Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranbir takes a stand for Prachi’s respect

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Prachi, how she will proof that she was taking off Sanju’s shirt in the room. Prachi says I was drowsy, held him and may be his shirt came in my hands. Sanju says yes. Aaliya says you will defend her, else your respect will be ruined. She says your mother will see this truth also, asks her to call her mother there. Prachi and Shahana are shocked. Pragya sees Purab in his car and upset. Shahana says we don’t want to call her and asks Prachi to come. Priyanka asks Aaliya to talk to Prachi’s mum and calls Pragya. Prachi asks Aaliya not to involve her mum. Priyanka says Prachi’s mum might not receive my call and calls Pragya from Shahana’s phone. Pragya gets the call and thinks to talk later. Shahana goes to call Abhi. Priyanka goes behind her. Pragya asks Purab why is he crying? The guest gossip about Prachi’s mum. Pallavi asks them to stop. Meera asks them to leave. Aaliya tells Prachi that everyone shall wait and tells that milk and water will be separated infront of everyone. Rhea says we shall leave her and can’t stoop down to her standard. Aaliya says no and asks Prachi if she don’t to call her mother as her truth will be out too, she must be teaching you to trap rich guys. Rhea says even her mum must not be knowing. Aaliya says you and your mum will not be saved from this confrontation. Prachi says my mum never taught me anything wrong and says my mum is not like that. She asks her not to say anything against her mum and cries. She says I shouldn’t have come. Shahana goes to Abhi’s room to call him.

Hritik tells Abhi that everyone likes me and asks what thing you don’t like about me. Abhi says you might be thinking to suffocate my neck. Hritik asks how do you know? Abhi says someone taught me and left, but I will bring him back. Hritik asks him if Disha is his real sister. Abhi says more real than real sister. Hritik says he wants to make her girlfriend. Police constable stops him and takes selfie with him.

Hritik tells Abhi that Disha called and said that she is going back home, and was angry. Meera calls Abhi, but the call gets disconnected. Sanju tells that Prachi is right and they belong to a nice family. Dimpy asks are you dump and tells that we have seen CCTV footage. Meera thinks why he is not picking the call. Aaliya asks Prachi to get out and asks her never to come. Prachi says sorry for spoiling her Diwali and asks where is Shahana. Aaliya asks her to take her Shahana’s phone and says I can’t bear you even for a minute. She holds her hand and taking her out. Ranbir asks Aaliya to stop and tells that he wants to tell something important. Beeji and Pallavi ask him to stop. Ranbir says it is necessary. Prachi thinks everyone is saying, you also say. Shahana checks in the bathroom and thinks where is he? Priyanka comes and makes her fall down.

She says God has punished you for troubling me and tells that everyone know that Prachi is characterless and was slapped. She says you will go through the same which I had gone through. Shahana says you are mad girl, I will see you later. Priyanka says I won’t let you go to Prachi and help her. She hits Priyanka with a vase and tries to call Abhi, but Priyanka cuts the telephone wire. Shahana pushes her on bed and goes. Priyanka gets angry. Ranbir says I wished that I would have known your truth before and says I was wrong about you. Aaliya says small town girls are such. Ranbir says I didn’t mean that. A guest guy tells that such girls are clever.

Ranbir asks if you didn’t have any daughter and tells that Prachi is also someone’s daughter. He asks Prachi to wipe her tears and asks her to raise her voice so that he can raise his voice. He tells that Pallavi, Meera and Aryan used to say that Prachi is good and asked him to learn from her. He says everyone is silent as they are burdened by the society, but I will not and tells that he will tell everyone that Prachi is such a nice girl. He says Sanju and Prachi were talking as they belong to the same hometown. Aaliya asks what do you mean? He tells Prachi that everyone is thinking her wrong and asks her. Aaliya says she is lying. Ranbir says she said truth. He says I will take a stand for her respect and will save my family reputation. He says it was an accident and says that he accepts that they were in compromising state, but it was not true. He says everyone is blaming her and nobody want to save her respect. He says I will save her respect and will stand for a respected girl. Prachi gets touched.

