Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st April 2019 Written Episode Update Kulfi and Friends on the run.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rocket says my uncle will be happy to see us, and then feed us a lot, Kulfi says rocket bhaiya look is that your uncles place, rocket sees police investigating about them at his uncle and saying these kids have ran away from remand and are big thieves, kids run for their survival.

Mohendar searching for kulfi every where, kids hide near little star competition board. Amyra asks Sikander is he sad, sikander says no I’m not, amyra says you know it’s my first audition tomorrow, let’s practice. Kids discuss what to do now, Kulfi says hiding won’t help we have to do something. Amyra and Sikander rehearsing. Kids running away from every location hiding from police, police chasing them. Amyra very happy on singing whole song successfully. Kids hide in a truck. Mohendar asks the same driver

to give him lift till the corner.

Kids arrive at the little star competition auditions venue, chittu says we forgot about this, Zinda says kulfi you will help us win this right, Kulfi says my father made me lose everything, rocket says kulfi don’t lose hope, we are we due to some reason, we will Give a try here, Saraswati says yes we shouldn’t loose this opportunity, we have no other chance then taking part, and it’s your time to show your baba that he made a mistake by asking you to leave, and it’s important to win to have applauds gifts appreciation,this competition will solve all our problems.

Kids at competition venue, very hungry, Kulfi says I’m used to this but you guys aren’t, Kulfi and friends see a dog eat thrown away food and say atleast you have food, Kulfi says we will sing and win too, and with that money we will reveal ammas truth so she can’t trouble more kids. Sikander thinking about kulfi, and how he behaved with her. Zinda wakes everyone, Saraswati says if we sing people will see us and send us back to Amma, all start talking negative, Zinda gets angry and leaves.

Kulfi gets aside and starts crying, and says I will never talk to Baba again, Kulfi sees a guy in mask and starts shouting, all gather near her and ask what’s wrong, he says you are the kids who ran from remand and have price of 50000 on you, Zinda removes his mask and says calm down it’s me, there’s lot of stuff behind we can mask and disguise. Sikander meets Mohendar and asks where is Kulfi is she fine, Mohendar says how can she be fine without you, she will need time all will be fine, sikander says let me talk to bhabhi, Mohendar says I haven’t spoken to gunjan yet, let Kulfi settle first and let me go see Kulfi . Sikander hugs Mohendar. Mohendar thinks I can’t tell you Kulfi is missing, you already so worried for amyra, I promise I will find her.

Lovely helps amyra dress for her audition. Kids disguise themselves with masks. Amyra goes takes blessings from Sikander. Sikander upset for kulfi. Amyra takes blessings of Bebe and gunjan, Lovely Sikander and amyra leave for the audition.

Pre cap : organisers find kulfi and friends surprising wearing masks and get them on cam.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Oh! Weak man Sikander is already so worried, poor dear, that Mahinder decides not to tell him about Kulfi missing. I am happy Mahinder did not get Kulfi. He is even more useless than Sikander. When Gunjan was trying to tell Sikander about Kulfi, or bring Lovely’s truth out, Mahinder kept scolding and stopping her. This man will take care of Kulfi? I am happy he didn’t have kids of his own, otherwise we would have seen another kid suffering in this show. I am just so fed up. I am already past saturation regarding abuse against women. Every serial is so disgustingly abusive against women and the daughter in law, that i dont even care anymore. But this show is one step ahead, abusing kids to the core. Every other day either Kulfi/Amyra is in hospital or sick or getting injured. Mental, physical, psychological… all kinds of abuse against children. Amyra is already beyond repair, with a psychotic mother, spineless father and an entire family of weaklings. She has become an insecure, spoilt, hyperventilating, brat. I see no hope for her or her future. Sikander will never teach her one good thing or correct her, and Lovely will continue pushing her towards misery and selfishness. But Kulfi is getting dispirited too. Broken, uneducated, hungry, homeless… What has kulfi done to deserve all this? Pathetic. Someone please start a petition to end this show or bring a leap. plz

  2. T think they will go back to her

  3. Everyone lies in this show. Except Kulfi because she was educated by her mother. She learned all good things but yet she is suffering and evil is winning. This show is teaching that it’s ok to lie to get your way, it’s okay to be selfish, it’s okay to hurt others, even kill. It’s okay to blackmail, to abuse, to buy people. I stopped my kids from watching. I don’t have any hope that this will improve. I wish kulfi is able to manage on her own somehow and become 10 times more successful than her father. On the other hand, if Amyra stays weak and sick and fragile all the time, if it turns out that she can’t do much with her poor health, then that will be the right punishment for Lovely.

  4. I don’t know how much they are planning to make kulfi to suffer it’s totally ridiculous, Tamil version of this serial is much better where sikander came to know kulfi is his own daughter before lovely and he is protecting kulfi from every problem eventhough he didn’t know amyra is not his daughter still he is giving more preference to kulfi than amyra and coming to characterization of mohender and gunjan they are treating kulfi as their own daughter and they are not indirectly supporting lovely’s madness by being silent they are readily opposing her for her evilness although she is not that much evil comparing to this lovely (Hindi version) apart from all of this nimrat is alive she is jst suffering from amnesia so there is chance for sikendar’s and nimrat’s reunion. I following Hindi version much before than Tamil version, in fact I started to watch Tamil version jst bcoz it is remake of kulfi Kumar bajewala initially I used to like Hindi version more bcoz of casting especially kulfi and her bonding with sikendar was very cute but now I am losing hope on this storyline I don’t know where they are going to take this story forward.

  5. All of sudden Amaira sings Witout any agitation,I think she is acting like ill but she is not at all ill,she is like her mom.They both mother and daughter fools Foolish Sikandar

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