Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update Nimrats smart move.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kulfi upset about lovely’s take and Nimrat happy about the quick separation, Nimrat had seen Sikander leave and follows him and sees him looking for kulfi and finds her and gets very excited and says this is good opportunity to be hero in eyes of Sikander. Nimrat had found Sikanders mobile after kulfis and his disturbance and ,messages lovely to see him on terrace, nimrat thinks Kulfi will help us get close and then I shall allow no one come close to me.

Kulfi walks to Sikander, sees him in tears and upset but couldn’t get over that he didn’t save her and stops herself from wiping his tears, Sikander remembers how always kulfi was there for him, sikander says don’t do this Kulfi, I know I have given you nothing, you trusted me but I gave you nothing, that scene is always in front of my eyes, train was approaching you and I could do nothing, I deserve no happiness and my punishment is I will never have a family all leave me and go and will be alone, Kulfi runs away, Sikander says don’t stay here Kulfi, stay here talk to me scold me speak your heart but don’t be quite,nimrat thinks just few days and I will be in your life and it will be you me and happiness and no one else.

Kulfi tells nimrat when I close my eyes I just see the train approaching, nimrat says don’t cry nothing will happen, Kulfi thinks even I thought so but my father didn’t save me, nimrat says I know you can’t see him this way and don’t want to see his family separate, but think about his life too, he should have someone who is for him, gives him happiness, Kulfi says but Lovely doesn’t like me, nimrat says that’s not possible, I love you so much, that I feel you should be my daughter, nimrats daughter kulfi, nimrat thinks tomorrow I have to work a lot to show kulfi I will be good for Sikander.

Kulfi wakes up to nimrats bhajan, and says who is this singing and walks out and sees Nimrat singing and sees her mother, and realises it was a dream, Kulfi hears music again and says what is this happening and runs out and sees her mother singing and says how is this happening, and slaps herself to wake up, sikander walks to them, and others join as well. Gunjan smiles seeing everyone liking Nimrat, Kulfi thinks Ma use to sing this, Sikander thinks nimi use to sing this everyday.

Nimrat finishes her bhajan, and gives everyone Prasad, Kulfi seeing her mother in nimrat, and gets very happy seeing her and Sikander together, Kulfi sees Nimrat and realises it was her imagination, Bebe says after so long we had such good start, gunjan says so right, nimrat says all god’s grace and I prepared breakfasts let’s go. Bebe says all this, anyone coming, nimrat says I made this for you and I prepared pini, Kulfi says I love it and Sikander too, Kulfi gets excited and says we both can end eat endless, and then he has stomach aches, Nimrat thinks you are so innocent kulfi I know all this, Kulfi realises she is upset with Sikander and keeps quite.

Nimrat says cmon if he likes it so much why don’t you give it to him, ultimate hands him the bowl, Sikander picks one, everyone has breakfast, Sikander says it was tasty nimi. Bebe tells Mohendar I can’t see him like this, again sikander and lovely fought, nimrat says cmon problems keep coming but family is important, and I don’t understand why girls behave this way, if husband is her so is his family, Bebe says nimi you are so good, you will make your in laws very happy. Kulfi leaves. Gunjan says lovely should be a little like nimrat I wished Sikander had a wife like nimrats,nimrat recording everything and gets very excited.

Kulfi walks to Nimrat and sneezes,not knowing she is recording, nimrat gets alert and asks did you like breakfast, Kulfi leaves. Nimrat sends video to lovely messaging your good wisher and says now this will do all my work. Lovely sees the video and gets upset, and says mom was right, these people want me out and it’s all their plan and leaves. Sees Nimrat at door.

Pre cap : Sikander on trade mill thinking of lovely’s words, and how he wasn’t there for kulfi. Sikander falls of the trademill.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Guilty conscience that is the reason he fell on the treadmill. I always wanted Lovely and Sikander to be a happy family with Amyra and Kulfi. But Lovely god I cannot find words to describe her,she is the devil reincarnated. I know persons change I thought she would have change but no,to want to hurt Kulfi is beyond forgiveness and Mohinder will be held accountable if anything untoward happens to Kulfi.

  2. Mahadev Desai

    It should be treadmill and not trademill,please!

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