Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sikandar Is In Danger

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jazz’s concert starts. Lovleen with her team walks followed by Kulfi and her team. Jazz greets Lovleen. Lovleen says sorry freeloader come everywhere, pointing at Kulfi’s team. Jazz says not to worry as they won’t be seen from tomorrow. Amyra gets angry hearing that, but controls herself. Jazz takes Sikandar on stage and honors him for his contribution to SSG Records Ltd. Singers sings Ali Moula Qawwali. Jazz fixes timer to electric fuse and tells his aide that once timer finishes, electric current will pass through steel plates under Sikandar’s wheel chair and he will be electrocuted.

Two kids without try to enter concert thinking they will get a chance to hear Sikandar’s song. They discuss they can enter as Sikandar’s daughters’ friends. Amyra walks to them and asks who are they. They say they are Sikandar’s daughter’s friends. Kulfi calls Amyra and asks if they are her friends. She says no. They say they are Kulfi’s friend. She says she is Kulfi and she doesn’t know them. They accept that they came to hear Sikandar’s song. Kulfi says Sikandar is in trouble. Kids encourage her to fight for her baba. Kulfi says they can get and listen to concert.

Sukhi mama hears Jazz’s aide discussing with his goons that once Sikandar is electrocuted on stage, they should remove wires, timer, etc., immediately. He gets tensed thinking Sikandar’s life is in danger. Goons seeing him kidnap him and lock him in a room. On the other side, Chalu with her team via GPS tracker reaches storeroom where Lovleen has hidden Gunjan and plays police siren. Goons get afraid and run away. She rescues Gunjan. Back in concert hall, Kulfi and Amyra hear Jazz’s plan. Jazz notices them and sends his goons to kidnap and lock them in a room.

Precap: Sukhi and Sikandar trash Jazz. Jazz picks gun and points at Sikandar. Kulfi runs in front of Sikandar, Jazz shoots.

Update Credit to: MA

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