Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kiara meets with an accident, Pragya blames Abhi

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kiara telling Abhi that she will get flowers from the road outside the school. Sunny warns her not to go there. Abhi runs behind her. Disha and Purab come home. Purab holds her closer and says today I am very happy. Disha asks why? Purab says I kissed you just now, today you made my nose bigger by 5 ft 3 inches. Aaliya sees them and thinks they start anywhere, and thinks to ignore their romance. Disha asks him to let her go. Purab says whatever he tells, he tells with feelings and asks her to check in his shirt, says my heart is bigger than Abhi. Aaliya thinks where is her phone and walks back. Purab and Disha talk about Pragya and Abhi. She says jiju will be happy when he comes to know that di is not married to King. Aaliya hears them and is shocked. She thinks Tanu would have committed suicide if she comes to know this and thinks why they are not married, Abhi will bring Pragya in his life. Kiara goes out to get the flowers. Abhi, Pragya and Sunny run behind her. Kiara takes the flowers in her hand. Abhi and Pragya stop and smiles. Some construction work is going on there. Abhi sees workers throwing the bricks mistakenly and signing at Abhi to move from the way. One of the brick falls down on Kiara. Abhi and Pragya run towards her. Kiara gets injured. Abhi asks her to open her eyes. He lifts her and takes her in his car along with Pragya and Sunny. Pragya cries.

Abhi tells that he won’t let anything wrong happen with her. He asks Pragya not to cry. Sunny tells Pragya that Abhi is her superman. Pragya asks if he promises that he won’t let anything wrong happen to Kiara? Abhi promises her. Aaliya thinks Tanu shall know this and calls her, but Tanu is not picking the call. Aaliya thinks to do something else this storm will take away everything. Abhi brings Kiara to hospital. Nurse calls the doctor and says he will see your doctor. Doctor asks him not to worry. Abhi says my daughter. Doctor asks Ward boy to take her to OT for operation. Pragya asks if she will become fine. Doctor asks her not to worry and says nothing will happen to your daughter. Nurse asks Pragya to fill the form. Pragya cries and can’t fill the form. Abhi keeps his hand on her shoulder. Pragya asks him to fill the form. Maula mere lele meri jaan plays…..Abhi fills the form and writes her name as Kiara Abhishek Mehra. Pragya sees that and gets emotional. Abhi gives form to Nurse. He hugs Pragya as she cries. Pragya breaks their hug and goes to see her. Abhi asks Sunny to come.

Aaliya tells Disha that she was wrong about her and thought her as middle class. She says middle class people don’t insult any relation as they value it a lot. She says but you are not middle class, but low class. She says you want to take advantage of Tanu’s situation and trying to make her leave when she is away. Disha says Pragya is Abhi’s wife and bahu of the house and she shall be here. Disha says you said that I am low middle class and then said that I want to break other bahu’s house, and now saying that I am not bahu of the house. She says I have relation with pragya and Abhi and will unite them and sacrifice her happiness for them. She asks her to think what will happen if Pragya returns and asks can you stay then? Aaliya shouts Disha’s name and points finger at her. Disha asks her to keep her finger down. Aaliya says you can argue or fight with me, but can’t insult me. Disha says you can’t win from me as someone happiness lies in my happiness.

Doctor operates on Kiara. Pragya looks at her from the window and cries. Purab thinks Aunty and chucks are in tension, and thinks to ask someone to give phone. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her not to cry. Pragya recalls Kiara telling that she will bring flowers for him. She then blames Abhi for Kiara’s accident. Abhi asks what? He asks what do you mean? Pragya says she went to get flowers for you and met with this accident. Abhi says I didn’t send her. Pragya says she went so that you can do puja. He gets upset. Pragya cries.

Abhi begs infront of the God to save his daughter and harm him instead. Purab and Disha come there. Aaliya informs Tanu that king and Pragya are not husband and wife. Tanu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wondered if Aliyah might understand what a sicko stalker/peeping tom does in their spare time? This creeped out character watches a couple in their private moments…while they are in their bedroom… and complains about them. This amazon ape Jane, (African, really… feel pity for Africa!) wandering around the Mehra murder mansion that she has made into her own jungle and Abhi is a weirded out Tarzan, really needs to meet a hungry beast that would be courageous enough to eat her. Good riddance to her! The character, truly is a ghost that needs to be dealt with permanently. Kiara is a spoiled brat. A cute brat, but a brat none the less. If her parent does not correct her behaviour can you imagine the shock she is in for, when she marries and discovers that she is a slave and must obey everything told to her, by some mere man and his mother? Both Aliyah and Tuna should be reminded that it is extremely ‘declasse’ to wear evening clothes in the morning. A sign of desperation from someone who is trying to prove that they are moneyed. They come across as sleazy, cheap people. New wealth, obviously. Never bred to be moneyed. Especially when their trademark insults always complain that middle class people have no breeding. Huh! Aliyah is so obviously bred from poverty. Her only asset is her brother’s money. Otherwise we all know what she would be doing for her livelihood. It would not involve pretty clothes. She’s a low level thug and a smarter thug (there would be plenty) would slap her into her appropriate place. “You want to take advantage of a situation, don’t you?” she asks of Disha. It’s funny how stupid people always blame others for what they do themselves. And Aliyah proceeds in confirming that she is of the lowest class, regardless of her money. ‘Class’ of course being defined by behaviour. ‘Class’ does not require money. Individuals showing ‘class’ in their behaviour have also embraced humility. Conscious responsibility for their position. Today’s wealthy people do not have class. They generally behave like creatures with too much unearned power. Their behaviour is mostly lacking any class at all. Wealth does not make you classy, except in one’s own needy, ill-bred mind. Being able to purchase a $20,000 bottle of champagne does not make you classy. Stupid, perhaps, but not classy. The producer here, is trying to teach you that ‘class’ requires money. The majority ‘rich’ of the world are greedy non-sensical thugs who desperately wish they had class. You can’t buy class. It comes from one’s balanced mind and heart. Well, we’ve been set-up for several conflicts. Will the writers simply regenerate old plots? Anybody in a betting mood? Naw… we know these writers. Today’s tease of some actual plot/story, remains a tease. Worse, we know that Ekta Kapoor cages talent. We can count on that. Just like Aliyah, she appears to have some struggle with self-worth. I wonder if the writers secretly punish Miss Kapoor by funnelling her personality traits into the worst characters of Aliyah, Tuna and Mithali. The fish brigade. Sorry, to all the fish in the world.

  2. Thank you Leisa, for the clarifications. King is too good, how’s he gonna survive in this toxic situation when the truth is revealed? I understand King’s acceptance of Pragya’s situation from when he met her and give her familial protection status. The bigger problem arise after connecting with the Mehra’s. Pragya has deliberately decided to keep her connection to Abhi a secret and that I have a problem with. His feelings are developing for her and if he has this philosophy on their relationship, then he should start packing his bags to move out because Pragya and Abhi wants each other… There’s no place for King in this story or relationship… He was just used to bring abhigya together… Safe way to look at it is that he’s their guardian angel, nothing more. I understand your comparisons between sadika and abhigya… It’s left to be seen how this revelation changes King if or not at all.

    1. Leisa s morris

      I agree on dat naz. Due to their relationship she should’ve told king bout abhi and let d chips fall where dey may. Now his growing feelings is gonna b an issue and knowing pragya she mite prefer to leave d house than continue hurting him

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