Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update Sikander finds Amyra is Tevars daughter.

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Sikander gets home,walks to lovely,lovely having food,Sikander looks at her in anger,Sikander recalls all the times lovely panicked on Tevar,love,y says Sikander no talks now I’m very hungry I just broke my fast,Sikander says get to room after you finish we need to talk. Kulfi sees Tevar dancing with Amyra. Amyra says Tevar sir I shall leave I have to do something for mom and dad,Tevar sees kulfi standing alone and walks to her, and asks what’s wring why are you upset,Kulfi says why is Bappa leaving,I will give him modak everyday,I don’t want him to go,Tevar says there has to be visarjan and he will take away all our problems,Kulfi says is it,Tevar says yes.

Lovely very happy walks into the room,sees Sikander upset and asks what’s wrong, Sikander in tears closes the door, keeps

the phone in lovely’s hand,Lovely asks whoes phone is it,Sikander says look carefully may be you should check messages in it,that may help,Lovely checks the phone. ,ohendar prays Bappa why test our patience,let the truth win,please god. Lovely asks what,Sikander says Amyra found it in your drawer,lovely says it may be some stupid co incidence I didn’t recognise it mean sits not mine,Sikander says co incidence okay,why Tevar is back,his name being Guddu you knowing everything about him,his girlfriend named lovely and messages with you all is co incidence,please now speak the truth.

Lovely says yes that’s the truth, Tevar was my boyfriend,he was my ex. Kulfi asks Tevar what happiness did Ganeshji gave you, Tevar says you and what about you,Kulfi says you and if Sikander sir wasn’t here I wouldn’t know you were my Baba,Tevar says no one can separate us,Kulfi asks who will but and hugs him and says I don’t want to be separated from you. Amyra in her room,she calls Tevar,and asks him to hand it to kulfi,Amyra asks her to meet her.

Lovely says Tevar was my past,even you had Nimrat so why am I wrong,Sikander says past isn’t but hiding is,lovely says you told me when I found it,Sikander says I told you every single thing,and also you saw me restless finding every detail about lovely,why couldn’t you tell me. Lovely says because a man can never take that his wife may have a past,Sikander says stop it, you know you can trust me,Lovely says you just saying it,and if this was so you wouldn’t have checked my phone,Sikander says enough keep hiding things,Sikander recalls Tevar saying my love said me and girlfriend had a baby.

Kulfi gives Amyra cello tape,and asks what surprise you made,Amyra says come see,Kulfi says but Sikander sir,I can’t go against him,Amyra says okay stay here I will come back. Sikander walks to lovely and says he said he had a baby means is Kulfi your daughter, but wait the dairy is fake, did you do all that so that kulfi can be sent with Tevar and if Kulfi isn’t who is,tell me who is tevars daughter tell me,Lovely says don’t sikander,Tevar and kulfi are happy together,Sikander says speak up,lovely says Amyra.sikander in shock,lovely says Amyra is mine and Tevars daughter,Sikander collapses.

Kulfi Seats on office chair,and Amyra says now you will get in on this and you won’t step in house and no promise will be broken let’s go now,Kulfi says you are so intelligent just don’t drop me,amyra says I’m there for you as you were for me. Lovely says say something sikander please,talk to me,Tevar is just his biological father and you Will always be her father,mo one can change that fact Sikander please talk to me,we are still family and always be happy, I know you are angry give me punishment but not Amyra,Amyra loves you a lot,I did all this for us,protect us nothing else, what are you thinking,you won’t leave us right,please don’t leave us, Amyra can’t live without you.

Pre cap ; Lovely says Sikander please don’t give Amyra punishment for what I did, Sikander runs to Amyra,Amyra says dad why are you crying.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Good she finally get caught n he should tell the little brat day tear is her dada

  2. Omg. I just love this show. Even more I love the updates. Keep them coming please.

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