Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi gives blood to Kiara and saves her life

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya blaming Abhi for Kiara’s accident. Abhi says you could stop her, but you didn’t and asks why you didn’t teach her that she shall not go alone. He calls her careless and says whenever I met her, she was alone. Pragya says last time she met with an accident, when she was with you. She asks him to tell that she will be fine. Abhi says she is careless like me, but strong like you. Pragya asks him not to cry and says you are her superman. Abhi says I couldn’t protect my daughter.

Aaliya calls Tanu. Tanu says I saw your missed calls. Aaliya says she has bad news. Tanu says you didn’t ask me about my mum and giving me bad news. She says bad thing can be Pragya is not King’s wife, but this is not true. Aaliya asks when she will change. Tanu says she will hear her bad news later after coming home. Aaliya tells her that Pragya and King are not married. Tanu drops the phone in shock and picks it. Aaliya says it was all truth and asks her to return back. Sunny takes a lady’s phone and calls Disha. Disha picks the call and asks if he is fine/ Sunny tells her about Kiara’s accident. Purab comes there. Disha takes Purab with him. Abhi prays to God to save Kiara. He tells that he started believing him and asks why are you punishing Kiara. He asks God to listen atleast to Pragya if not him. He says if something happens to Kiara then he will stop believing him and break this temple. He cries and begs infront of God to save Kiara. He promises not to do mistakes and asks God to save Kiara. Purab and Disha hear him along with Pragya. Purab tells Abhi that his voice and prayers will be heard by Kiara. Pragya hugs Disha while Abhi hugs Purab. Jo mere dil ko plays…

The doctor tells Nurse that they need blood and asks her to talk to family. Nurse comes out and tells that kiara’s organs have slow down and says they have to give her blood. Abhi says our blood group is same and goes to give blood.

Sunny prays to God and asks him to save her. Disha says she will be fine. Nurse takes Abhi’s blood and asks him to tell if he feels weak. Abhi asks her to take even the last blood drop for his daughter. Nurse says Kiara will feel proud of him. Abhi blames himself and tells Purab that Kiara went out to get flkowers for him. He says God is doing this again and again with Kiara. Purab thinks to get Kiara and Abhi’s DNA test. Pragya tells Disha that she forgot to call King. Disha asks why you didn’t call him yet. Pragya says everything happened so fast and says I am calling him now. Disha says you are not attached to King and neither he is. She tells that Kiara is also attached to Abhi and asks her to accept. Pragya goes to Kiara. She thinks of Disha’s words and thinks I wanted to tell him when she was pregnant. A fb is shown, Pragya recalls watching Abhi on TV giving interview to media. He tells that he has dedicated his album for Dadi. Pragya thinks Abhi is still angry with her as Abhi blames her for Dadi’s death.

Pragya thanks Abhi for giving blood to Kiara. Abhi asks did I thank you for taking care of Kiara and tells that it is his duty to give blood to his daughter. Pragya says Kiara is Mr. Singh’s daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Well, finally my comment about DNA testing is about to come true and sure enough, the results will in one way or another, be falsified so the truth will stay hidden….for another 2 or 3 years.

  2. Tuna actually behaves and looks like a normal person, until she becomes angry and begins to throw things. Then it’s regular Tuna at the helm, yet again. When Abhi is at the hospital temple and Abhi is shouting at the God Ganesh, Abhi demands, why is that happening over and over to Kiara. Certainly the current brick situation is without the involvement of Tuna/Aliyah but you would think that the man would have noticed that the ‘accidents’ and Tuna behaving with desperation just may be related. Lovely directing! As Purab and Disha simultaneously offer their hands respectively to Abhi and Pragya. Quality comes from the details. It is truly sad as Disha encourages Pragya to dismiss King. As if King has no importance. Disha’s demands, her hopes which she believes are altruistic, are not. She doesn’t care who she hurts while she is bending reality to suit her vision. That’s the way Aliyah and Tuna function. Disha has lived too long in the murder mansion and the effects are visible. You do not make your dreams come true on the backs of other people. by hurting or diminishing the lives of others. That makes you a builder of new karmic debt. Your actions could be dissolving karma, creating life which is supportive of all people. Regarding Disha, that would mean that she needs to clean up her own family first. Just like Aliyah and Tuna, she has chosen to control others without thought to the many consequences which will occur. A sweet face and manner does not cancel out the evil. The few ‘past moments’ we see from Pragya’s pregnancy tease us. We actually, finally get to learn a little about those missing years. Yes, Pragya was hoping that Abhi’s anger would cool down and he would be excited about the pregnancy. Of course, Pragya was left crying in her hope. He was still blaming Pragya for Dadi’s death. I’m sure Aliyah had been giving him daily lectures to keep his anger high and volatile.

  3. I think that if there is DNA test’s result between Abhi and Kiara, it will be changed by Aaliya or Tanu, Abhi will not know the truth when 2 monsters are still in his house. I only want to see all children to be lived with their parents, but to Abhi I have no belive on him, because he’s always doubt on Pragya who he says he love so much, but if there is somebody talk some things not good about Pragya, he will belive without thinking or considering of it is right or wrong. Maybe we have loved this character in before, so we hope to see he can do anything for his love to against injustice that it is aimed to Pragya (his lover), but at now, we see that he is only a normal person in compare with our expectations.
    I undersand that Pragya love Abhi so much, when we love anyone we will be forgive for their mistakes easily, but in this occasion Pragya should take Kiara go away from this family, it is not good for her and her daughter to return. Unless Abhi has a strong decision in punishing his sister and Tanu. To get it, he should be open his eyes to see anything to happen around his family.
    I think the writer will have a good ending for Abhi and Pragya, the bad things will be always punished, because the good persons will always win.

  4. even after the gesture pragya did that to abhi .. they changed it so much that she became like tanu and aliya. short

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