Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update : Tony and Tevars cold fight.

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Amyra says dad quickly help me get ready i have to burst crackers or else kulfi will win. Tevar asks master to look after kids as he is going to sikanders house. Amyra leaves house too. Amyra walks to kulfi and says you reached before me and you must have burst the crackers, Kulfi says no ways you always win and even this year you will, Amyra says you waited for me and now we will burst together, Raj walks to them and says you losers i will burst the crackers first. Party at Sikanders house begin, Batra says so good to see Sikander and Tevar together, Batra asks them for drinks,both deny, remembering kulfi. Amyra and kulfi win over Raj. He gets angry and bursts crackers over them which disturbs Jonny and billu cow. Kulfi stops Amyra from bursting crackers and show her how scared they are.


calls Tevar and Sikander to play cards. Sikander denys.lovely says tevar loves playing, tevar says i used to not anymore, tony says now a days you have a shining luck,and your daughter has made you coward you have forgotten taking risks cmon. Kulfi requests other kids not to burst noise polluting crackers which disturb animals.Raj says i dont care i will. Tevar joins the game and is anger.

Amyra requests Raj not to do so, Raj and Amyra get in argument,amyra snatches his bomb and throws in water. Tony keeps teasing Tevar, Tevar keeps loosing to Tony and says im done. Tony says done with money take loan from me retrun later, Sikander stops him, Tony insults saying let him he anyways lives on EMI, Batra joins Tony,tevar gets hyper,and joins another game, Sikander scolds him and says enough get up.

Tevar gets up and says Tony sir we wilp equalise things later. Sikander scolds Tevar in lift, for playing poker. tony says i have to show Tevar where he belongs to. Kulfi and Amyra perform diwali aarti together. Tevar says lets click a selfie its my first Diwali with kulfi. Everyone makes mohendar video call, he wishes Kulfi best of luck,kulfi asks for Gunjan, Gunjan wishes happy Diwali, Kulfi says wow aunty started talking,get well soon.

Amyra and kulfi calls every helping person at home and gives them dinner first,lovely cutie and Tony dont like it.Amyra serves happily too. lovely says if this continues one day i will be a joke. Tony says dont worry. At school kulfi scared walks in the class. Kids laugh at her. Kulfi sings and tries to make friends but no one entertains her.Kulfi remembers lovelys words and feels bad.

pre cap: Tony and batra make plans and deny Tevar all recordings

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. i cant believe how pathetic lovely and her entire family is. They cant see amyra being a good person. wow. I wonder if lovely would have been different if her parents were better. They want amyra to become like lovely as well, but thank god Amyra is drawn to goodness naturally and is not listening to her vile mother.
    These people will create problems for Tevar but i hope Tevar finds a way out. In fact i am sure Tevar will.

    1. That’s not not being pathetic, it’s being stupid! If Tevar loses everything then Kulfi will have to go back to Sikandar’s house. Granny agreed to Lovely’s lie as she believed that Tevar had what it took to give Kulfi a secure upbringing. That’s the thing about evil people…their judgement are usually clouded. Sikandar will not allow Tevar to be a beggar or end up with nothing. He know Tevar is not Kulfi father and if Tevar suffers Kulfi will suffer. So there we have it. Whatever Lovely and her family are doing it will not benefit them. Sikandar will pay the EMI for Tevar’s house, he will pay Kulfi’s school fees. What will Chadda do then? Make Sikandar broke? Silly People! It’s time the writers do something about Lovely’s parents particularly her father. And where is Minty?……She holds a lot of Lovely’s secrets…..Minty need to know about Tevar/Amyra

      1. I was calling them pathetic because they didnt like Amyra giving food to helpers with Kulfi. Its a good thing to do, but Lovely and her family cant appreciate any of this because of their own selfishness.
        I agree with what you said about their treatment of Tevar. Even if Tevar somehow fails, Sikander will support him and might even threaten lovely to stop her father else he will tell the truth to everybody. Lovely has been digging her own grave for long, I am just waiting for her to face the consequences.

  2. I feel like Siki and Kulfi will never know their real relationship until they are grown up. By then, Kulfi will have enjoyed years of her life with Tevar and will find it impossible to leave him and go to Siki. So unfair but if they find each other now, there will be no story. I don’t know if Lovely can sleep at night, even if she is just playing a role. She is starting to feel real bad as she can see that everybody is leaving her out and there is no love for her. I am also unhappy with Mohendar and Gunjan having left, why does everyone have to listen to Lovely? Her name should be changed to Ugly. She claims that she is doing this for her daughter, so forcing someone’s else child on someone and keeping a real child from her father is a good thing????? I was hoping for something good to happen in the story at Diwali time.Oh well!

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