Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update Kulfi unable to talk or sing.

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Amyra upset about sikander and kulfi pair, sikander and lovely calm her down,amyra says kulfi and dad will spend time together I’m not liking, Lovely says he will just rehearse with her and all the remaining time with you. Amyra gets upset and leaves. Sikander breaks down, Lovely says don’t worry I will check on Kulfi you calm down.

Zinda and chittu trying to feed kulfi, rocket says I won’t have food until she has, Lovely slowly signs them and calls them out, Lovely hands them food. Rocket says kulfi look it’s baisakhi I went gurudwara and got Prasad have some. Kulfi has it. Sikander with kids says let’s begin rehearsals, sikander asks what is it called, all day harmonium, sikander says no it’s called rehearsal box, sikander tries hard and also her friends to cheer kulfi

to sing, sikander says so let’s sing Kulfi, Kulfi starts crying, rocket and Bansi ask why cry, sikander says if you angry vent it out, but no anger over music cmon let’s rehearse, Kulfi doesn’t join sikander, sikander says these kids love you so much, they find it so hard to spend time without you, you are my life, I mean their life, and you said you won’t leave them so will you now, they will loose the competition, okay sing for your mother.

Kulfi tried to sing, but unable to, Mia watching them says god what’s wrong with her, if she can’t sing I will have to eliminate her I can’t afford that. Sikander says cmon say something, Kulfi tries to speak but unable, Kulfi signs Sikander to get her book and pen, Kulfi writes on it I’m trying hard but I’m unable to, I’m scared. Sikander hugs her and says all fine, don’t worry I’m with you, you will talk and sing. Doctor examines kulfi and says she is in trauma, after her stress reduces she will talk but we have time span of 48 hours or it’s a serious issue, she may never speak then. Sikander says how is that possible, Im here for her, Doctor says 48 hours reduce her stress, Sikander says I will, Mia says I’m sorry for what happened, but show must go and by tomorrow if she doesn’t sing benam group will be disqualified and as a guru for this round only you can help her all the best.

Kulfis friend thinking what efforts they can put to make Kulfi talk, rocket says we can’t loose hope let’s keep motivating her. Sikander says to lovely I won’t let my daughter loose the thing most close to her, Lovely says only you can help her like she has always helped you, sikander says I think I should take her out may be then she will vent her anger on me and speak something but amyra, Lovely says I’m here for amyra. Amyra with her new teacher, she praises Amyra, Lovely says baby I’m so happy for you, amyra says but this is kulfis genre she will win, Lovely says baby Kulfi lost her voice because of shock, amyra thinks if she doesn’t sing tomorrow that would be so great, she will be eliminated and out of competition and our lives.

Chittu asks will Kulfi sing, rocket says yes,Akash says why lie she won’t, rocket says you are scared of her, Akash says I want Kulfi to be fine, it’s good to celebrate your win only when you have great competitor, one shock took her voice away may be another get her back. Falana mia tensed about kulfi, Mia says I can’t let her go, she is soul of show,Falana go and follow sikander and kulfi but be careful no one should learn about it, leave.

Sikander says god please don’t steal the gift she has, please be with my kid, sikander gets her coconut water, and says wow it’s yumm, Kulfi denies.

Pre cap : Sikander sings for kulfi , Kulfi keeps crying,falana recording them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Stupid…why can’t that b*t*h kulfi get away from the lives of sikandar,Loveland amyra….I just hated when she cries….from the beginning onwards she cries…all these years she lived without her father..now she says she needed him..Stupid…I really want kulfi to go away from their lives…

    1. Seriously…she’s a kid…amazing acting! Dont need to be so mean! Im sure you like Lovely’s role of being a biatch!

    2. It’s not Kulfi but Amyra and lovely who should be kicked. The makers have been passing a message that evil will always win and since the show involves kids – actually the show should be shut down due to the message the show is carrying. What values are the kids learning ?

    3. Why deny Kulfi her father. Amyra has no sensitivity and she is not Sikandar,s daughter. Good has to win over evil.

    4. You are so cunning, amayra n lovely shoyoget away from Sikanders n kulfis life

  2. Savithri V Ramani

    My God.A poor soul always getting shock ,no fault of her.Every one including cruel mia wants to dig grave for that little child. Infact Akilesh is so nice giving some idea and poor friends are sobbing because of her He’ll with Amreya even now she iscracy and happy because of kulfi lost her voice. To avert our stress she should win and sing well and go out the show as proud little superstar with her friend and never should come back to sikender

  3. Y r they dragging the show..

  4. Savithri V Ramani

    Poor kulfi .she should get her voice back

  5. Seema Agarwal

    Thats so mean Divya.D how great her acting is…What all she has suffered till this and God knows what all she has to bear ahead.

  6. So meen for trp they are doing all this . kulfi voice is back i know this is only drama

  7. Omg who says that to a child….that is so mean. Kulfi is innocent…loved her from day 0ne.

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