Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update Kulfi sees Sikander.

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Ama sees kids missing on the stage, kids see her walk towards them and hide. Amyra says dad one thing is missing, everything is incomplete without you, so your song will make this best party. Ama says these kids don’t deserve to be taken away, Rajan says they must be somewhere here guard hands seen them escape, everyone disguised themselves in a costume, sikander on stage sings dedicating song to amyra. Ama comes infront of kids, kids get scared, Ama doesn’t recognise and leaves, Sikander starts singing, Kulfi hears his voice and gets out of costume and says baba, sikander memorises time when amyra came into his life and till date, while singing the song, Kulfi rushes looking for kulfi.

Everyone gets out happy and say we are free, away from Ama, Bansi says kulfi isn’t here. Kulfi

sees Sikander, rushes towards him,Ama comes in front of her and stops her, Kulfi about to shout baba, Ama stops her and takes her away. Sikander asks Amyra did she like the song, sikander sees Ama and follows her, but misses her, all kids are caught and put in van by Ama, sikander says I felt like Kulfi called me,amyra walks to Sikander and says it’s worlds best party,amyra says one last thing, sikander says there’s nothing like last, we both are gonna be together life long, what you want from dad, amyra says come with me.

Ama scolds kids, and says where would you run I know where you stay too, Rajan increase the security and these kids won’t sleep, will kill whole kitchen and bake fresh breads all night. Amyra gathers whole family, and says dad I never could learn music because I was very silly girl, Sikander says don’t say like this, amyra says I understand now, what you always tried to tell me, I’m now ready to sing and practice, will you be my singing teacher, Sikander says yes, amyra says I want participate in this singing completely and I promise I will be a good girl. Kulfi remembers how close she was to sikander and starts crying, Vaishali says when will we escape, Kulfi says why did you come back, rocket says how could we leave you alone, Kulfi says I saw my father,Vaishali calms kulfi.

Kulfi thanks everyone for not kebau b her alone, Vaishali hugs her, Kulfi sees singing competition pamphlet in newspaper stack. Sikander asks Amyra to stop crying and says you brought happiness in our lives when you were born and today you made me proud, amyra says I want to win this competition, will you teach me, sikander says offcourse I will and I’m so proud of you. Kulfi asks Vaishali what is it, Vaishali says little star singing competition for kids, and if you were out of here your Baba would allow you participate here. Kulfi says yes I want to go to Baba, Zinda says yes we will, rocket says enough security is increased how we will, Kulfi remembers sikanders lesson that hope is very important, it gives you motivation to move towards your goals and explains it with a balloon,Kulfi says we will find our way and it’s we will fly.

Pre cap : Sikander says Amyra what’s yo sing she will, amyra practicing but gets sick. Kids discussing about making parachute.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I despise Sikander to the core. I get it that he promised Amyra to not bring Kulfi as long as she is alive. But does that mean Sikander will also stop searching for Kulif? He will sing and throw parties while Kulfi is missing? Sikander knows Lovely sent Kulfi somewhere. He also knows Lovely is capable of poisoning her own child in her madness. Then how can he not be worried that Kulfi might be hurting somewhere? Amyra, Amyra, Amyra…. yeah, he brought her up as his own daughter and is attached to her, but God! Kulfi is his daughter from his supposed ‘true love.’ His ‘true love’ was accidentally killed by Lovely. How can he still tolerate Lovely and again ignore Kulif for Amyra, who he knows is Tevar’s daughter. Kulfi is unlucky and also stupid that she does Baba Baba like a sheep all the time. If anything, she should be thinking about Tevar and wishing that Tevar would come and take her back. Even in those railway track sequence, Tevar would have rushed to save his own daughter even if the whole world burnt. He is the best dad that any kid can have. Sikander, on the other hand, is always ‘helpless’, useless cry baby. He wanted to bring Tevar back too, right? What happened to that? No, Mr Sikander Singh Gill will only dance according to the tunes of witch Lovely. Ugh!

    1. This show is silly. No one thinks it is important to inform Amyras real father Tevar that his daughter is dying. This hide and seek game is getting too silly! The real father and daughter can never meet ! Is that the core of the story or the story of a courageous girl.

    2. yes I agree with you. sikandar always looking helpless it’s time for Amyra to feel the pain kulfi went through. she should know Sikandar is not her biological father. so that she hates the mother. I just want Lovely out of Sikandar’s life. so foolish story line so far. I think I will stop watching the show kulfi is always sad and helpless. sikandar family are just useless, they always add salt to his injury Lovely keeps playing them like a ball .

  2. Savithri V Ramani

    Very true. Can not tolerate Sikander sitting always with amrya and has not taken any steps to bring the girl. He saw the photo and he could have asked his brother to take steps.He can ask Lovely about kulfi and taken steps. It is unbelievable and too much of a silly behavioral and encouraging evil lady and a spoiler girl. I wish Amrya should ask for kulfi and all of them should go and search for her. Amma is really a nightmare deserve beating

  3. Lovely is nutter butter. On the other hand if Sikander was not going Kulfi Kulfi, Lovely would not have been insecure. Sikander and his silly family is the reason for suffering of both the little girls too.

    If only he would have made Lovely secure that he lives her!! Stupid man!

  4. I am glad you are all feeling like I do about this serial. I had stopped watching for a while but just checked in today to see if the same sh.. is going on. Though Amyra is a child I have no sympathy for her. She is so selfish and Sikhander who is a spineless father still succumbing to manipulations. So much abuse and torture going on and on! Anyway all those who are suffering in this serial deserve it due to their stupidity and unrealistic promises.

  5. I agree with all of you about this show. In addition to all that you have written, one more thing that makes my blood boil is when that stupid selfish spoiled brat Amyra calls Kulfi, dirty girl and idiot. She should know that she is the one who is an idiot and has a dirty mind. But leave all these characters, I don’t even understand their existence in the story, what bothers me most is what are the writers doing! They are not the least bothered by our sentiments. Maybe we shouldn’t bother writing too.

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