Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulfi asked to leave.

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Kulfi and Sikandar look at each other and get emotional. Sikandar is about to go to Kulfi but Amayra holds his hand. Tevar confronts Lovely and asks her why she is ignoring Kulfi although she is her own daughter. Tevar asks Lovely to come back to him with Amayra. Mohender’s wife sees Tevar and Lovely talking and wonders what is going on between them. Sikandar is about to meet Kulfi but Tevar comes in the way. Tevar asks Kulfi to give him a kiss for good luck. Sikandar sees this and is overwhelmed. Amayra asks Sikandar if he is sure he can win Dahi handi for her. Sikandar tells Amayra that he can do anything for her. The dahi handi competition starts. Tevar wishes best of luck to Sikandar. Amayra tells Kulfi that today she will know whether her father loves her or not. Amayra says that she

has asked her father to win for her. Kulfi asks Amayra not to put conditions for her father’s love. Kulfi prays that neither Tevar nor Sikandar should fall. Tevar and Sikandar start climbing the human pyramid. Kulfi runs away and cries. Mohender confronts Kulfi and asks her if she is scared. Kulfi says that she just does not like anything after meeting her father. Kulfi says that she does not know for whom to pray, Sikandar or Tevar.

Mohender asks Kulfi to close her eyes and pray for the one whom she wants to win. Kulfi thinks of Sikandar winning. Amayra cheers for Sikandar. Kulfi thinks that Amayra will not be happy if Sikandar does not win. Kulfi wonders how to make Sikandar win. Kulfi starts dancing and suddenly falls to the ground and calls out to Tevar. Tevar goes rushing to Kulfi before he can break the dahi handi. Sikandar reaches the dahi handi and breaks it. Tevar sees Kulfi clapping for Sikandar and gets annoyed. Sikandar happily hugs Amayra. Tevar looks angrily at Kulfi and rushes home. Kulfi feels bad for Tevar. Mohender asks Kulfi for whom she prayed and Kulfi says Sikandar. Kulfi rushes after Tevar. Sikandar and Amayra take the trophy. Sweety congratulates Amayra but asks Amayra to make Sikandar promise that Kulfi never returns to their house.Sikandar goes after Sikandar. Amayra sees Sikandar going to Kulfi. Kulfi and Sikandar talk in sign language asking each other if they are ok. Amayra gets angry and breaks the trophy. Lovely asks Amayra what happened. Amayra says that she cannot forget how they forgot her for Kulfi. Sikandar asks Amayra to give him any punishment. Amayra asks Sikandar to promise that he will never allow Kulfi in their house again.

Precap: Mohender tells Lovely that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Mohender’s wife hears this. Kulfi comes to Sikandar’s house and Sikandar tells her that she cannot come uninvited and she should go back. Kulfi is hurt.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Candiva007

    I’m sorry but someone needs to slap that spoiled brat and her mom and grandmother too! Sikhander needs me a man and stop being afraid of his wife and child. Kulfi is a little whiney but I really want her and her real dad to reunite.

  2. Hated episode

  3. Tevar is not at fault
    he’s a father also
    at first Kulfi was dying for father
    now she’s ignoring him
    feel for Tevar

  4. This show is promoting unruly behaviour from kids. Is it showing that it is ok to satisfy your childs every whim, without regard for discipline, morals and respect of elders. Amyra behaves like an adult . Kulfi is achild as well and has become attached to the Sikander and his family . It is not easy to just transfer that love to Tevar. Remember she was already mislead by David.

    But it is really disappointing to note there is not a single serial on Starplus that promotes , family togetherness, faithfulness or faith in the truth. Its no wonder our society is the way it is.

  5. Can someone please ask dadi to go on a pilgrimage
    Lovely is evil…
    the brother and Sakka need to be more of men
    Khulfi keeps dreaming of sika… time to reunite them
    as for amayra she is a kid of 6 and has an attitude of a 23 year old./// why can she not be a normal kid and enjoy life…
    Tevar…. well he is something else.????? i feel for him…. can not imagine how he will feel when he finds out khulfi not his child////

  6. This series is shit. Lovely.
    N arm Amayra should be caught

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