Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Aaliya provokes King against Pragya, he feels cheated

Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with King getting sad thinking about Aaliya and Abhi’s words. He gets upset. Dadi tells that she has now two bahus. Dasi says there are two saas too. Purab tells that they are happy to see Pragya back. Abhi says for forever. Aaliya looks on. Dadi asks Pragya if she is fine. Pragya says yes. Abhi says I was with her. King thinks how I couldn’t find about Pragya’s relation with them before. Dadi is about to faint. Everyone hold her. Disha says lets go home and gets our clothes changed, we shall get nice pics clicked. Pragya and Abhi looks at each other. Disha and Purab tease them. Dadi asks them to come home and talk. King silently excuses himself without Pragya noticing him. Aaliya goes to him and tells that she came seeing him sad. King says I know you have come to sprinkle

salt on my wounds. Aaliya says she came to console her, like he did. She says I told you to talk to Pragya, but you scolded me. Aaliya says you shall show this anger to Pragya and not to me. She should have told you that she is married to Abhi and says there is a big thing, she might want both options, if she couldn’t get Abhi then King will be there for you.

She says I am sorry to say this, you have anger on pragya and may be hatred. King says there is only love for now. He tells that Pragya is not right, and gets angry. He controls his anger and tells her that he had planned to propose Pragya after Neha and Tarun’s marriage, and shows the mangalsutra. He tells that few mins back, he was loving her and now having hatred for her, infact with the world. Aaliya thinks you shall hate Pragya as your hatred will stop her from marrying Abhi. She thinks I don’t want her to marry Bhai again and ruin my life.

Pragya is in Abhi’s room and wears his kurta. She smiles. Song plays tenu hai yeh chunya. …Abhi comes to her and teases her for hugging his kurta. Pragya asks if he don’t feel shame. Abhi says why shall I feel shame and says if I tell everyone then you will be pani pani/embarrassed. He says if you don’t want this then give me a hug. Pragya says no. Abhi says I am planning for a new Kiara and tells that he don’t mind if their other daughter will be like her. Pragya says Kiara is like me same to same. Abhi says she is like me. He asks her not to fly high else he will take out his kurta. She asks what are you doing. Pragya slips. Abhi holds her….Sanam Re plays…..Abhi says I stopped you from falling many times, but today I have saved myself. He says if you had refused then I would have fallen for forever. He asks her to be with him for forever and says they will start afresh. He says I will take my kurta back and…..Pragya smiles. She then thinks of King.

King comes home devastated and takes out Pragya’s photo frame and throws on ground. He cries and throws her pics recalling their moments. Halla song plays…..He sits down on the ground and tears Pragya’s pic. He thinks how to forgive you, you have changed my love into hatred.

Abhi says I was talking about us, and you brought King between us. Pragya says I was his manager since many years and he has taken care of Kiara and me. Abhi says we will send him thank you card. He says I understand your feelings but. Pragya says he has taken care of us and gave name to Kiara. Abhi thinks of King’s challenge that he will marry Pragya. Pragya tells him that she will go there and tell him, and then return soon. She asks him not to worry. Abhi says I am not worried, but remembered something. He says I will also come with you as I think you can’t convinced him. Pragya says if I make him understand then he will agree. We were good friends. Abhi asks do you know that he likes her. Pragya says you are getting jealous and tells that he thinks of her talks as irritating and annoying. Abhi says even I used to think same first and then I fell in love with you. Pragya says you are complicating the things between two friends.

Abhi says I have a condition and asks her to choose his clothes after marriage. Pragya says ok and asks him to tell everything to Tanu as well. Abhi says done. Pragya says I will come soon. King lights the match sticks and puts on Pragya’s pic. He says why did you come in my life when you had to return, and why did you teach me love?

King tells Pragya that her life is connected with his and now itself she will return with him to London. Pragya asks him to leave her hand and slaps him hard. King is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi .Everyone.pls don’t change king as a negative character..he is very gud.he helped Pragya and gave is name to kaira..

  2. Someone here mentioned that King will probably take Kiara to London because he is registered as her father there. Looks like this is going to happen….oh boy. Never a sweet moment for Pragya.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Pragya is still kiaras mom and a simple paternity test can prove dat king is not d father and has known dis all d time. Yes these writers can do anyting so anyting is a possibility but at d end of d day pragya never lied to him. At d very beginninng she told him everyting and also let him know dat didnt want dat kind of relationship with him. He formulated his own feelings regardless of this and thus he is hurting right now as a result. Pragya on d other hand shoukd”ve been d one to tell him d entire truth so she has dat burden to bear for hurting someone who cared about her. Kiara is another case cause she considers king as her father so it would interesting to see how she handles dis.

