Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update Sikander decides to tell Tevar the truth.

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Sikander begs Setu to tell him the truth, Setu points at Sikander and says something and leaves.Sikander holds the dupatta,he remembers kulfi and Amyra, and breaks down. Sikander gets in his car and leaves. Cutie stops Amyra,and asks baby where are you going,amyra says your friend is so like kulfis mami,let me introduce her to kulfi may be it’s her,cutie says all ladies aren’t kulfis mami and don’t talk about this lady to kulfi. Nihalo trying to figure what is written,and shows it to cutie,cutie reads it and says forget it and you will miss the flight. Mohendar with Kulfi,Mohendar and kulfi talking about slides,Amyra walks to them and says aunty is with cutie and her friend oh they left and she is alone,let’s go to her,Kulfi greets gunjan,Mohendar leaves with her,Kulfi picks all the


Kulfi arranges the projector,Amyra gets lovely and cutie to tevars house,lovely and Tevar share awkward look,Tevar greets Bebe. Sikander gets home,Amyra says kulfi first slide your choice, Kulfi puts the one with truth written,it displays on screen but all distracted as Amyra runs to Sikander.amyra runs to Sikander and hugs him.amyra says I’m so happy you are back on time,we just started with projector come let’s begin.lovely thinks god knows what info Sikander is back with,if he gets kulfi back. Amyra says Tevar sir and kulfi helped me in my projector,cutie thinks god knows why is she all about kulfi,cutie sees the slide and slowly removes it,and crushes the paper.mohendar looks at Sikander and thinks I guess Sikander is back with the truth god has shown is magic.

Sikander looks at Kulfi and puts Amyra down and walks to her,Lovely thinks oh god why did he do that,lovely steps in between and says let’s go home we will see this later,amyra says mom please let him see it,Kulfi sees slide missing,and sees cutie tearing it and asks why are you doing it,she has to show this in school,cutie says this one is none of your use,you illiterate have no idea what’s happening,and leaves,Kulfi says why does she always keep scolding me,Kulfi picks the torn pieces.

Amyra shows the slide and says this is my family, Tevar says now my daughter will show her slide cmon,Kulfi says this is my family and shows everyone in the drawing,and asks Sikander how is it,Sikander hugs both Amyra and kulfi and says very good,and says you two helped each other I’m so proud of you,keep smiling and be friends and sister,Bebe asks where was sikander,Mohendar says he went chiroli to find the truth,Tevar over hears them talking,Mohendar says Bebe and I guess he found it,Tevar calls kulfi and says Sikander sir is tired and looks so lost let him go rest,Sikander gets angry and leaves,everyone follows,Kulfi stops Bebe and says dadi wait meet my billo before you leave,Bebe says yes I will.

Mohendar walks to Sikander and says why didn’t you talk to Tevar when you know the truth,Sikander says because I have nothing it’s all tevars. Setu tells Sikander that kulfis dad ran away he married Nimrat and then left her and married someone else and has a daughter too,and I don’t want to even say that cheaters name and in front of him Tevar is like a god father to kulfi and says from today he is kulfis father,and I have accepted kulfi has and so please leave. Sikander says I’m so scared,how will I ever tell Tevar that actually Amyra is his daughter and not kulfi.lovely walks in.

Kulfi says look billo my dadi is so nice,Bebe says may you two have all the happiness in the world,Kulfi says I will go see amyra. Kulfi goes to amyra and says your granny tore this slide,amyra says this isn’t important and anyways it’s torn so not required,now let’s put things back to there place as dad says,so let’s drop these colours at cuties place.kulfi says my mom use to say the same thing. Lovely says Sikander I,sikander says don’t,Lovely says talk to me you went chiroli,Sikander says why should I,I can either hide truth from Tevar or tell him that Amyra is his daughter, I can’t live with this torcher,lovely runs behind Sikander to stop him from telling the truth to Tevar and says how will amyra deal with it,have you thought of that,Sikander stops lovely and gets in the lift.

Pre cap : Kulfi hears cutie and lovely talk,cutie says that paper had the truth written good I tore it on right time,Kulfi wonders what was written. Sikander says to Tevar I know about you and lovely.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I am tired of waiting for Sikander to know that Kulfi is his kid. Why is everyone preventing them both to find happiness. It’s a sin.

  2. Too much waiting

  3. I think setu will come to look for his wife n find sikandar n amyra

  4. I thinks when Kulfi grows up she will look like her mom. That’s why they’re not letting Sikander know the truth.

  5. I’m watching this only 4 Tevar

  6. OMG can they please just reveal the truth. Stop dragging it out so much. Can Mohender just tell him 🙏 Someone needs to tweet or email the writers and tell them we’ve had enough with the secrets. I don’t want them to grow up and this serial to become a typical drama.

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