Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Dadi has an heart attack

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Kulfi walks to Sikander,rests his legs on table removes his shoes and remember time spent with him,she applies haldi to his legs,takes imprint of it on a paper,and takes blessings and says im going away from you but this will keep me near you i ccant et anything come before Amyras happiness,and is in tears, Kulfi puts the paper in her bag and leaves.

Dadi having pain in her shoulder,she tries calling Mahinder,and hears lift beep and walks out thinking its Mahinder and sees Kulfi go and says God where is she going alone so late. Kulfi late night scared walking alone on roads,Dadi follows her and tries calling her but pain makes her impossible her to walk,Kulfi says ma what should i do,Kulfi sees dadi faint and runs to her anx and remember how Nimrat left her and says dadi please dont

sleep, She starts asking for help on the roads, Kulfi says God you are do cruel can’t you help a kid,it starts thundering, Kulfi says stop thundering and laughing on me,dadi keeps calling Kulfi.

Kulfi runs to vendor and says help my dadi,they put dadi on a cart,he says even i dont know where hospital is im new too llets find,Kulfi says look hospital,Kulfi by mistake takes her to veterinary hospital and he denys,Kulfi says i dont know what to do,i dont know where other hospital is and you can cure animal’s then why not her,he says ok i shall try.

Doctor examines dadi,doctor says im not able to find what’s wrong,Kulfi says do something she has pain in her shoulder, Doctor asks when did she say that,Kulfi says long back in house, doctor says these are heart attack symptoms and injects dadi,Kulfi says God you took my ma away not my dadi, doctor says its too late i guess,Kulfi says dadi please wake up, Kulfi says look she moved her fingers,doctor says keep talking thats helping her, Kulfi keeps talking dadi slowly opens her eyes.Kulfi says dont worry dadi you are fine,Doctor says she is weak you saved your dadi,she needs rest.Doctor asks Kulfi where are yoyr parents,Kulfi says my mother’s a star now and dad i dont know, she is Amyras dadi.Doctor takes number from dadis mobile and calls .

Sikander and others arrive at hospital,Kulfi leaves hospital, Sikander follows her and stops her,and apologies her,Kulfi says you are my guru don’t do this,im sorry i let you down,im a bad student, Sikander says you gave me my ma back, Lovely and Mahinder arrive there, Sikander says you are always selfless,you have done a lot for Amyra and me and i can never return it to you,Kulfi says i did nothing i just did what my ma always asked too, just look after dadi she kept saying she is pain but no one looked after her, all are not lucky to have ma,and please forgive Lovely maam and Amyra,she is mother and she did this for Amyra happiness please understand her,

Sikander says you are my fan when it comes to music but im yours now and hugs her.

Pre Cap: Kulfi takes her mothers diary to Sikander and ask for help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Very mature young lady!

  2. they should reveal soon that kulfi is a girl , the most unrealistic part of the sshow is kulfi hiding her identity otherwise the show is wonderful

  3. and make amyra positive , this is too much , achild can get jealous but not do something wrong or plot to trouble somebody , only elders of daily soaps can do that

  4. Kulfi’ s character is so pure, so open-hearted, totally selfless and without hate. .. And now impacting all the flawed adults around her. It’s time for her to experience some happiness. Hope that revelation is soon. She has shed enough tears.

  5. Awesum show♥️

  6. Kulfi is six but she talks and act like she is 26. Please writers don’t destroy little kulfi. She is already acting like the typical Indian soap heroine always crying and making crazy , unbelievable self sacrifices . And Amyra is too evil for a child.

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