Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: King insults Abhi infront of media

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with King getting ready for conference. Tarun comes and says I need to talk to you. He tells that some rockstar manager Aaliya is giving money to his fans asking them to do something so that organizers think that he is more popular. King says that is so ridiculous, lets show who is the real king. Abhi and King come to the stage. Announcer gives introduction of Abhi and King. Dadi asks where are others? Mitali says their press conference is later. Abhi and King see each other. They shake hands. Abhi says so you are a singer.. King says music industries bad days have come. Abhi says I will sing and asks him to leave singing for him. He says I didn’t see you or heard your name. King says same here, even I didn’t hear your name or see your pic. Abhi says you are lucky to see me and have no chance to stand infront of me. He says sponsors got man like her. Abhi says I am best, I make records. King says I am best of best, I break records. Host announces that King and Abhi will perform now. Media asks if they like each other’s music. King says I like Rap and argue with Abhi. Abhi says I didn’t see or heart you. Reporter asks who will be on cover page. They say Abhi. King asks people how they can decide, and tells that they all are hired so that they can cheer for him and come on cover page. .Pragya comes to the conference hall and introduces her as manager. She don’t see Abhi’s hoarding. Abhi says I don’t need to buy anyone and says they all know me.

King gets angry on Abhi and asks him to mind his cheap moves and says your respect will go. Purab scolds Aaliya. Investor asks them to stop fighting and says you both are best. King asks Tarun to tell who took the money. Tarun says Rohit. Abhi recalls Purab telling him about Aaliya. Media asks why did he do this for cheap publicity. Rohit says I will continue to cheer for Abhi. They begin fighting. Pragya comes there and falls down. Dadi helps her get up. She gets emotional and hugs her. Pragya gets emotional and leaves. Dadi asks Mitali to take her to Abhi. Aaliya asks Abhi if he is fine? Abhi asks if Aaliya have done this? Purab says yes. Abhi scolds Aaliya for doing the cheap tactis and says today I am humiliated. He asks Aaliya to tell Organizer to remove his name from the cover and the deal is off. He asks her to apologize too.

King is leaving. He sees Pragya crying and asks what happened? Pragya says sorry. King tells that he has seen such a cheap man and says business tactics don’t work in music world, and says he behaves as if I have snatched his precious thing. He says deal is off. Pragya tries to calm him down. King tells that he has bribed the people to get the attention and to come on cover page. Pragya asks Tarun to take him and says she will bring his jacket.

Suwarni Dadi comes home and tells that today she is very happy. Tanu shouts and asks her to be careful. She says I don’t have time to go to Doctor with you. Disha says Tanu? Tanu scolds her and asks who are you to tell me. Dasi says we all want peace here, and that’s why we didn’t tell you. Tanu says you will be scared with my words. Suwarni asks her to become silent. Tanu says I can make you silent and says you don’t know who am I? Suwarni Dadi says chudail will look good like you. Tanu angrily tells her that she is bahu of the house and Abhi’s wife. Suwarni Dadi says you can’t be bahu, but inauspicious. She says you made me forget the good news and asks everyone to have party as their Pragya is returning. Everyone is shocked.

Tanu tells Abhi that he has to think about her, being married to her and not to think about Pragya. Abhi shouts at her and says you are not my wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This serial has become very frustrating, sorry!

  2. leisa s morris

    I had asked bout indias law concernin marriage and i was tild dat once a couple doesn’t have contact for 7 yrs dey r free to remarry so dat said tanu and abhi arent legally married since dey got martied 7 yrs ago unless he did divorce pragya or aliyah forge papers or someting

  3. Hi Leisa,
    Am nt a legal authority, but am answering ur questions reg Indian Marriage Laws, as a lay person. Our country is multi-religious & hence personal laws may vary accordingly. Howevr, thr r sm common laws too. If thrz a separation btwn a couple, one of thm may seek a restitution of conjugal rights. If thtz nt feasible& d separation z fr 2 yrs continuously, thn they cn take legal recourse. If thrz separation of 7 yrs, (or evn in d case of a missing person untraceable to date) it may nt b an automatic annulmnt. In case of re-marriage, smwhr it has to be legal. Othrws, thr may b chances of bigamy. And please don’t believe evrythng u c in d serials. For instance, in reality, d Family Courts r ovr-flowing & as in any country, divorce is sadly a painful xperienc anywhr, coz a favourabl judgmnt dsn’t mean itz a victory. Thr z also recourse for Mutual Consent, whr both file for it & wait fr a mandatory 6 months & if they stil stick to thr stand, thn divorce z granted. Evn if one files fr divorce, counselling z advised & d law wd let d coupl work it out if stil itz feasibl. Thrz also anothr thing. If one of them files d case, & d other dzn’t respond to d Court’s summons, aftr sufficient lapse of time, an ex-parte settlmnt z gvn. Thr z also room fr an Appeal, if one z nt in agreement wth a judgement & cn approach a Higher Court, legally of course. Also whl filing d case, d wedding card, marriage foto of d couple, proof of identity besides othr records r necessary. Thz z to ensure tht d divorce z btwn d right coupl & thrz no room fr errors. And no one z permitted to use mobiles whn d Court z in session, unlike as shown in d serials. And no one argues a case on one’s own unless specifically permitted, neither whips out evidence unauthorised b4 d Hon. Judge. The legal rules & protocol r in place.These serials r misleading esp those of u watching frm othr countries. AND thr cn b only ONE legally wedded spouse at any point of time. D othr person may b deemed as d person in an extra-marital relationship. Glad to know tht u r nt only watching d serials, but also trying to know & understand abt us. Just don’t let d silly script writers confound u. Truth z after all, stranger than fiction.

    1. leisa s morris

      Thk for d info one doesnt kno d actual facts based on these storylines. One time i actually saw aliyah going to court with divorce papers after gettin signature from both parties without them being present and a nxt serial a mother got divorce papers for her son to divorce his wife so yes these writers stretch d realms of reality to a point of it not makin any sense at all. By what u said i guess its safe to assume dat abhis marriage to tanu is illegal if he married her right awsy without goin through sll d various channels u mention

  4. of course Anonymous i agree with you 100% the writers are very unprofessional in their way of thinking and putting pen to paper and so they are always lost for good storylines; i feel sooooooooooo sorry for them and yet they will not go and get the help that they need.

    1. Thanks Sapphire for responding. How much we comment they will never change. Their minds are set. Sorry to says this is why india is corrupted. With this kind of mentality and thinking. If you compare to US american soaps they move forward. I feel sorry for the actors that they have act to those kind of roles. I would quit next day.

    2. leisa s morris

      Sapphire my mind hurts sometime trying to wrap it around d storyline bein told. Things dat wud never happen in real life is bein done i kno its a movie and u’re allowed to write as u feel but atleast research and then do stuffs so its atleast perceived as realty and one can say yes i kno dis is how things wrk

  5. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Watching the show only for Mishal

  6. I use to read these episodes of This drama instead of watching it.Now I I feel like its high time to stop reading too.
    it’s better to imagine KKB’s story as u wish than reading or watching this show…

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