Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu loses in the game

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The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Tanu to play the game so that she can do her work. She turns to go and sees King. She thinks if he heard me. King thinks why is she smiling as she gets irritated seeing me. Aaliya asks Dasi to tell Abhi to play the game and says if Tanu identifies him while blindfolded then we will know who loves him more. Dasi says Pragya. Aaliya says let them play the game and see. Dasi says it won’t be right. Aaliya says may be Tanu will identify Abhi and Pragya will identify King. Mitali says Pragya might identify Abhi as her husband. Aaliya asks Dasi to convince Abhi. Abhi agrees. Disha tells Purab that they shall talk to Pragya about Kiara. Mitali thanks Dasi for convincing them. Abhi thinks he don’t want to play the game else Pragya’s words will come true. Mitali ties blind fold on Tanu’s eyes. Dasi asks John to ask Aaliya to get gift from her cupboard. John says ok. Mitali asks Tanu to walk. Aaliya is going to cut Chandelier rope when John follow her to tell about Dasi’s message.

Tarun tells Kiara that he can’t agree as he is scared of his mum. Kiara insists. Tarun says you didn’t see how she beats me and says she will make me ghost in reality by beating. Kiara convinces him and says she will arrange the dress. Tanu is walking. Mitali thinks if she is going out. Abhi thinks if Tanu searches me then Pragya’s doubt will come true and I can’t let this happen. Hum nawa mere plays……Tanu comes to Abhi and says I know it is you, I can feel you. Pragya gets upset. She sees his shoes and thinks I can see everything. She is about to give him dandiya. Mitali stops her and says this is real direction. She turns her and says I know you can see everything and ties blind fold again. This time Tanu can’t see anything. She identifies Robin as abhi and says she can identify him among thousand of crowd. Everyone laugh. Robin also smiles. Aaliya asks Tanu why did she show off? He looks at Pragya and King. Jo mere did ko….song plays….Aaliya thinks I have to do my second work soon. She looks at the chandelier. Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words that he has right on memories, but not on her and King is her husband.

Aaliya comes to cut the rope, but just there John comes there and tries to give her Dasi’s message, but she scolds him and asks him to go.

Kiara makes Tarun scare Chachi. Chachi gets up shouting ghost. Kiara and Sunny laugh hiding. Chachi runs after Tarun to beat him. Disha thanks King and Pragya for coming and asks them to play the game. Pragya nods no. Tanu takes the mic and asks if she is scared to play. Pragya says not scared. Tanu says you were laughing when I played. And tells that you people are best couple of Delhi and says you have to play. She challenges him. King says I will play and will not lose the game. Mitali says she will bring blindfold.

Pragya comes and stands near Abhi while she is blindfolded. Aaliya cuts the rope. Abhi sees Chandelier falling and saves Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. As always n aaliya will never stop her stupid drama

  2. You have to wonder if Abhi might consider becoming an adult man and put Aliyah and accomplice Tanu in jail.. Oh no, not this excuse for manhood. He’ll probably send them on a shopping trip. Abhi is a simple pure insult to all real men. The pouty princess is now acting like she’s tough. I notice that they tried to show the bag dress in a better light. it looked like a real dress as Tanu walked away and out of the room. I may be mistaken. I may be confusing that pleasant vision with my hope that Tanu walks out of the room and disappears. That would be a better ending than her being chased out by furious family members who found the gatkas and are helping her run faster. Notice that the actress has tried to tone down the giggly 3 year old princess act? Now she looks similar to a 3-5 yr old child who woke up and entered the adult party and is doing her best to act like the adults. Still not working. Do Indian men really want women who are expensive 3 year old brats who murder people? I don’t think so.
    Why doesn’t Ekta understand that whatever she creates…whatever anyone creates is a perfect reflection of their own inner heart? Her “stupid little show” is a perfect reflection of her own personality. Is there a mature Gemini out there who can explain to this immature woman Gemini that she is a disaster of her own making? Her astrologer isn’t doing it. Too much money involved. More bag dress next week. Oh yeah.

  3. puspalata acharya

    it would better if the chandelier falls on tanu

    1. Thank-you!! So true. So perfect!! Good one. Maybe that would rip up the dress.

    2. Puspalata you made me laugh so much :)!
      Don’t we all desperately want that chandelier to fall both on Tanu and Aliyia?

