Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya meets Dadi in temple, Abhi searches her

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shahana telling Prachi about Ranbir’s football match. Prachi asks why are you getting happy. Shahana says he is a college guy and if he wins then he will make college name. Prachi says he is a flirt. Shahana says when my turn will come and says she will accept his proposal. Prachi asks her to stay away from him. Shahana says she gets reminded of Krishna, Mathura Krishna. She asks if she is after Ranbir. Shahana says thank god, we will not be sautan, and says she will make Rhea as her sautan. She then says Ranbir will be her boyfriend, then will marry, have 11 kids. Prachi says he fights with me always whenever we meet. Shahana says I think Ranbir’s Jodi is with you and says she can sacrifice him for her. She asks her to beware of Rhea and says there will be love triangle.

Prachi says just like he says that I am not her type, he is also not my type. She says he is good with Rhea type of girls.

Abhi brings water and asks where is that kumkum lady. The lady whose aarti plate fell asks him to drink water. Other lady asks him not to talk on phone before coming there. Abhi teases them. They ask him to go and do darshan of the God. Pragya is again climbing the stairs. He gets a call and gets busy talking. Pragya goes past him. Abhi tells the lady that his friend is calling him again and again. Lady says even God can’t do anything for you. Abhi asks them to drink water. They leave. He thinks why Dasi is taking time. Pragya comes and stands beside Dadi. She prays to God that she sent Prachi trusting him and asks him to support Prachi and take care of her. She prays for her younger daughter and asks him to take care of both. Dadi opens her eyes and asks God to show her Pragya’s face once. She turns and sees Pragya’s face. Ram Ram Jai Sita Ram…prays. Dadi gets surprised and calls her name. Pragya looks at Dadi and touches her feet. She then hugs Dadi and cries. Dadi says my girl…and asks how are you. Pragya says I am fine and asks about her daughter.

Dadi says she is good. She tells Pandit ji that her prayer is fulfilled and tells about her prayer on every Purnima. She says I pray that God shall unite Abhi and Pragya. She calls Abhi. Pragya asks her to let her go, and asks about Rhea. Dadi says she is at home and asks her to come home. Pragya runs from there. Dadi asks her to stay back and not to go. She shouts and tells Abhi that Pragya is here. Abhi is on call and comes to Dadi. Dadi says God heard my prayers, Pragya returned. Abhi is surprised. Dadi says God heard my prayers and sent her. She says God himself fulfilled her wish and tells that Pragya hugged her. She asks him to go and meet him, says she is wearing pink saree and asks him to bring her back.

Rhea thinks don’t know what is happening at home. Her friend asks what happened? Rhea says she has to talk to Bua. She calls Aaliya and says I am tensed, and my friends have seen it. She asks if she is in office. Aaliya says yes, and attends a call. She tells that she came for an important meeting. Rhea says if Dad comes to know. Aaliya says security guy Mahesh refused to help us. Purab comes and asks who refused to help you. Aaliya ends the call and takes file from his hand. He asks her not to do what she is doing? Aaliya says you gave this file. Purab says I am talking about Rhea. Aaliya says we don’t need topic to fight and says married people don’t need topic. She asks him to say clearly. Purab says Rhea is Pragya’s di safekeeping and asks her not to change her, and says Rhea wanted to know who has stolen the necklace so that she can take revenge from that person. Aaliya says Bhai has snatched Rhea from Pragya and Rhea has nothing to do with Pragya. Purab says Rhea is Pragya’s daughter. Sunny comes there and asks how are you guys? Purab says if he will call mom and dad as guys. He says sorry and says if they are fighting. Aaliya says no. Sunny says dad promised to come with me to see football match. Purab says I forgot. Aaliya says if our son asked you to come, then you have to..and asks Purab to have lunch with her. Aaliya leaves. Purab says I got saved. Sunny says mom is not bad and asks if he doesn’t like her, then why did he marry her. Purab misses Disha and reminisces her.

Rhea comes to her car and finds Chor sticker on her car. Rocky comes and asks if she did this. Rhea asks who? Rocky says Rohan told me that hoshiarpur behenji is doing this. Rhea fumes. Pragya is running out of temple. Abhi runs behind her calling her. Jab tak jahan me….Dadi asks Abhi if Pragya is found. Abhi says he is searching her. He thinks Dadi told that she has worn pink saree. Pragya sits in some car. Abhi looks for her everywhere. Pragya gets down from the car and runs. Abhi sees her and follows her. Pragya is walking. Abhi runs behind her. Dadi asks if he met Pragya. Abhi says 2 mins. He goes behind a wrong lady. Lady turns and she is not Pragya. Abhi gets sad.

Precap: Abhi tells Dadi that he went to search her and says she was not there. She is not good like you think, and says she is gone. Rhea is about to slap Prachi for sticking the stickers. Prachi holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alia can never change…why I forget this always. For just 2 mins abhi reminisces pragya and then starts badmouthing her..atleat being an elder dadi can stop him….why she always just cries and pleads in front of him to stop abusing her. I always thought that alia won’t get her love but I guess finally disha got killed or she may have died due to some illness and for the sake of sunny he had to marry her. But how can purab give such a mother to Sunny.. I mean he knows everything.. All the boys in these series r dumb…or I should say they have become like that coz of abhi??pragya needs to be strong..if we girls ask for commitment then we r also gud @moving onnnnnnnn???????????????
    Trp list came and to my utter disbelief the show has achieved 1st position like seriously????????????

