Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update Principal helps Amyra and Kulfi.

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Amyra and Kulfi deciding who will talk to principal,Amyra says look you go first and start talking then I will follow and pushes her in, Principal asks kulfi what’s the issue,and tell it without fear, Kulfi doesn’t speak a word, ma’am says either say it or go in class I’m very busy, Kulfi sings and tells her problem,Amyra says I asked her to talk and she is singing, principal says why are you singing, Amyra rushes in and says ma’am we are here to ask you for help.

Lawyers talking to lovely and Sikander respectively. Amyra tells principal the issue that she has no issue with Kulfi staying with her now, but her parents are still fighting, my parents are good people, they don’t want divorce they told us but can’t tell each other,and please we need your help, lock them in

a room, we will do anything you say, we will study hard, get first rank, help us please.

Sikander gets home,Kulfi acts as if she is crying, Sikander hears it and rushes to her and asks why are you crying, Kulfi shows him a grouchier and says for this, amyra cries infront of lovely and says parents participation is compulsory how will I, Lovely says I will be with you, sikander says I will participate with you Kulfi. Lovely asks baby why are you sad, amyra says I’m teamed up with Kulfi, lovely says meaning I have to be with Sikander,don’t worry I will talk to principal, Sikander says to kulfi I will talk to ma’am, I can’t do this with Lovely.

Lovely and Sikander meet principal to separate Amyra and kulfi, ma’am denies, and says I understand you are in problem but rules are rules, and if problem is bigger let me keep amyra and kulfi out of function. Apoorva asks Lovely do you really want a divorce,I won’t waste my time. Sabha tells Sikander that Apoorva is expert in these kinds of divorce he moulds the cases as he wants. Aprova says we can’t take Sabha easy now you decide you want this play with Sikander Amyra or this divorce, I hope you denied.

Principal explains lovely and Sikander that their this behaviour affects Amyra, Sikander and lovely agree to participate. Sikander and lovely tell lawyers they denied for carnival,lawyers say good, you will be sent to counselling session now,and don’t mess any session. Kulfi and Amyra celebrate their victory,and then they start worrying what they will do in play and asks principal to help in that too, principal says okay let me see what I can do,principal says this is a play on love story I had written Heer and Ranjha you can use this,give it you your parents they will understand.

Amyra sees Rohan and starts fighting purposely with Kulfi, Rohan sees that and says let them fight my parents will win the play then. Lovely and Sikander argue on whose house to rehearse, amyra says please mom let’s go there, I’m missing my room too, Sikander shouts see listen to the kid, Kulfi says why shout be gentle.

Amyra and lovely get home,Amyra goes and hugs Sikander,Sikander asks lovely to get in too, Bebe welcomes lovely and very happy to have her, Mohendar happy too, Mohendar says Amyra seeing you I’m so very happy and hugs her, amyra says mom I want to see my room let go, Bebe says because of kids they are together. Gunjan says it’s just an act and soon will end, amyra very excited to be in her and says I missed you so much, Sikander in tears say I missed you too a lot, amyra hugs him,Kulfi in tears,and seeing them together leaves the room.

Pre cap : Kulfi and Amyra explains them the play. Gunjan thinks how is that amyra and kulfi getting so well with each other,

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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