Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update Tevar dresses as Nimrat

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Amyra says i will make my dad proud and you will be a loser,you can never win from me and you don’t have your mom too because she is dead,Kulfi feels bad and runs away. Kulfi crying and missing nimrat. tevar walks in and sees kulfi hiding beneath dining and crying,tevar says don’t cry tell me,Kulfi says because you my mom died you left ber Amyra is right I can never win over her.

lovely walks to Sikander seeing mohendar and him talk, Sikander says good you stoped me factory is shut today, Lovely says look now go talk to Amyra she is upset. Sikander leaves, Mohendar says do anything you wish to kulfi will be back to her baba.

Tevar says you don’t need to cry for this do you know whoes daughter you are, Kulfi says nimrats,Tevar says and mine too and im mahadev

bhagat and tells her story about how Ganesh ji git elephant face and says if mahadev can be there for his face even i can,Kulfi says can you get ny mother,Tevar says yes i can by magic, Kulfi says even mama use to say he would get my father my magic but he never did. Tevar says but i will and hugs her

Lovely says thank you god for saving me and i will donote money but just don’t get Kulfi back to my house. Lovely says ti Tevar i cant talk to you, I have family daughter why don’t you understand.Tevar says kulfi is your daughter too and you never show any concern for her and today she is crying for her mother because she thinks she is dead and now if you dont participate with her even i wont let you participate with amyra, Lovely says guddu i won’t do anything. Sikander says i heard lovely and why did she say guddu and walks to lovely and asks where is that guddu and what did he ask you to do.

Mohendar says if lovely called Tevar guudu means she knows him and so i need to find clues and starts looking for them in Sikander room.he finds an old box and Ganesh idol in it, and also an old college album,Cutie walks inside the room. Lovely tells tevar was forcing her to participate with kulfi and so i got angry. Mohendar hiding behind bed.cutie thinks amyra messed with room,Cutie drops her lipstick and starts looking fir it, mohendar pushes it purposely.cutie arranges the whole room, and leaves. mohendar starts looking for album again but doesn’t find. Sikander asks why did you call him guddu did you know everything, lovely says you told me about it so slipped it from my mouth, Sikander asks what was his reaction, lovely saysbhe was angry and so didn’t react and left, Sikander says you were from ip College so was he.

Cutie leaves with the album and says stupid girl good i found it before someone else did, or esle her whole lie wouod be caught. Mohendar says I think it had the clue to what lovely is hiding from Sikander, and says how much which will these people hide. Lovely says i havent seen him and why get angry on me, Sikander says im not doubting you, lovely says you think i have done everything, Sikander says im sorry dear i wasn’t thinking im just, and hugs her and says i will find it my way you just calm down im sorry now come lets talk to Amyra.

Tevar sees kulfi playing with friends and singing. Sikander walks to Amyra, and gives her gift,Amyra says this cant change my mood, Sikander says no it wont but just open it once,and what i did was to teach you honesty,and honesty helps you give 100% and you will win always,Amyra says if i give 100% and still loose how will you feel, Sikander says i will be proud you done good and best, Amyra hugs him and says dad im sorry and i promise i will give 100%.

Gunjan in her room trying to get glass if water, and drops it, lovely passing by goes check and asks how did it fall and is it you can move,are you doing it on purpose,you know im doing this fot my daughter and i didn’t hurt you on purpose and you arent mother you would never understand my pain,this truth can never come out because that will hurt my daughter and leaving sees Sikander and Amyra.

Sikander asks all good, Lovely says yes all good let’s go,Amyra says mom i want to talk to you,all leave.kulfi running around says ma will be back and meets Sikander, Sikander asks what were you singing,Kulfi says i know its unbelievable but tevar sir said he will get my mother and we will participate in competition.sikandar says wow, Kulfi says but I can’t do anything for him, i want to call him dad but i can’t it doesn’t come by heart im such bad kid, Sikander hugs her and says yiu are my good kid,Kulfi says then why am i not able to call him baba.Sikander says when you sing it comes through your heart and similarly when you will love your father you will call him baba, Kulfi looks at Sikander and says baba, Kulfi says okay, Sikander says till then take it easy.kulfi kisses Sikander and leaves. Sikander says this girl has so many hopes that her mom will return.

Everyone gathers for competition, lovely and amyra participate as a team, Sikander looks around for kulfi,kulfi excited and waiting fora,Amyra says i heard about your ma,and are you stupid your ma wont come,kulfi narrates her the ganesha story,Amyra says you are stupid all just fool you, Tevar walks to them in nimrats outfit,all shocked, Tevar says your ma was your mother and father so now your baba will be your father and mother, Kulfi hugs him and says you are just like my ma.

Pre cap : the competition begins. Sikander goes meet a jeweler and find about tevar

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Why prolong this drama about separating a father and daughter and why promote wrong actions such as what Lovely is doing, keeping a real father and his daughter separate and forcing a fake daughter on him. How long is she going to bribe God for her selfishness? How long is Sikander going to hurt? How come Bebe doesn’t realize that she is committing a sin by not letting her son know about his daughter? How would she feel if it were her situation? Writers, we get the story, so its high time to show the right thing and punish the wrong people, that is Lovely, Amyra, Cutie. Amyra is the worst child ever, I hope kids if they are watching don’t copy her.

  2. First of all Sikander has to be the DUMBEST person on the planet. If he can’t put two and two together by now, God help him…

    Tevar seriously deserves Father of the Year award. I’m liking him more and more each day and am wishing he actually was Kulfi’s father. Poor guy is being lied to, treated like sh*t, and kept away from his real daughter. I really feel sorry for him.

    Lovely and Cutie both deserve tight slaps and beating with chappals.

  3. I am also liking Tevar’s character he is such a good Dad and this Lovely is depriving her daughter of one of the most valuable gift any child could ask for and I do hope kids out there do not find Amayra cool and try to be like her that is a big no no,anyways we just have to see the outcome of Lovely’s selfishness.

  4. Would it be so bad if Kulfi stayed with Tevar, she would be a positive influence on him with her clean heart. This reminds me of that old sitcom – My two dads

    1. Where do they find this FAT SLOB for lovely? Did she pay to get in?

      1. What’s wrong with her looks? She’s a beautiful woman and a great actor. For her being on the other side of the scal they justify it with her stress eating habit. I love Anjali Anand

  5. Writers we got the message and now we are not eager to know the reaction of Sikander when he finds out that Kulfi is his daughter i beg move on Jare.

  6. Had hai Sikander bhi. Tevar ka atit khoj raha hai.. Kulfi k gaon jakar uske pita ko khoj leta. Sab dhoodh ka dhoodh pani ka pani ho jata..

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