Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th May 2019 Written Episode Update Sikanders new avatar.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 9th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mohendar says Sikander I know you looking for Bebe, but she was so disturbed she went to Darbaar sahib. Sikander says I have gods blessings that I’m here, big bro, Kulfi says why you calling him that.gunjan says Sikander may god give you blessings, Kulfi thinks is baba upset with me, why is he behaving this way, let me take a step, sikander says everyday in hospital I prayed I get home and have food with everyone, Mohendar says why wait then let’s go, Jonny barks at Sikander, amyra scolds him, sikander says may be he isn’t liking hospital smell all over me, and tries to pick Jonny, Jonny runs away, Kulfi thinks why did Jonny runaway.

Sikander has food with amyra and feeds her, Kulfi feels left out and in tears, amyra likes it. Lovely sees kulfi upset, amyra says dad I baked you cake, Sikander says wow how pretty let’s have it I want a big bite, and says so yummy, what a cake, I have never had such yummy cake it took away all medicines bitterness. Kulfi says I made pinni for you, sikander says not now I don’t feel like, all are surprised, sikander says I mean I just had cake so not now, I’m tired, gunjan says yes go rest. Lovely says Amyra go take dad to his room.

Sikander walks in his room and says what a room and then says I missed this room a lot, my favourite room, Kulfi says but you like music room, sikander says was not anymore, but I won’t be able to sing anymore so what will I do with that room, Kulfi holds his hand and says you sing with your heart so I know you will sing back soon, we will begin rehearsals from tomorrow, sikander says I know I can’t, I want to move forward so I have taken decision I shall never sing anymore.mohendar says don’t think of all this take rest, Kulfi tries to talk, Mohendar says kulfi let him rest now, let’s go.

Lovely says Sikander you rest I will get you, your medicines. Lovely tells Mohendar I spoke to doctor that Sikander is behaving wired, he said sikander is stressed so this changed in behaviour, and we need to give him space, Gunjan says all is fine but poor kulfi, Lovely says don’t worry sikander is home soon he will patch with Kulfi too, we need to be patient.

Sikander in his room, lovely walks in and says here your tablets, have them good night, sikander says lovely where are you going, sikander walks to her, holds her hand and says come sit with me, love, and remembers her last fight with Sikander, amyra sees kulfis sweets in fridge and feels very happy. Kulfi walks to amyra, amyra says oh how sad, dad had my cake, hugged me,don’t be sad, I’ll explain you, he has spent more time with me, so I’m his favourite you aren’t, I guess he learned it it’s me and not you, Kulfi feels bad and leaves.

Lovely says you want something, sikander says yes I want you, sikander thinks why is she so scared, and says I’m home after so long, and didn’t even meet you properly, I was unwell but I’m fine now Lovely, everything is fine, Lovely says we are happy to have you back, please rest now, sikander says come then, Lovely says Amyra doesn’t sleep without me, so I’ll be with her, you sleep well, Lovely thinks why is he so sweet, may be he has forgiven me,I’m so happy,

Amyra says mom I want to ask god for a wish, that the way he is giving me attention, he should keep doing, and not love Kulfi more than me, and if god grants me this wish I’ll never buy new toy, Lovely says you don’t have to do so, calm down, your dad loves you, and will never forget you, Kulfi hears that and runs away.Lovely walks to kulfi and sees her upset and crying, and says I Know you heard us, but you know what, you are very matured then Amyra is, and it’s unfair that it’s always you have to face hardship and don’t feel bad about amyra, she just gets jealous because she has to share her dad, she will eventually learn that, you saved Amyras life, give her some time too, we all will need time to settle with these changes, Kulfi asks why did he ignore me, Lovely hugs Kulfi.

Pre cap : Sikander walks out of his room and sees kulfi but walks away, Kulfi wakes up and sees Sikander awake and feels bad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    this storyline seems so dumb ?? why didn’t writers just kill off Sikander cry baby n let Kulfi get on with her life ?

  2. Wat bulshit they should just let him or her die

  3. I had guessed the writers were going for amnesia. But they chose the old ‘imposter’ route. I dont understand how the hell this switch happened. Sikander was in the accident. From where did this guy come? was there a plastic surgery somewhere? Who knows. Months of dragging again before Kulfi reunites with her Baba. Since the start Kulfi is looking for her Baba, now everyone even knows the truth, but still these stupid twists to keep Kulfi suffering. Seems the writers have no idea at all regarding what to do once kulfi unites with Sikander. So they keep dragging and dragging

  4. I think the story is about what kulfi endures during her journey to find her father and have a relationship with him, and maybe we have to wait for the last episode to see it happens. So until then, we have to put up with all sorts of twists and turns. Having said that, this imposter thing is beyond ridiculous and meaningless and has no place or connection to the issues in the story. Why don’t they work on changing Amyra into a good person. Why don’t they ask her to stop calling the one who saved her life, dirty girl. Why is kulfi not concerned about her friends, what happened to them. Amyra is fine now, why didn’t they bring back the real Sikhander to put some sense into that spoiled brat. Why don’t they take a stand and put her in her place. Instead of addressing these issues, we have an imposter. Yes writers have run out of ideas, so they copy from other serials.

  5. It’s not sikandar. This is Tevar with sikandar? soooo lame

  6. Dejavu , is this Nicholas cage and John travolta in face off, so foolish.
    Kulfi is always made to suffer while evil Amyra is happy, so is the doctor part of this conspiracy to save a convict?

  7. Even I feel the same….I feel that its not sikandar and a stupid imposter…..why are all serials like this…..

  8. I only like Tevar amyra lovely and ssg in this show. I miss Tever badly he is the hero. When will lovely patch up with either guddu or sikka? No romance. Only crying.

    1. Sophia naliaka

      The way that new sikander reacted on reaching in the bedroom it’s obvious that he is an imposter.

  9. I feel he is not sikander..but tevar

  10. From the biggning till now always kulfi is crying and crying ,no happynes , she should not save Amyras life Amyra doesn’t deserve to live little negative character ,I hate her.another thing is bone marrow never matches two unknown persons why Lovely didn’t donate her bone marrow to her own daughter.Director sir don’t fool us show something that is real

  11. So it seems like everyone now believes that that is actually an imposter and not the real Sikander.

    It’s not fair that Kulfi is always suffering. When will she ever be reunited with her father, properly? When will Amyra learn to accept Kulfi as her sister. I hoped that after Kulfi saved her life, Amyra will learn to love her, but now I’ve given up all hope of Amyra turning into a better person.

    And why does Sikander keep on making promises to his stepdaughter? Yes I know that he thought that Amyra was his daughter his whole life, but it’s Kulfi who is his biological daughter. He shouldn’t keep on pushing her away just to keep Amyra happy. That’s not fair at all.

    And I want Tevar to be happy as well. If Sikander has a right to be with his biological daughter, then Tevar should also have this same right. If Sikander should accept both his daughters, then Amyra should accept both her father’s.

    If Amyra finds out about Tevar being her father and let’s him into her life, this would provide more opportunities for Sikander to be with Kulfi.

    Please writers, think about these things, instead of bring more and more unnecessary drama.

  12. Lovely is s*xy..big round ass and big boobies..this imposter will f**k her hard in all the holes..writers please show some hot scenes of Lovely and Sikkander. Such big melons and ass

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