      1. Leisa, I don’t disagree with you on Pragya having told King that she isn’t interested in a personal relationship with him… What I have a problem with is that after meeting up with Abhi after all these years, sitting across a table and discussing contracts, living under the same roof with him, she constantly denied Chachi’s accusations that there is something going on between Pragya and Abhi and here she is, continuing with Abhi as if King’s place in her life meant nothing! That’s not ethical at all!! Even the whore Tanu hinted to him but King trusted Pragya over everyone else and is this how she repays his kindness, not that he was looking for anything… So, now I divorce myself from the unrealistic world of kkb and if all these shortcomings didn’t happen, we’d never have a serial… In my view, no relationship is perfect but ppl should try to do what is right because wrong decisions bring diverse ramifications which hurt, break or make relations and Pragya hasn’t taught us anything, what she’s done is show us how women choose to remain in battered relationships instead of liberating themselves.. Just my opinion and I know you understand what I mean after all we’ve known each other for quite a while now and value each other’s opinions… Have a good day Leisa… Chat again soon

    2. Me, that was me and at this point I do hope Kiara is saved from ALL of the Mehra’s including her mother who would turn her into either a victim or another Mehra murderer. King could support her in growing up healthy and strong. She wouldn’t be used by TFA to control Pragya. Since TF’s mother is dead she must have come into some money…and we know she owned a significant amount of property. TF will be in a perfect position to begin hurting Pragya and… Kiara. Kiara is not safe any near the criminal family.

      1. you know i wont say anything if abhi supports pragya atleast hereafter if that b*t*h starts hurting and insulting her or she should either give away to her its shamless to see oragy begging for life knowing that he wont get rid of his love why k she is doing this much she needs to be slapped and insulted only by king because in my point of view she is a shameless women who will be slave and also will be insuted and degraded by mm even by her so callled one women man ,she wont go out of the house ,if he supports her (abhi) without again being manipulated by those two witches ,i k will accept pragya but honsetly why did they changed pragya doormat being this much love sick for man who even hurted her and insulted and married that b*t*h eventhough knowing about her ,my one questiuon is imagine if pragya is in tanu position and tanu in pragya postion on that day alone after knowing tanu truth that she killed his dadi after 7yrs,would have he married pragya no na he wont because he truly loves tanu he want tanu in his life and pragya is shamless idiot i dont wat to name her with other words ,cant even see that shamless romance between these two in that room,i really want pragy to be insulted again by her husband and tanu alia and she should be single forever,really kiara doent deserve this mother

  3. The poisonous Alia does her work, depositing hatred where ever she chooses. She quietly smiles, as the hatred lands, exactly where aimed, in the heart of King. The music works overtime to create the perfect mood for each scene that is changing your emotion. Pragya finally remembers Mr. Singh. The music and the camera through he keyhole’ all add for the viewer to feel and understand he pain King is experiencing. Abhi’s T-shirt as usual is used to advertise his current feelings. “I feel love” should also have added to it, “When TFA allow me”. As usual Pragya is blind to the love becoming hatred in King, she’s blind to her knowledge of TFA. Well, I guess this is an appropriate set up to the next round of hatred. Kiara is significantly missing. Again, I hope that King leaves with Kiara. That might get Pragya’s attention. And the Laws in London may just be more supportive to King. Afte all, Kiara should not be allowed around the experienced murderers TFA, Raj and Mithali or the crazy brute Abhi, who may have the odd moments of normalcy but always returns to be obedient to TFA.

    1. How d this shamless pragya even after iltreated damaged insulted is getting back to.her one woman husband how all suport abhinalso I can’t understand seriously for.this she should get iltreated by king abhi and mm and she should again be thrwom like a dusting for the hosue d I don’t know atleat that time that shamelss dead charactwr will understand or not her husband doemt evrn loves her y she is this much love sick puppy for him when I see her character being like this i really hater so much shamless dead wife is agiant romancing with her abuser no wonder she will come to mm again and again eventhough if he romnace with his true love tanu this pragya will be in the side longing for his love like these yrs tanu ws there in the hosue

  4. What a shameless sister abhi had chit pragya deserved to be more insured and degraded by mainly Alia to get into her do called Bhai abd tanu life what women she is I don’t know what is the purpose of tabu even being his wife evethough she couldn’t get baby Iy this Alia hate her so much what a f**king sis he has rally fr pity for abhi no pity fr pragya even be oming bahu of that junglian house my days us

  5. Give us some substantial story line to enjoy man!
    Tired of one story over and over again

  6. Hello everyone… As I see it, Pragya is doomed to a miserable married life, with or without Abhi. The ONLY time she will definitely be happy in MM, is the day Aliya is DEAD!! People change during the passage of time obviously Aliya failed to become refined. Before anyone bash me, please know that I’m all for love romance, peace, truth ,honesty and all the jargon.. I’m stating emphatically, that Aliya is not wrong when she tells King that Pragya should have told him that she was married to Abhi!! Look at current events now, Pragya ended up with Abhi again, when she knew she was falling in love with him again, couldn’t she fricking tell the man? Couldn’t she find a way to break that secret to him? King’s reaction is justified, period!!!! I don’t have a problem with Pragya and Abhi uniting but this was low class stunt she pulled on King and he’s now devastated beyond belief! My first reaction reading Aliya and King’s interaction was Yessssss…..this is what I had hoped for and I still feel the same way… King’s moves are unpredictable now and I feel my efforts weren’t wasted after all in watching this serial… Of course behind the scenes, Ekta is pulling the strings, she probably was in a similar situation like this so she’s out to punish King, maybe her man did her so she’s transferred her toxicity to a good man like King Singh!! King should take Kiara and go back to London… Pragya the ungrateful neemakharram…don’t know if I spelt that correctly… She deserves some torture for treating King as a stranger…under his roof and his care!!