Abhi asks Sanju and Prachi to identify the waiter who gave them drink and says I will not leave the person behind it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally, Ranbir spoke like a man today and did give a good back answer to the first psychopath Aliya.👌👌👌👌
    I think Aryan should should also speak like a man and ask his psycho mother to shut up🤐🤐🤐.
    And good job shahana, you gave one on the head of the other psycho Priyanka, she needed that👏👏👏.

  2. Shelly2307

    I literally loved Ranbir today ❤️❤️ Kudos to the actor whose every emotion was so real this whole while (Since the day he had that serious fight with Prachi). His every dialogue was so beautifully written and portrayed, each word had much weight (I was for once shocked if the writer of the show have changed). Yes!! There are many in our society, who raise their voices, but, are suppressed in the noise of these hypocrites(#Metoo can be considered as an eg.) I even liked Aryan and Shahana today, though Aryan didn’t have any dialogues, but, his expressions too said it all … I just can’t imagine a girl going through similar situation in real lives. The writers left no stone turned to humiliate Prachi, not only by the family members, but, even outsiders were badmouthing and this a*s*o*e Aliyah, she was provoking them to humiliate more. Ranbir being a guy stood for Prachi and this Aliyah and her mini copies, being women were just pointing fingers at Prachi, I’m so disgusted with them rn. It’s not about being women or men, the biased behavior they show in this serial is irritating. Some or other day, when, Aliyah will come across the truth, she will put more blame on Prachi so that somehow Rhea gets saved which may eventually lead to Prachi being forced to marry Sanju or it may bring Rhea’s truth out, if Ranbir, Pragya and Abhi gets deep into it (Chances of which are rare) or Sanju may just leave. And wasn’t this Rhea going on a Europe trip??? I wish she goes soon, will get rid of her overacting with over dramatic expressions and over-self-obssession. I wonder what did Aliyah, Rhea and Priyanka do on their own that they fly so high?? What class and what level are they talking about?? And who on this Earth gave her them right to speak about someone else’s class and point at the values taught (At least the ones they are pointing at have far better values than them)?? They have so much filth filled in their mind that pigs can bath into it. And their class is even lower than that of Prachi’s at least she works and earns unlike them sitting idle and plotting forced revenge and living a lavish life for free. I can’t say it free as Abhi and Purab do much hard work to fulfill their demands else they too would be on same “CLASS” now. Someone said it right “Khaali dimaag shaitan ka ghar” (An idle mind is the home to devil). I’m really disgusted with how they are doing cheap tricks on Prachi for no reason. And this Rhea has no brains of herself. If she knows it is wrong can’t she just disagree to it??? I wonder how will she survive if it is this easy to play with her mind!! Still don’t get why does she want a revenge on Prachi when Prachi didn’t do a single thing. It was totally her plotting to send Ranbir close to Prachi so that he breaks her heart , As for Abhi, he is her dad and a superstar, not her personal property, anyone can be close to him, and technically, he is Prachi’s dad too. And how can these sheepish reasons force her to take such big steps??? She must have thought about Pragya too, whom she admires and who loves Rhea as her own daughter (which technically she is). I wonder if the writers write the plot in inebriated state. I hate this concept of Indian serials to victimize women for no reason. Mugdha is such a graceful actor, but they can’t bring the best out of her, that even Prachi sucks. They could have chosen someone of Ranbir’s age. Both Rhea and Prachi are big in age and the difference can be seen clearly. Mughdha is a good actress, but the problem is she doesn’t fit in the role, Prachi’s character is simple and sweet, but the makers forgot that she is 20 years old, her face and actions should have those youth vibes too, which Shahana have. I really wish the serial comes to some right path, possibly end asap, or these parents focus on their kids instead of behaving like teens, trying to woo your ex, even after having a family of your own, with a wife and a kid. And our industry is supporting these extra marital affairs. Disha move on with Hritik, so that this idiot Purab learns some parenting. And where on Earth is Sunny? Did they send him off to Mars??? This is getting cheaper day by day

