Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update Bhola and Pakhis bond.

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Pakhi keeps shouting at Bhola to hold the handle, bholas cycle stumbles by the tree but he climbs over it and tricks Pakhi, Pakhi gets angry, Bhola walks to Pakhi and says you got scared right and teases her with other kids, Bhola asks her for a kiss, she doesn’t answer him, Bhola takes kisses from other kids, and makes her jealous, Pakhi gets angry and leaves,Bhola follows her singing for her, Bhola tricks Pakhi again while singing, Pakhi starts fighting with Bhola.

Doctor Nandini sees them and remembers how she found sikander injured down the bridge, she takes sikander to hospital and gets him operated, Nandini says someone has prayed a lot for him, that saved him from such big accident. Nandini starts keeping proper checks of Sikander, Sikander gains conscious, Nandini asks him for

details, sikander remembers nothing, and starts acting like a kid, doctor tells Nandini, patient has gone mentally backwards, lost memory, Nandini asks will he ever be normal, doctor says no idea.

Nandini sees Bhola and Pakhi playing, in hospital sikander keeps drawing kulfi, Kulfi finds this picture made by sikander and pakhis toy when she came to see Bhola with Nandini. Nandini says by allowing Bhola with us, mine pakhis and his life has completely changed.

When Pakhi got Bhola home for first time, Bhola sees teddy bears and gets excited,Nandini friend ask her why is she taking such huge step of bringing a patient home and you have a daughter too, Nandini says he is suffering from regression and you have treated him you know he will never hurt my Pakhi, she asks but you don’t know his name, Nandini says he is Bhola, Pakhi sees Bhola playing with her teddy’s, and hides, Bhola sees her.

Bhola sleeps on the sofa with pakhis teddy, Pakhi walks to him and hears his heart beat, Bhola wakes up, Pakhi asks are you my dad, sikander sees kulfi, Pakhi asks you are my dad right, Bhola smiles and says I’m dad, Nandini sees that and is in shock, Bhola and Pakhi hug eachother, Bhola looks at Nandini, Pakhi says mom dad won’t go anywhere right, Nandini says yes he won’t, he would never leave you, Pakhi gets happy and leaves.

Pakhi informs everyone in colony her father is here, Nandini and Bhola come out,Nandini in shock, seeing Pakhi happy she smiles. Pakhi and Bhola love spending time with eachother. Nandini happy to see them bond.

Nandini says god I’m sorry, I had to do this for my Pakhi, you sent Bhola to us, and Pakhi misses her dad, let Bhola find his family and my Pakhi her father.

Pre cap : Kulfi asks god are her intuitions wrong about Bhola and Sikander.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. SsiyAa

    kulfi without father kam thi jo ek pakhi ko le aaye… new emotional drama.. abb pakhi and kulfi ko choose karo!!!… hadd hai….!!!!!!

  2. First Amyra now Pakhi? Sikander keeps on getting more and more “daughters” closer to him while his real, biological daughter suffers alone.

    1. Totally agree. Everyone wants a claim on Sikander and the person with the real claim is left out to suffer.

  3. Hello my dear haters and a single supporter ansh….today I’m gonna tell u all how people think and comment…….
    Aakrithi fans: omg she acts soo well…poor kulfi she’s undergoing so much…this amyra is a brat she should go back to Tevet.. amyra is a b*t*h…she is a devil…she should die…..

    People like me : aakrithi is a b*t*h she should go away from ammu and dadda….she is a sobber she is unlucky..

    Reply from aakrithi fans: omg how could u speak to aakrithi like this…she is so sweet and her acting (sobbing mostly) is v.good…u r one of the worst person alive….

    People with common sense: is that so then what the f r y’all talking about Myra she too is a child artist….if you aakrithi b*t*h fans shut ur ass hole and ur f words in social media this problem will stop automatically…

    Me: hey ugly ducklings fans….you guys are blaming lovely for hating kulfi and loving her child only and cauzing problem for problem causer…(kulfi/aakrithi)in that case what the f are y’all doing? Aren’t u showing difference between Myra and kulfi…..well only difference is u r supporting aakrithi and I’m supporting Myra baby…so its better to think twice and give ur worthless comments…..

    Plot: you aakrithi fans can love her but u have nothing to do with Myra…if y’all can use bad words to a lill kid why can’t I? So dear f fans stay out of this..its my comment my feelings..and especially to my darling terrorist Muslim b*t*hes…
    Alert!!…next time don’t make me use any bad words for you guys individually… So keep ur ass hole shut and safe…..

    1. All Muslims are not terrorists! Calling yourself a med student and this is your mindset? Shame on you and such people.

    2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      😳 … I so think you need to see a shrink dear…

    3. sab kuwe mei kudenge to tu b kudegi… what a justification u r giving big clap for u idiot


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