    1. Actually, that boy is not Sunny. His name was mentioned in an earlier episode. Disha and Sunny disappeared. This boy is actually Aliyah’s son and I do no recall his name. Do you think aliyah bought the baby or actually became pregnant herself. It was also ‘teased’ about a month ago that the actress was pregnant in real life. Obviously, that was a tease.

      1. Aaryan is aliya and purab son

  2. There is banter between mini-Pragya and Shahana. Shahana ‘s western clothes are juxtaposed next to the traditional clothes of mini-Pragya. Abhi is written to be a normal human while waiting for his Dasi at the temple. Dasi meets Pragya. Pragya runs. Dasi calls for Abhi to chase down Pragya. We are cut into a stressed mini-Aliyah/Tuna Fish talking to her criminal b*tch aunt. Purab tries to convince Aliyah to remember her humanity. He points out that Aliyah’s thinking is highly contradictory. That is she is dumb. She tailors the facts so that it fits her own emotional age which continues to remain below the age of 5. She’s a liar, you know. And worse.
    The imaginary son of Aliyah and Purab arrives. Imaginary, because I cannot bring my imagination to believe that ANYONE would climb into bed with the criminal POS, much less Purab. The son of Purab asks his father, “why did you marry Mom”. There are a few of us asking the same question. Do all of the male characters have to be portrayed as being stupid people? We cut into a scene where mini-Aliyah has parts of the Chor poster, now ripped, with only the words Chor stuck all over mini-Aliyah’s car. The very ‘healthy’ woman pretending to be a girl, pouts. She should be put out of her misery.
    But we know that if she becomes a part of Ekta Aunty’s girl club that won’t ever happen. And why the hell was there not a scene of mini-Pragya reporting the whole incident to faculty? To the dean of the college? Then we cut into the portion of the show which is meant for us to believe that this show is about abhigya. Two minutes spent begging old viewers to remain and thus become ‘hooked’ onto the new show which should not be called KKB. Obviously it was cheaper for Ekta Aunty to give KKB a slow death in order to enhance Ekta’s bank account. I guess that girls club of hers as well as the new baby are getting expensive.

  3. Naruto Uzumaki

    I dropped this serial long time ago..But while commenting for YRHPK..I just came to look at this..Kaha se kaha aagaya yaar…How many leaps are they gonna take???Still on 1st position?????Can’t believe??This sucks me??Anyways,nothing more to tell…Bye guys….

  4. So, once again Pragya lands on grounds close to her former abuser and family and immediately she’s sucked into a chance meeting with Abhi’s dadi… Just like when she came back with King from London.. Does this not sound alarm bells for this educated woman that her life is coming full circle once again and that she should pull up her skirts and run? Tango, Pragya needs to take your advice… No question about that, I’m giving the same thing too, two of us can’t be wrong on the same wavelength. I’m cutting short my comment, to rethink and reboot..

  5. Hi Naz I am back on again whats up my friend, girl I happen to watch kum kum bhagya tonight and was shocked to hear alliya calling Purab her husband what became of Disha and her son what happened to them and why the hell Purab could not get another nice woman instead of that WITCH Allyia she mean she had to get Purab some day what i want to know is how did this happen.

    1. May be Alia might have preg already like tanu so when it went to ears of disha she night have got promise from purab plz give like to her baby so it’s like that sho knows or may be like everyone ipinon sunny might have. Been killed by Lia or b*t*h so she got married to him

  6. Dear Sapphire, nobody knows how Purab ended up with Aliya, we were shocked out of our recliners to see them as a married couple but brace yourself Sapphire for this one, Aliya has a son with Purab, don’t know how she managed to get him under the sheets to conceive a baby, either it’s IVF or he covered her face before digging in… How he ended up with her is a mystery so far but a son is theirs. As you can see, we have two 30+ yrs old women being passed off as 20 yrs old daughters because in the entire pool of youngsters in soapland, Ekta Kapoor couldn’t find anyone younger than Aliya’s clone and Satrangi Sasural lead heroine from a few years ago to do their characters, the latter could probably pass as a 20 year old woman but the former looks like a good match for Abhi who didn’t get a single gray hair in the 20 years leap. There must be a fountain of youth around the Mehra mansion I swear, because nobody got a day older than how they previously looked except Pragya who wears a pair of designer glasses and hande down looking clothes, guess she really didn’t accept any money from Abhi at all…now, we see her getting closer to the lion’s den, hopefully with age, Abhi would change his perspective on blaming Pragya for everything that happened to him although that’s highly unlikely…Anyways, we don’t know what happened to Disha, I’m glad she’s gone, she was a real pain in the ass in the 2nd season, never mind the second generation theme, we are actually in the 3rd season of kkb…there’s winter yet to come… Hopefully that’ll be the end!!

  7. Where is Disha and sunny? They just disappeared is that boy Aryan or Sunny …is he Disha son or Aliya if he is sunny I don’t think Aliya will love him so much or he will love Aliya as his mother

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