Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update Kulfi learns about her father

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Sikandar wishes that Tevar doesn’t tell anything to Kulfi or Amyra. Kulfi wakes up and look for Tevar. She finds him missing. Sikandar receives Tevar’s shocking letter. He learns that Tevar has gone. He tells Kulfi that Tevar has left her, he won’t come back and he has abandoned her. She gets devastated knowing this. She wonders how can Tevar disown her. The sorrow gets higher for her, when he tells her that Tevar learnt the truth about her, that she isn’t his biological daughter. He tells her that he will raise her now. He asks her not to worry. She loses Tevar once again. She feels that she gets some love from a dear one and then loses that person.

She misses Tevar. Sikandar tells her that she will get Tevar back. Amyra learns that Tevar has left her forever. Amyra feels guilty that Kulfi is left alone. She worries that Sikandar won’t let Kulfi go away now. She gets scolding Kulfi for calling troubles for her once again. She vents anger on Kulfi.

She asks Kulfi to just leave from her house. Kulfi doesn’t want to leave, by disobeying Sikandar. She feels bad when Amyra blasts anger on her. Kulfi leaves from the house and reaches the temple, where she sings and appeals to the Goddess. She wants the Goddess to give her all the answers she deserves to know. She wants to get her father and gives the big responsibility to the Goddess.

Moreover, Sikandar returns home and feels he can’t find Tevar now. He vents out his anger on Lovely, who acts good in front of him. He tells her that she is the bad omen on everyone’s lives. He holds her responsible for ruining their lives completely. Sikandar reads out Tevar’s emotional letter. He breaks down that Lovely has manipulated them for her selfish motives. Tevar states that he is leaving Kulfi for her betterment, since he isn’t able to give her anything.

Kulfi’s prayers get answered when she meets her uncle. She gets happy to meet Sittu after a long time. Sikandar tells Lovely that she won’t turn away from Kulfi’s responsibilities. He wants to adopt Kulfi. Sittu apologizes to Kulfi that he couldn’t help her before. She reveals to him that Tevar has also abandoned her, knowing she isn’t his daughter. He tells her that her real father is close to her and loves her too. She gets happy and asks him about her father.

He reveals Sikandar’s name to her, which makes her elated. Sikandar looks for Kulfi at home and learns that even she is missing. It becomes a big moment for Kulfi to know about Sikandar. Sikandar rushes to find Kulfi. Kulfi gets angered thinking Sikandar is the same man who have given a painful life to her mother. She wants to know how to judge Sikandar, over the past and present scenario.

Precap : Kulfi ask sattu about sikandar . is sikandar ji is good or bad ?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I don’t know y without tevar the episte was incomplete. give some rowdy avatar to sikandar yar he is nice in that only. …… I hope tevar sikandar patch up soon ……. and live happily with both kids

  2. I hope Tevar comes back and takes Kulfi with him. They both can then stay away from Lovely and Amyra’s negativity and Sikandar will suffer for his deeds and stay with them.

    1. I agree and I also want him to know Kulfi is his daughter and she chooses Tevar over him! Sikander and his entire family including his mother and bother must suffer under lovely and her family! They don’t deserve nothing good! They are the ones who gave lovely Amyra, Chadda and cutie the rights they’re exercising!

      I don’t blame lovely and Amyra but all the blame is for Sikander! He left Nimrat and never looked back, and did not even send her a penny or ask of her well-being all for fame!

  3. I also hope Tevar comes back. I always thought he was a good papa for Kulfi. Does anyone know if returning?

  4. The episode was complete nonsense without Tevar. I really hope he comes back. Right now he’s the only person with any sense. I hope that once Kulfi fully realizes that Sikander left her mother and never looked back, she concludes that he’s a selfish person and she’s better off with Tevar as her father. The
    big revelation sounds so anti-climatic. Kulfi was in the temple and just happened to run into her mamaji? Then why in the promo did they show that Kulfi finds the locket with her parents’ photos?? So stupid.

    1. I thought the same the reveal was anti climatic. Felt too random

  5. I hope Tevar returns and stays with Kulfi. He was singing new songs, right? He even got a new deal. Soon he would earn all his wealth back and would be able to take care of Kulfi… If Tevar leaves, Kulfi will be all alone to bear the burnt of Lovely and Amyra’s hatred. Please, this show will be incomplete without Tevar. He has to return…
    as for Kulfi now knowing the truth, i am sure she will think about the time when Sikander told her ‘Yes, i met your father and he doesnt love you at all. the man has married again, has another daughter and loves his new family only. Tevar is your father now and you should stay with him.’
    The story until now –
    both daughter know Kulfi is Sikander’s daughter
    both fathers know Amyra is Tevar’s daughter
    dont know after how many episodes everyone will know the entire truth

  6. I thought the same the reveal was anti climatic. Felt too random

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