Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update : Kulfi gets another chance.

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Sikandar and Tevar get worried when Kulfi is denied the admission. They clear the fact that Kulfi is a normal girl, and more smarter than the other kids. They ask principal to take Kulfi’s memory test, she is very sharp. They request for one chance. Sikandar gives guarantee for Kulfi. The principal gives them a chance and asks them to prepare Kulfi for the entrance test. Sikandar is sure that Kulfi will pass the test and study in the same school as Amyra.

Sikandar and Tevar break the good news to Kulfi and cheer her up. Lovely gets angered with Tevar and Kulfi. Sikandar takes Amyra to the temple and tells her about Dushehra. Kulfi gets upset that Sikandar isn’t telling her about her real father. She wants to know about her father. She learns that Tevar didn’t meet her uncle, and just met her aunt.

She understands that Tevar got cheated by her aunt. Nihalo stays upset that Sattu isn’t in her hands now. Sattu repents for lying to Sikandar. He feels he has done wrong with Sikandar. He doesn’t want Sikandar and Kulfi’s lives to get wronged because of him. Amyra prepares Kulfi for the interview. Sikandar and Tevar try to teach her. She stays upset with Sikandar. She learns from Tevar. He asks Sikandar to teach Kulfi in his way. Sikandar tries his way. Tevar and Amyra find them upset and wonder what’s the problem going on between them. Sikandar asks Kulfi to learn from her father. Sikandar makes a leave.

Kulfi wants to learn soon and also tell Tevar that she wants to go to her village to find her father’s truth. Kulfi meets him and tells him about her decision to visit her village. She learns from Sikandar. She gets happy and tells him that she can’t cheat Tevar. Sikandar gets worried that Tevar will leave Kulfi after knowing the truth, and then understand about Amyra.

He doesn’t want Tevar to take away Amyra, since Amyra can’t bear this truth too. He wants to stop Kulfi from telling anything to Tevar. Kulfi asks Tevar to take her to village to meet her uncle. He happily agrees. He just wants Kulfi’s happiness.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Sikander is unknowingly digging his own grave. i feel Kulfi will know Sikandar is her father… But then she will remember everything Sikander has told her, how her father doesnt care for her and is happy with his own family. She will think Sikander was talking about himself, that Sikander doesnt want her but Amyra and that is why didnt want her to find the truth. After that she will stay with Tevar… but i hope the good person she is, she tells the truth to Tevar at least. Tevar is a good man and he wont be able to bear to be lied by Kulfi too.

  2. Agree with your analysis. Kulfi will definitely feel Sikander was speaking of himself and his preference for his own family. No doubt she would move further away from him and accept Tevar’ s love. Must admit I do like Tevar. He comes across as being very genuine and so magnanimous in his love for Kulfi. Also has a natural and sincere smile.

  3. Kulfi is a wonderful child actress and so is amyrah.. i watch show only for this two cuties

  4. I agree, kulfi is a great actress, considering that this is her first time in acting, and that too in a serial. Her anger and crying scenes as well as her happy scenes look so so genuine. I really don’t want a leap with another actress playing Kulfi. Also I think if Kulfi grows up without knowing who her real father is, it would be a great sin on the part of everyone, except for Tevar and Sikandar. The poor guys are acting with what they know. I repeat here, writers if you are reading this, please bring something positive and some happiness in this story. Put all the negativity on Lovely, she deserves it. Kulfi is as pure and honest and innocent as it comes. But she’s only suffering. What’s her fault?

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