, for instance when they did the Pragya double and the kids got kidnapped..i never watched any of it and only peeked in when that story ended and then took another break when they framed Abhi for murder again only peeked in the forums to see when that was done with not realizing that there was a leap coming so i had to do a quick catch up on desitvflix…As for AKAJS i was hoping the story would go another direction instead of the constant abuse heaped on vedika although i’m not a faithful viewer i do catch it a couple of times a week on Zee tv so you guys are watching ahead..but i may play catch on that show to. Oh and i switch channals if Alyia and Tuna are berating Pragya or the scenes of them plotting another stupid revenge plot. same shits happening of KB..with way to much air time to Prithvi and Sherlynn and i only watch that show for Rishab..i wish they’d give him a proper love interest and get rid of that useless perpetual house guest Karina. Oh and another reason i’m watching KKB is to see if Sarla will burst a blood vessel with another tantrum, either that or she’s gonna pop like a Tick.

    1. Cathy

      I mean Naz!! i wish they would give us an edit button. LOL

    2. About Sarla. That was just too funny rude! Popping like a tick. I have never seen a tick pop but I can imagine it! The actress does a wonderful job. She is too convincing for her role! But the role of the sickly sweet, blackmailing, bi-polar, unhealthy iceberg (water represents emotion/frozen emotion melting ALL over the place) structure cruising through everyone’s life unconcerned about the damage she does… The actress IS good.

      1. Cathy

        Oh don’t mistake me, i adore Sarla..just when she goes into her rages i keep expecting her to explode. she is a excellent actress no doubt. LOL

  4. Cathy, I just watched todays episode of Gudan and yes, there she is, Dadi alive to help another couple come together. Kinda’ creepy. But I did enjoy her character. thx for the heads up.

    1. Cathy

      It just started Monday here so we are a week behind India…i think i’ll stick to the tv shedule and see how it is, i’ll pop into the forums there to see if any others are there.

      We may have to call her Zombie Dadi.

  5. Friends… When I’m reading your comments, I swear you all are in front of me, I can actually visualize we having an uproarious conversation…lots of sarcastic laughs, mind you… Cathy, I can’t give up on AKAJS, Sahil reminds me of the one I lost in life and I want to see Vedika and him unite at the end of it all. I don’t watch KB…because it’s an extension of KKB, I’m trying to hold on one day at a time with the Mehra clan so a spin-off is off limits for me. AKITUSTER, your Aliya narrative gave me smiles, so correct and Kim Kardashian is no role model for sure, I don’t know how people could desire to emulate her..btw, I used to watch Kaleerein but the insane crap happening there was too much for me to handle, I love Arjit Taneja as Purab and Vivaan but from a hot shot suave businessman, he became a man I couldn’t recognize in his in laws home, of course he threw his weight around in the beginning but he’s completely transformed now, his wealth taking a backseat right now…and yes, Sunny is an evil creature in man’s form… As for former Nikhil, Yessssssssssss, his face was definitely evil, he didn’t need to do much work on that. Couple days ago, I was eating while watching KKB and when Tuna was begging Abhi for some love and he told her that she had a baby and tried passing off the baby as his, I choked, I think I missed that back then, by that time I was giving KKB a rest but it’s good that he reminded Tuna of it, she has cocoa in the sun and casting aspersions on virtuous Pragya… So,….I’m waiting patiently, biting my nails, to see when Abhi learns that Kiara is his daughter..hope Pragya has the answers for him although I may be hoping for too much from him, these days he has lyrics to kill…

  6. Thank to the written update by English that I can understand the plot of story a little because I don’t known hindi language, but I’m interesting to watch KKB because of Pragya (Sriti Jha) character. I hope that the written udate should write more longer in English. I feel unfaire for Abhi, he doesn’t have any main point of views for his lover (Pragya), he always said that he love her but if there is someone talk some bad things of Pragya he belives immediately without having any doubt. I hope KKB has a happy ending

    1. Cathy

      Uyen…do you need a link to watch KKB with english subs? if you do just let me know on the 12th episode update and either i or others that watch it with the subs will give you the link.

  7. I really hope Abhi and Pragya will be together soon with no troubles ..

  8. Wishful thinking charlene

    1. no way , someone have to be kidnap. ok this is the trend.

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