    1. yes i also want that eventough he doent deserve slap seriously many are saying pragya is crct that she shouldnt allow any man to misbehave on her except one women man ,many are commenting that he is not hating her for hiding her secreat but betrayed that she betrayed him by loving anotherman blah blah i dont understand ,but king can punish pragya she deserves toture only for ing but not one women man .i thought he will change negative after knowing pragya truth twds mm family mainly abhi but they have changed that he is turning negative to hate pragya

  7. Hi Naz, Agreed. In toto. Looks like ur wish is likely to get fulfilled with King turning negative as per Raheja’s posts in IG. Pragya slaps King & when itz Abhi she’ll slip to be held. Why is physical violence so normalised in thz serial whn another option exists? She cd hv bn shown as pushing King away roughly, after all she has enough prior experience dealing with even kidnappers, killers etc., 😉😉 And he is comparatively only a milder version, a kind man so far who z nt yet shown as d villain. And Naz, am nt from d Hindi speaking belt. But I think the word cd be Namakharaam. As for as my limited knowledge of Hindi goes, itz tht Namak Salt connection. Hope am right for ur sake. And yes, Pragya is ungrateful, highly so. Has she conveniently & selectively forgotten her suicide attempt, & who & what led her to it ? And she wz 29 yrs or so at the time she married Abhi. Thrz a scene whr Sarla mentions her age rueing tht Pragya z nt married yet. So for a woman now in her mid to late thirties, is it tht impossible to find d subtle changes in King towards her, whl living under d same roof, spending a bulk of her time with him? Was she soooooo unaware of d ramifications of her referring to him as her husband at d time King ws introduced in d serial, tht too to d London Bobby? Huh. 😏😏

    1. If Pragya was 29 when she married then wouldn’t she be either 40 or 41 years of age. I remember that scene as well! 4 years as Abhi’s abused wife (with a few moments here and there of joy) and then the 7 year leap. King does look a couple of years younger than Pragya. Abhi looks older than King.

  8. No Akituster, they’d hv us believe tht d nearly 5 yrs of real screen time lasted less time. (KKB started in Apr ’14, I suppose.) You know very well how every single moment & a day’s event in KKB ws made to stretch screechingly, annoyingly to aeons. So it cd be 29 + perhaps 1yr + 7yrs of Kiara. And tht sum total tantamounts to Pragya being an adult woman & not exactly a teenagaer, right? So where is the maturity in her?

  9. Viji… Pragya has selective memory.. She forgot her suicide attempt and who caused her to reach to that point!! I don’t speak Hindi either, could understand a little but I’m of East Indian descent and I could tell you that it’s been engrained in our psyche that a woman should stay with her husband till death, so that means she can take the shit by her husband’s hands and his family and stay put and not shame the family but thank goodness ppl are evolving and some parents care enough to not see their daughter’s life being destroyed so they educate them so that they don’t become too dependant on the husband…although some still haven’t evolved! So, Pragya is in the beat me but don’t leave me syndrome.. She can’t leave Abhi because he appeals to her battered mindset. Women like her are s*xually attracted towards their abusers and cannot recognize when they meet men like King who are kind and less aggressive in their romantic desires…..they like it rough and hott…The best thing for me is seeing a different King, I want to see the other side to him, it’s time to see him kick ass… I’ve really really dug deep into this saga of Pragya and Abhi and this is one freaking convoluted love …this whole Mehra clan including Disha and her effeminate husband, are truly one abnormal set of ppl… They are so full of themselves…. Lorddddddd!! I’m waiting patiently to see King’s metamorphosis!!

  10. Marie Raphael

    I had fun reading your comments friends. Naz.
    Pragya is an insult to woman in soapland. I can’t believe she went back to Abi so easily without even considering tanu will walk out so easily, or oh it will be all paradise. Romance and the world doesn’t exist. Hmmmm. After all its proven Tanu and Pragya is the same.
    We all know pragya love abi, but she could have atleast be real with the man who stood by her, support her etc and even give name to her daughter.
    They can prove in india that Kira is Abi daughter but like king said to world Kira is his daughter and i want to see if she choses to live with Abi then she is ungreatful just like her mother or King the only man she ever knee as dad.

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