Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update Sikander begs Setu to tell him the truth.

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Sikander gets video call from Amyra and she says I’m at tevars with Kulfi and we had fun and tells what all she did,Sikander says why didn’t you tell me why did you go to him,amyra says I thought so but you went away and give all funny details,Sikander in tears,amyra says come soon I want to show you what all we did,Sikander says I’m missing you,Kulfi walks and says you talking to Sikander sir,amyra says yes you come here,Kulfi says I can’t see him,amyra says oh may be connection got lost.

Setu sees Sikander in tears and says he was away from my Nimrat and had no pain and away from his daughter he is in so much pain. Amyra asks why did you draw your Mami, she hates you right,Kulfi says but I miss her, Mohendar sees them and says gunjan you stay here I will go see Kulfi and come

back. Setu asks Sikander do you have any past connections with Chiroli,Setu thinks today if you accept I shall tell you the truth, Sikander thinks of Nimrat,and remembers his promise and thinks I can’t tell an unknown person about Nimrat she is married and has a kid,I can’t give her more pain and says no I don’t ave any past connections here.

Sikander asks now tell me,Setu says leave I don’t wish to talk to you. Mohendar asks what are you upto,amyra says working on school project,Kulfi asks where’s aunty,Mohendar says she is down,amyra says I will go down and show her all slides,Mohendar asks how are you,Tevar Walks to them and says at her fathers place and so very happy,Kulfi rushes to him and says yes uncle and we working on our bond and when our projector will be done we will see pictures together,Mohendar says okay.

Sikander asks Setu why are you doing this,I love Kulfi a lot and what if she would have landed somewhere else and not near me,didn’t you think of checking on her,Setu remember checking on Kulfi during ganpati competition and how Tevar stood for her,and fought with Sikander too. Sikander asks Setu why didn’t he come, Setu says I have seen her happy with Tevar,and he is doing good for her and I don’t want her to remember this place and the bitter memories. Amyra with gunjan, cutie and nihalo together,nihalo asks who is amyra with is she your daughter,cutie says yes yes,nihalo says let me go see her,cutie says not required. Amyra sees her shout and walks to her,and asks are you from village,nihalo says yes,amyra asks what place,cutie says far away and she has to leave or she will be late,amyra says one minute my friend described her mami and she resembles you,let me get her,nihalo says okay,cutie thinks I can’t let this happen and asks nihalo to stay their and runs behind Amyra.

Nihalo goes to gunjan and says your mother didn’t introduce us,I’m nihalo I’m kulfis mami,do you know Kulfi,I came here to see her but cutie isn’t allowing me too,gunjan tries to sign nihalo,nihalo hands her pen and paper.gunjan writes it down. Nihalo tries to read it.

Sikander says you are so heartless,Kulfi is always about you,always mama mami,tinda kadu bholi but look at you,she had everything ta my place, it her peace was here but you didn’t even bother to meet her, Setu remembers kulfi praying to lord Ganesha,and he keeps her fav sweet potato near her and walks away, Setu says I wish to see you my kid, your innocence attracts everyone,I can’t come see you and thank god my kid is happy.

Setu asks why does she matter to you,Sikander says I agree we are not related,but she is like my daughter,I never have treated her any less than my amyra,Setu says then why did you hand her to an unknown man,would you di that to amyra what you did to Kulfi,please let her stay happy with that man, Sikander stands in way of Setu and begs Setu and says Kulfi trusts me the whole world doesn’t but she does and I broke her trust us,I know according to you she is happy with Tevar but who is her father, Setu points at Sikander.

Pre cap ; kulfi collects the paper gunjan wrote the truth on. Sikander cries holding a dupatta.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I think she will give amyra the paper to read n Seth should him about nimrat

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