  4. Am so upset with the producers. They take advantage of the viewers love for ahbi and pragya to Continue to write rubbish and repetitive scenes. Its not really fair. Ï wish ahbi and pragya would resign. Leave the stupid series to tanu and ahlia so the séries can crash !

  5. It would be better if the Chandelier falls on ekta’s head.

    1. LOL. Unfortunately, Ekta is smart enough not to go near a chandelier.

  6. Puspalata you made me laugh so much :)!
    Don’t we all desperately want that chandelier to fall both on Tanu and Aliyia?

  7. Am i the only one really like King’s character and would totally hate it if they turn him negative when he find out about abhiya…he treats pragya with the respect and admiration she deserve….he makes a good husband….also when he and aliya cross parts they sort of look cute together maybe they can give her a normal love story with king whenever they do decide to unite abhi and pragya if ever

    1. I agree Sam…i think King and Pragya need to explore there relationship.

    2. I agree Sam. I like him too. His walk, his deportment is filled with a quiet but sensual power. I do not want him to become negative. And I would not want him to be with Aliyah. She does not deserve a real man. In her heart she wanted to marry Abhi…but couldn’t so found a puppet that she could use to control Abhi. Aliyah deserves to remain a virgin ice goddess permanently. If she marries anyone it should be Tanu. That actress has been practising and getting ready for the role elsewhere. What do you do with women who are taking a pause from their spa day and shopping and say, ” Oh, I’m feeling bored, let’s go find Pragya and kill her”. And the two sleazy opportunists did just that during this party. Ekta likes the fact that we all go on about the two b*tches. Ekta destroys beauty and natural human function. So I think she will likely destroy King…make him negative. Ekta likes to be in control of other peoples lives. For the little I have seen of her, her ‘energy’ points her as an immature individual, lost in certain addictions. If you are able to see energy (photographs work) look at the mess going on between her 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras. Scary sh*t. Aliyah and Tanu are the cartoon reflection/version of Ekta. Our work/creativity/production will be limited by our own unresolved issues. This production is a glaring classic example of Ekta’s limitations, especially since I keep reading that all her shows are the same. I watched a bit of Kundali Bhagya, rolled my eyes and thought that KKB will be the only Ekta production that I will watch. She matches the description of an IMMATURE Gemini. A one-trick pony show. That’s all. That’s all they generally achieve/create. She likely is lowering the bar with her productions so that she can feel superior. She’s gotta’ be better than all the fools watching this, right? She forgets… this lowbrow attitude is hers. All hers. Would you let your son or daughter or sister/brother go out with a woman who’s mind thinks in this manner?

    3. @Akituster Hahahaha luvvvv your description of them lol and you are right she will destroy King he is a gem of a man i totally agree with you on everything…[email protected] i think they should explore their relationship too but we both know that will never happen in a ekta serial heartbreak and toture is all she knows

    4. Oh my God @Akituster…LMAO….u crack me up all the time…love reading your comments….u really make my day…

    5. agreed sam. i too love king’s character. like u siad, he gives her the respect and appreciation she deserves. above all, he can keep her safe. there are no any parasites sticking to him. just an evg, one evg she had met aaliya after so long and now her life is at risk. see? abhi can never keep her safe and happy as long as he stays blind to his so called wife and sister’s murderous plotting and scheming, *which he would for all his life*
      it wud be better if pragya tries to work out her relationship with king who is more than willing to move on with her. i wud love it then.

  8. Isaaq

    at first I thought King was negative and was secretly plotting along with Tanu and Aliya for all of these 7 years. Because King is a rapper and celebrity just like Abhi. How did King just find Pragya out of nowhere? Tanu forced Abhi to marry her like she knew Pragya would never come back. I thought Tanu and Aliya sent King after Pragya ( why didn’t they just kill her after she left before the leap?)

    But it cleared doubt when I realised that Tanu and Aliya would know about Kiara if they sent King after Pragya, unless he didn’t tell them and he fell in love with Pragya.

    Anything is possible with Ekta. She makes everyone a villain. I just miss the old days of Kumkum Bhagya. The memory loss track is my fav because it reminded me of the old days of the show.

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