  3. I feel Kumkum Bhagya is going round in circles. It’s probably because the writers are done with ideas and are just repeating the same thing over and over again.
    Initially it was Pragya and Bulbul who got bullied and accused until Bulbul was forced to commit suicide, yet no one paid for her death even though they suspected Alia.
    When Kiara arrived, there were series of incidents that happened with that child yet the mother was never there. I then asked myself how possible it is for a mother to let her daughter roam around Delhi. In a world of serial killers, rapists, pedophiles and other horrible people out there, it is utterly ridiculous that Pragya never met her daughter’s superman.
    The same thing is happening with Prachi. Rhea and Priyanka are playing the roles of Alia and Tanu, Prachi is modelled to be Pragya.
    What happened to Pragya is happening to her daughter and the Mehra family are the one responsible.
    I find it absurd that Pragya let Prachi roam around like Kiara who ended up “dying” yet she is doing the same with Prachi.
    Is there ever a mother who doesn’t have her children’s pictures at hand? Is there a mother with a Smartphone that does not have her child’s picture? So, Pragya can’t find a picture of her daughter to show Abhi and the latter too does not have Rhea’s picture on his phone? Pragya can’t Google Search about the renowed Abhishek Prem Mehra and see pictures u
    of his family?
    Viewers are not stupid and the show is damaging the Indian culture and values. Indians should not sit still and let this show ruin their reputation.
    Some people might claim it’s just a show, you should note that people react more to what they see than what they only hear.
    A word is enough for the wise

    1. Well said

  4. I hope the writers let Abhishek catch Rhea and that other one. Let the truth of wickedness come out for ones in this stupid series

  5. Pragya always busy solving every others problems except for her children

  6. @ Lois you have just written what I was thinking and thanks for putting everything out wow

  7. Bragya est toujours en retard

  8. Leisa s morris

    Hmmmm aliyah is quick to say dat lower class does do this and do dat yet didnt she commit murder,kidnapping,pretend to slp with purab to break up his marriage,help her friend convince her brother another mans child was his,stole from her brother,bribe police and others alike,tried to put others in compromisind positions to ruin their lifes and self respect,”steal dishas child and raised him as her own” cause im sure aryan isnt hers and much more yet always saying ppl like her are better than prachi them. She has done more to degrade woman more than anyone i have seen. Aliyah ,woman u needs to take a corner. U and ur evil look a like. And y is it dat pragya can never reach her destination anytime sometong serious happens? Shes always late and then never trying to even speak to d parent of d other party. That is not how a real parent operates but to kerp abhi and pragya from realising the truth these writers keep doing these unlikely stuffs. Rhea and priyanka needs to be dealt a srvere lesson unfortunately i feel only rhea will b blame asd priyanka will take herself out of it

  9. The same thing is repeated….. First it was pragya who was trapped like that nd now her daughter… I wish abhi and pragya come face to face and every truth should u fold and even aliya and purab’s marriage truth also should come out Aryan should know that his mother is second wife and aliya shd go through the same pain which she is giving others…. Priyanka shd be caught and must be goven nicely… Ranbir shd understand rhea’s intentions or else he will suffer!!!!!

  10. Verma4

    What a disgusting show. Immoral track. I wish Rhea gets a taste of her own medicine. I will happen very soon when Ranbir falls in love with Prachi.

  11. I know wrap the show up because its getting characterless

    Comment edited. Reason, please keep comments on the show.

    1. Anonymous I agree that this show is disgusting but please do not compare reel with real our Indian families are not such.i agree that there is some political issues and our some leaders are not good it will be changed so please don’t badmouth our country just because watching this stupid serial.

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