Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update Tevar and kulfi homeless

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Kulfi stops Tevar from raising his hand,Tevar rushes to her and hugs her,Tevar sees media clicking them and takes her in,Sikander recordings song dedicating to daughters. Tevar hears watchmen give bites to reporters and gets angry and asks everyone to leave,Lovely and tony enjoying it and watch him through their balcony,Tevar looses his calm and says let me give you some more bites here and removes his shirt,Kulfi runs to him and tries to calm him down,Tevar asks akad bakad and master to leave, master asks kulfi to take tevars care,Kulfi stops him but master leaves. Tevar breaks down.

Kulfi says I know you are upset they left you,they love you why did you ask them to go,Tevar says because it’s our bad time why should they face,Kulfi hugs him. Dk applauds and praises Sikander says

it was wonderful,Tevar with his guitar,walking and is very upset,remembers all happy time spent with Kulfi.kulfi with billo watches him and says come let’s go Baba,Tevar asks where will we go, Kulfi says Ma will help us,Tevar says it’s not that easy, Kulfi asks so what even I was lost here when I came from chiroli and look all went good, come let’s go.

Kulfi and Tevar leave their place,Kulfi missing Sikander,Tevar looks at his house and says we are leaving our house, Kulfi says you are my house and you are with me. Sikander asks who wrote this song, DK asks any problem,Sikander says it touched my heart who it is, DK says forget it let’s celebrate, Sikander says I have to get home and anyways Tevar has been calling me I have to go and leaves,DK calls tony and says this song is super hit,tony says upload it right away and it has to be a blockbuster.DK says done sir.

Sikander gets home,watchmen tells Sikander about Tevar,Sikander tries calling Tevar,watchmen says I thought lovely ma’am must have told you,watchmen tells dadi about it. Amyra thinking about kulfi,lovely says let them go that’s a gift for us,Sikander comes yelling,lovely asks Amyra to go to her room,lovely asks what’s wrong,Sikander says why didn’t you tell,Lovely says you were busy in recording,Sikander says you knew you could tell me,Lovely asks why are we worried,Sikander says he is my friend his problem is mine, Lovely tries to make Sikander negative about Tevar, Sikander says he won’t leave us and go, why I think it’s you behind all this,first kulfi now Tevar,Bebe says now don’t focus on this go find them,Sikander says I will don’t worry.

Tevar says my friend stays near by I will talk to him,we may stay for 2 days, Tevar checks his phone and says may be I lost it near tempo, you stay here don’t go, Tevar sees a man give Kulfi money thinking she is beggar, Tevar gets upset and shouts,Kulfi calms him down,Tevar gets very angry on situation, and says even after we lost everything you are happy, Kulfi says I have everything I love,I have you,all memories,use it when you are sad,and promise me you will not anyone dull your sparkle,Tevar says promise.

Sikander looking for kulfi and Tevar.


Pre cap: Bebe prays for kulfi and Tevar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Please, please make this amyra, lovely and her dad Tony and her mom cutie realise their mistake for which they done with sikandar and family, tewar, especially kulfi, For which they not bringing kulfi sikandar together because kulfi is sikandar and nimrats daughter and also not bringing amyra tewar, because amyra is tewars daughter, or throw them out of the sikandar and his family’s life and including this serial. Because kulfi is sikandar and nimrats daughter, not tewars,. This truth will never change. And amyra is lovely and tewars daughter, not sikandars,. This truth will never change. So, please, please make tewar and amyra should know the truth that amyra is lovely and tewars daughter and kulfi is sikandar and nimrats daughter. And also make sikandar and kulfi should know the truth that kulfi is sikandar and nimrats daughter. And then please bring them together. Please please please

  2. I hope wen sikandar find out all of will be homeless too

  3. Really felt bad for tevar and kulfi, hope sikander helps him

  4. It’s time for chada family lovely n amyra fir payback time for their mistakes. I think the writers are taking such a long time now. I should go for a world tour for 1 year so wen I come then it will still be same shit story running. Cunning mother daughter n chadas running the story and winning it

  5. Okay so there has to be some turning point. How much more will Kulfi and now Tevar suffer. Remember kulfi has been through hell….. kidnapping, accident, near death……..Time for some good fortune for her and Tevar. The viewers are waiting for this. Seems though there might be some fallout between Sikander and Tevar as Sikander is singing Tevar’s song.
    As for Kulfi ‘s teacher ….She needs to undergo some teacher training and an anger management course.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Sikander will give all credits of song to Tevar ? and they will all live together like one big happy family ? except lovey shud live in dog kennel with her papa ?

    1. Dog kennel is not enough to accommodate her ?

  7. I agree with you leila, palavi, susan loone.

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