Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update Sikander threatens kulfi.

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Bhola playing with kids, pakhi points at landlord and says he will now come home ask mummy for money, she doesn’t have , she will cry and beg him to help, I don’t want that. Bhola and Pakhi prank landlord. Kulfi thinking about how she will get to Pakhi and says god are my friends right, is their no relation between Bhola and baba, Kulfi sees two identical twins named sikander and Bhola and says thank you god, for helping me and please help me find him now.

Landlord meets Nandini and tells them about prank, and gets very angry, Nandini apologies and says promise they shall never do it, he says my 3 months rent is pending plus this, Nandini says I will clear all dues promise, he says I know a medical intern doesn’t earn much plus your husband and daughter, you also ,use be needing a husband, he is useless, Bhola gets angry, Pakhi calms him down, he says see you next week then.

Nandini scolds Bhola and Pakhi, Pakhi makes excuse and run away, Nandini scolds Bhola, Bhola says he is bad man, looks weirdly at you, I don’t like him, Nandini says okay go have food, go wash your hands. Amyra rushes to Lovely and says dad and me went mall, and he bought me this, look at this iPad, I like this dad more than the before me. Nandini sees grocery is out of stock in the house, she manages parathas and pickles for Pakhi and Bhola. Bhola asks won’t you eat, Nandini says I had it long back. Lovely asks what, amyra says dad use to be so confused between me and Kulfi, but now he doesn’t say no to me and just concentrate on me.

Kulfi reaches home,sikander calls her, and asks her where she was all the day, Kulfi lies says I was with my friends, sikander starts laughing, Kulfi gets scared, sikander says remember inform me before going anywhere, I know you are upset with me, but I will look after you too now, from today itself come with me.

Sikander says kulfi you have to make me proud, start singing, you haven’t practised too for so long, I can’t sing forgotten music but can understand so start right away, Kulfi starts singing, Sikander says another song, Kulfi in tears with sikanders behaviour, sikander makes her sing and sing, Kulfi looks at sikanders pictures and misses him. Sikander says you sing all emotional song, now sing something exciting,Kulfi sings,sikander says you need to work hard, kulfis throat starts aching and she stops, sikander scolds her, and says this won’t work you are my daughter don’t focus on pain it will get better, start singing.sikander says get ready at 6early tomorrow we will rehearse.

Pre cap : Bhola sees kulfi as angel and wakes up saying angle stop please.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    what garbage… as if Sikander doesn’t have enough illegitimate daughters ?

  2. Where is going now n where did pakhi n nandani come from

  3. Since Bhola joins the story, I am finding it so stupid and boring. What a foolish idea from the writers. I thought the story was about kulfi searching for her father, instead we are seeing Sikander collecting wives and daughters. I can’t stand this Pakhi. How stupid of her mother to take an unknown person to her home where she has a young daughter. What example is she showing. She should have taken the imposter Sikander instead. How come she doesn’t have money to buy food. Isn’t she working as a nurse in the hospital?????

  4. So now Sikander had another “daughter” and another “wife?” Gee ? Ok, if Nandini wants Pakhi to have a father so badly why doesn’t she just marry the landlord? He obviously seems to be interested in her.

    Things I want in the show:

    I want…

    *Bhola to regain his memories
    *Bhola to remember he is Sikander
    *Him to remember Kulfi
    *Kulfi and Sikander to be reunited
    *Kulfi to be happy
    *Amyra to find out that her real father is Tevar and learn how to stop being such a brat
    *Tevar to be happy
    *The show to focus on Sikander and Kulfi’s relationship more, instead of creating more drama

    That’s all 🙂

  5. Sikandar is a renowned singer but no body recognizes him….hahaahahah ghanta singer celebrity…..its garbage show

  6. the show has lost its direction. its time to end it gracefully by uniting sikander and kulfi.

  7. Sikandar has now 3 daughters so funny

  8. Aishwaryarani Hegde

    The story has lost completely its direction and story line..Damn he is Sikander Singh Gill not any aira gaira. He is a super star. Kulfi knew his face while residing in remote village like Chiroli and this so called medical intern and her team of doctors doesn’t recognize the face of music sensation? This is totally foolish story line..Gul Khan please stop making fool of viewers. It was a wonderful story away from saas bahu with sikander essaying the emotional father role but now it has lost its charm..
    Now this new lady will fall in love with bola and mislead kulfi and all crap to follow.. so so upset. Bring back the original story line

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