Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update : Tevar meets Nihalo.

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Kulfi prays god ma told me in dreams im near my father but havent recognised him,i hope i find him, Sikander asks what are you asking for,Kulfi asks why did you have alcohol,and ma told me my father is singer and so i hope to find him here, Sikander says dont worry once we finsih here we will leave for Chiroli and see your mama,just get away from me and this drama.

Amyra asks makeup artist to call her mother, Sikander sees Amyra and remembers how Amyra is getting jealous and making mistakes,and starts drinking. Tevar reaches Chiroli and sees Nihalo, Kulfi sees Sikander upset and says how will he sing now, god please help him he looks very weird and i also heard from elders his work isnt doing good so please help him today focus just on him, Sikander thinks first didnt look after my daughter and now for her happiness I’m cheating on Kulfi,i have to make a choice today.

Minti says my fiance Tevar will also perform today, Lovely says did he arrive,Minti says how did you find that im worried about it,anyways he will be here on time. Bebe asks lovely why did she leave Sikander alone, Lovely says because he needs time alone. Group of kids and Guys begin their performance and sing patriotic song,Kulfi watches themnin aww. Tevar sees nihalo and asks her to tell him everything about Kulfi.Minti worried about Tevar Lovely asks Minti did Tevar call you,did he arrive,Minti says he didnt but why are you so worried,Lovely says for you baby,you will be insulted too if he doesnt arrive.

Nihalo says and this is how Kulfi went Mumbai,Tevar says so Kulfi was nimrats daughter. Lalwani tensed Tevar not receiving calls, Sikander drinking and says you are paid because you are performing with your daughter and if you mess up,i shall finish and your daughter’s career, Sikander gets angry and goes to dressing room and says i have to teach Amyra whats wrong and right.

Sikander says Amyra do you really think i dont love you,and hugs her and says i love you a lot,i ignored you,Amyra in tears says you spoiling my makeup too, Sikander says trust me,Amyra says no you always say this and take Kulfis side.

Nihalo says off course im sure, she is Nimrats daughter.Sikander says but i dont want to hurt you,Amyra says but you always do things that prove you love her more, Sikander says yes i do but you are my princess’and my daughter,Kulfi hears that and says why am i in tears he is right my father will love me.Tevar says again a lie,.

Amyra says all i know is kulfi has taken you away from me, Sikander says no dear,Amyra says prove then,Kulfi sees all that and starts crying, Sikander sees her abd about to walk to her,Amyra holds his hand. Kulfi sees on TV that Sunidhi is gonna sing and says oh i love her,i can’t believe,im seeing her live. Sikander thinks if i ask Sikander not to sing she will never trust me again

Pre cap: Lovely walks in and says Tevar isnt here and so you will perform next Amyra ready
Tevar says Kulfi im coming to take you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Too confusing but I hope tevar reach n tell the truth to her

    1. Agree. Sach chupta he jaa raha hai, Kyu?
      Too much drama and lies. Maza kuch kum ho raha hai in twist air turns mein.
      Kuch toh sacchai Saamne lao?
      Sikandar should use his own head a bit andof don’t be so dumb. Sabhi ki sunta hai Aur Sab unko ullu banakar maza uthate hai. Lovely ji, wah wah kya biwi, maa Aur bahu ho tum. Anger aata hai tum maa beti par…
      Love you sikkaji Aur kulfi…..aap dono Sahi mein baap Aur beti ho. Jai hind

  2. Now tevar think he is Kulfi farher weird script
    What going on show bevoming too drag on
    …boring now

  3. It shouldn’t be done….
    Kulfi is sooo innocent n pure….
    How everyone plays with her feelings…
    First Peter n no tewar….she deserves to meet her real father…
    If u writers don’t wanna that…atlest dont play with her feelings…
    Sachhi nahi to zoote father se to mat milao..
    K uska sach se aur Bhagwan se Bharosa uth jjaye

  4. Very rubbishly going up now.. i dont understand why the serial makers always go in favour of villians.. n not the good people..i have stopped my kids from watching this serial, as there is too much negativity now, the story line was very gud initially.. why they cant show some positive things, i mean why the negative role is always getting gud n positive characters keep on suffering.. atleast i have stopped watching now..

  5. Candiva007

    Can someone tell me what did Nihalo say to Tevar that makes him believe that Kulfi is his daughter? This update is good but I was confused because it says “Nihalo says off course im sure, she is Nimrats daughter” but from what I understood watching the episode I think Nihalo says that Nimrat is not Kulfi’s real mom?

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